Tuesday 25 March 2014

It’s the 21st Century, right?

Well the upside of living in the country is that there are lots of cows close by but the downside is that it’s hard to get a stable internet connection.

Yes, apparently it's the 21st Century. Just not everywhere it seems.

However, after much moo-oo-oo-ing on my part, it’s apparently now green lights all the way.

So tell me, now I've rejoined the 21st Century, has anyone else been as obsessed as I have about the missing Malaysian Airlines jet?

I have zillions of pictures taken from plane windows.... I love flying.

It’s extraordinary that in this day and age commercial jets don’t have a requirement to automatically report their speed and position. I just never imagined that a plane could go missing for weeks when we have all this sophisticated technology available to us. Although strangely, in this case, it seems that some countries have not been very forthcoming with satellite data for fear their so called "enemies” may know their full capabilities…sigh

And now sadly the Malaysian Government announced last night that the plane has crashed in the Indian Ocean killing all 239 people on board. This conclusion, without any direct evidence, is all based on seven signals picked up by a private British firm whose satellite data showed that the flight had gone in a southerly path, deep toward the Indian Ocean, and away from any possible landing sites.
The poor passengers, crew and their loved ones. What a rollercoaster it's been.

I hope that in the next few days the weather will co-operate and enable the multinational search crews to find the missing aircraft and establish reasons for the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

And let's do more than hope that all governments legislate for more stringent requirements on aircraft for automatic and independent reporting of location and speed. It’s a small price to pay considering it was five years ago that the Air France flight was lost and it took two long years to find the debris.

I tell you, next time I catch a long haul flight I will not be saying my usual "no" to an alcoholic beverage or two.  


  1. It's incredibly frustrating not to know exactly what transpired, and very very sad for all the innocent lives lost and their devastated families and friends.

    1. Every day I read the news it is something different. My bet is the Pilot was not in a good emotional place. I hope it was something else like plane problems. Just so sad.

  2. Yes Lilly I've been obsessed with missing flight MH 370. I was picturing the passengers and crew on a desert island but sounds like that theory is no longer a valid one.
    I certainly hope they find the black box and the people's remains for some closure.
    Take care my friend
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

    1. Me too Peggy. Even if hijacked there is always the glimmer of hope that they will all be ok. So sad. The search doesn't look promising given it is the worst possible area to crash too.

    2. (Off the subject here) - I suspect busy Aussie Ladies as yourselves have little time for browsing around blogland. However if you can spare a minute or two, I was hoping to get your opinion on a Aussie/OZ related topic. My last two postings offer this question that has an Aussie connection. The question came up in the comment section of the second to last post which lead to writing the last post. Hopefully this confusing comment didn't waste your blog time.
      all the best

  3. I didn't know it had been located, have been imagining all kinds of plots surrounding the mystery. And hello stranger!

    1. And hello to you Christine. Yes I think there are many possible scenarios which makes us all, as air travellers, a bit paranoid.

  4. Have you flown on Malaysian Airlines? That would make it closer to home. I've flown many times on Boeing 777's and actually had a career related assignment with that model plane. The satellite connections were not that great for connection speed until recently. The airborne equipment and connection service is expensive compared to other ground based systems. So the limited satellite data doesn't surprise me. The airlines want a return for the expense and if they can better control the flight over oceans they can save fuel cost by avoiding unfavorable winds and weather. I don't think the Air France mid ocean crash changed much in the industry. Hopefully they designed better air speed sensors.
    So far the big surprise (to Americans anyway) was the ease at which two passengers could get a flight with fake passports.
    Not being very directly connected to the flight or the area, it is easy to get into the mystery and start our conspiracy theory engines going. My wife thought it was certainly stolen to be used as a flying bomb by a terrorist group.
    It is a tragic sad event for all the families.
    I don't fly much any more. At one time I was flying internationally about 10 times a year. I tell myself that dying in a plane crash might not be a bad way to go.
    This reminds of my uncle who passed peacefully in his sleep. Unlike the passengers in his car.

    1. Bill, I knew you had some experience with aircraft so I was looking forward to your take on this. Yes, I have travelled with this airline and they have very high standards that is why I did not really think it could be accidental. I thought the same as your wife because that really is the first thing that comes to mind. Anything else means it could happen to the rest of us any time we travel. I really believe the Pilot was having a breakdown given his family left the home the day before. That is my take on it. a suicide mission and a joy ride for him. And yes, I forgot about the passport issue. That is a frightening fact and apparently many countries cannot determine this at checkout. I think that includes ours. That really is shocking as you never know who you are travelling with.... No way would I like to go this way unless I was unconscious at the time. Poor people and little kids as well on there. I guess its quick. I just hope they recover something to explain this for all the relatives of those killed. by the way, I hope you are joking about your uncle...that does not sound good....at all.

    2. Yes the uncle thing was a joke. (bad joke? Hey I've never and will never tell it at a funeral)
      When you bring up the families on the plane and young kids - that is heart breaking. Now I must rethink my statement. If the plane was only filled with old people than maybe it would not be a bad way to go. Of course, "not a bad way" doesn't mean the preferred way. It's all meaningless guessing/speculating since last I checked death doesn't ask or care about your opinion.

  5. I've read a lot about it, but not because I've searched it out. It does seem to be a story that captures people's imaginations.

  6. I think the world is full of people that are obsessed by this strange disappearance. It's just hard to imagine something as big as a 777 vanishing without a trace for this length of time. AND the why and how of it all??? I suspect you are right in your response to lisleman that most likely this is a pilot related event. I wonder if there will ever be some resolution to the reason this happened.

    I, too would hope that the weather will cooperate and allow the search and recovery to continue. The families need some real closure (as opposed to an array of theories of what might of happened)

    Very sad for sure.

  7. Sad but the news is no longer headlines worthy.

    Discovered a few things...
    1. the world is a big place
    2. 5 km is quite a distance, especially if it's downwards
    3. countries seldom share or disclose military capabilties
    4. mobile phones are useless in-flight or in the blue mountains

  8. I just feel so awful for all the people who loved the people who perished. And now there's the Korean ferry. Sigh.... All those poor parents. Too sad. Tragic.

  9. Sure hope you are not waiting for them to find the plane before you post again. Hmm, you are not involved with search party are you? I mean you didn't take a drive to the west coast to take a look did you? Isn't there a bay over there called Shark Bay?

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  11. This is the year of the disappeared. Glad to see you haven't - Love Henry

  12. Hi Lilly, I must admit that the thoughts of being way way up in the sky (without my wings ahemmm) fills me with total trepidation !! I doubt if I would ever again enter a plane - too much of a coward - even so, I doubt if I would voluntarily give our 'English ' government any more of my hard earned pension dosh to throw down the pan ... Hope things are good with you, I miss your funny (usually) posts. Mind you my latest post wasn't on a funny subject either pal... I wouldn't mind your take on it by the way... Cheers for now, Kate (or Lyn on FB ) xxx..

  13. Well, my dear Lilly ... it is now June 23 and I have to admit that I am over it. We may never know what happened .. a tragedy for passengers, families and friends.

    Hope this finds you happy, healthy and having fun!!

  14. dear lily.. thanks for this article.. i love it.. :)

  15. If you read one blog post this month, read this one:

  16. Hey stranger. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I haven't blogged in nearly three years!!! Still haven't, but maybe one day. I hope all is well with you!
    P.S. I'm going to be a Gramma!!


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