Tuesday 14 May 2013

I do like a picture or two or ten

Every day I take pictures (mainly with my phone) of people or things that amuse, disturb or amaze me.

Most of these pictures never see the light of day but they all end up on my computer. It's like the story of my day to day life without words. In fact my 'phototaking' came in very handy recently when I needed to have exact details about what I was doing over a few days 18 months ago. I couldn't remember but I only had to look at my photo library and memories came flooding back.

I thought I would share some of the photos I took today. Like most days, it pretty quickly goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. I am just so easily distracted.

The day started out pretty ordinary. Nice view. Nice boat. Nice bird.

Then. What. A. Nice. Mess.

I've never seen a traffic jam on water. I am not sure how you manoeuvre your boat out of that mess as they are jammed in that space like sardines (sorry photo is blurry as I was driving at the time.....I know....all shades of wrong...).

Then, a little later these people appeared in front of me while I was crossing the road. I was curious. Why do the smooth guys always get the girls? I wondered whether the answer would be revealed on the other side.

And it was. Clearly smooth guys have no shame, that's why.

I hope they are getting well paid to walk around like that though. The things you have to do to earn money.

My friend and I then started talking about the silliest jobs we have ever done. We laughed till we cried. Then we talked about our first serious jobs. They didn't end well for either of us which was fortuitous really.

She was an apprentice hairdresser. One day she was washing someone's hair and lost control of the hose and it sprayed two clients all over soaking their clothes. Her hairdressing career finished that day. My first job was in a credit union processing payroll deductions. Somehow I broke the computer system that had been operating quite happily for the previous 10 years. All the records disappeared never to be seen again. I have to admire my then boss. He did not lose his temper. He just walked up to me and said through gritted teeth, "Go home, NOW." I did and I stayed there and decided to go to University instead. What about your first jobs. Silly ones? Any disasters?

Then I came upon this sign. It  took my interest moreso because it was parked outside a medical centre. Thankfully on closer inspection it was for the Vet Clinic up the road. Although come to think of it I know a few people who would benefit from taking up the offer....pronto...

Then I visited the Bank which is a rare occurrence as normally I do my banking online. I was standing in front of the teller window and happened to look down and see this sign. It made me take a step back. They are not really encouraging customer confidence are they?  Apparently, if the bank is getting robbed some kind of large metal plate barrier drops down (think beheading). Does anyone else think that is a nasty accident waiting to happen?

Crazy! Although, the devil in me could find lots of wonderful uses for such technology. I would be covering that sign and encouraging certain customers to lean a little closer...Aren't you just glad I do not work in customer service?

Then I noticed this look in a store window. Is it me or does anyone else think that today's fashion stores are catering solely for street walkers? Look at these pants with the sides cut out of them. What the hell? Do people actually get out in this stuff in broad daylight? I truly must be getting old because then look what I found next.
Chanel's latest handbag. Yes ladies just get your kids hula hoops out of the attic and turn them into the latest fashion. This is Chanel's new beach bag apparently. Can you imagine carrying that in a crowd, on the bus, out for drinks, dinner, to the beach? NO!!!! Although it probably turns into a shade cloth quite easily given it is so large and obtrusive. Or maybe it might turn into a portable boat which clearly might be quite handy in my neighbourhood.
So see? Ridiculous picture taking is my thing. And that's just some of the pictures I took before lunch...... At least now you can see why I never get round to do any blogging..........


  1. I love it! Your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air and I can't wait to click and see and read as soon as you pop up in my post! The deleted records at the credit union had both my husband and I in stitches~ thanks friend for the early morning laughs! xxoo

    1. Aww you sweet girl. Your writing inspires me and glad you both had a chuckle.

  2. getting around to blogging - the answer is right here. Post the silly pics with short descriptions/comments. This is very entertaining post. That smooth guy looks good in that ? scuba suit looking tight thing. It would not flatter my shape. You could of made a post just from the huge bag picture. Portable boat is a great suggestion. Also could be a portable tent - great for pub crawls.
    Nice to read a fresh post.

  3. That Chanel Bag is too much!! I cannot get over the amazingly interesting things you saw in your travels---and in one day!! LOL!!
    Lots of fun, my dear Lilly.....!

  4. very interesting photos and stories Lilly, lol.

  5. As a kid I babysat, raked yards, picked pecans. But my first real job, I guess, was in fast food. Can't say I recommend it!

    Desexing is a funny name for neutering!

    I don't think those things even qualify as pants. Leggings, maybe, and silly ones at that. And the bag is equally silly, although it would ensure you some personal space on public transportation.

  6. My first job after babysitting jobs was dishwashing in a restaurant. That was before commercial dishwashers came into being. I didn't mind it at all. The restaurant kitchen was interesting...watching the cooks and listening to the wait staff talk about the odd people they were dealing with out front.

    I think taking random pictures is a terrific idea. When I do occasionally see something interesting, I find that I am reluctant to snap a pic. especially if it is someone that looks freaky.

    Those pants and the purse are laughable. Who buys that kind of stuff???? Probably more than one would think.

  7. Every woman should have one of those Chanel bags. We would be safe when out and about because who would be game to come near you. Better than carrying a concealed weapon. Who thinks of these things. If I had legs like that store dummy I would wear those pants. On second thoughts lol.......

  8. A very entertaining post Lilly. You sure get to see a lot of interesting things in your part of the world , or is it your imagination of what you see ?
    please click on and on and post on and on and on.
    The Chanel bag is highly ridiculously designed thing ,and I am sure the designer must have got obscene amount to come out with such a perfectly impractical bag.
    I have always been a teacher and nothing much silly things happened at my work place ,but I would sure like to swap my job with Chanel's bag designer .Atleast my sense of design and creativity matches with him/her.

  9. You had me laughing out loud. The smooth guys? OMG, I wonder how much they got paid. I hope a lot... for their dignity!

    Carrying that bag would require a great deal of strength. It might be a good weapon against a would-be purse thief though :)

  10. That is one Chanel bag I could live without! Maybe Lady Gaga would carry it???

    Love all your picture taking. I spent too much time in my car to snap pics of the crazy stuff (only hands-free cell phones here) but a ride down Melrose Ave or Sunset Blvd or Rodeo Drive-- That'll give you an eye full for sure.

    My craziest job-- I was a not so great receptionist in high school. I disconnected A LOT of people by mistake. I worked for an auto body shop as a secretary and I had to drive cars back to the dealer we were repairing them for. Truth be told, that's how I learned to drive. Although I had my license, I NEVER drive until this job. So me with no driving skills in really expensive cars running over a lot of curbs. Not great!

    Have a great weekend. It's almost here. xo jj

  11. A picture is worth a thousand words...

    I only write because the photo quality of my Blackberry is terrible!

  12. How do those boats make it out to sea when locked in like that? Never seen parking so tight lol

  13. Not my very first job but......many decades ago when I was a senior in high school two friends and I decided one October day to abandon the oncoming winter and head to California. We left notes at home and piled in Craig's '57 Ford and headed south. Three weeks later we were in Santa Barbara, broke. All three of us got jobs distributing sample boxes of a new cereal, Team Flakes, door-to-door, probably getting 1.25$ an hour. I got bored just hanging the bag with the box on the door handle, and started ringing the doorbells. One woman thought I was selling it and gave me 50 cents. So I started selling the samples. Three days later we had enough money for gas home.
    Weirdly, there were no repercussions, at anyone's home or school. 8 months later we were all at university.
    Except.........now, 50 years later, every October I get the urge to bolt for the sunny southland.

  14. NO!! You can NO LONGER keep these treasures on your computer, they MUST be shown!!! hahaha

    Enjoyed the read, and its great to see another 'aussie' about the place!!! Thanks for popping by aussiepomm!! (wait until my next post, drafting as I type, very colourful!!)

  15. Loved reading your day in pictures. I'm like you. I also take lots of pictures with my cellphone and they never go anywhere either. They're just there, stashed away in memory cards.

    My very first job was working for a family who owned a restaurant in the Philippines. I was the maid, the babysitter, the waitress, and the laundry person. I did all that at a tender age of ten or eleven.

  16. Well, I must say you do take the most interesting photos! Let's see... I believe my first job was at the pineapple cannery and that convinced me that I needed to go to college because I didn't want to smell rotten pineapples for the rest of my life. As for fashion, I saw some really fun and somewhat outrageous footwear in China. I wish my photos had come out better.

    It's nice to be home from China now, but I hadn't expected blogs, Facebook and Google to be verboten there. What a surprise for me.

  17. So when do you declare it winter down under in OZ?

  18. Me again with a crazy thought/question. You know the international date line. You probably have crossed it often. I did on two trips. So I was wondering since Aussies and Hawaiians are on either side of it do you know if young Aussie women would travel to Hawaii near their 30 birthday to gain an extra day of being 29? thanks

  19. I love your photos Lilly, the view is great where you travel.

  20. Hi, Lilly What a great way to keep a diary. Mine is labourishly written by hand when I get around to doing it. My very first paid job occurred many many moons ago when I was still at school. I worked during the summer holidays at a chain store called Pennies and while I cannot remember any serious disasters I can recall tired and aching feet each evening and a growing desire to proceed to a teaching career. Please keep up the blogging.

  21. I'm leaving this with two somewhat inactive Aussie blogs (Lilly and Peggy), hoping for a response.
    Survey/study finds Aussies the happiest of the developed world for the third year running.
    Should I move?
    NGM happy Aussies


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