Monday 14 May 2012

It's all in the DNA

Somewhere or other.

Everyone looks at my daughter and me and says that there is no way that we could be related as we are nothing alike.

That might be a blessing for her but I continue to look for some evidence, other than her birth certificate, that we are in fact mother and daughter.

On face value I can see that it may not be obvious,

After all, 

I am tall and she is petite

I am blonde and she's a brunette

I am on the creative side and she is logical and analytical

I am a glass half empty and she's a glass half full
She loves Laboutins and I love flats.

She loves exotic food and I love it plain and simple.

She loves wearing patterns and I like block colours.
She loves travelling off the beaten track and I like staying on the well worn one.
She loves to cook and I love to eat, .......
BUT..... I  am telling you that if you look hard enough you will find the gene somewhere, even though it may be buried deep.

I was going through some photos last night after a beautiful Mother's Day and I found these.

Aww, see we are alike.....

It seems neither one of us knows how to use those giant velcro rollers.
Not only that but I hope I think we both have the same sense of humour ....because when she sees that picture....

And just in case she doesn't see the funny side, I really pray that she also runs just as slowly as me.....

PS As she is in the legal profession that photo may only have a short web life....

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers, Step Mothers, Foster Mothers, Aunties who love like Mothers and Grandmothers.  Yes, its our differences that make it all the more worth while, don't you think?


  1. Awww!you both look fabulous in your own ways.
    Yea, you both are alike in atleast one way: being differently abled in using rollers.
    Me and my elder son are alike in piling the books like, big one on top of
    small one .So its all in the DNA.
    I so loved this post .  

  2. You are both alike!  Happy Mothers Day Lilly.

  3. Hahaha, you are too funny and so MUCH alike! :) I love that you shared this with us and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!

  4. "People
    ponder if the glass is half full or half empty. Who cares. It will
    look completely different in a different size glass." -- lisleman 2012
    Maybe you missed my post on this:
    Other than the hair color I think you look similar and very nice.  I bet the rollers did wonders too.

  5. OldOldLady Of The Hills15 May 2012 at 05:16

    LOL, LOL, LOL...GREAT Pictures!  And a Belated HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you, my dear Lilly...!
    And as to you and your daughter....I bet there are other similarties, too.....

  6. Thanks Kirti - oh that is funny about the books, funny isn't it?

  7. He he Betty, yeah we are kind of alike...not that she admits it.

  8. Hi Naomi, yes there are similarities and we get on really well too.

  9. Nah Lisleman the rollers dont do much with straight hair but it doesnt stop us from trying.....I will come over and check it out the post. But I do believe people are one or the other though..

  10. Joanna Jenkins15 May 2012 at 10:41

    Hi Lilly,  You are cracking me up with these photos!  I can definitely see the resemblance :-)

    And those velcro rollers-- I could never use them either.  My hair always ended up in a huge tangle that needed cutting the rollers out. Not a pretty sight.

    Glad you had a lovely mother's day.

    xoxo jj

  11. Yes, we both have green eyes I forgot to add that, lol. This will be a good test of how often she reads my blog.

  12. Ha ha ha... if I had photos of my kids in my blog, they would disown me.

  13. Fabulous, Lilly! With the greatest respect to your daughter, you look like sisters...

  14. Yeah Mike and let me tell you flattery will get you everywhere.

  15. Yeah well that might happen to me too. Flattering ones are ok but not sure about these. I have no shame but not sure about others. I tell you its going to be a short shelf life so you gotta get in quick....

  16. Oh dear you are game, haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa. No I can never use those hair thingies either. Clearly she has not read your blog yet..

  17. Variety is the spice of life and that's what you and your daughter share :)  A nice variety of interest :)

    LOVE those pictures.  So had me smiling!

  18. Och away ye go, yer haverin' missus ... In photos I think you are very much alike - the only difference I can see is yer hair colour ! 

    Much Cheer from a far flung pal  K. xxx.

  19. glad your Mother's Day went well Lilly!  And she's a beautiful daughter!

  20. You do look alike in the photos and not just because of those giant rollers.  Reminds me of when my mother used to roll my hair on empty frozen orange juice cans.  My daughter is brown skinned and I am light-skinned.  She's 5'10 and I'm 5'7.  Growing up she didn't look like me at all, but now when we take photos - I see the resemblance.  And although she's better organized, better at math and money, etc., I now see my influence from time to time in her.  I also learn from her and am mentored by her although I don't think she's conscious of it.
    Great post.

  21. This is a good test of whether she reads my blog or not. Photos still there, lol.

  22. I don't post personal pictures on my blog at all so not sure it was a good idea to post these with our hair in curlers but I guess it could be worse...

  23. Yes we are alike really Kate apart from above differences.

  24. Thanks Christine, I hope you did too.

  25. What a wonderful comment. What great relationship you have and I think you are right we do learn a lot from them.

  26. Oh dear it is funny how you look at kids over the years looking for resemblances to either parent.

  27. However, Lilly... You are both strikingly beautiful and incredibly smart!!! Yup!

    Really?  Glass half empty?  You?  I don't think so.  You always try to find humor in everything. 

    Neither my daughter or son look like either my husband or me.  Weird.

  28. Its funny though Kay becaue I think your daughter looks like you and your son like Art. And thanks for the compliments Kay it will get you everywhere!

  29. I know because we are entirely selfish creatures I guess.


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