Thursday 28 February 2008

What does your car say about you?

Well, after today, I am not so sure.

My mother, bought herself a bright red sporty looking car with a rear spoiler, mag wheels and the works. I went for a test drive and I was amazed to see the number of young males who turned their heads to admire her new set of wheels. I haven't had that kind of attention for a while ( ok, ok, a long, long while, if you must know). Even if they were only looking at the car.

I was shocked with her purchase to be honest. Simply because I couldn't imagine a woman of her more mature years buying a car like this. It just seemed so out of character.

After thinking about it some more, I think I have worked out why she bought this particular car.

Society often deems women, of a certain age, to be past it. It's as if, once the muu muu years hit, women should give up on life, stay home, take up knitting, bake cookies for the grand kids and basically just disappear into old age waiting for death to knock on their door. Look at Hillary Clinton after all. She's only 60 but apparently she's too old and has too many crows feet to take on the biggest job in the world (despite how geriatric some of the male candidates are).

According to the popular media, she is a woman first, of a certain age second, a wife third and an accomplished candidate fourth. Why is it we have certain tapes running through our head, perpetuated by the media, that tell us how we should compartmentalise people depending on their age, race and sex. It's wrong. We need to stop those tapes from playing, permanently.

Why do we assume people should act or even look a certain way when they are 20, 40, 60 or 80? How does one feel a number exactly? The answer is that of course you can't. We may look older but we don't necessarily feel any older.

Like Hillary, my Mum just didn't get the memo about what she should be doing at this time in her life except living it in the best way she knows how. That is, living life on her terms. My mother is certainly making a statement with this car. I think she is saying loud and clear that she is full of zest, energy, ambition, life, drive and bravery. And, better still, full of surprises.

In fact, the person she has always been despite the grey hair and the number on her last birthday cake!

Way to go Mum! I think its the perfect car for you, afterall.

On a side note, any women feeling depressed and down should hire a red sports car just for the weekend. I promise you it will do great things for your self confidence and morale! A fabulous investment wouldn't you say?