Tuesday 9 March 2010

It's a dog's world


Alright, so Jane's talking about having Warren Beatty over for lunch on her blog and Roseanne's ranting about the horrors of being gay in the Mormon Church on hers and Oprah 's talking about going to Oscar Parties and so now all I’ve got to talk about on my blog is ...dogs in drag.

I started out with such good blog intentions. I opened up the computer this morning in anticipation for some interesting news only to see this major headline – Football star in Sex Romp. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Sex scandals have been done to death! Over them. Nothing new to report on there.

Moving on, I had to bypass the post Oscar headlines about the surprises, spats, and styles before finding something that really caught my eye.

It was probably the word 'make-up' in the headline.

Except it wasn't quite what I expected.

It was actually a story about a dog show in the UK which has had to warn dog owners not to break its rules amid concerns that some are resorting to make-up, hair dye and other beauty treatments for their animals.

Yes, we are talking makeup for four legged creatures.

Competition rules do not specifically ban cosmetics and other treatments such as hair removing creams, but they do forbid anything that alters an animal's appearance.

Who knew? Apparently you can buy nose paint, dyes for a dog's coat, hairspray and make-up. Lipstick and eyeliner are also used on some dogs, and some owners employ depilatory cream to neaten the appearance of hairless breeds. Brazilians for dogs, why I never.

It got me thinking, how many people subject their pets to this type of stuff?

How far do you go to keep your pet(s) well groomed and gorgeous? C'mon fess up.

And if you tell me false eyelashes, hair dye, spray tan and botox, well I might have to ban you from my blog. Sorry, there's no way I would want a pet looking better than me - there's only room for one dog in the family…

And as for me, well my gold fish are treated luxuriously, I let them have a long bath but.... that's the extent of their spa treatments.

Have a fun Tuesday people and if you ever need your pooch done up like a tart, just woof and I'll be there with my bag of makeup tricks.

Oh I have to share this, the wonderfully talented Ugich from the Gappa blog has made up the same pooch Indian style - using the Paint program - perhaps there is something about dressing our pets after all, lol! Anyone else want to have a go?


  1. It's really unbelievable! I have not heard of dogs being enhanced with make-up and hair dye and eye stuff....What is the world coming to?
    My cat grooms himself! He does not liked to be brushed or combed...And he looks gorgeous all on his own. The only thing I have done is to have him shaved about every 6 or 7 months and that is because his fur is sooooo very fine it mats horribly in the winter time and since he hates being combed it is a nightmare.
    He LOVES it after he is shaved...And he is still very fastidious but being shaved he doesn't get many hairballs....Isn't this fascinating Lilly? LOL!

  2. @ Naomi - now I know that you being the Hollywood veteran that you are that you would appreciate this little titbit and it will save you from blogging about it. I am not sure anyone in the world will spread this story but me. I like to hange around the fringes of the media, lol!!

  3. My puppy Coco is very spoilt. She has a few clothes and a cute bed but no makeup sorry. Pedigree show dogs and their owners are interesting beings let's say. The word inbred springs to mind. I liken them to pageant mothers who have those tiny children who are dressed up like 20year olds. There is something wrong with the world and our interpretation as to what is acceptable.

    Oh it just reminded me you have never blogged about your gay dog you used to have years agao, Jackson. Remember? He was a bit of a drama queen if you recall.

  4. Oh my - those poor animals. My kids dress up the dog from time to time and I think he enjoys the attention. Otherwise, he loves being brushed. He is a natural beauty and doesn't need any other enhancements...

  5. Lilly,

    I thought the Kennel Club was outsourcing the makeup of dogs to India .... I tried to put the photo here, but now you can see it Here

    Much better than those Victorian bonnets.....?

  6. If I didn't know better, I would think you were less that serious about this momentous subject.

    However, there are much more serious matters to consider - for instance, what about free speech for dogs and equality for cats too (of course). Then there's the Gerbil Trust and the House of Hamster and... oh so many other issues spring to mind...

    Many years ago, a drinking buddy and I decided that, to make a lot of money, we needed to either start a new religion, or a new animal organisation. There seemed to be no point in thinking small, so (in the pub one evening) we decided on WAWA (World Association for the Welfare of Animals). We thought we were joking at the time!

    Hope you've had a good Tuesday too :)

  7. @ Ugich, you make me laugh out loud. I love you and your brilliant sense of humour. And your dog looks better than mine, lol.

    @ AF1blog - um what gave you the impression I wasn't serious - perhaps the fact I said I was going to blog all Msrch and really had no material today had something to do with it. Oh why are all the best ideas invented in pubs over a few drinks. And then we forget about them, more than likely tell the wrong people and someone else pinches our great ideas. WAWA - you could now change it to World Association of Well-dressed Animals.

  8. I always thought putting makeup on girls for pagents was too much, but for the dogs? Wow. Then again.. I live in New Orleans and people spray paint their dogs purple, green and gold during Mardi Gras season and don't even ask about what happened to the dogs when the Saints won!

    I'd never do that to Pebbles. She has her grey and blonde fur and she's lovely as is. She'll get a cut and groomed, but nothing crazy. Lol.

  9. Kinda of sad that this doesn't surprise me. The pet industry and attention to pets just amazes me.

    I've had lovely pets and now I have "grand" pets actually 3 granddogs.
    Do you have a grand pet yet?
    I've written about this in early posts and suggest it to you for blog material.

    One granddog, Soma, recently was reunited with her sister. Turns out my son-in-law got connected with the another owner of a dog from the same litter. Gertie's owner filmed their reunion at a park. Soma is the shy (scared ?) one who hides behind my son-in-law.
    here's the clip


  10. Dog owners that do that have waaaaaay too much time on their hands - Although I do admit I look at the pictures and am totally impressed sometimes with the intricate dye jobs!

    My cat takes a bath. She's au natural. We must be hippie throwbacks, because I've even stopped using a blow dryer on my own hair.
    Your beauty is safe, Lilly. We will not outshine you, golden one!

  11. Amazing. I wonder if they do matching make-up and color coordinated leashes and carry bags too.

    Oy... some people are just plain nuts :-)

    Hope your week is going well.

  12. This is so funny, some people are BARKING MAD!!!!

  13. HE he, good one, I should have used that, barking mad.

  14. I was in Delhi this winter, and I saw the dogs in nice colourful sweaters. I think their owners had their make up on, but thankfully the dogs didn't. That would be cruelty!

  15. Yae, Lilly! All I can say is I'm so happy to see you back at blogging again. :-D


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