Sunday 6 March 2011

Bitter Sweet

My, has it really been that long since I last spoke with you?

I really, really had such great intentions of spending some quality time blogging today but the truth is I feel so tired……you see there was this long party last night.

And unfortunately I WASN’T EVEN THERE!!!!!!
However, I WAS WIDE AWAKE in bed being force fed loud music that curiously only started at 2.30am and went on until 6.00am. And the worst thing is that in these inner city congested neighbourhoods, it’s hard to know where and whom to point the finger at let alone know in what general direction to start throwing something. %&*#$@#@!!!!!!!

The only positive thing out of it was that the music was really good so I'm guessing the offenders had to be over 35 at least, or otherwise the XYPZ generation or whatever they are called now, might have finally seen the error of their musical ways. Yeah, I'm old.
The joys of living an inner city life knows no bounds really and, while it’s mainly sweet, there are the inevitable sour moments which make it not only more interesting but also make me feel somewhat like an Amish person seeing the 21st century for the first time. I must be getting really old.
So in dot point form here are the things I should have been blogging about.....

1. Tram 1 – Car 0 Driver (not me) was OK but the car has just been released after having major plastic surgery (yes, my 6 mth old car and, just like all plastic surgery, I'm looking hard for the evidence of scars). The silver lining in that is that I've lost 5kg from walking everywhere and I have a whole new respect for trams.

2. My street has its own prostitute or is that the other way round (yeah don’t go getting all jealous on me, I’m sure your neighbourhood has its own charms as well). She has an office on the street corner which is pretty well open 24 hours a day apparently. The embarrassing thing about this is that I was thinking for some time that she was just a very well turned out lolly pop lady (this is the fashion capital after all) and I only saw her in the afternoon. I hope this is a lifestyle choice for her.

3. Just like my new friend Rosie. She’s 97 and has been living in the same rented house just a few houses down from me for 95 years. She moved there with her parents when she was 18 months old and has never left. It’s dilapidated and hardly fit for anyone to live in (most old houses here have been knocked down and redeveloped) but Rosie told me she wouldn’t move house even if she won Tattslotto.

Awww….my heart went all fluttery and my eyes watered.......but let me tell you the violin strings stopped pretty abruptly when I found out from my neighbours that Rosie has actually won Tattslotto twice, has an extensive property portfolio and her deceased husband was very wealthy. All her money is going to the Church. She is just happy living in what has always been her home. There are some lessons there somewhere but …….they’re entirely lost on me.

4. Speaking of my neighbours, Michael and Phillip, they are the sweetest, funniest guys alive. It’s like living next to Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family except their dog is their baby. They know everyone there is to know and where to go and where to eat and best of all how to dress.

5. And when it comes to eating, I’ve been doing my best to graze around the city. It's all this walking making me ravenous. Oh it is truly amazing. Everywhere you look there are fantastic clothes shops, restaurant, bars and…in my neighbourhood….DRUGS. Yeah, really old, I tell you.

6. I thought I was pretty worldly. Clearly not. There is this one street a block from where I live where you would be lucky to spot the non addict in the crowd. People look desperate and pretty wretched. I don’t see much joy in any of those faces. Drugs are dealt openly on the street. I was walking home on Friday and saw two old cars pull up to a screeching halt, four men get out and tackle two men to the pavement. I thought it was a crime being committed. Seems it was just plain clothes cops doing their usual thing on a mid day afternoon. I was about to take a photo and realised that nah, this ain’t light entertainment, this here is life. I don’t feel unsafe, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable on that street either. I just avoid eye contact with anyone.

7. Especially now while waiting for trams. The public transport is amazing here and so easy to use BUT I get hit on all the time at tram stops (and no, not by tall good looking men) by homeless people asking for money. Except for Doris. I kind of smelt her before I saw her if the truth be told. She lives in the parks and at 64, it’s a choice she says because she could go into sheltered accommodation. She pays her way. Now I see her regularly on the tram and she's always giving me advice. Yesterday she told me never give money to a certain nationality as you will never get it back. Um, Doris, no-one ever gives it back, that's the idea.

Only up to No 7? Oh the post is too long already.....

Despite the crazy bits which really do make life that much more interesting, I am having a great time and I guess just when I get used to the sour bits it will be time to move on again. I am off to Hong Kong at the end of April and not sure where after that. I'm having a middle aged gap year of sorts.

Blog Photo: Little ballerinas at my local shopping centre - very sweet!


  1. Thanks for the update Lilly, I was wondering how you were faring.
    Never a dull moment in your life and I am sure you wouldn't want it any other way.
    I LOVED the bitter sweet video so much I posted it on my Facebook page!
    Have fun in Hong Kong, are you staying there for a while?

    Keep shining my sweet friend.
    Peggy xxxxx

  2. Lilly, so nice to hear about your new city life. I heard Hong Kong is very CROWDED, hope you enjoy the experience.

  3. Hong Kong?!! You are a world traveler girl!
    Thanks so much for the update. I was thinking of you and wondering how you were.
    What will you be doing in H.K? I hope you live in a better part of town there. :)
    Don´t forget to tell us about it.

  4. Yaeeee! You're finally back! I kept wondering what you were up to. That lemon tasting baby video is hilarious. What surprises me is that none of the babies cried.

  5. It's amazing how alike our city neighborhoods are--I find this comforting, and extremely cool! Love the video!

  6. Hey Forrest, Bubba here. You might know why I'm deciding to call you Forrest. You could try posting twice a month, but like a fine box of chocolates as this post is, I could not handle too many posts. Very tasty reading - thanks.
    I stayed in Hong Kong for a few days once reminded me of London but filled with Chinese. Have a good time but lets us know how it goes.

  7. Wow. You are so brave and so open to life. Looking forward to hearing about Hong Kong!

  8. You've been busy, Lilly! Oy on the car. I hope it's makeover is flawless.

    A corner hooker is a first-- I've never heard of that before. What does one say to a hooker in passing-- "What's up?" ;-)

    I'm thinking maybe you should ask Rosie to buy you a couple of lottery tickets????

    Be well and enjoy the city.

    xoxo jj

    PS LOVE the video

  9. I love reading your updates .. I believe you are one of the neatest women anywhere. I live in a row of townhomes - 11 of them - my next door neighbor is probably close to my age (I, too equate that to the music he plays) ... problem is he is deaf in one ear. Hearing aids will not help according to him. For some inexplicable reason, around the witching hour of 2am (as in your case) he plays the Beach Boys or the Eagles LOUDLY. Not every night. And then ... magically an hour or so later everything stops. Usually he is alone ~ but not always ~ I understand nothing of this. But he is a good neighbor nonetheless and unless it goes on all night .. or every night I won't complain.
    Keep those posts coming, Lilly dear.

  10. Missed you, too. Love hearing about your new neighborhood. I live in the city and in the inner-city but not quite as interesting as what you wrote. You always find the joy, irony and humor in life. Bottle that please and start selling it. I'll line up to buy!

  11. Sounds like a really interesting neighbourhood!

  12. Oh my, I bet all our neighbourhoods are the same (well those in inner city areas) but the fact is we don't get to know our neighbours that well these days. I think it is great to make changes and not get stuck in a routine of life so that you never see how other people live.

    I read a quote the other day that made me think of you. "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." You go out there and have fun!! You are free to do what you want, wheever you want. Enjoy and don't forget to tell us all about it of course. And please stay safe in your travels.

  13. Glad to hear you are alive and kicking - in a neighborhood full of charms and surprises.

  14. Oh my, i love the #2 My street has it's own prostitute, & yes my Neighborhood has it's own thing as well, only not a prostitute people who don't care of others property and marks there gang slang's on very expensive white vinyl fences..... Whom ever you are I'm going to find you!!!!!

    Lilly I hope you have fun in Hong Kong when it comes time for that trip. :D

  15. Wow you sound like a busy lady, wish my life was that interesting! I've got a similar personal blog with makeup reviews you might find useful.

    check it out x

  16. We might have been - these are but common words, and yet they make the sum of life's bewailing.

  17. Great post!
    xoxo, A...Archambault

    follow me and I'll follow you!

  18. Glad to see you have posted, my dear Lilly..I was getting worried about you. It's been such a long time, my dear. It sounds like you live in a very interesting though somewhat scary area...!

    A lot has happened here...and none of it good, I'm afraid. Life is hard and then it gets harder!

    Off to Hong Kong? To live?

  19. Trams and prostitutes? Edinburgh has one of those...!

  20. Funny how cities are the same no matter where you are in the world.

  21. It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.

  22. What an exciting place to live ! Who needs T.V.and reality shows?
    .Our cul de sac is very boring. Although sometimes Jack- next door- but -one goes for a newspaper or Molly-the-dog-across-the-road is taken for a walk Mustn't grumble though. It's THURSDAY tomorrow, and its BIN DAY the highlight of the week and it's the turn for ALL the bins at once , papers ,garden waste and recycling . Whopee !

  23. That is funny, love the way you write. More posts please.

  24. Gosh Lilly you fairly get about missus! Loved the babies eating lemons - hilarious! Brings back memories of my Mum who loved to give toddlers chocolate fingers biscuits OMG they made a he**ofa mess but at least the wee ones enjoyed them...

  25. I figured it out - during the Daylight Saving Time switch in clock time the aliens abducted you. Well if the aliens give you access to your blog (sure they have great superfast internet access) please update us on the alien experience. thanks all the best.

  26. I enjoy reading your post and the way you write it, it seems that I am in your place too. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  27. HI LILLY HI LOOOOOOoooooo....

    Hey missus, like the rest of the blogging fraternity I'm really missing yer tomes ... Hope ya haven't fallen down a hole somewhere or even been abducted by aliens or summat ?

    Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures...

    Cheers from this part of the globe Kate x.

  28. Do I average about one comment here per week? I asked about 5th Dimension trivia and it doesn't seem the followers so far are old enough to know. Now this old thing is really a touchy point with some so I'll rephrase that - they don't have the wisdom yet to know the answers. You are not gaining years but wisdom. At least I can hope for is comment moderation approval so I can read this next week like an echo in the canyon of a blog. all the best.

  29. Hi Lilly....
    Thanks so much for stopping by....It's always good to know you have visited.
    I hope everything is alright with you and yours, my dear....Here it is, April 6th...Where is the time going?

  30. Hi Lilly,
    Very interesting post as always. The inner city you're describing, is that in Australia, or is it in another country?

    Enjoy your time in Hongkong.

    I've been missing my blogging life. Unfortunately, life these days revolves around work, grandkids and housework, leaving me no time to blog anymore.

  31. Where are you precious, everything ok?

  32. Hi there,

    I have a question about your site, would you mind emailing me back @


  33. Just found you through Kate (shambles manor)love your site. I shall drop in again

  34. I am sad for your loss Lilly. I pray for your patience and acceptance.

  35. I am commenting on this post Lilly because I am unable to on your latest post.
    I know there will be a big hole in your heart my gorgeous friend.
    Des was one hell of a guy and father and your tribute was beautiful, along with the music your chose.

    Every minute you had together gave you both quality of life...what a gift.

    I send you my deepest love Lilly and my bright light as I am sure it is very dark where you are right now.

    Big, big hugs
    Peggy xxxxxx

  36. Dear Lilly, I see that you're not allowing comments on your post about your dad. I'm writing here because I have to. I am so very sorry. I got to loving your dad just from his posts on your blog and all you've written about him. He left us all too early. However, he left you with many gifts. He's left you with beautiful memories, his positive outlook, his great humor and talent for writing. He truly does live on in you. Now then, come back and write some more posts. We've been missing you.

  37. @ Kay, thanks so much for your lovely comments.


Thanks for your comments.