Thursday 21 January 2010

Getting those ducks to line up is hard to do sometimes

I remember it took me ages waiting to get a picture of these birds to form a perfect line. I could have stayed there all day and it was never going to happen.

This picture reminds me of my daughter's first school photo which I should drag out sometime because it always makes me cringe then laugh. There she was in the centre of the front row. Every other child was facing the camera smiling sweetly. She on the other hand was facing sideways laughing hysterically. "Why did you do that?", I asked her. "Because everyone else was doing the same thing and I wanted to be different", she replied. She was thrilled with the photo. The photographer must have groaned loudly. As did I.

Everyone's idea of how their ducks should line up is different. What's perfect to some is imperfect to others.

Me? I've had trouble getting the ducks lined up in the same direction let alone a straight line over the past couple of months so blogging has suddenly taken a nosedive into oblivion.

However, I decided I had better update my blog as Lisleman sent out a blogger alert wondering why I had suddenly stopped blogging. I truly stopped blogging for the same reason I started blogging. The past I am trying to leave behind keeps raising its ugly head. And I am trying to take some targeted shots to sink it once and for all - Hallelujah!!!!!

I also want to publicly apologise to Linda Lou in particular for my abrupt absence because I was planning to write a review of her great book. It's coming soon...

Here is to more blogging in 2010 - my wish for you is that your ducks line up just the way you would like them to in the coming year in whatever shape or form works best for you.

Take Care all and if you want a good reason why spandex is not a safe look in public, watch this....a brave Scottish lass! She will be competing in the winter Olympic Games apparently and no doubt will get plenty of exposure from this video!


  1. Welcome back, Lilly !

    And we dont worry about the ducks anymore. While we wait for them to line up, they wait for the fish in the water to line up, the fish wait for some algae maybe, who wait for something else... and thats how it goes.

    Just found out that ducks and fish, and assorted living beings just enjoy being together, in a nice amorphous group, forget lining up.

    And a happy new year to you.....

  2. Oh yae, Lilly! I'm so happy to see you back. My ducks are never in a row. I always have a few that decide to go their own way and I have to live with that. I hope you can get your ducks at least penned up so you can come back to us.

  3. Good to see you, Lilly! Don't know if you'll be back again soon, but I'm glad to know you're doing well enough! That's about all any of us can hope for!


  4. So good to see you here again, even if I do get the strong impression it's just a flying visit.

    Just accept it as fact, Lilly... if ducks ever line up it'll be because you really don';t want them to at that point in time.

    Take care and come by when you can - we all love you and your writing...

  5. Patience does pays. This pic is awesome. :)
    Happy 2010. :)

  6. I was so surprised to see your blog on my Reader today! But so happy! Welcome back Lilly! I´ve missed your witty writing and hope that your ducks will line up for you this year. Whatever you may have gone through or still are, I will be praying for you!

  7. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".
    John Lennon.

    It is always great to see a post from you Lilly. You are very much loved, just remember that.

    Peggy xxx

  8. Lilly? Really?

    Lilly! My jaw is on the floor... I had a dream about you last night and was wondering how the heck you are doing... but I woke up laughing, thinking to myself, what are the odds? Well pretty darn good I'd say... so glad to really hear from you... now I'm off to buy a lottery ticket so I can dream about winning tonight :)

    Thinking of you even when you are not here amongst us!

  9. so excited to see your post this morning! and love that video (although poor girl). Happy New Year and keep posting whenever you can, your fans miss you.

  10. Good to see you are back. Real life happens. We are still here, still love ya! Gotta go work on my ducks right now :)

  11. Oh good lord! And I thought I was having a rough go of it lately. Thank gawd I don't own a spandex suit :-) Hysterical video Lilly.

    So glad to see you back in blogland. Sorry about all the hassles from the past rearing their ugly heads. I'm pretty sure by the time you're done with them you'll have earned your cape and superhero badge.

    Hang in there!

  12. Hi Lilly (Hi Lo)-

    Great to see you back blogging, the place just hasn't been the same missus... As always you make me think! (were they ducks or what)??

    Loved the video ... She 'had' to be Scottish hadn't she (that's just typical). It reminded me of
    striding it out while crossing the main road in Helensburgh - dolled up to the nines in my long frilled 'hippie' skirt - I thought I was the bees knees - the rear of the skirt was caught up completely and I was showing 'all' to all and sundry! I had just visited the little girl's room and after I'd crossed over the road I felt a tap on my shoulder and a voice in my ear.... Oooooppsss !!

    Cheers Peer - Kate x.

  13. Good to see you back Lilly. I have to admit, getting the ducks/swans in a row can be like herding cats sometimes! I can relate. Let's just say in our Christmas letter we sent out to everyone, my closing sentence was "And my 2010 be the year we get our s*** together!" Enough said.

  14. Lilly's back!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

    I hope your past goes back where it belongs. Things do crop up from time to time, don't they?

    I'm glad an "alert" was sent out to you. Hehe. Anything to motivate sharing with us again.

    Oh and thanks for the laughs on the video. Greg thought it was hilarious!

  15. Welcome back, Lilly:)

    Write about the past in all of its pain and shame. Let it be cathartic and see the light of day, that some of its darkness may be banished by finding out you aren't the only one after all to have known such horror.

    There is freedom in giving yourself permission, Lilly.

  16. Nice to see you back. I hope you are doing well and that things are going much better.

  17. Welcome back, my dear! It was so great to see your name in the comments...I had kind of given up on your returning to blogging---I'm so glad I was wrong!
    I hope you are truly getting all the bad stuff behind you, dear Lilly....You deserve to move on and let go---not always easy when the past keeps rearing it's ugly head!
    You have truly been missed, my dear!

  18. Yay for Spandex!

    So wonderful to see you back Lily.. and I know what you mean about trying to get those ducks lined up...

  19. Lilly, thanks for another enjoyable post. Please don't wait for the ducks to align again before the next one.
    If it walks like a and talks like a - then it is a duck post.
    All the best

    (just a minor thing - that link in your post is broken?)

  20. Welcome back, Lilly! What a brilliant metaphor. The beauty of life(swans) is floating all around us but we're busy peering anxiously through a narrow lens waiting for it all to line up just so. I'm so guilty of this myself; thanks for the nudge.

    And look at the joy you spread in the blogosphere by just popping up for a quick post, even though your personal ducks aren't quite in a row yet. Best back to you for 2010.

  21. Where the hell have you been, wummin?! Great to know you're back.

  22. Hey Lilly! Good to see you back!

  23. Good to see you back! :) I've missed you.

  24. Hi Lilly,
    Great to have you back. Have missed you ! Hope the ducks just fly away and never return.

  25. I've missed you. I've slowed down also, but mostly because work and family just take all my time.

    I couldnt beleive that poor girl. OHHHHH how awful.

  26. Lilly;

    Yahoodle, so good to read your blog today. I didn't see it at first and am so glad that I went down my favorite list and saw you there peeking out.
    I don't think very many of us have all our ducks in a row for very long. Life moves way to quickly sometimes and we're all not that fast on our feet.
    But having said that, my ducks are lining up nicely again, thanks in part to reading your post today!
    Peace for yu Lilly in this brand New year!

  27. Thanks for all your comments everyone. Glad to be back blogging agin.

  28. your post is really enjoyable...very deeply expressed thoughts...wonderful..

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  29. Caroline,
    I'm really sorry - I wanted to comment on your Linda Lou post because her book sounded great, but I don't see anywhere to comment ! I have internet explorer, so I don't know if anyone else is having that difficulty, but just wanted to give you a heads up!

  30. wooo hoooo

    I can't believe it...
    I am delighted to see you!

  31. I have missed your posts, Lilly. Glad to see you are back and wishing you a fantastic year with all of your ducks lined up.

  32. Dear, Dear Lilly .....
    Just seeing your name in my comments perked me up for the day. I had so missed your witty and wonderful blog posts.

    Things are going well here ~ though Carl and Joanne split again in early November. This time Carl is OK (I think) but he is lonely and yearning for the kind of companionship that a relationship brings.

    However ... last Friday evening he and Joanne saw a movie together. At least they can talk again, which I didn't think would happen.

    I am taking him to Orlando in late February for a week in the sun. We lived there for eight years so it should be nice to explore old haunts.

    Take care...........

  33. Lilly, Lilly, Lilly,
    I missed you so. So glad you're back. 2010 is going to be the best for me (I'm wishing it so), I hope it'll be great for you.

  34. I guess your daughter must be the one at the end:)

    Good to see you back



    ps: I've just started blogging again, after a month or so of frantic choreography and whatever for a new production of Whistle Down the Wind. Sometimes life gets in the way...


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