Sunday 29 May 2011

Male Wanted

for what exact purpose, I am not entirely sure.

I saw this sign as I was walking past a store yesterday.

Someone is either giving online dating sites a miss and cutting out the middle guy


their English needs work and they are really looking for something quite different.

Maybe the first line should have read, Delivery Driver Wanted or maybe they really do prefer the direct approach.

Either way, I am sure the phone enquiries were very interesting.

And of course if you think you can deliver, well you know where to ring.....


  1. Put your deepest voice on Lilly and call the number!
    The mystery needs to be solved.

    Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are. It is very chilly in Sydney and I am sitting on top of a heater with my uggs and trackie and jumper!

    Big hugs sweet friend.
    Peg xxxxxx

  2. thanks mate - I just looked back and notice you answered my last comment and voted I assume. The tally only shows a percentage so I can't tell what the vote count is. Hmm, should I start that letter to Barry and Michele about the visit? Of course you know I'm talking about our neighbors Barry and Michele.
    Well at least the sign did NOT say "Deliveries in the rear".
    You must have a good number of Vietnamese living there.
    thanks cheers

  3. Well then, I can see why this would make you stop and take a second look. It does bring to mind a whole lot of ideas.

  4. Looks like the 'ad' had the desired effect! Hope all is well, Lilly.

  5. HaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaa, oh dear lost in translation isn't it? Hopefully they get a few takers or a few unexpected deliveries, ha ha.

  6. @ Peggy - I am not game as I might get an offer I could not refuse, lol! I am in freezing victoria...stay warm xx

    @ Lisleman - yes I voted for you! Yes it is called little Vietnam is my suburb. Beautiful, gentle people.

    @ Kay - yes it made me laugh!

    @ Mike, oh I thouht you might want a job and all over this way...

    @ Sarah, well they say you have to ask the universe what you want so who knows. someone in my suburb might have been delivered a male who speaks English and Vietnamese making all their dreams come true. I must try it, lol!

  7. Well... they say if you don't ask for what you want, you don't get it - G ;)

  8. Hysterical ... what a way to begin my day.

  9. Would love to listen in on those phone responses they get. LOL!

  10. Oh, that is just too cute - the mind boggles! Well spotted that woman (grin)..

  11. Made me laugh, funny.

  12. @ AF1blog - mmm do you think if I put up a sign like that and described George I would get lucky? lol

    @ Helen, gosh your profile picture is amazing!!

    @ Betty, Shrinky, Anton and Christine - glad you found the funny side like I did.

  13. Very funny! I can only imagine the kind of applicants they received. How'd you like to be the person doing the interviewing ;-)
    xo jj

  14. @Lilly - of course you would get lucky. It might, though, be his alter ego... ;)

  15. @ Lilly, did your ring and find out?


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