Wednesday 7 January 2009

I'll take your presence over presents


Guess what?

It's Lilly's Life's 1st birthday!

A whole year of blogging.


I started blogging in January 2008 as a diversionary measure to try and get closure from one of those painful life experiences that we all get our share of. I made a decision to write a post every time I focused on this negative episode in my life. It seemed to be a better option than drinking, drugs, gambling or.......... exercising.

I wrote about two or three posts a day for the first three months. And now I average about 15 posts a month. So, I can safely say things are a whole lot better.

I only had one visitor to my blog for the first few months. Me.

Then I finally listed it and started networking and reading a few other blogs.

And finally along came some wonderful readers and bloggers who actually made comments and gave me encouragement.

Matt, Jade, Robin, Trish, Henry, Judi, Gary, Horatio Salt, Tia, Jon, Nina, Tasha, Aleta and Eric.

These bloggers are at the top of Lilly's Life virtual birthday party invitation list. They have continued to visit my blog from those early days and I have appreciated their support. Together they have an eclectic group of blogs. Go and visit them. There is a mix of politics, art, humor, spirtuality, sharing and inspiration.

Of course over the last few months I've had great fun discovering and visiting lots of other blogs too. You know who you are. I have learnt a lot through following each and everyone of you.

I am now addicted very interested in your stories (addicted is the wrong word because I have given up all my addictions this year and am working on a new batch) and look forward to each post.

So, instead of buying magazines only to learn that Victoria Beckham got rid of her hair extensions because they got in the way during sex or that Britney Spears is considering a breast reduction so she can wear more PVC on stage and Paris Hilton thinks having sex is disgusting if it's not with someone she loves, I now read about you, the real people of the world.

And strangely, you are way more exciting than celebrities. And you have way more outlandish and far more important things going on in your lives!!

So tell me some things I don't know about you, what made you start blogging and what's the best thing that blogging has brought to your life?

Finally, thank you all for bringing Lilly's Life to life....

And no, I will not be eating the birthday cupcake in the picture. I am using it to bribe Des (my 81 yr old father) to write another guest post. He loves cake and he seems to be back in form after not feeling so well for weeks.

He left a comment on my previous post which read, I just want Lilly's readers to know that she gets her good looks and sense of humour from me and her need to be rude to police officers from her mother's side of the family. Given her mother doesn't read her blog I think it's fairly safe for me to say this....I should add they have been married for 50 years and my mother has never let a swear word pass her lips. Yes, clearly my mother is a saint, Des has a wicked sense of humour and I must have been adopted.


  1. Ahhhh....confessionals. I must have been a Catholic in my past life. OK, so here goes: I started blogging for the same reason, and decided concurrently that I would, dammit, get published and finish that book (see how I'm so orderly...). So when I went to research some stuff online about getting published, I found out about Judith O'Reilly, Wife In The North, who was published when her blog was discovered. I thought, "I can do that..." and started a blog as an avenue to publishing: not waiting to be 'discovered,' but as a kind of 'writer's yoga' to exercise the muscle. I started at the end of October. In the first week of December I got an agent, and a few days later a UK publisher wanted to buy the rights to my book. Personally I think blogging rocks.

    And I don't care what Des says: i can tell the don't-speak-that-way- to-police gene comes from him.... :)

    Oh...and....first? Cos that would be a first with your blog!!

  2. Yay!!! First!!

    OK that was juvenile :)

    Your point?

  3. @ Braja - See, how incredible is that? A book deal in less than weeks after starting a blog. Now thats inspiring for everyone!! Way to go. CONGRATULATIONS and when are we breaking open the champagne!!! I have several bottles in the fridge and I might even slip off the resolutions bandwagon for that one - that really is something to celebrate.

    And why haven't you told your readers (I know you mentioned it in a comment here)?

    And first counts because that's the way the world works or something like that!!! Some things you don't question and being juvenile is fun sometimes.

  4. happiest of days to you dear Lily :)

    Like B I was told about wife in the north by a friend - read her stuff and thought I can do this stuff too :) And it has been great.

    And like you I now read blogs instead of trashy mags - way more enjoyable and engaging ...

    And I keep on doing it as it is about connections and learning and communicating - all good stuff :)le xoxo

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! :)

    I started blogging because I moved interstate and felt like I'd lost my family, my friends, my church, my work colleagues - and I was attending uni with kids half my age and not a lot in common with me. I had hardly anyone to talk with and felt very alone and it was driving me nuts, so I started a blog.

    Now I'm just addicted. Or "enthusiastic"! :)

  6. Happy Blog-Day!

    I am stil an infant in the blogosphere, having just started this past fall.

    And sad to say... I gave in to peer pressure. And not from other bloggers. Real life friends who kept insisting that I needed to start a blog. So I did. And I'm hooked. And the thing I love the most is the connections with other people around the world!

  7. oh man I cant imagine never having said a swear word!!! I'm over the top on that one.

    Well Happy Blogging Birthday to you!

    You know I dont know how I ended up here..I think it came from reading blogs on newspapers and then i just typed in blogs on the net and i believe the first one i was reading was Pioneer Womans. some blogs such as hers--are so big now--you cant even get close to knowing these people..that is the drawback of getting so many commenters.

    BUT...I've noticed being a smaller blogger--you do get to know one another and i'm lovin it. Its a very nice thing to do each day--just come--post--check up on every one and feel a connection across the miles.

  8. Happy Blogging Birthday Lily!
    I truly enjoy reading your words each time. You truly offer smiles each time.

    In all honesty, I started blogging to share my poetry. Then, something wonderful happened and it became so much more than just poetry.

    Have A Blessed Day!

  9. Happy Bloggiversary!

    I started blogging to keep afamily and friends in the adoption process loop. turns out there is not much to say as we are waiting what seems like an eternity. SO the blog morphed in to a fun social outlet where I have met some great folks to humor and support me!

    Thanks for your bright little corner of cyberspace!

  10. Good morning, Lilly!
    Hmmm. I started blogging as a way to exorcise my demons, not by talking about them but by letting my creativity choke the life out of the little bestids. Between that and yoga, I am in a much better place than I was when I started blogging at the end of June 2008. I write every day as a way to amuse myself and as a way to remind myself that I am a worthy person.
    Ooooh. I think that just got a little heavier than I intended, but I'll leave it. I'm through censoring. :-) There will be some people who will be sorry to hear that!
    I very much want to be published some day and have a public reading in Minneapolis in March.
    Speaking of which, I suppose I should write something for that, huh?!
    Love from the Other Side of the Globe,

    p.s. You were one of the first people to "discover" me floating around out here, and it meant everything to me. A person I didn't know! From Australia! Holy crap! :-)

    p.p.s Tell Des I would love to hear from him again. He's a funny person with a great point of view. We could all use it...

  11. Happy First Blogiversary Lilly.
    I have made you a virtual birthday cake with candle. Please will you give Dad a huge slice. He can choose his favourite flavour. I always thought you were a seasoned blogger of many years standing ! I hope the exercise has fulfilled its purpose and made closure possible. As a bonus many of us have benefitted and enjoyed your posts and found their content most stimulating. Hope you will be discovered by a publisher one day. Thank you also for feedback of encouraging comments, much appreciated. I like blogging because I am nosy and love reading about the lives of others.Here's a toast to Lilly, a Queen among Bloggers. May there be many more Blogs to follow
    Posted with love

  12. Happy birthday!!!! My anniversary is in April...I've been boring people for almost a year now!

    I started blogging as a way to be accountable for my dieting and exercising actions.

    Seeing how I'm still the same weight and haven't seen the inside of a gym except when watching Biggest Loser, I haven't been real successful!

    Oh well...

  13. Happy Birthday! I do so love your blog by the way.
    Well I basically started blogging because I have an addiction to writing and bragging about my boys to the world (I only had one in the beginning) And then it turned in a blog to keep people updated on my sister whom we nearly lost and to help raise money for her and now it is my outlet...just a little hodge podge of my life as a stay at home mom with two little boys. I have to say I love blogging!

  14. I have never been a journaler, yet when something bothers me I write about it and store it in my computer or just delete it afterwards. So basically that is how I started to blog. It was a place to express myself. I didn't think other people were gonna actually read it - lol.

  15. I´m so glad I "found" your blog! Happy blogiversary! I love coming here and even though it´s only been recently, I am hooked.
    I made a link to you today in my post.
    When my kids started to leave the nest I felt like I needed them to know what was happening in our lives other than the regular emails. Also, we have many friends all over the world and I thought it would be good to inform everyone at once. But when no one made the effort to comment I started to branch out to other blogs and am so glad I did. It is a whole community out there and I love my followers and the people that make my day with a comment!
    I´ve been blogging for 3 years now and still love it!

  16. Congratulations on one year of blogging!
    I am so glad I found your blog. It's been so fun the last couple of months, popping over to read your witty and funny posts.

    Here's to many more years!

  17. Lilly - I started blogging in the summer to ‘distract’ myself... as a way (amongst other things) to stay afloat (sane)/get through struggles with health (and, other) issues. Also, although I like to think of myself as a writer – I’m undisciplined in terms of writing daily and regularly so, I like the motivation and inspiration that blogging and reading other people’s blogs gives me. I, too, like the connections and spaces blogging has opened up – ‘a whole new world’! p.s. I'm so looking forward to this next year with 'Lilly's Life' (smile)!

  18. Happy Birthday Lilly's Life
    I started blogging in August mainly because I was feeling really down and wanted to share my innermost thoughts with others.

  19. Happy blog b-day!

    Very exciting!!!

    I started a family blog to share pictures of the pregnancy with out of town family.

  20. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lilly, happpy blogday to you. Better be glad you didn't "hear" that! Best of 2009 to you Lilly!

  21. Oh, I so hope that your Dad guest stars again! He's a hoot!

    My blog. It started as a diary of sorts. Then when I became a transcriptionist and spent my days typing everyone's thoughts without a chance to be my own person, I needed a creative outlet of sorts.

    I would love to learn how to make money doing it though! Would that ever be lovely, considering this has become almost as time-consuming as a real job! lol

  22. I started blogging because I'm lonely. I have that feeling less and less now, but I still don't have more people within close proximity to hug. I'm working on it! Reading all of your incredible stories are giving me the courage to put my heart back out there!

    I'm happy to read that you no longer have to post 3 times per day...that's quite a milestone!

  23. Happy blog b-day Lilly! I started my blog as a means to express myself. I too was crazed with posting but I am now M-F once a day. You have a wonderful blog and I hope to see this around for many many more b-days!

  24. Congrats on your Anniversary! Way to go! I too celebrated my firt year in December. I blog because I am a frustrated writer and because I want to leave some small part of me behind for my Grandchildren. Frankly there is not much to do in Minnesota in the winter either:)

  25. Ah, Happy Blogging Birthday! And I'm so glad I found your blog! I started blogging six months ago, the first of July. And I started at the suggestion of a friend because I was in one of the darker periods of my life, too. Dark to the point I'm not sure I would still be around if I hadn't gotten into it -- I don't like to believe that about myself, but I think it was true. It was a bad time. I have always written, as you know, but with the blogging it was feverish and sometimes it still is, but not from despair and pain anymore, but from the joy of making new friends, finding a "world" where I have a place, keeping the creative juices flowing. I was reading Almost There this morning and was so touched to read of two men, one in Gaza and one in Israel that have become such good friends in spite of everything. That's why we need more and more people communicating, learning about others, sharing the beauty of the world and discovering how much we all have in common so we can stop focusing on the "differences". Thank you again for blogging, being a friend. Thanks for the laughs and thoughtfulness. Wish I could be at the "real" birthday party! Enjoy!


    I so enjoy the way you write... and I have been so happy to "meet" you!!

    I do a post on why I started blogging this week!

  27. I've been blogging since 2001 and the only person reading my blog was Joe's xwife! How's THAT for fun!

    Now, I have my own little clique, wishing I had a loyal following of, maybe, 80 - 300 (like a lot of posts I read) meh.

    But here you are, and growing!!!

  28. Lily;

    You are so funny...I need your blog right now especially! Thank you, thank you for finding me first!
    I will of course be back!

  29. Wonderful! Happy Birthday and do you think Des will adopt me???

  30. Oh, Sweet Lilliness! Congratulations on your blog anniversay!! Woo Hoo! I'm so glad I've found you and glad you've found a very creative outlet for you are a terrific writer! I've almost given up TV because of blogging! I'd rather blog than sit and flip through the channels! lol I discovered decorating blogs and started reading them and just wanted to join in. I didn't realize how much more I was in for - so many great friends I've made! Truly Blogland is the Land of Oz for me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. I started blogging to piss people off. Mainly republicans, evangelicals, bible thumpers...eagles fans..anyone actually..but the wonderful thing is...? I made friends..friends now who are like my family...that's such a bonus

  32. @ Le - I am going to have to check out the Wife in the North. I have never heard of this blog but its obviously famous! And she is obviously an inspiration!

    @ Femina - I like that you are enthusiastic as opposed addicted, LOL. Thank you for dropping by!

    @ Liz - well your friends clearly know you have talent and needed to share - I bet you thank your friends every day! Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Dawnie - I will have to go and check that blog out too - glad I found your blog because I love your common sense and how wise you are!

    @ Pearl - don't concern yourself with saying that - you are very clever and creative and have a gift. So actually using that gift is going to make you feel better about yourself. There would not be one blogger that would not 'get' what you are saying! Glad I found your blog.

  33. Oh your father has to do another post. I want to hear all the dirt!

    Like you, I just used to read The Blog (perez hilton) to see if Unfitney had hooked up with Zacquesha (Zac Efan) and if Clooney was coming out of the closet anytime soon.

    The some friends of my adopted fro the Ukraine, two children with disabilities, so I started stalking these blogs. Then I started my own blog to let the stalked blogs know who was stalking them.

    Happy One candle cake day!

  34. Hey Lilly

    Happy Blog Birthday. I would love to be able to sit down with Des and just laugh until my tummy hurts, something tells me it would not take long for that to happen. I too have been blogging for a year. I started on one blog and had to abandoned it but you can't keep a good SoccerMom down so I started another! I originally started just so I could share my crazy thoughts with my friends because I found I was answering e-mails and it seemed to be the same thing over and over. So blogging was a way to share all at once. I guess my motive was I am lazy! LoL I have to say I am like everyone else I would love to have 30, 40, 50 comments per post ~ maybe it will happen someday. I hope the next year is a theraputic as this one has been for you! Thanks for sharing

  35. @ Barbara - thanks so much for your really lovely comment and Des is boung to be back in action soon if I can keep up the cakes.

    @ Julie - well exercises loss is our gain. You are incredibly entertaining!!

    @ Ashley - its a great creative outlet and you have a great blog too!

    @ Betty - wow you are a blogging veteran and that is osme effort to be doing it for such a long time but I agree, I thik its great as a way to communicate with everyone in your life.

    @ Blue Castle - thank you and I love going to visit yours too!!

  36. I starting blogging this year on 4-10-08 because I needed to.

    Yes. I needed to write, yet I would not allow myself to write.

    For the longest time.

    I would tell stories to people and would frequently hear "Oh, you should write that down". I never took that seriously.

    Until the year I turned 45...

    Something about that milestone in my life really hit me hard.

    I had so many thoughts and feelings whirling around in my head that I had to get out and throw into the universe.

    I started a blog in search of others like me.

    A search for signs of semi-intelligent life.

    I started out just having many, many conversations with myself. Day after day, week after week. I didn't mind that actually, because
    I needed to have a talk with that girl.

    And she became my best friend.

    And my most cherished possession.

    Save yourself first, that way you can help others. Isn't that what you are told on airplanes?

    Since my big leap in April of this year many things have happened to me. Some good, some sad. I really believe blogging came just in time to help me sort through it all.

    It has made more confident in my speaking and a little more understanding toward people whose opinions differ from my own.

    And I cherish everyone who has touched my life here.

    You could say I grew up in many ways this year.

    And Lilly, your presence is definitely among the biggest presents
    I've received.

    Peace - Rene

  37. @ Miles per hour - see what happens when you least expect it - you have great things to say on your blog too. It covers a lot of issues I dont see anywhere else!!

  38. @ Cath M - its interestng as to why we all started blogging. You are a gifted writer so its a must for you. So glad you are moving to OZ too!

    @ Cleo - well out of the dark times the good times often follow. Writing is a wonderful healer!!

    @ The Acting Mom - blogs are a great communication tool - I wished I had started one when I lived overseas.

    @ Darsden - I not only heard it but it was spectaculor!!

    @ Rhonda - yes there are those who have made money out of it. You are hilarious and I am addicted to your blog.

    @ Simplicity - yes bloggers have to be careful that they are not online too much I think. We need to be with people and to be socialising too. Time is a great healer and it will happen when you are ready. Dont push it.

    @ Caroline - thanks for your kind words and I will come and visit you for some inspiration.

    @ Far Side of Fifty - loved that - there is not much to do in winter! Thanks for your comment.

  39. I'm going to have to go back and read your first posts. Happy first blog anniversary!

    I started blogging I think, as an outlet, a way to be me. I didn't expect to find wonderful new friends that have enriched my life!

  40. Well happy blogbirthday! I've got a looong way to go before I hit my first year...but it seems like I've been doing it forever! I was spending a lot of time on HGTV's site Rate my Space. It got so ugly over there that I followed some of my friends that left over to blogland. I watched and lurked for several months and then figured...why not give it a try! I'm still amazed at the fun and fantastic world it's opened up!

    I hope he does guest post again...he's a funny guy!

    Oh and just so you know...I followed your advice and bought some YSL Touche Eclat from Sephora....OH MY GOSH I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff! I can't believe how much brighter it makes my eyes look....even when I'm not getting any sleep! Thanks so much for the heads up. I'm still planning on trying the other items your recommended too.

  41. @ Sylvia - well I for one am thrilled that you found your place in the blogging world. You have so much to offer and are a brilliant writer. Whoever your friend is that suggested blogging is indeed a good friend. I honestly believe that writing is so beneficial. I guess its the same with all creative pursuits too. Thanks for your comments and I hope you keep blogging for a long itme to come because you have a great deal to say and share with us!!

  42. Congrats on the one year! I liked reading about having only one visitor...You made me feel better and I LOL!

    And, guess what, you've been tagged by me today...if you like.


  43. Congrats!!! What a great year for you!

  44. @ Saundra - yes congrats on your anniversay too!

    @ Dana - how hysterical - his ex wife? I bet you had a field day with that! LOL

    @ Peggy - I love the profile pic of you and Kay together! Both gorgoeus women.

    @ Susan - thanks for dropping by and yes I am willing to share him. hell you can have him....

  45. my story is a bit different from everyone else's. Kind of. I actually have had my blog since 2006 - I just didn't really do anything with it and I posted even less regularly than I do now.

    I don't scrapbook, I don't make photo albums, my kids don't have baby books...but I've got my blog. All my life (well..not all but at least the past 20 years) I've heard that I should be a writer. My family would have me write things. I did well in Creative Writing classes in High School and College. And in a perfect world..I'd get paid to write. I don't write pretty...I don't write poetry. I write like me....I write like I sound. And sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's not and sometimes it's bad and sometimes it's good....but it always comes from the heart which is why I think some people like my writing.

    I've got an idea for a children's book and I've played with it a bit...but I know the odds of being published so I don't have my head in the clouds about it. Someday...if I get it together and it happens...awesome.

    As with Pearl, I would also like to thank you Lilly...for being one of the first to follow me and comment. They mean a lot to me. And it gives me confidence to know that if I start posting regularly good a year, I could have as many followers and comments as you.

    Happy Blog Birthday Lilly. Congrats!

    (sheesh this got long. Sorry)

  46. Onyer Lilly - a whole year! Congratulations.
    Blogging? Meeting friends, encouragement for my writing that had me rummaging around in a bottom drawer for my novel, and bringing it out into the open to reasonable applause! The sheer fun of it.
    I loved it when one of my readers (Vikki of The Red Chair Gallery) got so entangled with my story that she did a concept portrait of my main character. Brilliant stuff and so in tune with what I thought of Pip myself. See what you think ...
    I could go on and on.
    Cheers Lilly
    June in Oz

  47. Oh, I love what your father wrote. Very funny.

    Yes, addiction is not the word, is it?

    Kudos on the 1 year mark!! Brill.

  48. Happy Blogiversary! Glad to hear that your life has gotten so much better over the past year -- I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

    Started blogging because I've always wanted to write, and it was a way to write without having to climb over the extremely high entrance barriers to publishing. Still hope to do that some day, but the blogosphere has turned out to be so much more than I ever anticipated.

  49. Congratulations Lilly on your year of blogging. I started because my children blogged and wanted me to try it. It has been a wonderful way for me to meet people and keep busy during my retirement plus I love to write. I love all my blogging friends and look forward to reading their blog entries.

  50. @ Sheilia - thank you and thanks for your support and comments. I appreciate it, truly!

    @ Yellowdog granny - you crack me up LOL. I guess you are talking about a football and not the music group? Friends thats better than anything hey?

    @ Wheresmyangels - um sorry, what do you mean George Clooney coming out of the closet? Do you know something I dont know? Des will be back!

    @ The Mind of a Mom - well I have loved coming by your blog for a great laugh and here is to a great 2009 for you too!

  51. Happy 1st blogging birthday! I started blogging in December 2004, as a way to journal online. My mom was really sick, and my family was going through a whole lot of "stuff," and I was stressed out and really getting tired of being everyone's "go to" person.

    Then, after being in and out of the hospital a dozen times in one year, my mom died, and I fell apart.

    Exhausted and tired of taking care of everyone but me, I proclaimed this to be "my time" and it has taken me about two years to get that "I'm back" feeling.

    Throughout this time, blogging has kept me sane and able to function.

    Again, Happy 1st blogging birthday, dear Lilly.

  52. CONGRATULATIONS! I would LOVE to eat that cupcake to help you celebrate! Champagne Toast to YOU!

  53. Happy blog birthday, I just ate a cupcake, so I will dedicate it to you.

    I started blogging mainly to let friends OS read about my life, as I was doing with their blogs, then its just gone on a bit from there... I don't watch as much TV now, and I have got inspired and written a little childrens story too (not published - yet)

  54. Congratulations, Lilly! You've really built up a following in just one year. My blog wants to be like your blog when it grows up!

    Keep up the good work!


  55. Yay!!!!!! Happy One Year! Blogging is so fun and I'm glad we are a part of each other's blog :)

  56. Hello Lilly's Life,
    My best wishes to you. Your blogs have always been so interesting. Looking forward to greeting you on every anniversary of your blog!

    I started blogging more as a fun. Then gradually it became an addiction [as you also said, and all at my home level this charge against me!]. Yes there is a lot of learning too. Sum Total of this activity is 'great experience'!

    My best wishes to you again,

  57. Well as you know I don't have a blog but I like reading a few, mainly family ones and then a few others like yours. At this stage in my life I do not think I can commit to doing my own though.

    Happy Blog Birthday Lilly. I love coming here and I know you are the one who should be getting your book published! I also want to say you have a lot of really nice readers too!!

  58. I'm not announcing it from the rooftops because it's a process and it's so surreal to me...I sent my agent the full m/s last night; all we'd done to date was sign the contract and in the meantime heard from a UK publisher (and I don't even know who it is :), so when I see the book printed and in stores, I'll be the moment, it's all just "next step, done, next step, done..." kinda thing...

    But I should just abandon all ego and announce it from the rooftops. Maybe. LOL. I'll let you know when the champagne should flow....and I'll be sending you a copy of the book, since you were one of my first and dearest bloggy friends... you're the first one apart from Judith (see today's blog) that I came across, and the first one I made friends with and started a r/ship with. Judith is a different kinda blog/person....there's not a whole community thing going on with her,so it's a different r/ship. So you're my top girl Lilly :) Love to you...

  59. And Pearl was the second one I found. Love you both :)

  60. Happy first blogging birthday to a wonderful lady. Lilly you sure have come a long way in the blogging world in a year. I count you as a true internet friend, and am so impressed with your work and ideas for blogging at Lilly's Life. You truly are an inspiration to 'real' people on the internet. This may sound stupid but i feel as if i knew you in some past life, if there is such a thing. Keep writing and sharing your great stories and experiences. As i have said before, you are a treasure. An amazing blog.
    Your friend


  61. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lillys Life, Happy Birthday to you, Just don't say anything funny for a minute or two or I might choke on this cake like I have with my coffee many a time while reading your site. Love your writing and your madcap ability to laugh at yourself. Gary is right with his comment.

  62. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday!

    I began my blog because my dear friend JLo Q. encouraged me to. She was my very first fan. :) It is a creative emotional relief. I tend to write the most in canoe without a paddle. ;o) Thank you for sharing and stopping by my site. I think you are very funny, transparent, and an absolute kick! Keep it up!

  63. I just gave you an Honest Scrap award...check out my January 7th post!

  64. @ Rene - oh thank you, that is a wonderful comment. Well you are one of those special and brilliant writers who are going places.

    @ Christine - I am not sure how long I have been reading your blog for either but its been a while and I am secretly jealous of your life. I think you are such a wonderful mother and person. I have truly enjoyed visiting your blog journal to see what you have been up to - its going to be great for your kids sometime to read when they are older.

    @ Nikkicrumpet - well you are one of those successful bloggers who havent been doing it for long. Funny lady and cute dogs and kids, LOL! Glad the makeup worked out ok. I love it too!

    @ Frugal Angel guided psychic - that is a mouthful. Well I think more readers come with time - I have gone and paid you a visit BTW as am interested in the subject matter of your site!

    @ The Blonde Duck - thank you and the same to you. Now what is in that goddamn envelope????

    @ Tami - you are funny, smart and can tell a great story. So when you are ready you will do the children's book. You have a lot on your plate!

    @ June - thanks June. I have been over to your site and its fantastic. Truly great.

    @ Mmmm - oh alright, Addiction is so the word. In fact they should make people with addiction problems blog and they wouldnt have time to do all those other things!!

    @ Jeanne - thank you and you have been very supportive and I appreciate it.

    @ Judy - its a great thing your children got you started because I have got many a fine recipe and joke from you as well. Plus, I learnt lots of things about Halloween that I never knew before!

  65. OMG Happy Birthday Lilly's Life The Blog of all Blogs. I can't believe I missed this post earlier. I was checking all kinds of sites, and somehow just missed your update.

    Ohh Lets see what started me blogging? I just had a need to write things down I guess. I had seen many a blog, never once commenting, then all of a sudden I decided to try it myself. Once I started on blogger, I got courageous and started to leave a few comments here and there. What really got me going was when I started Mondays Writers.

    The sense of community and friendship is the best thing I receive from blogging.

  66. Happy Birthday, "Lilly's Life."
    I wish you many, many more years of happy living!!!
    Thanks for the chuckles!!!

    Lilly - I thoroughly appreciate your sense of humor.

  67. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. Keep it up!

  68. Congratulations, Lilly. I haven't hit my 1 year mark yet. I guess that will happen on February 29th. I am also very "interested" in blogging. I've always been interested in people and missed it when I retired. Blogging has helped me fill that void. I love having friends I can say almost anything to. Your blog has been a highlight of my cyber experience. I wish Des had a blog, too. You need to bribe him with more cupcakes.

    Thank you for being my friend, Lilly. I love seeing the colors of your life.

  69. Lilly what a wonderful following you have. You obviously inspire many included.
    One year eh, I wonder how many books those posts would have equated to.

    I started blogging back in Aug 2008so I could step into the 21st century....well put my big toe in anyway. Had no idea what I was going to I have discovered a community of outstanding individuals sharing their wisdom, humour and everyday life....I feel so blessed.

    Take care and all the best for 2009.

  70. Woo hoo Happy Birt...ok so you know the drill LOL :)

    well for me, it was a way of being heard without being regards to expressing the other sides of who i am...

    editors don't want their prize behaving...unfettered...yes unfettered i say, blog and be free (ok within the limits of civilized decorum)

    but if i choose to write in a symphony of harmonic rhythm(my 2$ word description for poetry) then i should be able to...and they should back away from parchment!
    right? :)

  71. I love your blog..congrats. Blogging for me was more of a freak accident or a twist of fate. I abandoned writing altogther after the birth of my second daughter and rediscoverd it again while blogging to pass the late nights. My failed attempts at getting her to sleep in her own bed made me nocturnal. Hugs

  72. Happy blog birthday!!1 & looking forward to many many more.

  73. congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

    I started blogging to put on paper all the thoughts swirling in my head! It has been incredible!!

  74. Happy Birthday, dear friend!!! Your blogging year seems more like 10 years content wise. I wish you many posts, visitors, comments, and lots of fun as it is clear you've been having lots of fun writing. I sensed Des's pride of: my-girl-takes-after-me :))) so keep up the great work!!

  75. Happy Bloggie Bday! Stopped by from SITS to say hey and chime in that I SO agree people must sleep on thier labtops and keyboards to get to roll call so darn early!!!

  76. @ Gran - your blog I absolutely love visiting, thanks for your comments.

    @ Fifi Flowers - I will send you one I love making cupcakes even though I am not eating them anymore, go figure.

    @ Dee- get the story published or even feature it on your blog!!

    @ Vegas Lindy-lou - coming from you thats lovely - you have so many talents, are so witty and wise and brilliant writer too.

    @ Vivek - it certainly is a great experience and I understand what you mean about what hppens at home....

    @ Sarah - YOU are the best you know that!

    @ CarmenSincity - thanks for dropping by!!

    @ Braja - thank you, that is sweet and I bet you are in shock!!

    @ Eric - thanks so much and I hope you sign your book for me one day!

    @ Nina - thank you for all my wonderful pieces of your art. I am officially a collector you know!!

    @ Plastic Surgery Fort Worth - this is your first visit - are you trying to tell me something perhaps?????

    @ Kay, thanks and you are right blogging is truly wonderful isnt it?

    @ Gary - thank you kind sir!

    @ Simplicity - ok will be over to check it out soon.

    @ Miruspeg - thanks fellow Aussie, looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2009.

    @ The Muse - mm that is intriguing, a famous poet. I knew you are a poet but never knew much more. I will have to check this out more.

    @ Tu-tu's bliss - thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

    @ Mindy-lu - thanks for your comment.

    @ Vodka Mom - brilliant post of yours today, really brilliant.

    @ Rocksnowshite - wow the BEST WRITER ON THE BLOGGING SCENE. You make me think and I love your work! Thanks for dropping by.

    @ DiPaolo Mama - you are so right they sleep on their keyboards!! Thanks for dropping by.

  77. Did she reall get rid of her hair extensions for that reason. LOL Tragic is it not? I prefer to read about real people's lives too. Although I am not sure how many real people go around swearing at policeman. Not mentioning any names of course. Keep blogging.

  78. L-O-V-E what your daddy said!

    i started blogging after moving to Mars and found myself not being able to make real connections with the people on this planet. i was only 2 hrs away from the area i lived in the majority of my life and it was SOOOOO different. blogging has become my lifeline to the world, the friendships i have made have been AMAZING and i value them very much!

  79. Congrats on 1 year blogging. My 1 year b-day is coming up in Feb.

  80. Happy First Blogging Birthday to you Lilly :) !

  81. I really enjoy blogging, too. One of the funniest I've found is a self effacing but narcissistic Citizen of The Month. I'm going to meet him in a few weeks.

    Your blog is great fun! I really enjoy coming over here and reading.

  82. @ Banoffi - apparently so, not that any of us really care anymore! Thanks for your comment.

    @ Mamarazzi - oh you poor thing, well glad the blogging has worked out for you too and everyone else it seems.

    @ Drama Queens Mom - thanks for dropping by.

    @ Loving Annie - thanks for your comments and wishes.

    @ Kanani - thanks for the link. Hilarious and I will be following this blog. Let us know when you meet up and what happens.

  83. Ohhh wow what a milestone. Happy Birthday Lilly's Life! You know, I honestly am glad I started blogging because through it I have met wonderful friends like you.I started because of boredom and loneliness being in a new country.I had no one to talk to except my dear hubby.

    I am sorry, I am late on the wishes.I am going to catch up on my reading in your blog,I have been busy lately doing some freelance jobs.

    Anyway, I think you should get discovered too Lilly.You are such a great writer, when you write you really engage your readers.I have stopped buying those trashy mags too - have way too many interesting blogs to read than that. But I must confess I still have the E Entertainment channel;(

    Happy Happy Birthday again Lilly's life!!! More years to come.

    Love ya!

  84. Lilly - Happy 1st Birthday - Blogosversary

    I LOVE your blog and you my dear friend are an inpsiration to so many people.You humour and views on everything are refreshing and unique.
    I am glad things are better for you and hope the next year sees you blogging on only good days.

    Why did I start - I had so much to say but no one was listening LOL my blog was like yours for a much longer time ...I was talking to my myself for most of the first year.

    The best thing - I think blogging has brought me is wonderful connections and special friends -like you .It has inspired me to be a better person...still haven't had time to use that firming mask but just wait till I do !

  85. @ Jade and Trish - thanks ladies and I have enjoyed reading your blogs and being inspired by both of you. Here's to 2009 for all of us!!!

  86. Congratulations on making your first year!

  87. hi lilly, im new to this also. i have posted comments about your blog spot on my blog. i have just found your blog and im looking forward to reading more of your daily life stories. you are an inspiration to many. just wanted to say "thanks"

  88. happy bloggybirthday!!

  89. @ Kim - thanks and I will go visit your blog.

    @ Melissa - thank you.

  90. Congratulations!

  91. Oh, my goodness, I'm late to the game and you have 90 comments already. I usually always read all comments on your site, Lilly, but I am already behind in getting to your new post so I will just add this:

    I have so enjoyed Lilly's Life since I first discovered you (I think you found me first) through EntreCard. It's not hard to understand why I enjoy you and your site so much - just look at the number of comments on every post.

    I really hope you consider taking your site to the next level; I don't think you would have any problem getting funding. Goodness knows you have the talent, the charm and the sense of humor to make it big. Maybe when your book comes out you will have the audience, along with the right timing to go for it. You know you have my support!

    Best wishes for continued success, Lilly, although somehow I don't think you need luck.

    Oh, thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. I am so glad I was one of your first regular visitrs.

  92. @ Daily Spirit Online - many thanks for visiting.

    @ Matt - I know how lucky am I to have you reading all my posts. Thank you very much. Seriously!!!

  93. Congratulations mum, love Jordan.

  94. Wow...congrats on your one year of blogging! Your father sounds like a gem...I think you should keep him :)

  95. Wow! Lilly, you have almost a hundred comments! It's an awesome achievement and an equally awesome birthday gift for your blog's birthday. Reading these many comments, alone, is a full time job. Hee, hee. Happy birthday to your blog!

    I'm so glad I'm one of your early visitors because now I got a special mention. Thank you very much. You're very generous. I must remind you that you were one of my very first visitors to my blog also. It's so grand to be a witness to your blog's enormous success. You're doing something very special, so keep doing it.

    You really do have a knack for humour that makes all of us smiling, laughing, or just plain in the good mood after reading each of your posts. It's good to know that it has been a great therapy for you. At least something good has come out of your bad experience. Best wishes to you.

    With love.

  96. Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, What can I say? There is no one...I repeat NO ONE like you! There just isn't. And...


    Now contrary to what Matt said I DID read ALL 94 comments.....

    Okay, Okay, I read Matt's.

    But hey, I would have read more but my eyes blurred trying to focus as I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and until Braja turned into Femina and into Liz and Dawnie and Bobby Joe and Billy Sue and Betty Boop and I just couldn't stop my eyeballs from rolling in their sockets like those little cherries on the slot machines.

    Soooooo, I ended up with MATT. Matt was a good place to end up. I liked what he wrote and I too am very honored to not only have been one of the first commentors...if not THE first...Please tell me I was the FIRST!!!

    Anyway, I am also honored to connect with you heart to heart and soul to soul and wackiness to wackiness. You are unlike ANYONE I will ever meet. I am so grateful for wait that didn't come out right. What I mean is that I am so grateful that I got to meet this one of a kind amazing vivacious kind sincere and compassionate friend. Seriously, you know what I meam!!

    We are definitely connected my sister friend. Thank you for all your love and support and laughter. You are a keeper!!!


  97. @ Jordan - thanks sweetie, given you ahve given me a lot of material through the Message from your Mother posts, THANK YOU!

    @ Tasha - thanks for all your support over the many months.

    @ Robin - oh yes you were definitely one of the first! Thanks for your support and well you know, without me having to say it! You have inspired me more than you know. Thank you!

  98. Lilly-

    Happy Blog Birthday! I am sorry I haven't been better at commenting. I have been dealing with my own personal disasters at home. I am sending you an email.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am back.

  99. Thank you Sandi, much appreciated!! Be over to visit you soon!!

  100. You rule...and you're my Lilly!
    I feel like I can say that because I've grown to appreciate you as more than a reader and fellow blogger but as a friend.
    I've never met you but I know some important things about you: You're kind, you're loving, and you're never sparing with encouragement.
    You, Lilly, more than any other reader of mine, have continued to let me know that I have something worth saying.
    I wish you a Very Happy First Birthday and may there be many more!
    It blesses me that so many others have found you and show up non-stop for your witty and wacky posts.

  101. Ahh, happy birthday. I'm just catching up on my blog reading from the holidays, and I always miss the greatest stuff here. I'm so glad you decided to start your blog. It would be a detriment to us all if you were to ever leave the blog world. Happy Birthday again.

  102. Happy Birthday! I know, I am wayyy too late and you probably even won't see it :) I started to blog because friends asked me: what the hell are you up to in Canada, and so I thought instead of telling them one by one I would start a blog - and oh well, THEY don't read it and still ask - grin!


Thanks for your comments.