Monday 1 March 2010

X plus Y = Z

Apparently an anonymous reader thinks they have found the solution as to why I am finding it so hard to blog these days. Calculating hey. All good in theory but I am way more complex that that. Although how funny would it be to present your life as a set of linear equations. It would be way easier to solve life's problems this way. When one pair of coefficients are negatives of one another, add the equations vertically, and that unknown will cancel. We will then have one equation in one unknown, which we can solve. Simple and straightforward. Shame I was always so lousy at algebra. However, it has given me an idea for a blog series, thank you.
Yes, I am sort of over my few months of distractions, involving police, banks and exes and I would love to blog about all those but would need to let you see it by password alone for fear of getting sued. My life is way juicier than I even care to read but at some point I am going to share and perhaps password only posts are the way to go.

I'm going to be blogging every day this month because I need to get back into writing and find my sense of humor again. There's lots happening this month with Shelle and Barry coming to town. Yes, the President and First Lady are bringing the kids down under just to say G'day. I guess the city will be overrun by Secret Service and the city will be shut down so there's not much chance I will be getting any photo ops I daresay. However, I'm sure I will find a scoop to bring you on Lilly's Life even if I have to cause a scene myself and create some drama. I'm positive they'll like our Aussie Bush anyway. And given it's beach weather here it will make a nice change for them. I just have my fingers crossed that our journalists don't ask the one question they ask everyone who lands here....... as soon someone sets foot on the tarmac they ask, "So, what do you think of Australia?" Duh! Cringeworthy..... See you tomorrow, have a sweet Monday!

First day of Autumn here......and first day of Spring there....enjoy.


  1. Barry? it that what the Aussies call him? Well I hope he treats you to a good speech.

    Do you have any health care tips for him?

    I like your algebra. Things in life sometime add up but once in awhile they get inverted and don't ever divide by a zero.
    (hmm maybe I could use that on my blog?)

  2. Hey Lisleman - no Barry was what he was called as a kid apparently. We would probably call him Bazza if he was here as Australians seem to have this penchant for calling everyone by a shortened version of their names or by their surnames. Yes he is giving a speech at our Parliament House but the rest of his trip is quite a secret it seems. Mmmm everyone is curious as to where he is going. But he is visiting Indonesia as well which is where he went to school for a few years as a kid.

    Absolutely, you should use the algebra on your blog. We could start something! And we do have lots of health care tips to tell him here - we have a national health care system, which isn't too bad.

  3. Barry huh? Hmmm... not related to any Aussies named Humphries I guess. Mind you I'm sure Dame Edna could explain to him how to deal with the Republicans back home.

    Great to hear your distractions are becoming less and you're going to be around more often.. XO

  4. glad to hear you'll be blogging more, welcome back!

  5. I wish for you a wonderful month, Lilly.
    May it bring unexpected sweetness with it:)

  6. Math was never my strong suit until I went to college, odd I know :) I love the equation! And woah - Lilly's Life every day this month - WHAT A TREAT!!!

  7. Shez and Bazza to the country folk, Lilly :))))

  8. Hey Lilly, Glad to hear life is getting back to normal and things are under control again.

    I'm looking froward to your daily posts-- I've missed your wise words, funny stories and great writing.

    Your math cracks me up. I'll be sure to remember it when I (try) to help Godson with his homework.

    Have a great week!

  9. Lilly,

    Why such simple math ? Someone like you, who tangles with banks, and cops and stuff, should be throwing (T)Chebychev polynomials at the world....

    That way you can some write real complicated posts, with varying degrees of your aforementioned x's and y's, instead of plain old boring x+y..

    Why Chebychev ? His first name was Pafnuty ..... thought that was kind of cool... :-))

  10. Ugh. I thought your ex troubles were a long time gone. I hope all is starting to look up. I've missed you....

  11. Algebra! You lost me on the first bend there Lily...I'm sloooooow when it comes to figures and things. But your humour is great and it's good to see that you've levelled out after hectic months.

    Your a cool writer


  12. He was Barry in Hawaii until he found his roots and went back to Barack. I didn't even know he was headed your way.

    Have a fun Monday... Oh wait, it's already Monday on your side of the world.

  13. Oh I love Obama and his family - it will be exciting!

  14. @ Ugich, you lost me as soon as I read(T)Chebychev polynomials but Pafnuty well that I can smile at...missed you but caught up with some of your posts now.

  15. Dear Lilly,
    Here is my math for today ~~~

    March = 31 Lilly posts!

  16. X, Y & Z? Has someone leaked out the agenda for the next City of Edinburgh Council meeting...?

  17. Getting back to writing and finding your sense of humor... boy does that sound familiar! I too have been AWOL from my blogging duties lately so I can relate to this post for sure!!

  18. Steve, yes I thought you were having a long break!

  19. That is really excitinmg Lilly that our President and First Lady and the kids are coming your way. who knows? Maybe you will get a photo op, my dear....!

    I LOVE your Equation! LOL, LOL...It is right on the money, too!

  20. @ Naomi, I know I am looking forward to them visiting. I admire them both.


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