Saturday 15 August 2009

Dear Boss

I am resigning.

You know why I want to resign?

Because since I've worked for you I don't have time to blog any more.
And when I don't have time to blog any more I don't visit any other blogs.
When I don't visit any other blogs my readers think I don't like them any more.
And when my readers think I don't like them anymore they don't visit my blog any more.

When readers don't visit my blog any more my hits drop.
And when my hits drop, it seems to make Blocher unhappy.
When Blocher becomes unhappy, they write to me and I become unhappy
And when I become unhappy, I eat a lot.

When I eat a lot I don't feel like exercising.
And when I don't exercise, I look bad.
When I look bad it affects your company's image.
And when your company's image is affected it affects your business.
When your business is affected it makes you unhappy.

And, we all know that when your'e unhappy, you eat a lot.
When you eat a lot, you get fat.....

You see?

It's a vicious cycle boss I'm sure you can understand.
I am leaving you for your own good.

To the readers who asked me why I'm not writing posts or visiting blogs as much, there is your answer. It's My Boss.

It's just a little unfortunate that I am my own boss.

I am missing blogging as much as I used to - however I am going to visit everyone who has commented in the last two posts this weekend, so you better be ready and have something juicy waiting for me.

Tell me, how much time do you spend on blogging every week do you think? How many posts do you write a week? Anyone got it down to a fine art?

Have a great weekend. We have a beautiful winter's day here (for those who don't know I am in Australia so we have opposite seasons to most of you).


  1. You forgot to mention friends leaving harrassing messages on facebook.

    I used to blog 3-4 times a week, but I have been struggling recently....sometimes life can get too complicated to write about, particularly when it comes to personal health and family issues. Some days I wish I had started my blog anonymously.

    I'm so happy to see you back at it, though. I just love your perspective on things.

  2. @ Mahoney Musings - oh I am not even on Facebook I wouldn't be able to cope!! Hope you and your family are well though. And you are right, sometimes life can become too complex. I am not sure I would ever give up blogging though just leave the blog on the backburner for a while every now and then. I would like to think I could blog for the rest of my life. I will be over to visit you and look forward to it.

  3. I read A LOT of blogs. I've only been blogging about once a week during the summer, because my schedule changed, and so did my energy level. But I can read blogs at work, and it can be slow, so it's not too hard.

    My schedule will go back to normal in a couple of weeks, so I hope to blog more.

  4. I post 2-3 times a week. As you know, it's time-consuming, and I'm writing a book plus I've got an article I write on songwriting and songwriters, so that's what works out comfortably for me. Approximately every three days. I'm in awe of people who do it more. It's such a commitment!

  5. I love you lilly girl, no matter how much you blog or how much you eat! You have always been a favorite of mine!

  6. Hi Lilly, I feel your pain! It's hard to keep up with all the great blogs out there, write your own blog AND have a life :-)

    I try to post 3 times a week and I probably follow more than 200 blogs on a regular basis. I would guess I spend about 25-30 hours a week blogging, maybe more if it's a slow weekend. But, I'm learning to turn my computer off and not check my blog 20 times a day.

    I would LOVE to blog/write as a full-time paying job-- I know 2 woman who do-- That's TWO out of zillions, but a girl can dream.

    Your post was very cleaver. Sorry you're feeling so much pressure.


    PS How's your Dad?

  7. I forgot to answer your questions. I try to blog everyday. I sit down and read every blog in my reader and then I surf through twitter and then I try and write something as clever as anything I have just read and I usually give up and get up ten and half times and then eventually sit back down and write. That takes me all day. BUT I have 14 kids that all want to talk to me the second I pick up the phone, go to bed, or blog. They don't even notice I am here if I am NOT doing one of those three things.

  8. Oh, you so need to give that boss of yours the old whatfor!!! lol

    I finished Asia's room. almost. lol It's getting closer. I blogged about that, but just started a new job and haven't been able to blog for a few days. I'm hoping to have some time and find my sanity early next week!

    I'll post pictures of today's wedding next week.

    Is that juicy enough? I'm running kind of dry.. lol

  9. I blog when I think of things... or when I get emails saying, "haven't seen you online - are you okay??" :D My blog is more about what's going on in my life so I don't tend to write too many observational posts. It means my blog isn't earth-shatteringly interesting but on the up-side it takes the pressure off me to think of things to write... or to be witty!

  10. You know what, life isnt all about being perfect all the time. Whether its blogging, working, or appearances. So dont resign. Resignation rejected.

    And if you feel all bothered about not blogging, its not fun anymore. Personally, you may blog less, but life, with trips with family, days with your Dad, travels to interesting places, and your current observations and older memories, make for excellent reading when ever you post.

    I personally post when I feel very strongly about something, which happens a bit frequently these days. But I wouldnt bother if it changes.

    Dont resign. :-)

  11. So you're being tormented by yourself?
    That doesn't sound good. Fight yourself - you can't win.

    I do wonder sometimes if I spend too much time with the blogging. I have been able to get away from it. Just today I did.

    But getting that feedback on ideas/thoughts I share is fun. I try to post at least twice a week but usual more. I do have a few blogs going like you. Helps sort the subjects of the posts.

    one more thought - downunder and winter - I don't know the numbers but I suspect a good majority of the world lives in the Northern Hemisphere (most of the land is up here) so do you and other Aussies get annoyed when you need to remind others the seasons are switched?

  12. G'day Lilly's almost spring like here! Gorgeous day ...some blossoms are out too.

    I blog between 2 and 4 times a week ...depending on the weather work fun family ..etc etc.

    I don't feel at all obligated to blog.

    But I do enjoy it ...really do.

    I read as many as I can but often that's really only on Saturdays.

    Next week I'm going to a concert, (Jimmy Barnes for other Aussies) ..and the week after Sydney, so I'll read less.

    I do love your blog!

  13. Blogging is like writing for just comes naturally so most of the time, I will blog posts at least 5 days out of the week. I visit other bloggers throughout the day.

    I don't think I'll ever stop blogging. It's in my blood!

  14. I'm afraid I've been/am a blog addict. I find myself posting almost everyday. I haven't been able to do much while my entire family was visiting this month. I just have my daughter and granddaughter for another week so things have slowed down a bit and allows me a little time to post and visit with blog friends. There are times when blogging can start to feel like a job but 95% of the time, I just can't do without it. I limit my visits to the people on my sidebar, whoever starts leaving a bunch of comments and has interests that I think my blogging family would enjoy. I also have to keep in mind if I have time to maintain another blogging relationship. It's all a management thing that I'm still working on. Sigh... I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with this.

  15. Oh, Lilly, I always make a turn here even though my blogrol indicates that there is no new post!

    How much time do I spend blogging?
    - Durning the week, very little. I can't barely keep my work up to date as it is! And in the evenings I just have about enough energy to reply to e-mails.
    Even though I check my e-mail on my phone, I hate replying on my phone cause I don't text language. That is just the weirdest thing for me.
    Since I live in SMALLTOWN, I have loads of time over weekends (in between visits to the police stations), and that is the time I would catch up, visit other blogs and comment.

    How many posts do you write a week?
    I am not a good blogger. Not at all. I love writing, but it does not come easy to me. I would walk around with a post in my head for a day or two before I can finally type it out.
    It is nothing short of a miracle if I managed to write at least two posts a week.

  16. Dear Lilly,
    I accept your resignation with relief.

    Because it will give your more time for Blog Activities.
    You will again be able to entertain and astound the universe with your witty,amusing and sometimes emotive posts and also go walkabout to visit and leave appreciative comments
    When you dont people become upset and think that perhaps they have been offensive or become dull and unimaginative.
    Then they comfort eat
    Then they get fat
    Then it's too much effort to waddle to the gym
    Then they feel bad
    Then they comfort eat

    I consider that in sacking yourself you are doing the Blogoshere a great favour.

    Best wishes for the future,

    Your Boss

  17. My old mate Lilly has not lost her touch....fancy firing yourself, times must be tough!

    Here is a Proverb I dedicate specially to you:

    "It's tough trying to keep your feet on the ground, your head above the clouds, your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel, your finger on the pulse, your eye on the ball and your ear to the ground.”

    Have you heard of the word know you can do it, it is in your blood.

    I am a very erratic blogger. But what really helps is my "blogging without obligation" button. It alleviates the stress.

    Beautiful weekend up here in Sydney as well....28 degrees on Sunday. I am heading up to Palm Beach with some friends and we are going to climb the mountain to the Lighthouse, which for the first time in ages will be open.

    I will ALWAYS read your posts Lilly whether they are daily, weekly, are a shining light in the blogosphere.

    Love ya.

  18. Lilly you are a mad bugger and make me laugh. We don't even get that kind of blue sky in summer over here in the UK.

  19. I'll be loyal to you even if you ditch my blog. You are such a amazingly warm and hilarious writer.

    I blog about once a week, and that too, post-midnight when the kids are sleeping. One whole night to put up two posts (for my two blogs - I HAVE BITTEN OFF WAY MORE THAN I CAN CHEW) and another whle night just to catch up with the latest reads on my bloglist.

  20. I blog only when I feel like writing about something. And it may be a week apart or even longer.
    And I commented on your last post - much before you mentioned you would visit those who did :-). Your blog has been bookmarked and so I do visit the blog even if I do not post a comment.

  21. Loved this post! It could be said about my life too! Even though I´m not my own boss, but my boss won´t let me access blogs at work, so I only have time to blog when I´m home. Usually I blog in the evenings when hubby is watching tv, I am reading blogs and commenting. When I have something going on in my life I blog. That can be almost everyday or not. I try to blog at least 3 times a week. But I agree, it can get so time consuming. I have you on my reader so whenever you post, I´ll know about it. No pressure! :)

  22. Lily I totally understand. I can only imagine what is going to happen to my blog when I return to work in ONE WEEK (are you feeling sorry for me?)

    When I get busy something has to give and it is usually my blog. Don't worry I will still come and read no matter how often you update.

  23. We could snow your boss under with letters from unhappy bloggers...Mail campaigns are very effective.

    No blogging schedule, here. And i don't expect one of anyone else. I still spend too much time reading blogs, though. It is, officially, an addiction... My name is Cyndi, thanks for letting me share.

  24. I don't blog but I read blogs and you know Ms Lilly I shall always read yours plus some of your readers I have followed since reading their comments too.

  25. How I giggled at this letter to yourself!

    It's difficult juggling blogging and work and play and life in general.

    I post about 3-4 times a week, but mainly 3 times. This gives me a chance to respond to everyone who visits as well as visit some other blogs that I like to read. Can't really cope with any more.

    I don't look at the stats anymore in order not to get upset by how well or not it is going...

  26. Lilly, your friend always, Christine...just blog whenever you have the time, we love hearing from you.

    I blog every day except maybe Xmas Day out of respect for the holiday, but just short quick posts. But lately with checking email, facebook, twitter, newsfeeds...the computer is an occupation and ritual. I'd guess a couple of hours every day with all that but it's my fun.

  27. My hits drop. LOL Impassive stare. Hoping you are kidding :o.

    Work is better than blog.
    I say so.

  28. Lovely Lilly we come darling, don't you worry. We will hit you like crazy in the comment section. I go posse up everybody hang on ;-) Tell, that boss to give you a break too lol. Have a great day.

  29. Lilly - You are so funny - I loved this post. What a great letter to yourself. Hee hee
    I think blogging kind of goes in cycles just like life.
    There are times when I am really good at keeping up on everyone's blogs and times when I am not. Just depends on what is happening.
    Same with posting. Sometimes alot going on sometimes it is boring around here.
    OK so my rambling there helps absolutely nothing - that's how blogging is sometimes! :D

    P.S. I've been wondering if that is a picture of you on your header?

  30. I post between 4 and 7 times a week. I've had a lot of stuff to say lately though, so I'm on a lot.

    I do miss your blog! I'm always happy when I see a new post on my blog roll!

  31. I adore your blog Lilly! but I can understand you not having enough time to go visit everyone! Goodness me - just look at all the comments you get!! Phenominal!! I'm nowhere near your level blogging wise but I try to blog about 4 - 5 times a week and I try to visit everyone else at least three times a week - but that's because I get a pretty small through traffic unlike yourself!! That is an absolute joy I must add - to go do the rounds!! Best of luck and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  32. Don't resign, Lilly. No, don't do that. Your boss will miss you so-ooo much!

    Have it out with your boss - a real good row! Tell her EXACTLY what you think of her in no uncertain terms. You can use all the expletives you want and you are guaranteed to win in that argument. Sadly, you're also guaranteed to lose, but then life's full of little quirks and disappointments, isn't it?

    When do I blog? When inspiration (or anger) strikes. Of course, without you there is less inspiration than there was.

  33. I barely make time to blog anymore, and the quality of what I blog about has clearly dropped to an all time low! And let's see, this is probably the first time in two weeks I've had the chance to catch up on my blog reading.

    Happy Sunday!

  34. I probably spend some days, lets see, maybe half the day. Now this is not every day, this is when I want to catch up like the rest of my friends. I would come to your post even if you never came to mine, know why, you are funny, informative and above all you make me smile. So don't beat yourself up if you are busy, most of us do not work and have more time and oh yea, you are my friend.

  35. Oh I might use this resignation letter if you dont mind. Sounds plausible,lol.

  36. Well I blogged back in 2008 I think at this point. I haven't psted for that long but I do read others does that count?

  37. I blog less, and since I got to Australia, even less :) Must be something in the air, Lilly....or the creek. Jacob's, that is :)))

  38. I USED to blog at least once daily.

    I USED to stop by my favorite blogs daily, and comment with wit and a deep understanding of the blogger's message (hold on, dodging lightning bolts here).

    I USED to post my own pics every few days, but lately not so much.

    Why, and most importantly, HOW, did this happen?

    Real life, dearest Lilly, bitch slaps us every so often and demands we pay attention to the non-blogging world.

    What a pain in the arse :)

    I love the photo of your neighborhood, and I'm jealous that you are having winter right now. I'm sick of summer.

    Take care, Lilly!

  39. Thanks everyone for your great comments and it seems we are all trying to balance it all, even though blogging is such an addiction, a lovely addiction though..

  40. Well, I've been totally hooked for over a year now and I blog every day, sometimes more than once. I try to spend an equal amount of time visiting the blogs of others and try never to visit without leaving a comment. But then, I'm 76 and all the things that I used to do have gotten so expensive that I have to stay home anyway. Blogging keeps the brain functioning, brings me an enormous amount of pleasure and delight as I have made friends all over the world -- and that includes you, Lilly, that I communicate with in some way at least three to four times a week. As a result of blogging I'm gotten into photography which has brought me such and enormous amount of pleasure. I now have my own, new camera and for my birthday my son in Dallas got me a fantastic tripod. So, yes, I'm addicted. I have had company and I will be out of town from Monday to Thursday and will probably be panting with desire to sit down at my computer on Thursday when I return from Texas.

    Love your post as always, Lilly, my friend and I've missed you!!

  41. ok, i totally snorted when i saw that you are your own boss... hehehe.

    i *usually* post 5-7 posts a week. but I am an insomniac. I usually have a weeks worth of posts scheduled at any given time. so, while those are in the batter's cage, i am working on posts for the week after that, etc. And i *usually* am so far ahead, that I only need to blog on weekends, which leaves me weekdays to read everyone elses. The problem seems to arise when UNUSUAL things happen; like illness, vacations, etc. Therefore, like you... i have not been reading posts! :(

    to correct this, I have decided not to blog Tue-Fri this week. Instead I shall catch up on READING blogs. And as far as NEXT week... I am going to post links to my favorite reads from THIS week! i know...i cheat... what can i say.

    *sigh* summertime is hard to keep up.

  42. WOW Lilly had no idea how busy you were.
    Answer: ?1I check blogs everyday. so i am on here atleast 3 times a day everyday. ?2 I post a blog between 1 and 3 times a week.?3 I never have it down to a fine art.

  43. Shucks, I was hoping you would be on FB too and I'd follow you there as well. Not stalking, promise. Lol.

    I'm so happy to see you blogging again! You always make me smile. And such interesting posts too!

    For me, I try to blog at least once a week, but would prefer to average about twice a week. There are some bloggers who post daily and I don't know where they get the material to do so. But I'm there reading.

    As for reading ~ I try to visit my bloggy friends at least twice a week. While on vacation, I didn't visit any blogs. Greg fussed, "Off the computer! We're on vacation!" Hence.. no visits.
    :( But I'm back and so good to see you.

    Lucky you to have winter! Greg and I were just commenting how we can't wait for "Summer Lite" (the only other season that we have) to arrive!

  44. LOL, LOL...I love this poat, Lilly....I really laughed when you said YOU were your own boss...!
    Blogging is such a balancing act, isn't it? When I first started I was posting these looooong posts every day---when I learned how to put pictures on my blog, THAT was really exciting.....But then, Blogging began to feel like "a job"....the pressure of writing etc., every day was too much...So it became every other day....but at a certain point THAT became too much, too....So now, I am posting about every four days....Most of my posts are complicated and I use a lot of pictures and it is a lot of work...Yes, it is fun, too...But, we need time for other things, as well....And sometimes---more often than not----life comes in and it takes over and blogging and visiting fall behind....
    Finding the right balance can be difficult depending on what else is going on in ones life....
    I look forward to your Posts Lilly, but I surely understand when you need the time to take care of all the rest of your life....

  45. Hi dear Lilly. I always thought, "I have to ask Lilly how she handles the whole blogging thing. She seems to have it all down pat and manage it all so smoothly and continuously without any glitches. She seems to stay on top of everything and just keep going at breakneck speed.

    I HAVE to ask her what her strategy is. Most of the time I really have no idea what I've doing and just jump in and learn on the fly and then take breaks when I just can't keep up the speed that most people seem to manage. How do they do it?? There is the posting, the responding to all the comments people leave and then visiting all the blogs and then social networking and I even broke down and did what I said I wasn't going to do and that was to join twitter. Apparently it is a smart move for authors. We'll see.

    So do tell how DO you do it? Do you have a plan that you follow each week. I would love to know.

    Sending you much love and a huge hug, Robin

  46. "It's just a little unfortunate that I am my own boss" This is so cool, sure you can ask your secretary to blog for you while you just dictate to her :) First hand is far the best. You are just an amazing boss that's why you blogged well.

  47. Um, has anyone noticed I have already broken my promise of going and visitng all blogs. I have started them and am moving at a snails place but will see you shortly. Thanks for all your comments its really interesting to see how often people are blogging and makes me feel better that evreyone finds it trying evey now and then. See you soon.

  48. Blogging takes an incredible amount of time! I often speak to groups of writers and tell them that's the most surprising aspect of blogging--the time it takes.

    I blog only three times a week, but still, just posting alone takes a good 6 hours minimum. Staying plugged into the blogging community (which is a JOY!!!) takes another 6 hours, at least.

    But the rewards are wonderful--blogging is so well worth the effort!

  49. Lots of clever stuff here. Especially liked your account of the run-in with the policeman. I like a cheeky woman:)

  50. I've been consistently blogging 5 times a week (Mon to Fri) but will probably cut that back to 3 or 4 times. Quality over quantity I reckon!

    I blog pretty much full time (other than writing a book and doing some share trading) and still find it challenging to keep up with it all! I can't imagine what it's like to have a full time job and blog as well! Kudos to you in my opinion.

  51. Hi Lilly, I find it my day job affects my blogging too as if finding inspiration not already hard enough. I am too my own boss and stuck working trying to make some money to support myself, however I didn't forget about you. Hope all is well.

  52. When I began bloggins, I was faithful - every two days...then it became every three it depends on what else is going on in life. I am starting a new part-time gig (the need for predictable cash flow compels me) and I am worried that I'll blog as infrequently as I do when on vacation (i.e., not at all). I am going to fight to get back to three posts per week. While I was visiting fam last week, I did draft three posts and am trying to create an inventory of topics and thoughts to call on when everyday demands keep me busy.
    As always, your posts was delightfully witty and laugh-out-loud funny!

  53. Hi Lilly, I am not blogging nearly as much. Once a week this summer seems to be all I can get posted and I visit other blogs when I do a post. I have been busy with my grandson, my yard, my friends and family all summer and it makes it very difficult to do much blogging.
    I may get better during the winter months when the weather is bad and I get bored. I think we all need a break from it once in a while. I enjoy your blog but totally understand that you have a life other than the computer.

  54. Cool it baby - what's the rush? Tell your boss (look in the mirror while doing so)that life is for living with blogging on the side. The saddest bit about your post was when you said you were unhappy.
    June also in Oz

  55. Hi there! I have nothing juicy for you to read right now ... I am totally absorbed with Steel Magnolias (dress rehearsal last night - opening tonight) and the October wedding. Not to mention traveling to IL for my
    **** 50th ****
    high school reunion. Many of my classmates from 1st grade thru 12th will be there. I feel no compulsion to post ... do when I can and I always check in on a semi-regular basis with my favorite people ~ like you!

  56. blog balance - not easy to find. My most recent post is the least juicy (but sappy sweet) scroll down there's good stuff right below.

  57. Hi Lilly. Sorry I've been absent for a while, but you know how it is with work and all. Blogging certainly does eat up a fair proportion of your day if you let it.

  58. Perhaps you and your boss should have some pie and talk it out.

  59. I have been on very little the last three weeks due to life as well. And it also makes me sad when people don't visit as much. Fine art? Does anyone have it down to that?

  60. Brilliant! LOL, I love it!!! I should write the same letter to my boss...hehe!

  61. I try to write once in 3 days. Sometimes this too becomes difficult. But I try to be in touch with other blogs more often.

  62. Hi, Lily!

    I've been a bit behind on my reading-of-other-people's blogs lately as my laptop was in the shop for almost a month...

    That said, I managed to finagle time on friend's computers and have not missed a posting of my own for I believe it is 425 straight days.

    You'd think there'd be some sort of cash involved, wouldn't you? :-)

    Anyway, thanks for the "winter" pic. I'm in Minneapolis right now, the height of our summer, where it has been unseasonably cool really all season. Am already looking forward to pulling out my sweaters and socks!


  63. I am in the same boat as you Lilly and just do it when I can (blog that is) ;)

    And aren't our winters just the best!

  64. Hi Lils~

    I have missed YOU! My blog started out as a way to scrapbook my children and holidays and I have found it to be so cathartic. And because it is so public, I still hold back a lot of what is going on in my personal life. It's a way to look at the optimistic and to remind me about what is truly good in my life. A kind of *Count Your Blessings* thing.

    And so lately, I've been going thru a lot of personal introspection about ME, not so much my family. But I'm really getting tired of it, as they say, *LIFE ISN'T ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF, IT'S ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF*... Well, I have a lotta creatin' to do! I'm about ready to start a *Happy Journal* that I actually write in vs. type. I'd be happier IF ... then just do it!

    I have always enjoyed your posts and often wish you'd post more. And I love when you visit my blog, I suppose it makes us all feel very special when someone cool like you drops by. The *THAT GIRL* of blogland.

    It's a good thing I don't totally put a value on my self-worth by the number of comments I receive ... I may not be writing this right now! I do pout but people have better things to do than applaud my kids sports & escapades.

    Now, I wonder what would happen if I posted about the ramblings of my inner life & heart ... WOW. Oh, we could share a bottle of red over it!

    I love you mucho grande!

    {xoxo} Juls~

    p.s. I've been eating TONS too... grrrrr

  65. I too have been a blog slacker lately.... trying to get back to it, blogged today! I miss reading all my blog friends pages, but kids and work and horses seem to take all my time, plus my eyesight is playing up, off to the Op doctor today.

  66. REALLY COOL! =)

    sorry it's been a while since i last visited...

    but i have something for you, if only you would come and see it. grab it as well, you deserve it!

  67. Too funny, go on sack yourself, you can do it we need you back blogging again..

  68. It is tough to catch up on blogging especially with work and house chores on the way... i am so guilty of neglecting my blogs and sometimes I do miss out on visiting. I think it's been months since I've been here and i love your new banner! mine still don't have one, hehehe

    have a great weekend=)

  69. LOL, you need to give yourself a vacation, or a raise, or heck why not both. Along with a cut in hours so you have more time.

    I know the feeling, life requires participation. That takes away from those things we enjoy doing.

    I write anywhere from 9 to 14 posts a week. Of course they are on any number of blogs. I guess I just like to torture myself, LOL.

  70. Thanks Eric, great to see you viviting and back blogging.


Thanks for your comments.