Tuesday 30 October 2012


NESCAFE GOLD Limited Edition Single Original Colombian Blend Coffee pack and Beauty Products Pack

We had nearly 400 entries in this giveaway. It was amazing. Thank you to everyone who entered.

I learnt two things. First, there are far more ways to drink coffee than I ever imagined. And second, that a lot of Aussie women like their coffee just like their men - hot and strong. Or have we all been reading Fifty Shades of Grey over and over, lol.

First Prize
Nicky State, VIC

Nicky's entry was very clever and funny.

The four Runners Up who each receive a NESCAFE Gold Coffee Pack are:
Psych Babbler Blog, NSW
Jacinta Loaden, TAS
Rebecca Bird, WA
Sarah White, QLD

And if you really want to try the coffee and missed out, you can buy it exclusively online here.   There are limited packs available so get in quick.


The Winner is Kelly Evans, QLD.

Kelly is an inspiration to us all having given up sugar and completely transforming herself. Well done!

Important News:

The countdown is on for the next Giveaway. It is going to be called the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway. It is to start in the next couple of weeks and there will be a giveaway each day. Some of these will also be open to International Readers

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Thank you to everyone who entered these giveaways and visited Lilly's Life. Thank you to all the Companies who offered these prizes. It has been fun!


  1. Congrats to all the winners!

    When's the draw for a iPhone of S3?

  2. wow over 400 entries! congrats to the winners!

    1. Yes Christine I got 316 entires on the blog and the others through email, facebook. The most comment I ever got was 188 for a post I did on an Australian bank. A serious post not a giveaway though.

  3. Hot and strong - very good. How about men liking their coffee like their women - with bigger cups.
    Yeah, maybe I need more caffeine

    1. Well there was on entry from a male that said he liked his coffee like he liked his women, "with two". Daer, dear. It was mainly females that entered clearly.

    2. OMG you are hilarious Bill, sure you aren't Australian. Our humour, in the main is about that level unfortunately lol congrats to the winners, well done.

    3. Hanging out in comment sections, you meet the nicest people. Actually it depends on which comment section you visit. I do enjoy a working "reply" feature. Sarah, best I know I have no OZ in me. The nearest I've got to down under was a trip to China once. I find most Aussies like the Brits but with more time in the sun.

  4. You have the best readers Lilly- oh my, lol. Yay for "international" giveaways too- I'll be looking for it!

    1. Yes you should and hope there is something everyone wants to win. Take Care lovely.


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