Monday 4 June 2018

Cooeeee.......Is there anyone out there?

Dear You,

It's been three years and almost six months. 

I know......I know, time just goes......somewhere or other (well between you and me I do know where it's gone actually because my mirror tells me loud and clear every time we meet).

And that thing called Life keeps rolling on in such a frantic hurry with all the highs, lows, peaks and troughs that are par for the course. Where it's headed so fast is anyone's guess.

And my life, well life has just gone on and......become so settled....and dare I say pleasantly boring...which suits me fine.

Besides, writing is a bit liking eating right and exercising, don't you think? 

If you don't practice it regularly it's so hard to get back into. 

And these days life really does take some discipline.

Since last I was here two great men entered my life - a wonderful caring partner named Ray and a wonderful rescue dog called Jake. My hilarious and delightful daughter opened up her own law firm and is morphing into some high powered executive right before my eyes (which probably means I cannot write too much about her now which is a shame in itself because she chases down life like no-one I have ever met with often the most hilarious outcomes).

So when all is said, and if the final score matters, there have been way more peaks than troughs. 

And, given my work now means I'm back in front of a computer more often, I'm tempted to put my fingers to the keyboard once again. Should I? Will I? Can I? Time will tell.

So, is there anyone else out there still writing, reading and blogging?

Let me know and I will come and pay a visit.

PS I was going to post a picture of Ray sleeping on the couch too but it wouldn't be so 'cute worthy' let me tell you! Isn't Jake (half Labrador, half Golden Retriever) the sweetest? He was locked in a cage for two years before we got him yet he is the happiest seemingly most unaffected boy ever. 

Me xx


  1. Hey Lilly ! Great to see this post! Am not blogging as much prose as before, but I check the blogs in the sidebar frequently, and suddenly you came up! Will keep checking !

  2. Lilly it is so great to hear from you and to know you are doing well. So happy that you are happy. I still blog every day, come by and visit.

  3. I NEVER delete blogs from my reader when they go dormant...and it's for things like this. Welcome back!

  4. She's baaack. OMG, how I've missed your posts. How I wondered what the heck had happened to you! Yesterday was a stormy Monday for me and seeing this post truly lifts me. I hope you will get your writing mojo back. Continued blessings.

  5. I'm surprised to see a post. A nice surprise. I like pleasantly boring most of the time. I've seemed to be less tolerant of daily chaos than in the past. I'm sure you noticed the blogging world changed even more that 3 years ago. Many of the bloggers left now are more committed to it which is a positive.

  6. LILLY!!!! So glad to see you back, I have been lax in posting as my poetry muse seems to be missing these days. So happy you have two wonderful men in your life, stay happy and healthy AND keep on blogging. We are still here ~ more or less.

    Helen in Bend Oregon

  7. Woo Hoo!! She's back! I'm so happy to see you posting again :) How wonderful that life is boring. I personally thinking "boring" is highly underrated! Boring gives you the opportunity to stop and smell the roses and love life. It sounds exactly what you are doing and I'm so happy for you. I will miss stories of your daughter though. You always had me laughing with life happenings. As for me, I post, but it's not frequent. My blog has turned into a "Letter to my son" type of blog now. Every few years, I print the blog into a book, just in case my blog gets lost in the cyber world. So, the letters might be long at times and probably very boring, but... that's life :) I sure hope you keep on posting! You've been missed!

  8. I'm visiting from Christine's blog!

    Have a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  9. Well, nice to hear from you. And especially to hear about your two great guys. In that same time a great guy entered my life (beginning of 2015) and I married him.

  10. A great feature of comment sections is no one is allowed the last word. Anyone can browse by and drop another comment, ad infinitum. Only if the comment section closes does a last word occur. Also your comment section allowed me to use a Latin phrase. This Latin opportunity seldom occurs in my conversations. I only brought this up to provide myself a Latin phrase opportunity. Note, I probably will use this last word comment on a few other blogs soon.

    1. Ha ha well, I like to get the last word too...soooo....consider it done lol.

  11. G'day mate!
    Isn't boring wonderful, especially with Ray and Jake in your corner.
    So happy to read a new post from you, as you always put a smile on my dial.
    Keep shining dear friend.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxx


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