Sunday 18 April 2010

Happy Birthday Bruce

You made it to 14, you old dog you......

This pampered guy, who thinks he is human is the Hugh Heffner of the cat world....he has so many friends hanging around I've lost count.

Speaking of Hugh, he said something in an interview recently which really took my interest. Apparently he is thinking about getting married again and says there is no such thing as sex addiction. He had this to say,

“When you get married, you make a commitment. I had a lot of girlfriends, but it's not the same as cheating. I don't cheat. I am very open about what I do.” He also had stern words for motorcycle entrepreneur Jesse James, who has been accused of cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock with a string of other women. Hefner added: “Sandra Bullock's husband looks like a real creep. I think that when you are in a relationship, you should be honest. The real immorality of infidelity is the lying."
Oh I like that last line. So, so true. The real immorality in any kind of relationship is indeed the lying.
Anyway, Happy Birthday big fella! Yes Bruce, we will pretend you are partying at the Playboy Mansion ......but don't expect your pussy cat dolls to be wearing any bunny ears....your a cat for chrissakes! Be open and own it!


  1. Hugh's words are so true!

    Happy Birthday Bruce...what a handsome cat he is

  2. Bruce looks ecstatic! I would be too with a snazzy hat like that. Here's to many more :)

  3. BRUCE! You named a cat BRUCE!
    Happy Birthday BRUCE!
    Peggy xxxx

  4. Yeah - I'm with Peggy on that one! I presume if he'd been of the female persuasion, he'd have had to be Sheila, then?

    As to Hugh - oh, I agree completely... if only a whole lot more young, hot, sexy and attractive women were more ready to be so realistic, open and undemanding of guys who aren't billionaires, eh?

    Oops! Hush mah mouth! LOL

    Happy birthday Hugh... er... BRUCE!

  5. There's always one dissenting voice...can't say I agree with Heffner's words. But happy birthday Bruce!

  6. When I hear the name Bruce ... the Boss comes to mind. I imagine your Bruce to be the boss as well. Love Hugh's words ~ he is so right about the lying part.

  7. I never thought I'd say I agree with Hugh Hefner, but I do. Happy B'day Bruce!

  8. Lily;

    What a cute picture of the birthday boy and Bruce is a great name for a pet. Love it.
    I think Hugh is right about the lying in a relationship.
    In his situation, the women involved know the score with him... Not a lot of secrets with him. Money and fame are what drives his disirable qualities. Besides how sexually active can he be at his age even with viagra!
    Anyway, on a lighter note, have a great week!

  9. What is it with the cats and the internet. Is there some dark conspiracy run by the cats to take over the web? I'm sure you have seen LOLcats.

    I have tagged your blog in this little game.
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  10. Happy Birthday to Bruce. I hope he doesn't think Hugh Hefner should be an example to anyone who really wants to be in a relationship. The first line about commitment blows his whole act apart. Mr Hefner is saying that just because you are open with what you do means you are not cheating. Gads. He sure can play word games.

  11. I'm with TechnoBabe on tis one. You're either committed or not.

    Bruce is a very handsome cat. No wander he has so many "friends".

    Hope your weekend is going good Lilly.


  12. He he, Bruce that is so funny. Happy Birthday. As for Hef well you have to love a person for being open I jsut wonder how many teenage girls he has manipulated for his own ends in the process of building his fortune. I do agree with him about the lying though.

  13. Huh old dog??? That's probably the worst insult in 14 years :)

  14. Happy Birthday Bruce, what a young pup you are! Obviously a bit full of pep too :)

    The lying yes... or dishonesty in general, or the promise in your vows that you won't... but then you do... any of those things really are what I would find repulsive!

  15. Oh, I love Bruce!!! And I love the name!

  16. Hi Lily, What a great name for a cat! I hope Bruce had a great birthday. Hugh Hefner only has relationships with young women because they are after his money. Have you heard the latest about Larry Kind and his wife?????

  17. I agree, the worst part of cheating is not the act itself but rather the lying.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Bruce! I have a parrot who thinks he's human too. It so funny!

  18. What a beautiful cat! He has that "wisdom" look time, doesn't he? As if he's guarding the secrets of the world and acting like he doesn't have a care in the world. Too cute!

    "The real immorality in any kind of relationship is indeed the lying." I totally agree! My second marriage was built on lies and it came crumbling down when I learned the truth. It wasn't just the craziness of it, but it was the lying, because it's hard to rebuild trust.

  19. Hi Lily,
    Beautiful cat. Belated happy birthday, Bruce.

    I amen to what Hugh Heffner said.

    I hope that when Hugh marries again that he marries someone his age.


  20. Oh Bruce is adorable!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BRUCE! Fourteen....BRAVO!


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