Melbourne, Australia
I am a writer, lover of all things artistic and, according to my family, pretty opinionated at times.

I started my blog seven years ago because I was looking for some diversion therapy from one of life's more unsettling episodes.

And it worked. Really well.

Blogging proved to be my bridge over troubled water.

Not only did I find that I loved writing but I also connected with people from all over the world.

I don't write about the daily minutiae of my life because quite frankly if you are not on medication now you would be if you had to read about my tedious, day to day life. Besides, that's what Facebook is for isn't it?

Instead, I write about the more amusing things that happen in my life or in the lives of those around me. Satire really so don't go taking any of it very seriously.

Sometimes I get serious and write about more controversial topics under my opinion posts. I find myself with an opinion on just about anything and everything. And I mean everything, even when I know nothing about the subject matter. I like to think it's just maturity....as opposed to an awful affliction.

Everyone told me when I started blogging that I needed a niche and that in order to survive in the blogging business I would have to offer something different in order to get an audience. I had to be a Mommy blogger, IT whizz, have ten kids, five divorces, a tragic story, fluffy animals, a book to sell..you get the idea. 

I do not fit into any box very comfortably.

I thought, and thought........and quite frankly came up with nothing...nada, zilch, zero. No niche.

However, what comes easily to me is to find the humour in everyday situations and write about them.  And I throw in some pretty pictures because all my life I have always liked to colour in. Paper, Faces, Houses and blogs. Whatever.

So after you have a look around, please don't forget to leave me a comment so I know you stopped by.