Saturday 21 May 2011

Jane Fonda & Marlo Thomas

This is a great interview to watch for anyone who has a spare 15 minutes or so.

It's inspirational to have some older females in the public eye for a change. At 73 Jane Fonda is truly beautiful and as she says, she is that way because of good genes and money. However, she also has so much more going for her and the more I listen to her the more impressed I am. Her philosophies are very positive for older women. She doesn't hide her age, her plastic surgery or her mistakes.

She also has a great blog and her busy schedule would be a challenge for someone half her age.

Her fitness levels must be as good as they were in her Jane Fonda Workout days.
I bought the book but just didn't get the body. Ah well she says in this interview that its never too late to start....again.


  1. this is a good interview. Thanks for the link. Jane and Marlo both look fabulous!

  2. Jane Fonda is quite an inspiring woman.
    I really liked how she summed up in a few words about major life lessons learned:
    "It is more important to be interested than to be interesting"

    We learn so much more being a good listener!

    Peg xxxxx

  3. interesting interview...Jane really believes in fitness. I didn't know she was living with someone.

  4. I didn't listen (don't feel bad because so many readers fail follow suggestions)
    There are many Americans who still hold a grudge against Jane Fonda because of her visit to North VietNam during the war there. I don't think it was the best way to protest but I don't hold any grudge and it would a honor to meet her.

    Oh thanks for the email this morning telling the Aussies where still there. This rapture fail - is going to be the biggest joke of the year.

  5. Jane Fonda has always impressed me, going all the way back to her younger days. She really seemed to strive to understand the world around her. Marlo Thomas, on the other hand, is the epitome of not aging well, if you ask me.

  6. I'm just making a quick visit. My life has become just a teeny bit crazy lately. We have to have these times to appreciate the calm, easy days when they come.

    I've always admired Marlo Thomas and Jane Fonda because they stayed true to their convictions and fought for them even when things got rough. They set a good example for us. I wish I had their energy right now.

  7. @ Lisleman - yes I guess its the one ting that people hold against her. Shame really given everything else she has done in her life and continues to do so. I guess she was pretty young and passionate at the time about a cause.

  8. My daughter and I were just talking about Jane Fonda ... I know she has had tweaks here and there ~ she would probably look just fine without them. No knives or lasers for me ~ already have too many little cancer scars on my face! I do admire her zest for life and her acting talent. I adored her father ... like brother Peter too.

    I have never really been a Marlo Thomas fan, can't quite put my finger on why though.

  9. Gosh Jane Fonda - not a wrinkle in sight. She plays to the camera in that interview - she definitely still has the it factor. Gorgeous voice too.

  10. Yup. She's great in my opinion and, as I always say, age is just a number.

    I think we're as old or young as we feel - though I can tell you it's real bitch being 270 even on a moderate day... LOL


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