Monday 24 October 2011

Slaughterer, Sex worker, shelf filler or lion tamer

Oh phew, the old blog is back without the fancy hair extensions. I will be carefully what buttons I push in future...

I've just been doing my tax return, online of course and just days before the deadline.

I got distracted which is not difficult to do when doing something so engrossing.

Like the classifications of employment.

I mean those lists are long.

Kids have it so lucky nowadays. So many jobs to choose from and literally anything goes.

Now you can be weed controller, weight loss consultant, trolley collector, turf grower, trapper, slaughterer, sex worker, shelf filler, lion tamer and on and on.  I looked for the drug trafficker but I think that's listed under medical professional..(ouch).

When I left school the choices seemed to be well........far less exotic........and there were probably more jobs come to think of it as well.......

Sign of the times

I saw this sign outside a Sports Club - you mean people need to be actually reminded about this?

Made in where?

Once upon a time we were being warned about fake designer goods. Well now it seems we should be aware that people are trying to fake Made in China goods. I bought something yesterday that was clearly a Made in China rip-off. Who'd have thought it!

Fancy a ride

I am loving these bikes that you can hire for short trips around the city. Only problem is that you need to carry a very large handbag to fit your helmet in. And to the person who suggested they hire helmets out as well....two words to you...YUK and NO...

You don't say

I visited this shop yesterday but burst out laughing and had to leave quickly.

I walked in and heard this guy say very loudly to his wife, "Jesus, it looks like a fairy threw up in here". His wife glared at him and almost dragged him out of the shop by his collar....personally, I thought he had a point.

Dear Mr Weather

It is Spring you know. I know you have a hard year but please a little sunshine never goes astray does it? Rain and Hail....(and of course it's a Mr...ever heard of females being so fickle?)


  1. I love that fairy threw up line!

    Funny I had to change my blog back too! People were having a devil of a time navigating around...oh well :)

  2. good point about the helmets, people must rent them without sometimes?

    Not to worry, spring is just around the corner for you!

  3. See what you mean about the helmets... but then, we don't complain when we go bowling and hire those smelly shoes.

    Have you read a job advert recently. I often wonder what on earth they're asking for..

    Lovely 32C today :)

  4. Whoa! That is A LOT of hail. Yikes.

    I agree with you about the "fairy shop", my goodness-- it's james to the rafters with girlie stuff.

    You have a good eye to catch the "China" sign.

    Hope life is treating you well and the tax results aren't too painful.

    xo jj

  5. Nobody should crib about carrying helmets on bikes. Here, neither do they wear helmets, nor do they have qualms about carrying things innovatively.

    Have a look at


  6. Glad you got your old blog back Lilly. I do like this one better.
    And you have convinced me NEVER to fiddle with mine!!

    I have a tax agent doing my tax so I have until March but I had better start thinking about getting the papers together.....not something I look forward to!

    I would have burst out laughing too with the "fairy threw up" line. Did you use your mobile phone to take the picture?

    Sydney is having a lovely Spring, 30C degrees today......come on up!

    Peggy xxxxxx

  7. Perhaps Mr. Weather looked in that shop and threw up his hail.
    Do they force you to wear a helmet if you rent a bike?

  8. Happy Monday to you Lilly:)

    People have to be really stupid to be reminded not to leave their kids in car, but clearly enough of them ARE.

    Ha-ha about the fairy throwing up reamrk - it WAS a bit frilly in there:)
    Yeah, the IRS makes it difficult, the made in China thing was pathetic (but funny), I'd NEVER rent someone else's helmet, and mother nature is certainly letting us humans know she is in charge lately with the curve balls!

  9. EUUGHH! to the frilly store ...
    I'm sooo glad you managed to get out of the new fangled type blog style this is much better ! I tried it too but just managed to retrieve my old self before it took hold.
    OMG your pix showing ice snow etc fairly reminded me of how cold we are going to be soon arrrgghhh! Wot a thought.
    Thanks, from a dull dark and dreich Scotland Kate x.

  10. Hey if you have an opinion on Barbie browse on over.

  11. Oh that's interesting - both my old profile pic and name and the new one in the same comment section. I just updated my profile to use the one on G+. Just in case you were thinking there might be more than one Lisleman visiting your blog.

  12. Oh no! You got the same spam from this creep too. What the heck!

    I agree about that fairy room. My granddaughter would love it. What fun to know you're into spring and it's fall in Illinois.

    And yes, there are people who need to be reminded. I believe there was a professor (absent minded, I'm sure) who left his child in his car here in Hawaii a few years back. It was tragic.... and stupid.

  13. Glad the original lay-out is back. Thanks for making me smile and laugh-out-loud. You should charge for the healing/therapy you provide.

  14. Lately it's not easy to get me to laugh or smile, but the fairy comment forced the laughter out of me. Thanks, I really needed that!

    Hmmm, I'm on the job market, might have to get creative with the options!

  15. Great post! Hope you'll be back soon.

  16. Hey happy spring to you.
    Have any comment gems to drop off at A Few Clowns Short?
    Your comments are some of the best.

  17. just drop in to see what condition your blog is in

  18. Wishing you a wonderful summer!

  19. I see I'm not the only one who's been away for a while. Well, I'm finally back and wanted to come by to wish you the best for 2012. :)


  20. Lilly dear friend please send me an email, I am worried about you.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

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  22. I have given up. You are not to blame. It's the nature of blogging and I thank you for the lessons.

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