Thursday 6 May 2010

Bigger is not necessarily better..unless...

Mattel has just released a range of Barbies that are meant to resemble Australian women. Hell yes, we women all look like that here! Err, NOT!

So, before I blog, just let me throw back my silky blonde perfectly coiffed locks, use some toothpicks to hold my eyes open so that my extraordinarily thick, extra long lashes don't prevent me from seeing the keyboard, and then adjust my jewels so that the reflection on the computer screen doesn't blind me.

Mattel designers clearly need to get out of the doll making factory a little more and travel. Someone's been looking at too many Playboy magazines. Stop psyching out our looks like that....and while I am at it where the hell is Barbie's nose? It's missing.

Speaking of psyching, I've been watching TV instead of blogging lately. I initially got addicted to the Biggest Loser (overcoming adversity is a potent drawcard in any medium for me). And now I've gone full circle and am addicted to Masterchef.

This show is inspiring millions of Australians to cook. Me included. After the first show I made so many pavlovas I lost count. My first attempts looked more like pavlova pizzas so I had to keep trying until I got it right. I have finally conceded that we Saggitarians are hopeless at following any recipes and prefer to freestyle everything. It is tricky to do that with cooking ......and .....your taxes as I've also discovered.
I am now wondering if the television network has some kind of subversive control over viewers - its a slippery side - a cycle of cooking and eating, then exercising and losing weight just in time for more cooking, tasting and girth expansion. And round and round it goes. It's a sort of a life resembling art situation rather than the other way around (that's if you can stretch the definition of art to include TV).
The Pavlova recipe is here at my Inspiration blog which has been lying idle and uninspired for a while. The bigger you build the pavlova shell the better of course.

Although, as Barbie's eyelashes already show, bigger is not always better.

Take a look at this house being built near where I live. No amount of money can hide bad taste, can it? I find this house so disturbing I can't take my eyes of it. I keep walking past and wondering who is going to live there. I guess everyone's home is their castle and the owners of this house are clearly quite partial to very large, ostentatious Grecian columns on a very large house.
And speaking of ostentatious and gaudy columns, I am going to be closing off comments on my blog for a while. I am having trouble catching up with everyone's blogs. Damn cooking show.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers in internetland for this coming Sunday. The US, Canada and Australia celebrate Mother's Day on the 9th I think. Put your feet up ladies!
My daughter asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told her I like surprises. She asked if I wanted eyelash extensions.
Yes. True.
In light of the Barbie photo above, I respectfully declined and told her that bigger is not always better for some of us. The expression mutton dressed as lamb unfortunately came to mind....