Wednesday 1 June 2011

You have to smile..

Image: Luna Park, Melbourne - for the young and young at heart
I was on the phone today with an insurance company call centre and some way into the conversation I had to confirm my date of birth.

"Wow", said the person on the other end of the phone. "That's a real surprise, I wouldn't have guessed you were that old. You sound so young, like you're 30 or so".

So I am that old but sound that young?


What does a 30 year old sound like anyway?

I mean compared to a 40 something or 50 something or 60 something person?


Full of joie de vivre?

All giggly and girly?

Perhaps I should have mentioned to the 20 something person that I also obviously write as young as I sound.

My blog stats are telling me today that my most viewed post of all time (by far) is titled Sex on Moving Motor Cycles.

Well that was a surprise. Not. A. Proud. Blogging. Achievement. Really.

However it does make me smile. Widely.

It must be so disappointing when the Googlers get here looking for such critical advice and find instead a middle aged blogger who would be hard pressed to even get a leg up over a motorbike let alone point out the finer techniques required to achieve such mobile feats.

Maybe I need to start acting my age, whatever that means! But I wish people would quit thinking they compliment us (when we are in our 40s and over) by telling us we act younger, look younger and sound younger than we are. I, too, am guilty of doing the same thing to others and I am going to stop. That's why "growing young" becomes a fixation for us. It's an insult in some ways that our maturing age makes us 'less' somehow . I for one am happy to be where I am in life and want to go forwards not backwards! I think we need to hear more from bloggers in one of those countries where age is revered and not feared. 

Tell me what is your most popular post of all time (see stats on blogger dashboard)? I will go read your post and put a link to it here. I wonder what it will say about the people searching for answers via Google?

Go visit my readers' blogs and check out which of their posts Google has loved the most!

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Are you a Mickey Mouse lover too?


  1. My personal favorite post is titled, "Sexty in the City". I am sure that disappointed a lot of googlers. My #1 is Car Seats for Seniors. Here's the link:
    Do you think there are any Google geeks over 30?

  2. My most read post is :

    Very strange, because it is a very India specific, culture specific post, but still connects to something enjoyed by everyone across the world : weddings . (if u dont include Mr Pitt and Ms Jolie; but then I did write about them once) as in :

    Dont know about Google Geeks, but how about Google Grand(ma)s !

  3. @ Ugich and MerCyn - love it! Google Grandmas!!!Ok I am going off to read these posts ladies!

  4. My best post is This one but I can't see why

  5. People have said the same thing to me, but with me I think it's because I have a higher voice. Then again, people also confuse me with my 81 year old mother so what gives?

    Most popular post? Blogger would probably list one of my Skywatch Friday meme things, but I no longer do those.

    The one that garnered the most lately might be the one of the Cockroach. Or maybe the Okra? Hmmm... I should go check.

  6. Your post got me checking up my Poetry blog . And the most read post is :

    (Just goes to show that majority of bloggers are women ! Yea!!)

  7. @ Lom - I know its because you mention so many wide ranging topics and films and TV shows. That's good!

  8. Oh too right. We would never say to anyone,Wow you look way older than you are, would we? Meaning, Aging is bad, being young is good. Of course it doesn't hit us until we start to get old, lol. I recall thinking people past 40 were over the hill and past it too come to think of it. I guess we all have a turn at this youth thing and now its our turn to empathise with our parents now. However, you are right we should not make such comments and think its a compliment - we are just reinforcing a notion that is very old and tired, ha ha.

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  10. Lilly I totally agree with your thoughts about not encouraging people to compliment women (and men) for looking/acting/sounding young.
    Thanks for planting that seed in my head my friend!

    My most popular post was a book review on "There's no such place as far away" by Richard Bach.

    Hugs and love
    Peggy xxx

  11. Peggy, strangely the same thing happened in a phone call to Optus this afternoon. This time I asked the girl why she thought I sounded younger than my age. She said because I sounded 'lively' whereas her mother complained about how tired she was all the time. I think she got the hint from my tone that I did not really appreciate the so called 'compliment'. Lively, WTF? I am totally sensitive to this now for some reason. Love your post by the way.

  12. The same thing happens when you are young and people tell you that you seem way younger than you are. Human beings are strange creatures. I agree though people need to own and accept their age at whatever point they are. The older you get the wiser you get. Well, for 99% of people anyway, lol! The post links are a great idea, thanks I will read on.

  13. good point about these 'young' remarks. We have to change. Just the other day someone told me I looked 19 and I thanked them so much!

    I remember a friend of mine almost had a fight at the gas station when the attendant mentioned a senior citizen discount. Her whole point was 'I mean, do I look like a senior citizen?' she was in her fifties and she looks great, lol.

  14. I´m a little offended when people say that to me too. I think they don´t realize it´s not a compliment. I wonder what people would think of my voice... :)

    My most popular post is a meme called "Meet me on MOnday".
    It is by far the most viewed. Over 9500 times. The next closest is only 526. I have no idea why it´s so popular.

  15. Lilly, this reminds me of the comment exchange we had over my use of the phrase "older people's lives". Good thing I didn't use another phrase I've been known to use. "Old as dirt"
    According to google/blogger stats the top one is
    Your top one is top of course because of the word "sex". Maybe I should add "sex advice" to all my titles. thanks

  16. Lol...I've always wondered how you are supposed to 'sound' your age. Oh well!

    My most popular post is dream on - home sweet home. Apparently, a lot of people are looking for that dream home only to be disappointed that it has pictures of my dream home.

  17. @ Christine - yeah funny how we are so insulted to be called older, ha ha. I was at a hair warehouse store the other day and the teenage shop assitant said this product is for aged hair. Ha ha, true but it doesnt make you feel so good even if it is fact.

    @ Betty, well here is a challenge for you - put a voice recording on your blog or a video. then I will tell you, lol!! Have to go check out your post. Amazing number of hits!!!

    @ Yeah Lisleman it is a good thing you didnt use the words old as dirt, ha ha. No it isnt the word sex at all its the combination of the words sex on motorbikes - they are the key search words apparently.

    @ Psych Babbler - oh lovely to see you again. Homw Sweet Home, everyone's dream house. Love to come and see it.

  18. huh? You're not 20??? Had me fooled :)

    Most popular blog is "Bob's Card Trick". Still no 1 on Google!

  19. @ Young Werther, err no otherwise I would not be able to explain how I got a daughter near the same age...mmmm pesky children lol

    i shall have to go and find that post of yours.

  20. I think people really mean to say you sound vibrant. There are people that sound vibrant and there are people that sound dormant and they can be any age. I've decided not to absorb the mallarky about age. Just living until I don't any more.
    I checked on my blog's stats for the 1st time in months and the top 10 have changed but the most popular post remains "Board Follies: Should You Serve on a board if you don't have money."
    Loving your thoughts as always.

  21. @ Good and plenty - love it - just living until you don't anymore.

  22. I didn't even know about the "stats" page! lol My most looked at post is about the 80's. It had 71 views in the last month and over 700 all together.

    My 3 most popular one was titled 40 Sucks. lol That kinda fits in with your post being age related and all. Yes, we tend to fear it. I hear from one of my young staff " You don't look like your in your 40's!" and then she says about my 56 year old boyfriend "He is good looking for an old man" What old people can't be hot?

  23. @ Wheres my Angels - old people are hot, we know this, lol

  24. Though I am getting old ,iam a very young blogger and my so far most read post is : From paperless to on paper marriage.

    I liked the idea of mentioning the best post here.I will get to read a lot of interesting posts.
    thanks indeed

  25. My most read post is:

    It's about a highjacked Facebook meme!

    Neat idea.

  26. @ Kirti - your post sounds intriguing I will be over to check it out.

    @ Gran - thanks Beth I will cme check out yours - highjacked Facebook meme sounds intriguing too.

    thansk for adding yours to the list ladies!

  27. Oh that post Car seats for seniors is hysterical, simply hysterical.


  28. Hey you can eat chocolates while (or is it whilst?) playing the game.
    You don't need to be a clown to play.
    I put your blog into play.
    Come over and try the game.
    i didn't ask for this

  29. One of my most read posts was the post about my son Carl falling in love and the coming wedding ... you linked to it then. The next most read? When everything ended months later. Devastation all the way round.

    chocolate could get me through anything ....

  30. @ Helen, oh yes, that was my favourite post of yours as well - I shed some tears too for all your sakes. xx

  31. Good point about these 'young' remarks.Enjoy a relaxing holiday packages in comfort, open all year.

  32. For a while my most read post was titled 'Library Play'. Some people are just strange.

    I totally get the you're not flattering me thing. My waxing lady thought I was 36, not really a compliment. 16 or 26 would have been much better.

    I also relate to living in close proximity to foodie goodness. A french patisserie used to be up the hill from me in Sydney. I justified my indulgences there with the climb. Oh those little lemon tarts...mmmmmm

  33. Oh, Lilly, it's fun to have you back!!!'s me who was missing....or was it both of us?!!

    Anyway I didn't know about the Stats thing, that's a newby, right? I had such a laugh finding out that my post called Barbie's A Slut had the highest hits at 2,299....obviously people searching for Barbie found that, the poor sods!!!!

  34. omg did you just get my last comment?! Its not here but I just wanted to tell you I had SUCH a laugh discovering my highest stats, and reposted it today....with a buzz on your site, my old friend. And sorry about the "old" bit :))))

  35. Hello. Interesting site you have.


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