Tuesday 6 November 2012

The Great Race

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Whoever you are backing in either of the two races which will stop two different nations today,

The USA Presidential Election


The Australian Melbourne Cup

Good Luck. Both races look to be neck and neck and the winner is anyone's guess.

And if you are over all of it, and need a laugh, I just saw this Chris Rock video which is targeted to white American voters. It is hilarious.

My tips are Barack Obama in the US Election and Ethiopia in the Melbourne Cup. However, just between you and me, I have never backed a winner in the Melbourne Cup so I hope it's not an ominous sign. 

And to anyone outside of Australia who may doubt that a horse race in Melbourne can indeed bring the entire nation to pretty much a stand still, well, it really does happen (our elections on the other hand do not have the same impact).

And to a competition of a different kind, don't forget The 12 days of Giveaway starts here tomorrow. I can tell you one thing, you will have much better odds of being a winner here than in either of today's contests.

Comments closed - we will all be too busy celebrating or drowning our sorrows.....right?

Post Script: Okay, so the horse race is done and my hot tip came......well, came last. That does not bode well for my hot election tip.....all fingers and toes crossed.