Wednesday 7 November 2012


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I was offered the opportunity to try some paper products from a Melbourne based company called Leaf, and I was very, very curious about them. Simply because the company claims to create fun, innovative paper-based products which help you share your stories and celebrate life.
And for me, the synergy with blogging was quite intriguing.
After all, we bloggers get to share stories about life, experiences, people and places with anyone who happens to come by and read, no matter where they are in the World. Sharing our stories really does make me feel like the World is a small place when you realise that someone in India, Paraguay, Los Angeles or Sydney experiences similar joys and disappointments that I do. Sharing our stories makes us feel more human, inspires us to be more open with one another and helps builds bridges. Don't you agree?

Leaf creates beautifully designed cards, journals, story starter conversation cards and stationery.
I received two packs of conversation Cards to review – Foodies Story Starters and Girls Talk Story Starters.

You can use these cards in a myriad of ways – bascially to start conversations anywhere there are people gathered. A selection of themes are available, suitable for different occasions – everything from baby showers and girls’ nights, family gatherings, dinner parties and weddings to travel games and even classrooms.

When I opened the boxes up I immediately thought that they would be great to help me with my blogging. Have you ever sat down in front of your computer thinking about what your next blog post is going to be? And then coming up with nothing? These cards are perfect to inspire you and get the story ideas flowing.

Unlike other conversation cards, Leaf Story Starters use two card packs, creating endless combinations of storytelling fun - Story Starter cards (the purple cards below) and Theme cards (the pink cards).
My nieces had great fun with the Story Starters and I am also going to use them to help my blogging - so watch this space.

Leaf’s products are all designed and printed in Melbourne, and carefully assembled by hand (not that you’d ever know it). The Company also selects papers that meet the most stringent environmental standards and the products are made from forest certified paper wherever possible, and many are also 100% recycled. They have an online store and some select stores also stock their products. There is something for all the family. I have already made a purchase of some Christmas cards because I genuinely really love their bright and cleverly designed products.

WIN a $50 voucher to buy some Leaf paper products of your choice (for you, your kids or grandkids ) PLUS receive a pack of four 12 Days of Christmas Cards to the value of $17.50. Total Value is $67.50.