Monday 3 December 2012


Congratulations to the winners of the 12 Days of Giveaway!

I hope you all enjoy your prizes.

All winners have been contacted by email and have 5 days to respond or new winners will be selected.

Thank you very much to everyone who entered the giveaways. I had a huge response and had so many great answers that I had to use to assist choose the final winner in a couple of the giveaways. Two giveaways have consolation prizes for that reason.

I am sure I will be holding some more giveaways very soon. (In fact, I am holding another one for USA and Canadian readers tomorrow.)

DAY 1. $50 LEAF Store Voucher - Simmone Penhaligon,VIC

Note: LEAF will give all Lilly's Life readers a 10% discount for any purchases made until December 17. The code to use at checkout is LILLYS10

DAY 2. Pandora Earrings - Maxine Haestier, NSW

DAY 3. ETSY Products
Love Shop  - Brigitte Nieberl, QLD
Love Letter Designs - Tina Subo
Vice & Velvet - Annie Fogarty

DAY 4.  BLURB Book Voucher - Helen, Poetry Matters Blog, USA  

DAY 5.  My Best Friend is a Bag - Jill Geiblinger, QLD

DAY 6. DYMO Letraset      - Margaret Drew, SA
            DYMO LabelMaker - Alex Franks, TAS

DAY 7. Amazon vouchers - Anne-Maree Adams, NSW
                                           Michael Thompson, VIC

DAY 8. Marvel Earrings - Christine H, Christine's Blog, Canada
            Consolation       - Kate B, Shambles Manor blog, Scotland

DAY 9. Simply Clean Products
Felicity Mazurek
Tracy Harris
Taylor Fogarty
Sheila Marie
Alanna James

Vinyl Design - Aleta O'Brien, USA
Vintage Chenille - Claire Lewis, VIC
Forget Me Knot - Alannah Shore, QLD

DAY 10. Groupon Voucher - Chantelle Trantalis, NSW

DAY 11. Silver Forge - Vicky Westra, Westra World Blog
                                     Abby Lee, WA

Note: The Silver Forge has offered all Lilly's Life readers a 10% discount for any purchases made until Christmas. The code to use at checkout is LILLYSLIFE10

              Koko Lane  -  Alwyn Foster, VIC

DAY 12. Beauty Products     - Michael Traficantte, WA
              Consolation prize   - Kirsten Wallace, VIC


  1. Yes, a man won the beauty products for his very lucky wife!

  2. Christmas came early - congrats to the winners.
    I'm just giving away words and maybe an occasionally thought. If you are willing to accept a mission pop over and read your assignment.

  3. Thanks for letting us participate!

  4. Well done the winners and thanks Lilly and to the businesses providing the goods. all of us 'losers' are going to have to shopping ourselves and get some of these goodies for ourselves. It is nice to see a few regular commenters get a win too.

  5. Thanks so much Lilly...very excited and appreciative. smiles, Alannah

    1. Thnaks Alannah, Forget Me Not has wonderful stationery. Love them, Enjoy!

  6. Lilly, I didn't see my name did you make mistake? Joking ....... Congrats to the winners. You are sweet for doing this.

    1. That is right, really sweet Anton. Thanks goodness for is all I can say as people put a lot of thought into their entries.

  7. Woo Hoo!!! It was so much fun to participate in the give aways! Thanks so much, Lilly!

    1. Pleasure aleta and congrats on winning those cheeky penguins.

  8. Congratulations to all the winners! :) A big thanks to Lilly for running this fantastic giveaway, it's been an honour to be a part of it! I look forward to posting some goodies out to Vicky and Abby, the lucky winners of The Silver Forge prizes. And a little something for all Lilly's Life readers - a 10% discount on all your holiday shopping at - just use coupon code LILLYSLIFE10!

    1. A BIG THANK YOU to you too Ruthie for giving everyone an opportunity to win your beautiful jewellery from The Silver Forge and a big THANKYOU for also giveing us a discount to buy some Christmas gifts. I will be in contact with you with the winners address details. Thanks again!!

  9. Congrats to all the winners that was so much fun Lilly, THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks Carmen it was fun and we will do it all again sometime soon.

  10. Thanks for your comments and for my gift, I look forward to receiving it. The baby 'Goodbyes' were said yesterday and now we look forward to Christmas and whatever life brings...

    Hope you are sunnying yourself in the land of that big yellow thing that sometimes visits us. As wee speak our temperatures have plummeted down to 2 degrees in the last few days so maybe we will have a 'real' white Christmas this year.

    Love and Best Wishes to you and yours from me and ours. Cheers Kate /Lyn xx.

  11. Hi Lilly,

    I received the earrings today the 13th December safe and sound. Thanks very much Lilly! I will try to find somewhere to go now so that I can wear them ... We have been out on the razzle dazzle about twice this year... my God! Our neighbours will be talking about us next... I never really liked the taste of alcohol apart from 3 three years ago when my daughter in law and I had three bottles of wine between us at a family party and I apparently was hilarious and asked Robert to dance hehehe ... as for Robert he gave it up 35 years ago, long before I met him ... so we drink J2 juices to see in the bells! I know SACRILEGE! God alone knows what he would be like after drinking alcohol he's nutty enough without !!!

    My God! this comment is as long as some blogs I've written so I'll shut up and say Cheers and Love to you and yours, Kate/Lyn xxx.

  12. Thank you Kate, hope you wear your earrings out on the town in Glasgow. Take Care.

  13. Where are my manners? (I did send Ms. Lilly an email thank you) .... wanted everyone to know I have already used the Blurb Book voucher ~~~ could not be more pleased! Everyone needs to create a book! Make great gifts ....

    1. You have lovely manners and already thanked me. Cannot wait to see pics of the book Helen.


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