Saturday 1 August 2009

Au Naturale Injections

Dear Women of a Certain Age

The whole cosmetic surgery issue is a tricky one. On the one hand, I've told my friends to slap me and pass me a big fat can of Get Over Yourself if I ever consider getting surgery.

On the other hand, if I suffered trauma or illness that required surgery to restore what I once had, I would not hesitate.

HOWEVER, if I do 'get work', you can be sure I won't be lying about it.

As a makeup artist, I have to know what I can use on a client's skin because there are so many things people are having done these days. It's a duty of care issue. So why is it that so many women sit there, get all coy and lie about having had ‘work’? Why can't they admit it? Are they ashamed? Do they think they will be judged?

When I see someone who is faking it, and it happens a lot, I want to quietly say, "I know. It’s ok."

So to the 45 year old who sat there with her frozen face and used Nicole Kidman's line of "I am all natural. I stay out of the sun, eat healthily and have good genes", I say, Get. Over. Yourself. It's ok to do whatever you like if it makes you feel better about yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I just want to put the best product on your face, that's all.

It's no wonder the average woman is shooting for unattainable beauty if there is so much denial out there. The majority of celebrities, at least here, are having non-invasive procedures such as botox, plasma and microdermabrasion all the time. And many will progress to plastic surgery which is pretty risky business when you see the results up close. That’s the reality and its not always a level playing field for the rest of us looking at these women from afar unless you have the wherewithal to keep up with them that is.

And when you know that, you can go back to running your own race in whatever way you want. Without the pressure of thinking 40, 50, 60 and beyond is meant to look a certain way. It's meant to look the way you want it to look. No pressure. No shame. Regardless of your choices.
And for those who are not so keen or cannot afford to get injected, pulled, peeled and prodded here are some makeup tips:
- Wear more blush to give dull skin a boost.
- Never use beige or pink-based foundation. This will suck the warmth out of your skin.
- Don't over-pluck your eyebrows. This will accentuate eyelids which tend to become fuller and droopier as you age.
- Match your brow colour to your hair colour.
- Don't go overboard on eyeliner under the eye. Use it on the top to get some lift.
- Avoid frosty or shimmery eye shadow. This will make skin look crepey. Go for matte shading colours like browns and black for shape and definition. And blend well.
- Don't forget your d├ęcolletage. This area shows some of the most aging so don't stop your make-up at your neck. Apply a soft wash of foundation to the area.
- Avoid dark lipstick. As you age your lips sag and are more lined and harsh. Try softer colours.
- Go easy on the lip gloss. This will make lipstick bleed and emphasise lines. Use it only in the centre of your lip to make your mouth look fuller and rounder.
- If you wear glasses eyelash extensions will give eyes a boost.
- Only ever use one product under your foundation. Adding too many will make your skin oily and the makeup cakey.

UPDATE: Now they say you should get rid of your long hair when you are middleaged. My daughter came home this weekend and this morning she agreed to give my hair a trim. I trusted her. Or did. She cut inches off so now my hair is kind of just above my shoulders but still long enough to put up thank God. I would post a picture but I am still crying lol!!! So as my final tip, I want to tell you that lawyers don't make good hairdressers and the word 'trim'means different things to different people. And there is a reason we should put ourselves in the hands of professionals. Good job I am not too attached to anything really. Hair grows.
Image: collage of my own makeup art


  1. It is so wonderful to see you on my blog roll again. YOU don't need anything you are gorgeous.. Me trust all natural here babe'...maybe too natural..LOL I don't think injections are in my future, but one never knows and I would never denies. It kills me when Hollywood does say I have had nothing done..and nothing on them moves when they say that.. good grief do they really think people are that dumb.

  2. Love the title of this... very diplomatic. Great post!

  3. Can you come live with me, please? Every time I've had make-up done professionally (usually for band photo shoots), I look a billion times better. Same with my hair. Only Georgia, my angelic hairdresser, can make me look like a movie star. Left to my own accord, I look more like a really bad version of an 80's soap opera character.

    And, hell yes I'm going to have "work" done! Why not? I'm worth it!

  4. I wish you lived closer! I´d come over and let you instruct me on how to use make up with old age. I have never used a lot, but now that I´d really need it, I really don´t know where to start....
    Great post!!

  5. Hello there, Ms. Lilly! So nice to have you back where you belong.

    I've had too many other surgeries to consider one on my face - of all places! Artfully applied makeup does a wonderful job of covering skin graft scars on both sides of my nose - skin cancer last year! The healing process took forever and 11 months after the last graft I still may be healing a bit. My dermatologist suggested micro-dermabrasion to 'smooth' things out a bit. But, I have been hesitant to go there after seeing a few results online.

    Oh, what we do to ourselves in the name of beauty/suntans!!!! No more for this woman. I get mine out of a bottle now!

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Lilly, First, LOVE the new header! Very chic.

    And second, you know this is a "hot" issue for me. I am NOT a fan of the aging process on my face (mainly because I look so tired and drawn) and have written about the unwelcome changes to my face and skin over the past few years. Yes, I am a proud member of the Botox Nation and I have no problem talking about it. I started at the "eye surgeon" who said I "wasn't ready" for a "lift" so he does the Botox with the promise that he'll tell me "when it's time"... although I'm not 100% sure I'll have the nerve for surgery when that day rolls around

    Like you, I think it's a little strange that people don't admit to "having work", especially to professionals like you. No, they don't have to advertiser it, but lying about it sounds silly. I, on the other hand, am happy to share my experience when asked and hope my frankness has helped my gal pals (and even a few guys) make informed decisions.

    Your make-up advice is FABULOUS!!!!!! Thank you.

  7. I don't know if you watch So You Think You Can Dance, but Mary Murphy admitted to having botox done, on one of the shows, and it created quite a stir. Which I was surprised by, because doesn't everyone in Hollywood have Botox? And is it really seen as such a taboo thing anymore?

    Love the makeup tips.

  8. Personally speaking, I would perhaps opt for non-invasive procedures at the most. I'm scared of the scalpel and the knife, anyway. But to each his own.

    And its great to have you back, wit, wrinkles (?), wisdom, et al.

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  10. I can say that I have never understood anything about why people think they should look younger, better, or what ever. I look the way I look. Not much can be done about it, don't like the way I look, look the other way.

    I don't think I'll ever use any "product" or "procedure" to change my appearance. Besides, it would just take way to much work to make me look good anyway, LOL. I'm a disaster area.

  11. Yes, it is good to see you back, Lilly! And great advice which happily I've been doing for some years. I've been fortunate, I've aged well enough and rarely have people guess my age correctly -- but! I know the difference, but then who cares what I see????

    Enjoy the day, Lilly!


  12. Hm... I agree 100% (+ if possible) with the sentiments.

    The trouble is, though, that the world IS judgmental - and jealous, envious, whatever!

    I'm not so sure about the regular surgery. If it put me back to close to where I was, or at least to where I want to be, then fine, but I'm not one of those that wants to survive at any price.

    However, that's the point, isn't it? It's whatever suits the individual and not a bloody thing to do with the rest of us.

    I'm with you, but then you were always beautiful and my real true love really - G

    Welcome back ;)

  13. Welcome back girlfriend!

    I can't imagine you needing any kind of cosmetic surgery! You are so beautiful and youthful-looking!

  14. Never suspected Nicole Kidman of plastic surgery..hmm

  15. I just saw a picture of Meryl Streep she is one person who I think has done the whole aging thing well. And without any help!

  16. Awwww Lilly, It's soo great to see you back posting ... have missed you something rotten... Well I didn't mean you were rotten Oh to hell, you know what I mean! Go girl go, but don't mentioned the w word (whisper it - wrinkles) I 'm soo flippen scunnered I got conned into buying another 'fabulous' cream last week and guess what ? It didn't bloody work.. arrggghh !! Why did I inherit my Nan's facial skin and not my Mum's. sob...
    Think I'd better give up buying these crappy lotions and potions as a bad job and stick with my pleated face - yer old lady in the previous item looked familiar - till I looked in the mirror !
    sob, sob... hic! Oh hell I need a cuppa ! Cheers peer - Kate x.

  17. OOps, just had another quick look at the lady below - no harm to her but at least I got 'most' of my own teeth hehehehe... Byeeee Kate X.

  18. I'm the living definition of vain and shallow, but there is no way I will let anyone cut and tuck me. Simply because I don't do pain and I will not submit myself to that torture willingly. And just to remind myself of what the result might be if the 'cutter' had a late night, I am looking at MJ's pics.

    Lilly, I am so glad that you are back!

  19. I am old, wrinkled and not dried up yet, I have never wore make up, eye liner and I use to wear real light red lipstick by Avon. I would never dream of subjecting my natural looking skin to any of those treatments. I am no American beauty and yes time has robbed me of my looks as does it to all old folks, you can't beat the age process of wrinkling, well, maybe using those treatments, but, I think in the end it all starts letting go. This was another great post, thank you for wishing us a nice special day, we just hung out with family. Have a very nice Sunday.

  20. I agree with you - why do surgery if you are just going to deny it? Unfortunately, it says a lot about society - that it's OK for men to age, but not for women.

    I'm sure you'll get used to your new haircut... as you say, it'll grow back!

  21. I couldn't agree more with your comment re being honest if you've had plastic surgery. In my opinion, if you want to have plastic surgery, that's totally your call and fine with me. If you don't, that's totally your call and fine with me.

    Having said all that, I can understand why women don't fess up given the judgement they get from others. Unfortunately, "others" is usually other women. When will we all support each other and our choices rather than tear each other down? One day soon I hope.

  22. Can I have a makeover please? Sigh.

  23. Hallelujah and AMEN!!!

    I have no intention of cutting my hair...the thought of having to do anything with it, besides braid or put it up gives me nightmares!!!

  24. Great make up tips! My eyebrows haven't matched my hair ever, they are so fair and light and in the summer almost disappear off my face. Sigh.

  25. @ Julie - I would be tempted if you lived closer to me to try some powder (I like the powder form of eyebrow colour as you get better control) on your eyebrows just to see what it looks like. Eyebrows really frame our face and you have a great face! I found a grey hair in mine the other day, BIG SIGH! So, there is something to be said for fair eyebrows after all.

  26. Wonderful post. I often think about getting restalyne injections for my marionette creases. Then I think about the money and all the other things I could do with $600.

  27. Can I just say-- I love that your back? You would think women would feel comfortable telling you they had "work" done. I mean you're right there in their face. Close proximity should bring about honesty. I tell my esthetician more than she probably wants to hear. lol.

    Great makeup tips. I have a beauty question. I want to start using mineral powder for foundation coverage (b/c it's easy). Which brand do you recommend?

  28. Thanks for sharing some great beauty tips, Lilly. I am trying not to give myself too hard a time over my appearance everyday when I look in the mirror. We are our own worst critics. Not sure about the women over a certain age and long hair thing, it might not look so good reaching one's arse (a bit tooo long) anymore, past a certain age, but length is definitely better than too short in many cases, from my observation. Us poor gals, why don't men worry over their appearance as we do, many of them don't look too hot, but they just don't seem to care! I'm comin back as a man, I want to know what it is like to have that smooth assurance about oneself.

  29. @ Summer, I will email you with what I think about the makeup.

  30. Hey Rowe - good girl, we need to focus on the right things instead!!

  31. I didn't realize you were back on the Boards--as they say...I'm so glad you are!
    Nicole Kidman has already done too much to herself, to me....I guess what bothers me is when people start to NOT look like themselves, I personally find it kind of creepy. But that's me. If it makes them happy...Bless them.

    Most of the women I know who are all over 65 and nearing seventy and much older, have done very little to themselves--IF anything. They are all actresses, but something---Maybe Good Genes---has helped them stay youthful looking. Seemah, for instance, has never done anything...And she certainly has had tragedy in her life, which could make one old before their time. Betty, who is 90.....Never done anything except to her nose--Back in the early 1950's, because 'the studio' insisted.....
    I really feel as you do, IF something horrible happened I think I would want to try to fix that, but face reflects my life. I earned every! And it is going to stay that way!

  32. Naomi - I am telling you I want to know what you ladies have for breakfast because whatever it is it is turning the clock backwards. You need to work out your secret is, bottle it and you will make millions. It must be the love of the theatre and acting I think because you are all still so involved in it all and clearly love it!!

  33. lilly;

    You are beautiful...and so is your new blog!
    I must admit to loving makeup, I need it more now then I used too...tisk!
    Thank yu so for the tips....I can always use help.
    The dermo can do really great things...I am for the most natural look that I can.

  34. So do we all Peggy but its all in good fun. I have never ever been to a dermo ever. Perhaps its not too late.

  35. Thanks for the beauty tips--I learned I'm doing a couple of things wrong! (No wonder...) Future pics should look MUCH better! XOXO

  36. You always look great Linda, ALWAYS!!!


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