Friday 6 March 2009

Twit, Tweep or Twat?

Once upon a time, people liked to listen to the sound of their own voice.

Nowadays, people like to publish their own words. Over and over.

Have you noticed?

Let's take Twitter for example.

I think Twitter is Twee.

This is because I am a failed Twitterer, Tweeple, Tweeper or Twitter user.

I'm now known as a Twat (I don't care what that word means where you come from, it means a failed twitterer in this new social networking dark age).

Simply because I cannot handle the banality of the real world.

I was being bombarded bihourly by status updates and tweets and clever texts from people who were friends of acquaintances of my friends' friends about...........about...........bugger all really. Nothing, nada.

Seriously people, Ronan Keating didn't actually mean it when he sang, you say it best when you say nothing at all. I don't find the news that you are eating peanut butter toast at 6am in the morning or that you just had sex, interesting at all. I know, my lack of interest is disappointing when I'm sure your life means something. To you and yours.

I took being a Twit seriously. I even went in seach of lives less twitordinary.

However, it seems celebrities can't even help themselves. Do we really need to know that Demi Moore thinks "Facebook is cool but Twitter is the sh*t! " or Britney - "is spending a rainy day watching movies with my boys! Or MC Hammer " caught the "Red-Eye" and now it's time for "Shut-Eye"!!! I had a little breakfast.... wait.. I might mess up my hair ! oh, Le coconut !!!!" Or Shaquille O'Neill - "Just leavn lebrons party, i have no voice, can u hear this , ................... C i told u , no voice, lol"

I am now so over Twitter that I can't even walk past the bird cage and look Cyril in the eyes without wanting to put my hands around his little neck and squeeze tight....... tweet, tweet, tweet

It used to be that only a privileged few got their writing published. However, now we have little keyboards in front of us no matter where we are and we can easily self publish. It's so prolific that I think we need to re-establish the ground rules for writing in the first person. Short of limiting it to ex Presidents, heroes, sports stars or Madams, we need to be mindful of the crap going out into the ether.

Otherwise it's faux writing my friends. We've erased the distinction between a note left on the kitchen counter, a few words shared face to face and a publishable work.

So, unless we have some really exciting answers to the question, what are you doing, then we should just refrain from letting our fingers do the talking. And type nothing at all.

Take a look at Jon Stewart's take on the Twitter phenomenon . So true.

Till next time.

Sorry, what did you just say? What am I doing?

"It's 1am, goin to bed in l'pard print pjs & new anti-aging cream, takin B'bry and Laptop, just in case u have somethin really interest'g to tell me about what ur doin, remember, non fiction is overated.
" Tweet, tweet......


  1. hehehe, I know that I opened a Twitter account and a facebook acct. and I can't remember ever updating any of them. I've always thought the happenings in my life are so uninteresting and not worthy of the shutout. Oh Lily, I can totally relate to this.

  2. I honestly can't figure out what is so great about twitter either!! I have it, but rarely use it. I find it pointless.

  3. I will raise hand and announce that I too am a "twat!" I just can't wrap my head around it!

    Thanks for the shout-out. You always pick the best posts to link me up! Can you start giving me some warning so I can clean up my blog a bit before you send your lovely friends over?

    Have a great day friend!

  4. Lilly;

    I have not tried twitter yet and after reading your post...I think I won't!
    I jpined facebook and I keep getting messages saying john doe wants you to visit his page...what...I don't know this person and not sure my husband would want me visiting unknown men.
    Then I find out that john doe is a guy from my high school and he wants me to visit his page(I don't really have a page...didn't do that part)
    So not interested in these new forms of communication yet. Still like my privacy.
    I like where I am...right now.
    Love the term "twat" I am at least one rung below a "twerp"
    I love the bightness of your blog...I keep trying to find a good template!
    See why I couldn't do twitter of facebook...I'm still trying to do blogging!

  5. Let me profess my undying devotion to your way of thinking!! Amen! But only you could write this in such a fun and funny way :) Thanks for the wickedly enjoyable read, "twats" and all.

  6. Yep, count me in, too! Twitter, twat, twerp -- I really don't need a minute by minute account of anyone's day. To show you how behind I am, I'd never heard of Twitter until now! I joined Facebook, but rarely if ever go there and don't leave public messages. Great post, Lilly, as always! Thanks for getting the day off to a great start!

  7. It's about the age of the writer. I'm a Baby Boomer and don't a cell. There just isn't anything that a message on my landline answering machine won't take care of. And I live in New York City where you can't get down the street because someone is on their cell or texting. About nothing. Twitter is self definition for the under 30's. I text therefore I am. Scary.

  8. Thank you Lovely Lilly for the heads up. I will stay away from that one. I have facebook, but I am not a be fan. However, blog following has become like crack to me.. I gotta have it :-)

  9. I just started twitter (late, I know), and don´t really know if I like it yet. I have some friends in Asuncion (that I rarely get to see), that have twitter too, and it´s cool to keep in touch with them this way. But sometimes I feel the way you described it too. Some people just share too much. Same goes for the facebook status updates. It´s really not that important what you are eating or when you are going to bed!
    So who knows how long I´ll be on twitter...

  10. I'm experimenting with Twitter. No conclusions yet but I have had some useful recipes & restaurant recommendations.

  11. Twitter = Who-the-fuck-cares? TMI! Get a life, people! And, thanks for the Jon Stewart link. The man's a comic genius, plus incredibly easy on the eyes.;-)

  12. Lilly,
    WHAT ??? You don't think when I floss my teeth it's worthy of a write-up ? (lol).
    That's why I refuse to do MySpace and Facebook and all the other stuff.
    You want to talk to me and exchange news about our lives ? Call. Let's make plans for lunch. Or at least leave a blog comment :)

  13. Leopard print Pj’s…. Gurrrrrrrrrr. See what critical information we have been missing out on!!! Be sure to let us know if you’re still wearing them when you wake up. You know, alien abductions are on the rise right now.

  14. I don't know how to use it properly so I don't use it other then like you said to say something important. I think Twitter needs to have that same safeguard as Google, you know the drunk email feature. It will not let you send the email late at night unless you can pass the test. Twitter should have that same are you sure you really want to do this, or will you piss people off and regret it later, when no one talked to you? :o)
    I promise not to twitter, drunk or not!

  15. Yes, I hear a lot about Twitter and always wonder what it is.

    I just joined Facebook by invitation, thinking that I was invited to an exclusive site for this person's family and personal friends site. I was ready to meet the rest of this person's family through pictures, but there are none. I soon found out that it's strictly a social group facebook site. I'm glad that I didn't post the hundreds of family pictures I wanted to include in my facebook.

    Once again, you entertained me with your post. I'll make sure not to do twittering, twattering, tattering, teetering, or twerping of any sorts. Hee, hee.

    Thanks for the laughs,

  16. *raising hand* Guilty ~ I am on Facebook and find it fun to keep in touch with gradeschool friends this way, when normally I wouldn't even know how to find them.

    Twitter ~ I looked into it, but just didn't find the interest to create an account.

    And thanks for the laughter ~ when you passed by your bird and wanted to squeeze the tweets right out of it. LMAO

  17. I heard about this stuff a little while back and I thought...hey! This is great... we can now just extract our vocal chords and exchange them for extra large thumbs coz we won't be talking anymore... just texting!!!
    Game, anyone?!

  18. I don't have a Twitter account and don't plan on having one. I just don't get it!

    Thank you for the video! I have LMAO three times and now I must go find it!!

  19. Lilly- that vibrator recall is the exact reason I don't find myself rushing out to buy one! OH MY HELL! That was CLASSIC! Thank you for sharing!

  20. That was a hilarious clip! I opened a twitter account to see what all the hype was about. I still don't get it!! I'm totally closing my account.

  21. Facebook and Twitter don't appeal to me either, for some reason...more of a blogger I guess.

  22. I don't know what Twitter is either. I do have facebook but mainly so that I can keep up with my children and family and see what they are doing. Blogging is my favorite by far and I am addicted to it! Great post.

  23. A twat?! You're certainly not one of them, Lilly!

  24. I refuse to tweet or whatever. Damn, GF's blackberry has all these noises coming out of it for texts, emails, twitter, facebook, ack!

    I am gonna put a bounty out on it.

  25. Makes me really glad I don't tweet, face book, or myspace lol

  26. You knew you'd suck me in with the word "twat".

    Yeah, I don't get Twitter. I'm on it, but I don't know why.

  27. Hi Lily, I don't have twitter either very nice post. Have a nice weekend.

  28. Yes, the "twat" word does it, doesn't it? To me, it's mostly the twats that are ON Twitter, but then I guess I'm showing my age and using the word in its older (Anglo Saxon?) sense.

    Of course it's nice to keep up with people you know, but what's wrong with the phone, MSN, Skype and a few dozen other ways? Hell, write 'em a letter for heaven's sake!

  29. Hunh? I've never heard of Twitter. Sigh...
    I must really be out of it.

  30. Yes, far too much twaddle in the human race group conscience we call the web. I read a quote by Robert Frost: "Don't write unless you have something to say and, until you have something to say, go find something to say." My God! What am I doing sitting here at the keyboard. Click.

  31. That's why I don't use Twitter. I don't see why folks need to know every thought comes in my head.

  32. Lilly. I confess I haven’t gotten the ‘Twitter bug’ – I just don’t get it (i.e. the point of ‘twittering’) and hence I’ve never tried it... what does that make me? Another great post!

    ... What am I doing now? It’s 12:06 midnight in the UK and I’m in bed in my pyjamas catching up on my fellow blogger posts... (now I'm being a 'TWAT' (lol))!

    ... ps I’m loving your new blog layout!

  33. i can't remember why i thought it was a good idea to sign up for twitter..i hates it.every once in a while i'll check in and say something like..this sucks..

  34. Loving your blog, Lilly!!!

    No Twitter or Facebook, here...made the mistake of setting up a Facebook account, because I got an invitation from a friend, all of a sudden I had more friends than I knew what to do with, and more emails than I cared to read...

  35. 'My stalker just grunted on my twitter' ... this is truly funny stuff ~ Love Jon Stewart and love you too ... not that there's anything wrong with that! I do not twitter, I will not twitter, I'm on facebook and for the life of me don't know why! It's my granddaughter's fault ...... I'm amazed I am actually a blogger (of sorts)

  36. I thought I was a freak for NOT having Twitter.

  37. You're so right. Absolutely. But, if you want to follow me - I'm on twitter. :)

  38. Lilly, thank you for that.
    And I thought it was just me.

  39. Lilly, I think I love you. Thank you for expressing so perfectly exactly what I feel.

  40. I love John Stewart's humor alot! He's really hilarious!

    I have Tweeter but I just don't get it really. I have tried it several times but I dunno if it's something I will keep.

    This video looks like a conversation between my husband and me.

    Have a wonderful week Lilly!

  41. Yeah, I've been on Twitter for a few months now, and I'm not quite getting it either. So you got up and had a bagel? Fascinating!!!

  42. Twat's this, Twitter has tweaked around here, LOL. Now you know I love Twitter, and Facebook. But I understand not all are that appreciative of the social sites.

    The more I play with them the more I figure out what works, and what doesn't. There is a learning curve!

    I love the comedic play with your post. I had seen the video on one of my Twitter friends sites. Ironic eh?

  43. Thanks for the Friday arvo giggle.

  44. I use Twitter and, like everything else, it's addictive. You have to laugh at the celebrity twitterers though. It's hard to think that Demi Moore is really a 47 year old as opposed a 25 year old when you read her tweets.

  45. This was hilarious! And true...

    I'm not on Twitter although I do like FB as so many friends and family are spread around the world and I like to see what they're doing now and then. People update FB much less often than a Twitter...

    I did love this post!

  46. Great entry! My view is that twitter really sounds like something aliens do, don't you think?!


  47. LOL at Twat...

    I am on twitter, but not done anything for a while.. I have to sign in and thats too hard usually... I think in the US its usable from mobiles like sms, so maybe thats the popularity and the reason for the frivolity... bored on the train, just sms or twitter, whatever happpend to reading a book!

  48. Well you have really stirred the pot with this post Lilly.
    I must live on another planet because most of the language you used was very foreign to me.
    After a bit of research..Twithead comes to mind for people who are addicted to twittering.
    Love reading all those comments.
    Cheers for a Twat!

  49. Just goes to show how many twats there are in blogland but maybe we are all certain types of people. I wonder are humans just followers and do we just jump on the next bandwagon as if its going to save us in some way or give us a better life. I dont understand twitter or facebook for that matter but millions do so I guess its horse for courses. I will just stick to blogging and having conversations face to face to share my more mundane daily events. Thanks again for your comments everyone. I love reading your views on this.

  50. I tried a Twittering and then all the tweets I was getting annoyed the hell out of me and interrupted my life. I do not mind sharing but I sure as hell do not want to know what everyone is doing every minute of their day. I quit and I can do without it all. I won't even start a blog. I like reading them but that is it. Is Cyril safe with you or do I need to call for some professional help, lol!

  51. Someone had sex? Who? ;)

    I like Twitter. Yes, sometimes it boring, then there are other times. I don't have cable, and found out about the plane crash from Twitter.

    Tweet, tweet.

  52. I guess I'm a twat too. lol. I guess our politicians need to be treated like Junior High kids. "Cell phones off or they'll be confiscated!" That's ridiculous. BTW I love Jon Stewart.

  53. Ah, I was over with Twitter before I really even got started!

  54. Oh, well said. Faux writing indeed!
    As a blogger, what I'm about to say is probably hypocrical to the extreme, but not every little thought or inconvenience needs to be reported on.
    Love the new look, Lilly.

  55. Hee hee! I have twitter but I don't get it. Like anyone really cares what I'm doing right now? I don't even care!!

  56. Such a GREAT little video! I used it on my personal Hug Page.
    I think it all lies in what you enjoy about blogging. For me, EVERYTHING revolves around my blog. With that said, some love the writing and creative aspect, and other like the social aspects. We all fit somewhere on a sliding scale in there somewhere.


    I am in the middle. My comment forms are often like a chat box, I email other bloggers, talk on twitter, etc etc ...
    Twitter is also THE best place to mobile blog. That is what people do not understand, and in fact, is the sites biggest draw. I can post photos and text directly to my sidebar while traveling around the midwest. People never wonder where I am or what I'm doing. My side bar is it's own mini blog via feeds from twitter and twitpic. As a social blogger, I love that!!

    It is also a incredible traffic tool. Any blog with a high amount of traffic has a mix of these things ...

    1. A blogger that comments on other blogs - lots of them
    2. A blog with links in many social forums (tweet a link!)
    3. Enjoyable content. I think NO blog can stand alone on content merit, but it does account for a certain amount of loyalty
    4. Finding friends that mesh with you that have your links / feeds / readers pointed in your direction
    5. Doing some amount of inter-blog linking through recomendations, memes, and mentions inside posts.
    6. Other social bookmarking, ie Technorati / Digg / Stumble upon and similar

    Here is a "for instance"

    I did a Christmas post at a multi author blog. It would have just sat there un-noticed, but because I used Twitter as a advertizing conduit, the word spread quickly. One person read the post and then tweeted about it themselves, and so on and so on. This post had 70 comments and over a hundred page loads within hours. On it's own, it would have been sitting there in cyberspace alone!

    In short, Twitter is not about hearing what someone ate, or did, it is about communications and contacts. I have spent a half hour with "blog friends" there all chatting together and laughed my butt off. You share humor, photos, links, news, and opinions. If something is happening (say blogger is not working correctly) you can find out why by searching twitter. News is instant there - no waiting for a bot to crawl a site and report to search engines.

    I could go on and on. People that do not understand twitter have never harnessed the mega power of this medium.

  57. Ohhh ... I forgot one other thing!

    Twitter allows users to speak directly through SMS. I can be "paged" by someone, or sent a message to my phone without sharing ANY personal information. It is like texting without giving out your number or identity.

    As a "social" type blogger, and someone that is on the road a lot, I love this. Someone can write a post with me or about me, and say, "Hey go check this out".

    I know, this is probably way to interactive for many, but it is the lure for many other "social bloggers" like myself ;-)

  58. Speedcat Hollydale, ok you sound almost convincing and you make a lot of sense - err did I just say that? I get what you are saying - its an interactive forum to use with your blogging so it depends how serious you are I guess. And I know you are serious and have a great following as a result. Plus your site is so much more than just a blog I think - its incredibly interactive and innovative to. You do it well but how much time do you devote to it all? Maybe you lead a more exciting life and have more to share. I must spend more time at your site working out how you tie it altogether. It just makes me feel strangely old....I really like Stimbling myself.....thanks heaps for your comment - you could have been a politician, you are almost swaying me to try again...

  59. Err, no really I like Stumbling as opposed Stimbling. No wonder none of it works for me I cant even maybe I like the sound of my voice to much and love oral communication......ok yes its the level of interaction you want, thats the key!! Hollydale you are a clever blogger, its true. Thanks again for giving all of us some clues!!

  60. HA HAAA !!!!

    Lilie, it is not often that someone says "I make sense" ... mostly I hear you are crazy - or something like that :-)

    Great point about "TIME"

    No one can sit in front of a computer endlessly, and in fact, would probably welcome the reciprocal. Efficient time use. By mobile Tweeting, I can take small dead times in my work day to accomplish a lot. As I find this an enjoyable activity, it also breaks up my day.

  61. Yes, its an enjoyable activity for you and many others. Have you checked out some of these celebrity Twitter pages, they are right into it - Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore reveal lots about their lives that magazines would pay big money for. I guess you get to know people over time. Maybe I have too much to hide, he he. I do like yhe idea of using it on your blog though come to think of it - that was a good point. Um you travel - are you a disciple for Twitter per chance cos you do it well. Hey ever thought of having a few blogging education lessons on your blog? You do know a lot and you are crazy in a funny and very entertaining way!!

  62. I tried to Twitter but maybe Speedcat is right - on their own these tools maybe rubbish but using them together works well. Not sure I have the time though either.

  63. You know, I do not really follow celebs ... although some of my posts will seem to say the opposite.
    I will take a news story and key word the tar out of it to gain search engine traffic - injected with humor of course. I did a post about Jessica Simpson that was a goldmine!! People are still arriving on that post.

    Blogging classes? Kind of .... I help many new bloggers under the radar screen. I learned from a certain fellow Bobby Revellian in my early stages of blogging that sharing info and advice can go a long way. I have done quite a bit of free coding for others.

    What good is social media if you do not use it for good?? If I can help someone, or just send a simple smile, I think that has far more impact than any "post" could ever create.

  64. Oh I LOVE this post Lilly, I was rolling with laughter...I HATE TWITTER!! I mean seriously, does no one have anything better to do? I read how it's good for promoting books and so on, and I'm thinking, "Grooooaaaannnn..." I seriously cannot stand it...

  65. Love your post! I'm am so over Twitter also, because I realized, after months and months of posting about nothing, that I am the most boring person on the planet! Ha!

    And don't worry, I'm very happy to be boring!

    I had 2 Twitter accounts and deleted them both!

    Super duper post!!!!

  66. Hey Gran, boring is good. I would have boring any day than drama BUT we just have to learn to keep some things to ourselves which many people who twitter do not do. I never see the same inane stuff on blogs just in tweets - tweets that people feel they should send millions of times a day about just stuff that we all do which make sit quite boring. It's still bizarre to me although as Speedcat quite rightly pointed out Twitter does have uses for your blog. I am just clearly no good at time management otherwise I would be able to fit it all in somewhere along the line. I can only do blogging. Thats it.

  67. Okay, I just read Speedcat's comments, and he does make good points. I'm with you Lilly, blogging is about all I can manage these days. Great post!

  68. Twitter is a violation of Rule #5 -- You’re only the center of your own universe,. No matter how spectacularly important you feel inside your own head, you don’t have the right to:
    o Get into the express lane with a full cart of groceries
    o Make left-hand turns from the curb lane
    o Expect people to know what you’re thinking (if God had meant us to read each other’s minds, he would have put digital readouts on our foreheads).
    Now adding:
    o Bore the living shit out of your friends with trivia about your day that you wouldn't even include in the answer to "How was your day?"

  69. Great post! Thanks for making me laugh today!

  70. I got as far as getting to the profile creation page and got exhausted thinking about it! Every time I update my Facebook status, I do it in jest and get 1500 emails asking what I meant. I meant..."***** is not doing anything exciting"...don't read anything into it! It's not code for anything! :) I still leave little notes all over the place. It makes me feel good. My co-workers, daughter and friends I see on a regular basis are very familiar with a silly little Happy Man-esque character that I draw letting them know I was there. Yay you're so real!!

  71. I am so with you. I actually wrote long, hand-written letters to several friends and family members last year and they were touched and frightened that maybe I was going to die because I took time to write a real letter, using my best handwriting rather than dropping a quick email.
    I don't like banality and I think Twitter contributes to that category of life. Here's for deeper more meaningful interactions.

  72. @ Simplicity - oh dear, I can imagine. Thats the thing you write something brief but its never enough and people have to read beteen the lines, he he. Ah well you must start lots of rumors this way!!!

    @ Cancan - you know the scary thing is that I think I forget how to write. I do not do it enough but after reading your comment I think I may try and follow suit. Handwritten letters are something precious. Lets bring them back again! And I will have to try harder at more meaningful interactions too - um..... my blog is a bit silly to say the least....imagine people thinking you were on your last legs. I bet they didnt know what was happening. Very sweet.

  73. Twitter is for the birds, and the bird-brained....really, i'm just so non-twitter, as of now, that is (never say never, though).

  74. Haven't a clue about Twitter. But I do know what a Twat is. In Ireland a Twat is a p.....
    Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't say, just in case I offend someone.

  75. @ Sucahrita - who knows by the time your kids are grown up a bit there will be something else to take its place I am sure.

    @ Jon - great to see you again my friend. Mmm, yes a twat is known as the same here and I think it has a different meaning again in the States but in my context it means a twitter twat.

  76. Twitter? I do not know a thing about it. I think life is passing me by. I do not care simply because in 6 months there will be yet another social networking innovation come out of nowhere. People will be saying, Twitter, who?

  77. What a brave title. Bet you get lots of hits!

  78. I understand the dilemma about twittering, however, as a writer, I know that agents and publishers recommend twittering to your fans. So that's perhaps a good reason to get twittering, although I don't really have time to keep track of everyone 24/7. Who does?

  79. Of everyone who takes a look at my blog .... I KNEW you would be the person to comment on my music!

  80. ha! I have never opened a Twitter account. Glad I didn't. :D

    Hope you are well. Thinking of you over here in the distant! ;)

  81. I love the John Stewart video.

  82. Interesting reading, Lilly, both post and comments.

    Thought you might be interested in this article from UK Guardian Weekly - looks like there's still debate about Twitter all over the world ('unrelieved banality' vs. 'we have to be relevant there').

    Cheers and take care.

  83. Here's that link!

  84. Carolyn, thanks for the link to that article. We humans are fascinating aren't we?

  85. All I can say is, "I avoid, I avoid, I avoid"real" world...mpsh!...when it is Twitter "real". LOL!

    I can hardly handle the few social networks I am a member of. If one lets it, it will devour body spirit and soul, hook, line and sinker.

    You will see me; I'll be the last woman in the world, running for the remaining wild places, with my hands over my ears, screaming my face off, "Get back, get back! Leave me alone. SILEEEEENCE! STOP!!! Someone turn it all off!" I can easily walk away from it all. No addiction here to ANY of it.

    I loved your post here. It is not only hysterical but it is sooooooo refreshing!! I get dozens of requests every day to join, Twitter and this group and that forum and this network and that chat room, and on and on and I go through now and simply DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. I used to reply kindly with an explanation that my plate was full, but I got so MANY requests from people online that I just have to delete them.

    Wow, what an insane world we live in --- IF we choose that world. I am choosing something altogether different.

    It felt so good to read this and your decision. It confirmed a lot for me. Thank you my dear beautiful Lilly. Love, Robin.

  86. Lilly!

    Twitter is the shorthand for Internet communication! Is there meaningless, trival, and self-absorbed info on it, oh yeah, is there talented, creative, intelligent life on it, absolutely! The same way this info is plastered all over televisions, magazines, newspapers & tabloids. What I find interesting is taking a glimpse into the way people think and lead their lives day to day. And coming across people I never would have met in social circles that are very cool.

    Now, Fireland is really funny to me. He can be pretty vulgar but I get a kick out of a lot of his comments and the way he can spin it within 140 characters. You have to be really crafty to do this! Even if you are explaining how burnt your toast is or that 3 out of 4 of your dogs messed in the house! {giggling - j/k}

    Here's some stuff he's written:

    fireland sez

    .....I get a little nostalgic for prom night every time I wear a tux and someone angrily hurls a bottle of Calvin Klein Obsession at my face.

    If I'd known you were going to be so g*d* clingy I never would've rescued you from that child slavery ring.

    Valentine's Day was pretty wild, you guys. These Polaroids my wife FedEx'd from some motel are LURID. Is that my brother in the Viking hat?? ..........

    Lils! I think Twitter is kind of fun! I love the Internet and all the imaginative ways they come up with us all to interact, have fun and support each other's personal and professional lives. Some people think that us Bloggers are kinda nuts - a different breed - we are. Who cares!

    I also read that a coffee house increased their business 100% by utilizing Twitter. So, this tool has some powerful marketability.

    p.s. I just opened a FaceBook account this week and *Luv* it!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  87. JULS - oh you put up a very convincing argument there. I guess it is a business tool too as you say except I also read that techers are woried because this is how kids are writing these days. In an effort to cut it down to 140 characters, u have to mispell wrds.

    Who is Fireland - he is quite humorous you are right. Maybe thats my problem I would never be able to do it because I am too verbose. I will just watch how you do from the sidelines and see. I just read an article that said Twitter is like Facebook on Steroids, he he. I think I am old...its like I am not sure if I could be bothered....

  88. Yep, texting and all that has added to the problem. And spell check on computers vs. looking up the word in a dictionary, etc...

    Funny post, Lils! I know what you mean!


  89. Fireland is a Twitter comedian in my book. I found him on someone's account and read his outrageous comments. He is CRAZY! {Thank God I don't know him personally ...} ;)

  90. JULS, He is kind of funny its true. OK my advice is don't go and look at Demi Moores Twitter account. There are heaps of photos her husband takes of her at home or out or whatever. This woman is incredibly beautiful always. She is 46 and looks 25. Its a little depressing I think. If she has had surgery then she has done it very, very well. Her daughters look NOTHING like their Mom though - it must be hard for them.

  91. I think Twitter is stupid.

    I don't need a blow by blow of what everyone is doing.

  92. LOl. that is so funny and so true. i'm right with you on that.

  93. I started Twittering only cause I have a text message thingy on my phone that I never use. So I figure twitter would be fun when I was bored. ONLY PROBLEM was that people don't twitter right! I would get 40 messages from one person I followed. All of those messages would be directed at someone I didn't follow like for instance....

    Murkyboo: @Heya I like ravioli too.
    Murkyboo: @chopstick1 lol, too cute.
    Murkyboo:@mickeymouse Did you tell him so?

    Yet, if this person would of put a "d" instead of a "@" when sending to the other person. I wouldn't of had to read 40 boring messages I didn't understand in 10 minutes!

    So now I am also a Twat! lol

  94. Hey Lilly

    What is your twitter? Actually I can't find your email either. I had a bit of a "accident" with my email. Okay maybe accident is not the right word, maybe brainless moment!!

    Talk soon
    Take Care

  95. @ Where's My Angels - you got it - that conversation is hilarious. Just proves how dum it all is.

    @ Mind of a Mom - no I don't do Twitter anymore I just havent got the Twitter chip for some reason....clearly old and boring it seems. My email is

  96. Oh thank god, I'm not keen on being a twittering twat either, ha ha. It's just another avenue for revenue. Love the way you think, Lilly. Cheers, Rowe.

  97. I just so agree with you about Twitter (and many other social networking schemes on the net are almost as bad).
    These things are dumming us down, brainwashing us into thinking that we're COMMUNICATING! Texting on a mobile can be an equal danger.
    I can't see any point of blogging and commenting unless we have something to say.

    By the way I read above that you thought that you may be too verbose - don't be swayed by the propaganda my girl. We have a cultural fight to win here!

    A friend just told me about Braja - terrible. Here's hoping that the three of them make it without too many long term problems ...

    Can you email me when you have a moment Lilly?
    June in Oz

  98. twitter is one of those things that I sometimes update and sometimes not...especially as they removed the phone application from UK accounts some weeks ago, which seems to negate the main reason/use for the thing...

    ...When I first started blogging, I read about Stephanie Klein, the queen of New York bloggers. I revered her success - blogger to published author. Imagine how thrilled I was to get an email which said

    "Stephanie Klein is now following you on Twitter"

    So I then followed her...and then found out she'd stopped following me. Could it have been a ploy to get more people to read her blog.
    No, I'm sure she's far to honest for that.

    Other than that and my occasional blog twitter - which I think gets NOONe to my site, it's a bit of a white elephant to me.


    ps: Before I cancel my account, I must see if Kylie uses it. :)



Thanks for your comments.