Sunday 11 November 2012


My best friend is a bag.
Handbags have always been a source of fascination for us haven’t they?

Whether we use them or not.
We females seem to pour our lives into them whereas men on the other hand cannot quite understand how much we keep in them.

The type of handbag we carry and what we put in them reveals a lot about us. Much more than we think.

In fact, the contents of handbags is an ongoing source of fascination for many people. Have you seen the Fickr site with 24,000 members which features 12,500 pictures of the contents of people’s bags?
All I know is that my Mother once told me that given we keep our lives in our handbags we should always choose a beautiful life.

And I for one am always on the lookout for a beautiful handbag to enhance my life.

One where form and function meet. And that is pretty hard to find because I have road tested a lot of bags in my life.

However, let me introduce you to a Melbourne based company called, My best friend is a bag. In fact, they are based right round the corner from me. They make beautiful, stylish, practical bags.
They sell Tote bags, Shopper bags, Laptop bags, Accessory pouches, Baby bags and Ipad covers.

The bags are crafted in beautiful leather and come in a range of fashionable colours. They are classy and do not scream 'look at me' for all the wrong reasons like so many bags out there in the marketplace today.

What I particularly like about these bags is that they not only look great but they are functional as well and affordable. I have made many expensive mistakes when it comes to handbags. There was the one designer bag I bought in Singapore that looked amazing. However, when I started using it I discovered that every time I needed to get my wallet out to pay for something I had to take the bag off my shoulder to open it.  Massive fail. It was all show and no substance.

My best friend is a Bag (BfB) handbags are well designed by women who know that your handbag is an extension of your life and can help you through your day from home, to work, to shopping, to social functions.  In other words the bag truly does what it should do - become your best friend.

The BfB bags even have names. The laptop bag is called Mia, the shopper bag called Victoria and the Baby bag called Harper (get it?).


My Best Friend is a Bag has offered one lucky reader of Lilly's Life the chance to win the fabulous Victoria, a leather Shopper Tote Bag in a gorgeous Watermelon colour.  It is valued at $295.  

Victoria is versatile - a big tote bag, a laptop bag, a handbag and shopping bag all in one.