Tuesday 27 March 2012

Oh No! Keep a close eye on your Grandmother!

My sister recently went to a wedding which had been planned and timed to perfection.
Unfortunately, despite all the planning, the Bride had absolutely no control over what her guests did, particularly her own Grandmother.

Guests kept offering Granny glasses of Scotch thinking they were being hospitable and looking after her.  However,  no-one was really aware just how much she was actually drinking.

So unfortunately, smack bang in the middle of the Bride’s speech, she collapsed, falling off her chair and pulling the tablecloth and everything with it onto the floor. She had to be rushed to hospital and she missed the rest of the wedding.  

Granny fortunately made a good recovery although she naturally feels a little sheepish about what happened.

However, I’m sure the Bride and Groom will eventually forget the episode even though their guests may remember the interruption for a long time to come.

Something similar happened at my brother’s wedding 20 years ago. The wedding reception was outdoors in a gorgeous garden setting.

However, the ground was a bit damp and during the speeches my Aunty felt the legs of her chair sinking into the ground. Feeling as though she was about to fall, she grabbed on to my Grandmother who in turn grabbed onto the tablecloth. They ended up falling backwards and my parents ended up wearing their wine.

My Mother is still mortified to this day about what happened.

However, when I asked my brother about it he says he has no memory of it at all.

So perhaps unplanned wedding interruptions are oblivious to the blissful Bride and Groom.

It would be good to think that this was the case because this story just reminded me about how I personally contributed to a Bride’s wedding disaster. I was working in Event Management many years ago and told the caterers to cut the wedding cake up (including the top layer). I seriously thought that was what the Bride asked for. Err no; she wanted to keep the top layer for her first child’s christening. She was hysterical.

And just so you know, there is really no easy way to glue a cake back together….believe me I tried…

So tell me, do you know of any wedding stories which have turned a little sour?


  1. since no was hurt, those stories of yours are funny. My uncle told me a funny story about my first wedding (marriage sometimes takes more than one attempt) that I don't remember at all. I should write a post on it now that you refreshed my memory. The short story is an uncle of his punched him and gave him a bloody nose. The punch thrower was senile.

  2. These stories sound like they are out of a movie, funny years later! I've heard of people making tactless speeches while trying to be interesting, which are remembered forever.

  3. Oh no, poor Granny she would be mortified at missing the wedding. I went to a wedding once where the two groomsmen ending up in a fist fight in the middle of the dance floor. A combination of alcohol and hatred for each other apparently. Any kind of family event can be a recipe for disaster but add a free bar into the equation then you can guarantee there will be a disaster of some kind. I encourage people to elope like I did. You avoid all of that, lol.

  4. I've been rather out of it, Lilly and didn't realize you had posted. What a fun, fun, funny post. I should think all these mishaps just add to the interesting stories for the bride and groom.

    To be honest... that would be my mother just drinking whatever was offered her. :-)

  5. Weddings are meant for things to go wrong... hopefully not seriously wrong though :)

    But those "imperfections" make it memorable and something to laugh about later in life.

    On my "favorite blog" button on my site, my wedding journal is there. It was perfect with the imperfections.

    I'm sure the bride and groom will treasure every moment. :)

  6. Hi Lily! Long time no blog! I would laugh hysterical at this, maybe not at that time, but years later this would be great fireside chat. I have this same song on my blog now...not sure if your up to speed with me but i was diagnosed Stage 4 Breast Cancer end of Sept. Not a good prognosis..but trying my best to keep the hope and "fight like a girl". Overall, I'm doing ok. Home full time now..if i dont have alot of time left, i want to be with my family and do what i want to do!

  7. @ Dawnie have visited blog and messages you. Xx

  8. Drunk Grannie didn't impress me. How very very very rude of her. I have no tolerance for alcoholics who expect excuses to be made for them. The codependent family shouldn't have even bothered going to the hospital to give her attention. They should have left her there to fend for herself - including figuring out how to get herself back home.

    And no, I haven't got any good wedding stories.
    I'm a bitter grumpy cynical old maid, so I do my best to avoid them. Harumph!

    Hope you are having a good week, dear Lily:)

  9. @ cinderella, lol you so are not a bitter, grumpy old maid. Far from it!!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness the grandmother will be feeling a bit sorry for herself, particularly if she is not really a big drinker and was just enjoying herself. It is one of those things that people will laugh about for a long time to come though. So how did you try and glue the cake back together again, lol?

  11. I hope that whatever time you have left, you take many loving memories with you, Calming Scents.
    Do exactly what you want to, and I hope you aren't scared. ((hugs))

  12. Hope the grandmother recovered or I'd be sorry for laughing. It reminded me of my own wedding and my grandmother, who never ever had a glass of alcohol before. It was a hot August day and we served a delicious bowl of fruity bubbly. She kept drinking as if it was syrup. Not sure if she knew what was going to happen later in our marriage and maybe she just wanted to drown those disturbing pictures. After a while she started telling jokes that made our jaws dropping. Everybody had a ball though, and some are still asking for  a remarriage of the two of us, just for the sake of the party.


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