Saturday 18 June 2011

An orangutan saves a duck chick

At Dublin Zoo

Way too cute!

Although I hope at the end it was mouth to mouth he was administering and not sizing him up for dinner.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Very interesting to watch. I don't know if orangutans eat meat. I think they are very gentle creatures. Even though it could reach the duck with its hand the ape continued to use the leaf, a tool. I wonder why.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. THATS CRAZY!!!!!!. I mean the whole time i was watching this i just waiting for him to eat it or something, and i feel so bad for the chick.

  3. it's a curious video...the question is, do they eat meat or not? He seemed to be just playing with the chick.

  4. I'm really hoping this had a happy ending :-) It's pretty amazing and I LOVE the little boy's comments about the the orangutan trying to save the duck. Very sweet.

    Have a great weekend, Lily.
    xo jj

  5. That is so sweet and apparently no he id not eat the wee chick. And no they don't prey on other animals either. I think it was interesting what he did with the leaf too - clearly he was balancing on the rock and didn't want to fall in. Love the animal videos.

  6. Hope the chick is okay! I love to hear the voices of children having fun and saying "eewwww."

  7. No the chick was fine, but not sure what the poor old orangutan thought it was. He had to smell it, play with it etc. The leaf bit was the interesting though hey. Whatever that was about - probably didnt want to touch it with his hands at first because he didnt know what it was perhaps.

  8. The thing that impressed me was how gentle he was with the chick. What an amazing video, Lilly. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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