Wednesday 2 September 2009

Dear Internet

Happy 40th Birthday!

While most of us didn’t start using you until the 90s, it's amazing to think that you were really born on September 2, 1969 thanks to Len Kleinrock and his team at UCLA.

So why did I always think Al Gore had something to do with you? Not really sure....

Anyway, what would I do without you? Truly.

I've become sort of.....attached.

Not in any kind of creepy way though.

Although, I will admit, I've had my moments of obsession where I never seem to leave you alone.

And, there have been times, I've been accused of stalking you by some insecure male who can't quite understand what you've got that he doesn't.

I mean, p-l-e-a-s-e, where do I begin, without offending him, that is.

How about you answer all my questions, do I need to say anything more?

Besides, I like turning you on first thing each morning.

First to get my news fix (and several more times during the day because you kindly keep refreshing), then to check my email and then,

I have to check in daily with TMZ to get my latest celebrity fix. Harvey has got to be one of those lawyers they call 'ambulance chasers' because how else does he find out this stuff so quickly?

Then, there are 'THE BLOGS' (go visit my new blogging addiction, Here in the Hills - the Hollywood Hills that is and say hi to Naomi).

And where else can I shop all over the world without even getting out of bed?

And..... And.......

But, I do like to think of myself as a responsible addict.

I know when enough is enough and I begrudgingly step away from the computer just to give you space.

I half heartedly pledge abstinence and swear allegiance to some other worthwhile pursuit.

For a while.

Until no-one's looking, and....then

I'm back, keener than ever.

And without failure, you always have something new to show me.

Thank you Internet! I really do love you more than I can say and should possibly publicly reveal.

So, here's to the next 40 years. I can only imagine where it will take us.

PS. Before I go, I do have one request. Well it's a bit of advice really. Do you think you could just be a little bit more discerning as to whom you connect with? I am all for freedom of speech but I am not sure that keeping this blog open and allowing a public lynching by comments is such a good thing, hey? Although I will say, from hereon in, I will be looking more closely at blog titles, as Phillip Garrido also has blogs called, Exposed, The truth will set you free and Charging the angels with error. Frightening stuff.

So, tell me what do you love most about the Internet? Share your favourite internet sites.

Yeah it's Spring here....and that makes me all kinds of happy...


  1. Oh, the possibility of spring - the flowers, the fragrance, the hope! Here we are gently mellowing into autumn.

    I do remember a time before the Internet... it was a time for reading books. I do love the Internet a lot, but sometimes wish I had the willpower to stop visiting it so often, and to get stuck into my book.

    On the other hand, I have a whole heap of laundry to do and now I can put it off, thanks to you, dear Internet!

    One of my favourite sites is - hundreds of free videos that will inspire!

  2. I am also a celebrity gossip whore, so it's made celebrity stalking awesome.

    But the biggest way it has affected my life is that I met my husband on an online dating site. Long live the Internet!

  3. First on the list is communication both technically and socially.

    It certainly has impacted my life. Much of the career is intertwined with the internet.

    Of course it can suck up your time but it also saves you time.

    It's a game changer in this game of life.

    And I guess at the bottom of the list is people using it for evil purposes such as spreading hate, luring innocent victims etc. Most things are that way - both good and evil uses.

    Lilly - good thought provoking post once again!

  4. The power of the internet - reading about folks on the other side of the world looking forward to spring when here we have the dark nights drawing in, temperatures dropping and the onset of winter fast approaching...


  5. Before i despised the internet because thats all my friends did was play on the stupid thing, and NOW i cant seem to get myself off of th internet. Places i regularly check is my facebook, all my blog friends blog post Etc.... & google "my favorite search criteria". * P.S. i think i miss spelled some words in there sorry*

  6. Great post, Lilly. I just love love love all the connections that the internet has brought me... sharing friendships and ideas from all corners of the world :)

  7. Oh my Lilly that blog you mentioned in your last paragraph is by that guy who kidnapped that American girl - how creepy is that. He is insane. Makes me feel yuk!

    I guess tht just shows the good and bad of the internet really. I love it too and lets say my realtionship with it is pretty damn obsessive too. Shopping is my thing. I get my makeup in Hong Kong, live in London and buy even in Australia because the exchange rate is in our favour. In between Itry and live a normal life and work. My boyfriend has got used to me err checking the internet every so often. No wonder people can only cope with sound bytes these days our attention span is not what it used to be thanks to the beloved Internet-oh you know I am going to have nightmares over that site now. They really should pull it down soem of those comments are freaky as well.

  8. Lilly , the thing that I both love and depise about the internet is that everything is so accesible..

    and everyone.

    I love your coloring book page!

    Peace -Rene

  9. Happy birthday, to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear internet, happy birthday to you.
    Like everything else in life, the internet has the good, the bad, the insane, the saintly, etc. Made by humans for humans with the full range of humanity.
    I recently blogged about how technology keeps my family connected across generations and geography.
    I do remember life before the internet and it has expanded my world but not eliminated the things I did before. I still read books, 2-3 a week, and I walk and cook homemade meals, etc. I give it the space it deserves and turn it off regularly and early. Won't let the computer be the last thing I do most nights.
    Great post - as always!

  10. Happy 40th, internet! And happy spring to you, Lilly!

    I check my 4 email accounts daily, follow about 40 blogs in Google Reader, CNN, local news channels here in Seattle and my hometown in upstate NY. I also check my undergrad college website at least 5-6 times weekly.

    I've become a fan of Facebook, finally, and Twitter maybe 2-3 times a week.

    Take care!

  11. I remember not using the internet and computers until I was past 20 years.

    The second half of my life, I haven't lived without one. WOW 40 yrs old, huh?

  12. Of course you can't remember the time before internet - you're too young sren't you? :)

    Such love, though... would that I, a mere man, could stir such emotion in a woman. Ho hum... such is life.

  13. I think the thing I love about the internet is being able to connect with and stay connected to so many friends, family, and new friends. Gotta love Facebook for that reason...

  14. I think the internet is great because of the fact its a huge resource. Like you say, any questions I have and need answers to from how to make a certian recipe, to how to spell a certain word, to which was the 4th King of England to what do certain medical symptoms mean, I have an answer for. That sure beats looking in those big ole encyclopedias we used to have. Like all things, it can be misused but that is life I guess.

  15. Oh yea! You're back! I missed you! You're the sunshine of the blogging world.

    What do I like best?
    E-Mail! Being able to write a message and in the wink of an eye have somebody read your letter. Wow!

    Googling: I love being able to find an answer/answers to whatever I want to know.

    Blogging: Oh definitely! I love learning about other people's lives around the world and having new cyber friends. I'm a complete blogging addict. And there's you... that sunshine I mentioned before.

  16. Internet - If it wasn't for internet, would I have a glimpse of Lilly's Life? It is a medium ( like anything else) that can be misused. You have spoken for most of us through your post.

  17. You described my addiction perfectly! I love having the answer to any question at my fingertips. And, yeah, it came in handy when I was seeking revenge on my husband's girlfriend. Very immature but fun and effective.

  18. Hi Lilly :D
    Wonderful post, as always!

    I love how the internet allows our world to become so much smaller...we can share love and friendship with people from all over the world and we are exposed and learn so many new things!
    Overall, the internet is a wonderful tool.
    Happy Birthday Internet and as far as favorite sites, well, definitely Lilly's Life is one of them! :D
    Have a Happy Day!

  19. Lilly, what a lovely tribute post to the internet! I've been using it since the early 90's myself, even before the web started! Toronto used to have a freenet where we could do email. You should try following your favorite movie stars on twitter, it's really them!

  20. Thank you so much for the mention, my dear....I appreciate it. And I too wish The Internet a Very Happy Birthday!!!

    I think the thing I love most about the Internet is that blogging has introduced me to so very many wonderful people--And You Are One Of Them,My Dear---from all over the world! This was not possible before the Internet in the same way, for sure....And of course--That means BLOGGING is such a great gift.
    I do think there are some dangers and I hope somehow they can find a way to stop these dangers without syopping Free Speech.

  21. The picture that went along with this post really had me smiling. Thank you for sharing that.

    Happy 40th to the Internet. Bah to Al Gore. Lol.

    What do I like most about the Internet ~ well, for one, I never would have met you without the Internet. Geez, that sounded stalkerish, but you know what I mean.

    The world has opened up to finding friendship and support across the miles and oceans. The Internet has gifted us with exchanging and sharing about various cultures and theories. I've learned a lot from the Internet people, not to much, the google ability to hunt down any topic and read to my hearts content.

    That said, I still enjoy the feeling of turning a page in a book. :) Imagine if the Internet could capture that feeling?

  22. I got engaged to the Net only about two years back, but my marriage (to the Net) is rocking. But the other spouse (the real one) keeps getting disgruntled.

    My fave activity is to google anything that comes to mind.

    And I loved what your dad is up to in the previous post.

  23. Happy 40th lovely Internet!!! So nice oif you to let us all know dearest Lilly!!!

    My favourite part of the internet is 1) Blogging and the blog community!!! 2) Able to operate and online shop!!! YIPEEE to Tim Burners-Lee I say and those who assisted him!!

    As for that website - goodness me - what's that all about???

  24. Hey Lily, LOVE the new header and tag line :-)

    I remember back in the mid-late 1990s when my clients refused to give me their email address because they spent too much time checking voice mail and didn't want to add to it! Sheesh, times have changed.

    I'm with you about the creepy websites who dish garbage/hate/insane stuff at us. It's pretty awful.

    Probably my most used website is because I'm a terrible speller :-)

    And I loved this post! "I do like to think of myself as a responsible addict." So do I ;-)

    Enjoy the weekend.

  25. Hmmm, the strong pull of the internet, the power of its attraction, like a Tsunami going back out to sea, it is an amazing, amazing little beast. You think, oh just a quick fix, I have a spare 5 minutes. I don't have a favourite site yet, and not particularly looking for one either, but there are sooooo many good ones. For a while I daily visited one particular site that ended up getting me all hot under the collar, with its regular thought provoking topics. When I realised I did not really like it's author for reasons I cannot quite explain, I stopped visiting.

  26. The internet has allowed me to connect with fascinating people such as yourself and the ability for me to publish my work (how it want to, when I want to, etc). Its been great. Also, being an avid researcher, the internet has been a resource worth its weight in gold, but we must remember to keep it open for the masses (net neutrality). Here's to what ideas may spring us forward in the next 40 years.

  27. Oh dear that Garrido's website says it all. About people. him and everyone who has left him a comment.

  28. Hi Lilly!

    I too have a love affair with the Internet, as well as my computer. Typically, my computer does what I want & doesn't talk back! Unlike many of my human relationships!!! {especially children ...}

    I worked in a corporate environment & learned a lot about computer programs while working. After I started staying home with the kids and having my 3rd, I got post partum terribly. I didn't realize it for months and had been sick as a dog with allergy / sore throats ... the pile of laundry looked like a mountain to me at the time! For whatever reason, we purchased a home computer and I felt like I had found a long lost friend! Years later, we signed-up for AOL for chat & email. Now, it's evolved into using it for banking, blogging, emailing, shopping, surfing, twittering, playlisting, slide shows, digital photography and scrapbooking and even TV with my media tower. Lots of fun stuff which has impacted my life making it easier & MORE COMPLICATED! {Love the TV on PC coz it cuts down on the amount of equipment in my office and I can have the tv minimized while I work.}


  29. Pretty header, Lils ... love the Spring theme & sentiment!

  30. Pretty header, Lils ... love the Spring theme & sentiment!

  31. Pretty header, Lils ... love the Spring theme & sentiment!

  32. See what my computer just did?!?!?! That's the stuff I HATE about computers!!! ;)


  33. Happy Birth day to the internet, which we all use to the fullest. Al Gore did say on national TV he invented the internet. I also turn my computer on first thing each day. I love blogging the most, going to my friends posts and seeing what they have been doing and getting a lot of useful and helpful info. Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by, I enjoyed this birthday wish information.

  34. Lilly there are actual clinics that people can go to to cure their internet addiction - clearly its a real issue for some.

    See here

  35. I think the thing I love most is the ability to meet and be in touch with so many wonderful people all around the world, make so many lovely friends, be able to share my love of writing and photography! Hey, just doesn't get any better than that!

    Enjoy your spring, have to admit that I'm a bit wistful to see our summer go, but we do have always have a beautiful fall season!

    Have fun!


  36. You always put such a fun tempo to your stories. The INTERNET addiction, and a responsible addict! LOL.

    You know they now have a treatment facility for internet addiction. For a paltry $4,500.00 U.S. a person can sign themselves up for total internet blackout in their in-house treatment program. LOL, as if anyone would pay that kind of money.

    Sept 2 is such a great day, now I have one more reason to enjoy my birthday. I share it with the internet.

  37. Hiya Lils ... read my blog on PC Follies - I've requested your help at the end of it!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  38. Well, my favorites are my blog of course : ) and also I Heart Faces which is this fantastic Photography site. LOVE it. I like google. I use it all day long. And all my friends blogs. I just can't imagine life without the internet! Can you? I can't believe it is 40. That is older than me : )

  39. What I heart about internet are the following:

    1. I can search awe-inspiring photography of different themes.

    2. Get connected with my friends way back before through social networking sites.

    3. I get to play online games.

    4. I can watch different genres of movies, shows and anime.
    5. I get to join online dating like Filipina Dating.

    These are just among the things why I HEART internet so much! I can live anywhere as long as there is internet! :X


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