Tuesday 16 November 2010

Message from your Mother

Hi there,

I just got your email entitled The Definition of Stupidity.

You are being a bit hard on yourself, aren't you? Stupid is a big call.
Let's see.

So you pushed this rather full shopping trolley (whilst also trying to carry the rather massive Ikea bag with among other things 18 wine glasses in it and your rather large handbag which normally has everything in it but the kitchen sink) 2 kilometres up one of the biggest and busiest streets in Melbourne?

Well yes, I guess when you look at the size of this load and the size of you it is kind of .......

So, next time you fancy a shopping spree I suggest..... well I know I never ever give you unsolicited advice about your life but this time I sense that you really want need my opinion (ok, I am delusional I confess).
I think if you choose to live in the inner city in your swanky warehouse apartment without a car there are only two words you need to think about the next time the shopping urge strikes you.
Love you & I hope your bruises heal quickly

Your Mother xx

PS. Yes I know you got the 'shopping gene' from me but I would rather not commit to print which of your parents you may have inherited the 'erring on stupid gene' from.......even though it's probably all too obvious to regular readers of this blog.....


  1. Heeee heeeee - oh dear that is some load. Take it she has inherited the shopping gene from her mother! She lives in the shopping and dining capital of the world. I love that city.

  2. The funny thing is you wouldn't have been able to see Jordan behind all of that. It must have looked like an out of control trolley. I take it she is setting up her apartment. You have to love and hate Ikea at the same time. Thanks for the laugh (Jordan).

  3. very good packing of stuff into the trolley (cart over here).

    Is Melbourne hilly?

    Oh I liked the baby clip in your last post. good find.

  4. @ Lisleman - not hilly like San Francisco or anything but she was covered in bruises the next day. Some people are willing to do all sorts of things to get that shopping home. Just goes to show how used to having cars we are. She sold hers as she didnt need one as she walks everywhere living so close to the city. Yes, that baby clip is the best. Makes you smile for sure.

  5. oh this must have been a sight to see, lol! For a minute there I thought you were going to say she lost her handbag, because that would be devastating.

  6. @ Christine - I know and I was expecting that too. She is a funny thing - and always makes me smile. She should be blogging as I could write a blog based on her daily adventures alone. Thank goodness for iphones - I get a daily update, lol. Take Care and be over to see you soon.

  7. Wow, that's quite a haul :) What a hoot!

  8. Lilly,

    Living in different worlds makes us think differently about what is important.

    On most normal shopping trips here, there aren't any carts; we just lug all kinds of stuff around. So I stand firmly behind Jordan. :-)

    One of our new supermarkets in a ritzy area does have carts like this (its considered "in" to shop there even if you have a favourite home delivery grocer). They have a sign saying you can push the cart only so far. Beyond that they will catch you. And asking for help of an employee to push the cart costs. All terribly boring.

    On the other hand,IKEA isnt yet here, and I was so smitten by the huge tough blue Ikea bag last year in the US, that I bought two such bags for great hardy use here.

    I kind of stand firmly behind Jordan and would help her push too. Virtually, at the moment though :-)

  9. Lilly I love these Message from your Mother posts.
    They are so frigging funny.
    Big hugs and lots of love
    Peggy xxx

    PS I glad she didn't get her handbag nicked because that is where I thought the story was heading.

  10. @ Ugich - she needs that home delivery grocer. And you don't want Ikea, truly. I think they have problems here with all the lost carts too. Must cost them a fortune in replacements.

  11. Ha ha, oh now that is a good laugh... a painfully good one... ouch :) IKEA is safely a 4 hour commute for us and we bring a tiny car just to err on the safe side whenever we go :)

    She should totally blog, I have to agree!

  12. Oh my! How funny! At least it wasn't raining?

  13. Oh my how did she manage to push and carry all that?

  14. You know I think you're overdoing the responsibility thing a tad - I rather think the shopping gene came from Eve (at least that's what Adam reckoned)...

  15. @ af1blog - well if that's the case Eve has a hell of a lot to be responsible for (or is the Adam the real culprit in all of this?).

  16. I love it! Your mom has just as much wit and humor as your dad! What a fun, loving, beautiful family you have!

  17. @ Kay - these are letters I write to my daughter Jordan - she has more adventures in her life than I do - she is the one who should have a blog!! It makes me tired listening to her! And yes, I am lucky I have a great, great family.

  18. I shouldn't laugh, I really shouldn't :) I'll just smile :) You have that way with words. Too cute! And yes to online shopping :)


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