Friday 21 February 2014

Dear Pope Francis


I know you are a busy man without much time to spare but I am writing to alert you to the existence of a MIRACLE that you most definitely would not be aware of.
To expedite this matter, I have researched the miracle authentication process your organisation uses and I believe that this miracle will indeed stand up to your stringent processes.

It is without a doubt ‘mouth gapingly’ unbelievable.

I  first came across it while I was perusing the Daily Mail newspaper.

I know, please......, please hear me out.
I can understand that right about now you have an overwhelming desire to stop reading and throw this in your wastepaper basket.

Please don't.
I know this tabloid newspaper is a highly unusual and questionable source. However, I keep remembering what I learnt in Bible classes - God is everywhere and in everything. Could that also mean even possibly the Daily Mail?

Since my discovery I have been diligently carrying out my own authentication process. First, I asked a cross section of the public for their honest views about “my find”. And even though people initially took a quick look and then fobbed me off because of my so called “willingness to see the common in an uncommon way”, I persevered.
In order to ensure against any self deception, I then asked ten extremely vain people with a great deal of scientific and practical knowledge in this area, to repeatedly look at this miracle from all angles to see if they saw the same phenomenon I did. (Please note that being the professional I am I did not just rely on the impaired vision of my middleaged friends. I had the foresight to borrow my neighbour's magnifying glass to give this exercise the kind of accuracy and precision it warranted.)

I am delighted to report that every single person agreed with me. Without exception.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that what I see is definitely no illusion. It is indeed a miracle. A miracle that cannot be ascribed to the laws of nature or even human powers.  In this particular case, there has definitely been a supernatural intervention by a MIRACLE WORKER.

So, well ....  

The bottom line Frank is that once you look at this wonder I need the miracle worker’s name and contact details. Pronto.

I am not just asking for purely selfish reasons because hell, as we all know,  vanity is one of the seven deadly sins isn't it? I am actually asking for the benefit of all the millions of aging people across the world who look in the mirror every morning and want to know who that stranger is staring back at them.

 Here it is.

The Miracle unveiled.


Can you please tell me how Christie Brinkley looks like this at 60 years old? I am sure you will agree it is a Miracle. Problem is,  she ain’t sayin’ nothin’.


Kind Regards


(PS. This letter is not designed to make fun of the Pope. He is an absolute breath of fresh air who would probably have a laugh too).


  1. Hi Lilly,
    She has marvelous bone structure, gets weekly facials and specialty skin treatments, hair extensions, has perfect teeth, tasteful makeup, takes excellent care of her figure and knows how to show it off with grace.

    Up close and in person she wouldn't look as glowingly young she does in photos. She would look her age. Pretty for her age - yes. Looking 45 like she does? Not a chance.

    I witnessed this first hand with Joan Collins. Her photos look amazing - in real life (last year at the Hotel Bel-Air for dinner) she was as wrinkled and withered as can be.

    Just saying. Even when you think photos are candids, there are illusions.
    And let's not forget airbrushing on the ones she has control of.

  2. There is a Documentary about all of these models starting back with Carmen, who's last name I cannot think of, but, who is 78 or so---STILL Models and looks FABULOUS!!! Christy is in this Documentary too....(I will look up the name and come back with it...) She Looks FANTASTIC!!!!
    It's about aging and working as a model and ALL these women are just Stunning---Physically and so very smart, too!!!
    I will come back, my dear.......

  3. It's called "ABOUT FACE" and was shown on may still be available On Demand...OR, even on YouTube or Betflix or Amazon......It is worth seeing. Here is a link to an article in The NY Times, and you can actually see CARMEN DELL'ORFECE....who is not 78....But 81 years old!!!! It is a really fascinating look at aging and beauty....! Check It Out!

  4. Well, I didn't put the link to the NY Times Review...But HERE is a link to where you can get the DVD....and you can see CARMEN....!
    He made the film and is this fabulous photographer.....I will have to go back to the NY Times and get that link, again. LOL!

  5. Grrrrr. Now, I cannot find it. I will look again, tomorrow!

  6. Cheeky and so fun. I was expecting something serious. She really is gorgeous and doesn't have that plastic surgery look. Genetically blessed and works hard and has the money for maintenance. I never could have hoped to look like that at 20 so it certainly is not going to happen for me at 60 unless of course there really is a miracle.

  7. Imagine the pressure on these aging ex supermodels. Also imagine having a granny that looks like that! Nothing short of a miracle.

  8. I wonder what Billy Joel thinks of all this. I just checked and she had been married 4 times. I suspect she might say being a vegetarian helped keep her good looks.
    I find the modeling world very odd. Of course, I only know of it from news stories. If this retirement thing doesn't work out maybe I'll be force to resort to modeling myself. There's a demand for old droopy men with a head of hair - right?

  9. Gee, Lilly... At first I thought those were photos of you, not Christie. I see the resemblance.

    I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I've got a smile back on my face. I missed your humor so much!

  10. hehehehehe... l was drawn in by your patter, very well done missus. Like Kay I missed you ... Great to see you back. Now as far as Christie is concerned she must have great genes and to be honest I think that is the most important thing as to how someone ages. So, from somone who has inherited their Nan's genes as far as their facial skin goes so sad, too bad - If only I had got lucky and received my Mum's arghhhhh ! Well ..... I could be as bootiful as Madame Brinkley couldn't I ... Yeah right !

    Great to have you back, Love Kate x.

  11. Lol. You had me wondering! She's beautiful. And no, she doesn't look like plastic. It's natural grace :)

  12. Hmmm... money and stress? Plenty of one and none of the other..
    There are a few ladies (and guys) who still look good for their age, I still have a crush on ONJ and Isabella Rossellini :)

  13. She's nice looking for her age.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  14. Lilly, I hope by this time you have heard from Pope Francis and he has demystified the miracle for our benefit because I am getting old everyday and am in need of help.

  15. I would hate to be her daughters, she really is something else. As for Pope Francis? Best. Pope. Ever!

  16. Don't the comments here make you want to come back and reply to them? I heard summer was warmer than normal in OZ. How did you stay cool?
    You really need to stop hiding like a koala bear.

  17. What is her secret? How does she still look like that?

  18. I've been trying to find this answer for a couple of decades now! Christie is pretty amazing!
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your new home.
    Miss you,


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