Monday 6 September 2010

It's Thelma minus Louise

and I'm in need of a Trinny and Susannah makeover

I’ve finally finished the first part of my road trip having come to grips with the fact that broadband doesn’t apparently follow you around the country.........and that mobile phone coverage is not a God-given right which everyone enjoys.

I've clearly lived in big cities for far too long.

I made a last minute decision to take a different travel route (leaving the coast trip for the return leg) and go way out west to places I’ve never visited. I found myself in what seemed like the middle of nowhere and the back of beyond.

I’ve driven so far over the last couple of weeks that when I spotted a sign to Texas at the end of a long tiring day I had to do a double take. Apparently we have a town here called Texas. Who knew? Not me. I thought for a minute I had overshot my target by some many thousands of kilometres and had ended up in the US.

It's been truly great fun and a real challenge for a control freak like me. Red dust, sunburn, great music, Kangaroos, grey nomads, caravans, lots of semi-trailers (every time one came near me the Dennis Weaver movie Duel replayed in my head) quaint country towns and some beautiful, beautiful country.

I finally arrived in Brisbane at my sister's house for a big family celebration (she recently moved back here after 10 years in London) and, after looking me up and down, the first words out of her mouth were, "Oh gosh, look at you, you could do with a makeover". I couldn't disagree. I looked like someone had dragged me through the Australian bush backwards.

My sister was quick to tell me, that the British style queens, Trinny and Susannah are doing their own Australian Fashion Transformation tour appearing at Westfield Shopping Centres soon in case I needed some help. So if any of my Aussie readers want to win their very own fashion makeover from Trinny and Susannah please enter here.

I'll be back soon with some pictures from my own transformational road trip ......soon.