Wednesday 1 December 2010

Dear Summer

I know it’s only your first day back

But …… you're just a little short on delivery

You really didn’t need to mix it up like you have

Torrents of rain, flooding and grey skies?

Seriously, we love you, but change like that is entirely overrated

Sunshine and blue skies are.....ENOUGH.


Yours in anticipation

Lilly x


  1. Rain is good... now I've got an excuse not to mow the lawn :)

  2. And I thought it was the Wikileaks effect in Oz.....

  3. weather is naturally a local thing so I don't know about your start of summer. Hoping that the floods did not affect your daily life.

    Wonder if you have an answer for something I've noticed here in the states (maybe it's worldwide) - why does the weather become a bigger part of older people's lives?

  4. Dear Young Werther - like you needed an excuse. The problem is the grass will be up around your head before you know it and by the time it drys out we wont even be able to you in there. Funny how we prayed for rain for so long and now it wont go away, ha ha. The Universe always delivers in spades hey?

  5. Dear Ugich

    WikiLEAKS - why didn't I think of the obvious!

    You are hilarious and clever and I bet if you lived here you could walk on water too.

    Yes, I the holes in security are so BIG that the leaks are causing a tidal wave....that is some disaster the US government is now trying to mop up.

    I am sure Interpol will catch their man come hell or high water. And then the heavens may settle and the rain will subside...

    Apparently Julian Assange is an perhaps its karma..

    signed water logged xx

  6. Dear Lisleman

    I know you have been reading my blog for some time, something I do really, really appreciate


    I am not sure if I should be offended when you asked me the question, WHY DOES THE WEATHER BECOME A BIGGER PART OF OLDER PEOPLE'S LIVES?

    Older ....I am hoping that your definition of OLDER is 80 years plus not Lilly age plus.

    I will ignore the fact my blog post focused entirely on the weather and attempt to answer the question as if I really was an older person (shut anyone thinking something they shouldnt be).

    Older people are focused on the weather because they have more time than others to look out the window, they also have more leisure time and would prefer to be lazing on the beach in the hot sun in their latest bikini than lying on wet sand in the cold and rain, also sudden weather changes can cause physical aches and pains that aren't so much fun, they also know it really p's people off when they complain about the weather (so they keep doing it just for a laugh), and its very hard to drive your motor scooter through 2 foot puddles and still mangage to stay dry.

    I hope that clarifies things for you or at least gives you some possible answers to your question about those other OLDER day I truly hope to understand where they are coming from....

    but, in the mean time Lisleman perhaps you coudl answer a question for me, WHY DOES THE WEATHER BECOME A BIGGER PART OF OLDER PEOPLE'S LIVES?

    xx (lol)

  7. I wish I could send you some of our skies. Then again, my husband would want to keep all our sunny days for his new solar panels. Everytime it clouds up, he frowns. AND yet, we do need rain. We do still have that drought going on. Sheesh!

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  10. Dear Lilly (you sweet young thing)

    Wow, a comment reply longer than the post. At least you didn't answer in ALL CAPS. Even with my thick skull, I can tell that I touch upon a sensitive topic and maybe even pissed you off.

    Hopefully you have calmed down by now. I do think your answer is very good and enlightening. My wonder about this weather obsession was just trigger by your post. I did NOT mean to imply that you would have the age experience for the answer. Your insight of those older folks appears to be spot on though.

    I do have some other theories on this and maybe it would be a good blog topic.


    P.S. Thanks for allowing me to practice pissing people off. It's a talent that I will need as I age.

  11. oh that's a bummer, hope it clears up soon!

  12. Dear Lisleman

    You had me at sweet young thing - I knew then I didnt need to read any further (ha ha)

  13. Take heart ... it's snowing here!

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