Monday 12 April 2010

Short sighted Chinaman, French Lillys and all that jazz

The winner of the funniest caption for the previous post has to go to Adam Frayle from the Scandalous blog. His comment, "Short-sighted Chinaman grabs wrong fur coat?" is hilarious. Go pay a visit to Adam's blog. I am sure he is going to be shocked when he gets Hugh Jackman in his mail box.


And speaking of mail, this is a shout out to Mike who recently emailed me. Bonjour and all that jazz big fella!

Thanks for your email today mon cherie but I feel I need to set you straight on a few matters. I realise that you could easily have mistaken me for a dark haired, French jazz singer named Lilly who is currently on stage in Paris and who you believe owns this blog. It's understandable really given, well given...... my fluent French, my short dark stylish locks and my beautiful raspy voice which has never seen the light of day...on any continent as it happens.

My happiness on receiving an email in French from whom I thought was a reader was short lived... that is once I blew the cobwebs off my 30 year old French dictionary. Those six years of school girl French clearly did nothing for my intimate understanding of the French language. I have to say I was as disturbed by your email as Google was confused by your email - it should have been put it in the junk mail.

You got the wrong Lilly, tiger. Way off the mark.

Lillys of the world beware, particularly those of the brunette persuasion who live in Paris and who sing jazz, Michel is coming to town in May....and looking for fast!

And in my best school girl French, "Arrete de mes chercher Michel, il y a un bon gars".

I will leave you with pictures of a beautiful part of Australia - vineyards in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Some people may have wined and dined on more than chocolate over Easter. After the fifth vineyard visit, and the tenth glass of wonderful Australian wine, the grass was very soft to fall lie down on from all accounts. Sure, if you click on the photos you might see some evidence of this or you might just see some beautiful scenery.

Yes, it could be vineyards in France Michel, but it's not..truly.