Friday 29 April 2011

The Long Journey Home

You made it. Bravely and with great dignity.

Goodbye my father, friend and sometimes blogging partner.

I am grateful you are finally free.

But it really, really hurts to say goodbye.

I'm sorry I did not get back in time to see you once more.

I love you and know you are in a better place.

You always saw the positive in everything. Death included.

I will miss our talks. And I will keep on talking to you.

You gave me lots of advice that will stay with me always and, yes, I will keep trying to "see the positive in everything and the good in everyone" and to even"wear less black".
I don't think Heaven will be quite the same again. I wouldn't be surprised if you are already getting quotes on some new pearly gates.

I'm incredibly proud and fortunate to have been able to call you my father.

You are finally home. Hallelujah Des, you will continue to make the world and beyond more wonderful with each passing day!

Photos: I have spent so much time in the air lately that most of my photos have been out of plane windows. Flying high in the sky is the most spiritual place I know and somehow they are just right for this post.

Music: Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World - my Dad's favourite song.