Wednesday 25 July 2012

The Games

There are only three more sleeps until the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

I am not ashamed to say that I am excited.

Moreso, because I am looking forward to seeing what the teams will wear.


Time Magazine has rated all the uniforms but I don't really agree with them. The USA and Australia were rated as first and second in the Worst Uniform category. They are boring it is true but they both look smart at least. Perhaps the real issue was that both sets of uniform were made in China.....

I think the Russian and Spanish uniforms are far more embarrassing, don't you?

My favourite uniforms are from Germany, Italy and Hong Kong.

I will sit glued to the TV for a few weeks from the Opening Ceremony onwards. I particularly love the Swimming, Athletics, Hockey and the Basketball.

So will you be watching the Games and what will you be watching in particular?

This was the Gold Medal tally for in the 2008 Games. I am hoping the USA beats China and that Australia beats its friendly rival the UK. Let the Games begin internet people! I am going to keep a tally on my blog for everyone who normally visits (x country).

1undefined China (CHN)51
2 United States (USA)36
3 Russia (RUS)23
4 Great Britain (GBR)19
5 Germany (GER)16
6 Australia (AUS)14


  1. I always have mixed views about the Olympics. I think I only follow hockey, tennis and football. If they had cricket, I'd be following that religiously. :) The Aussie uniforms look so corporate! And unsurprisingly, USA looks very military like. I have a gripe with the German one --- the girls in pink and the boys in blue? It's like visiting the kid's section in Big W or KMart! :D Enjoy the Games Lilly!

    1. What a shame there is no cricket, you are right. The girls in pink and boys in blue - yep I love it - looks like bubble gum and summery and fun!

  2. I like swimming and basketball too (Dream Team!). Track is fun as well, amazing what these athletes can accomplish.

    But thinking of the games makes me think of my second cousin, Martina. She was training for the Jr. Olympics. She received silver in it... but had to stop after that because of her ankle.

    That's when some of the horror stories came out about her Russian coach. How it didn't matter if the athletes were in pain or injured, they didn't have an option, they had to participate, etc. Some of the things she told me really does color my opinion of the games. Hopefully this isn't the case with the majority of the coaches, but I can easily see it being so...

  3. I didn't realize the Games were so close! My husband will be glued to the TV then! It doesn't seem that long ago that it was in Beijing.

  4. I think all the uniforms are! (Maybe I'm just in a bad mood.) The USA uniforms look European--especially the Beret-like hat...I DO think it is terrible that they were made in China and not in the U.S....

    As to the games themselves--I like the Swimming and Diving--I also like some Track & Field and Gymnastics. I'm looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies, too, my dear....! Didn't it seem to get here very fast?

  5. Honestly I had to check which sports are summer vs. winter. I've enjoyed volleyball and cycling in the past. What really creates interest for me is the personal stories. There are a few competitors from nearby communities and then you have those amazing stories of overcoming personal struggles.
    I just hope and wish for very safe peaceful games in our dangerous world.

  6. Yes! YES! We shall definitely be watching. The US and Australian outfits look quite similar. I think they look snappy. Ummmm.... I agree about the Russian outfits. I imagine the athletes weren't too crazy about it either.

    My son is roaming through the west coast and camping. However, on Friday he'll spend the money to stay in a motel with a TV to watch the Olympics and he says he'll call us and we can watch it together, sort of.

  7. Don't mind a bit of sports but the Olympics seems an overdose. I'm more of a highlights person, maybe I'll change when we win a couple of medals.

    Were you in Sydney at the 2000 Olympics?

  8. I was sooooo disappointed when I realized we made plans to go out on Firday night and would miss the Opening Ceremonies! Thank gawd for TiVo.

    I really enjoy the Olympics and the parade of nations-- so I can see the uniforms too! I'm always amazed at some of the things they have the athletes wear and usually am left wondering why countries dress the women like men or soldiers! Give 'em something pretty to wear is what I say... and forget the hats!

    I laughed and laughed about the idiots who had the American uniforms made in China. What were they thinking cuz you KNOW the press would get a hold of that one.

    Enjoy the games Lilly.

    xo jj

  9. It was a spectacular opening ceremony even if there was some creative licence used with the history. Can I count as Scottish rather than British?!

  10. Ha-ha, you are such a girl, Lilly, waiting to see what they will wear! I'm just as guilty because I'm watching what the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is wearing:)

    I probably will watch some of it. The opening ceremonies looked beautiful in the newspaper pictures.

  11. Your fashion assessments are spot-on because you agree with moi. (lol). I enjoyed the opening ceremony and have/will watch gymnastics, swmming, track mostly but others as I join my husband to see what he's watching. I want to be a fearless athlete. Perhaps next time around.

  12. Any updates on the totals so far? I was thrilled when the USA women won the gold for gymnastics.

  13. Lilly, I could use your wisdom to control my wild speculation in my last post. You know I try to be creative in my pleads. I assume you will be doing a follow-up after the games. Always good to get a non-US view on world events.


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