Thursday 28 February 2008

Message from your Mother - about SUCCESS

Sometimes something happens which either forces you, or at least encourages you, to take a good hard look at the meaning of life. Your life.

The universe gave me a big hard slap in the face in recent times. I must not have been paying attention as well as I should have. It forced me to really examine what was important to me and what direction I wanted to take my life.

I have learnt that a successful life cannot be measured in numbers. A hefty bank account is a nice thing and a wall full of awards may impress your dinner guests but they are signs of a successful career not a successful life. Your career is not your life. It may be a large part of it, and that's ok, as long as you've balanced it alongside your personal relationships, leisure time and a healthy dose of perspective. But, if your desire to succeed has become all consuming, eclipsed all else and prevented you from truly enjoying every day, then you have missed the proverbial boat. You are not really living.

If you want to measure how successful your life is, then answer the following questions honestly and you will get a clear picture.

Do you have stable, drama-free personal relationships?
Do you laugh out loud every day?
Do you make time in your day for leisure?
Do you sleep well at night?
Do you reward yourself for your own successes?
Do you make the most of your surroundings?
Are you able to trust people?
Do you enjoy doing nothing?
Are you able to love freely?
Are you able to be affectionate?
Do you live without fear?
Do you take responsibility for building a brighter future?
Do you contribute to society in a positive way?
Do you make choices for the good of everyone and not just yourself?

It doesn't come easily or necessarily naturally, but its a conscious choice we have to live our life in a positive way which will not only benefit us but those around us.

Notice: This post was not sponsored by The Church of Scientology nor inspired by The Secret, Oprah or Dr Phil.