Wednesday 22 September 2010

Makeover Magic

I really love makeovers. Of any kind.

It makes no difference if it's a beauty makeover (not the extreme ones), home makeover or garden makeover.

I love to see the finished results.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the world of difference to people, places and more importantly to our self esteem.

As a former make-up artist I always loved seeing people's reactions to getting a new look. More often than not the new look meant far less than far more makeup.

It's not about looking 'fake' and paying a fortune for new products and potions. It is about making small changes to bring out the best in people. Everyone has something unique to offer the world and sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to let our individuality shine.

I have a friend Sarah (who comments on my blog) who is a Hair and Makeup Artist. Recently Sarah joined Westfield Fashion Stylist Trish Murray to transform a Westfield shopper, Ashley. You can see the videos below. This was a gorgeous makeover and lovely to watch.

I'm supportive of anything which increases a woman's self esteem and confidence levels. Often we put ourselves last on the list when we should be No 1.