Friday 7 August 2009


It's my favourite time of day.

A very cool sunset in the last month of winter.

Except from tomorrow I have to get acquainted with sunrise.

I haven't laid eyes on her for years.

I momentarily lost my mind and agreed to exercise for the next 3 months.

It's supposedly for a good cause. Me.

I was inspired by our Prime Minister's 51 year old wife who just climbed some exotic mountain top after training for months with an SAS type person.

Then along comes pictures of Cindy Crawford kicking back on a boat in St Tropez looking like that at 43.

I nearly changed my mind. Cindy has the secret of youth. And it apparently doesn't involve chasing it.

Cindy says the secret to her great body is HAPPINESS.

Eating cupcakes makes me really happy. And I bet working out for hours a day makes her really happy.

Tough call. More cupcakes or more exercise?

I better get some sleep, and if you hear the groans and whinging about six hours from now just be thankful you don't live closer.......

Whatever you do this weekend, may it make you really, really happy because now we all know that happiness will give us a body just like's decent of her to share her secrets really.....for all the ******* good it's going to do the rest of us.


  1. Lilly, That Cindy Crawford, always trying to make women happy. Oh wait, did I say women? I meant to say men. And, yes, cupcakes make me very happy. Problem is, they also make my tummy FAT and happy! Exercise is good. So is chocolate. It's all about proportions...

  2. If being happy gives us a body like cindy, then I've been robbed Lilly! LOL

  3. Oh Cindy!
    Damnit, just when you start to think you're body content, someone comes along to make even your earlobes feel fat! lol.

    Happiness is in Krispy Kreme's and carbs, and not wearing lycra watching people sweat.

    Good for you and your motivation Lilly, I wish I had even an ounce of it ;-)

  4. What a great notion! Wish it were the truth! :) I will probably be scouring my house clean this weekend and that doesn't make me happy. I'd better hurry and add something that will make me gleeful so I can look like Cindy!

  5. Lilly;

    Again, I love your blog!
    ...and it being happy gives me a body like Cindy's....I'm gonna try real real hard to smile a heck of a lot more..but then what do I do with the crease's around my mouth?
    Hvae a great weekend!

  6. i think women who look like that as they age need to be slapped! PERIOD! lol

    Hey I'm 51 and think I look good, i do need to lose weight and alot of it..and I cant see myself climbing anything mostly because of fear.

    I think exercise is a good thing no matter what--simply because it keeps our bodies mobile and helps us burn of those cupcakes!

  7. Good luck! I need to start exercising again.

  8. what a gorgeous sunset photo! good luck with your exercise program, it's a good thing. another good thing is you're heading out of winter. I don't see many sunrises myself, it's not natural to me! I think Cindy was just born gorgeous.

  9. Apparently, I've been going about my workout all wrong. All this time, I've been trying to get ready for our beach vacation without cupcakes. Well, apparently my weekend will involve cupcakes. lol.

  10. I love Cindy...we share the same birthday..OK one of us is a coupla years older..and we're both swell lookers :D

    Working on rocking a bikini the way that she does, but I think I'm more the tankini sort...

    Lovely photo Lilly

    Peace - Rene

  11. Great photo! So how did it go? I too have proclaimed I need to climb back on the treadmill, and yet here I sit :)

  12. LOL, Lilly :) You always make me laugh and smile. Good for you on the exercise. I'm taking a little vacation so I expect to see some svelte pictures of you upon my return...good thing about exercise is you can eat a cupcake every once in a while and still look great!

    Good luck to you and enjoy it!



  13. Great! Set the alarm, rise and shine, enjoy the sunrise and lose the flab (seriously, do you have any extra? If you need I can send you a couple of kilos. Absolutely free).

    My weekend is for blogging late and sleeping late, and eating lots! And wishing that we could eat more and lose more, somehow!

  14. You are nuts! Good luck with that!

  15. Cindy doesnt play fair she is right into the plastic surgery BUT she has earned that body through good genes and hard work. Yeah if only the will to exercise came naturally. We just got to do it for ourselves. By the way Cindy's husband is pretty hot too. I like sunsets too because they tell me its cocktail hour. I have seen my fair share of sunrises too on the way home from those extended cocktail hours.....

  16. beautiful sunset picture and enjoy your sunrise

  17. I must have been unaware of how unhappy I was hahaha...

    I was also inspired by Therese Rein ..but she did end up in hospital!

  18. I think I would be very happy if someone gave me a body like Cindy Crawfords - most men would, lol. Get out there you lazy cow and get moving, you will enjoy it eventually.

  19. Exercise. Ahh... Been there, done that, still don't have Cindy's body... But I'm still trying! But exercise at dawn? That would be the end of me :-)

    Don't forget to stretch before and after.


  20. I am just so happy you are blogging again. You can whine on this blog all you want about being unable to move. I am just so happy you are back to blogging at full strength.

    Do you have Sprinkles in Australia? They are the yummiest cupcakes in the WORLD! and they make me happy!

  21. Lilly,
    Do you secretly want paparazzi following you?
    Why does the exercise need to be in the morning? Doesn't the body get the same benefit anytime during the day? well best of luck with it.

  22. Love the image here Lilly, it's almost surreal, the rich colours, white space and blacked out buildings. Hmm, Cindy Crawford says happiness keeps her body looking so good, well she better be happy with the motza she makes plus she can pay people to help make sure she looks great.

  23. Lisleman if I looked like Ciindy I would even let you follow me, ok? Apparently exercise is better in the morning for you when youa re too sleepy to work out what the hell you are doing. It hurt...but its essential.

    @PHST - Winter, yep its Australia I live in - opposite seasons to you.

  24. exercise is overrated but you could dine out on that sky for years.... such beauty

  25. Well, afterglow has always meant something different to me and that should make you happy.

    I hate to spoil anything for you but I think Miss Crawford is suggesting that happiness from other sources will reduce the desire for cupcakes.

    Still, you do it your way - G always thinks you're gorgeous anyway.


  26. @ cjw666 - Cindy's husband's name is Randy - guess that says something.I agree but nothing I have tried reduces the desire for cupcakes...glad you always get 'it'!

  27. best of luck with building a relationship with sunrise...

    the sunset looks fabulous... would love to see some sunrise shots too

    take care of the new future fit you
    best wishes

  28. I love cupcakes! And I just keep walking everywhere, Lilly. Not having a car has helped me to lose weight and be stronger as my body ages. start slowly, my friend, with your exercise :)

  29. Hi lovely Lilly !!
    Something funny has been going on here. For the last month every time i looked at your blog I got the old fishing boat, and kept thinking "That's some trip "-"Wonder what she's up to now ??? " There was a mysterious caller from Hawaii. "Oh,is that where Lilly is ?"- or maybe she's in for some crafty cosmetic work - (no she wouldn't do that )-or perhaps she's on retreat in a Himalayan monastery ???
    Never mind I've found you. Fantastic, wonderful Am now up to date but left with a dilemma. My eyebrows and hair no longer match. Which should I dye or should I change both ?
    Love to Des

  30. Good luck getting up early to exercise is a bummer. Do what my friend does, she eats what she wants and does the exercise bike for an hour. This is not for me, I guess I am beyond all that exercise, I do like to walk and I did more walking when my sweet Willow was alive. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Please be inspired by people that are serious about the effects it will have on you.

  31. I'm pretty happy, and I don't look a thing like Cindy. In fact, being unhappy makes me lose weight and exercise obsessively, so I actually look better unhappy. I think I'll stick with being happy and a little plump.

  32. ITs all about balance hey. One cupcake an hours exercise. Just so happens I was never very good at math.

  33. Oh my gosh you gave me my laugh today - "Eating cupcakes makes me really happy"! That made me laugh.

    We can't all be Cindy Crawford!

    Kudo'd for starting an early morning exercise program. I am giving myself another month but I will be doing the same thing. I know it is not easy! Great job!!

  34. LOL, LOL....Well, I'll take the Cupcakes! Remember....very few of these people tell the truth about things like this....I know a lot of somewhat overwwight people who are very Happy....Maybe having a body tha looks like hers isn't important to them. So, I guess I'll still take those Cupcakes over all that getting up early and!

  35. came back to check for comment to the comment. So I guess this is comment cubed.

    Anyway, I noticed your mention of Cindy's husband's name, Randy. Since Cindy is from Illinois and her husband is also American the "Randy" slang doesn't really apply.

    I'll never forget this Irish co-worker on his first visit to our headquarters outside Chicago started laughing out loud while he was looking up a phone number in our company directory. I was puzzled about what in a phone directory would be funny. We had an employee named Randy Darling. That's when I learned the slang meaning of randy.

  36. @ Lisleman - it is funny isnt it the difference in the meaning of words - could make for tricky communication really. Randy Darling woul dmake me smile too!!! This topic would make a good blog post!!

  37. Amazing sunset picture!

    Ah, excercising,.. I usually take a winter break!

    So, I will take a cupcake right now.

    Enjoy the morning excercise, will join you in 23 days from now!

  38. Sherpa Peggy from Arse Class just checking in!
    And I am thanking my lucky stars I DON'T live anywhere near Canberra.
    I am VERY happy doing my daily hour walk in the AFTERNOON with the dog next door.

    I didn't realise there was a BlogHer in New York next August.
    As a matter of fact I will be in the vicinity. In July I am travelling around several States in the USA visiting my blog friends and also spending 2 weeks in Norway. So hopefully we will be able to hook up in New York.

    BTW what was the missing word in your last sentence?
    "for all the ******* good it's going to do the rest of us".

    Great bantering with you Lilly.
    Love ya mate.
    Peggy xxxxx

  39. Isn't Elton John happy too?

  40. @ Ocean Girl - Yeah! But I cant sing either...

  41. Trust me that body doesn't come only from being happy. If she has a glow, that comes from being happy. Thin legs, bellys and butts come from working them out EVERY DAY.

    Trust me, from one who hated to exercise, after a while it really does become habit and you wonder why you didn't do it before. Sure you will hurt and want to quit but stick with makes a difference.

    Thank you for your wonderful words on my blog. I hope that I can continue to inspire you (and hopefully myself as well).

  42. Remember that Cindy's photos are all probably photoshopped!

    Enjoy the exercise.. and if not - then eat cupcakes and be happy!

  43. So that's all it takes to make my body svelte?

    Well hell... here I go!!!

    "thinking happy... thinking happy, thinking happy..."

    {Looking in mirror} Crap... didn't work... "Thinking happy....

  44. Dear Lilly .... I have just returned from my daily two mile walk ~ all to the disco tunes of none other than Donna Summer! Seems it's the only music I can walk to. Although three weeks ago I was listening too hard and fell on my right knee. Down went my music player, my phone, ME! Blood everywhere, checking to make certain I hadn't broken, torn or pulled anything....then looking around to make certain no one had actually seen me! If you could have seen me trying to upright myself, you would have died laughing. I am healed now, still a little sore, but I will live. SO, my dear .... you be careful out there! And stay away from those cupcakes.

  45. I just watched some of my friends do "legs" of the death race. I really want to do that next year!! Let's get fit together, and then eat cupcakes in NYC!! lol

  46. @ Rhonda - I am doing it - NYC August 2010 for BlogHer.

  47. I am having my own delicious afterglow because hubby has returned after a week away. While Cindy Crawford and a whole bunch of other women may have bodies that look better than mine - I dare say that not any of them can top mine in terms of feeling and responding to the touch of a man who loves me and I love back!
    I'm having my cupcake, too, later on.

  48. So how did you do?

  49. hehe. Love that parting line "for all the..... good it's going to do us"

    I'm happy, to be home and for having the time with family.

    Good luck with the exercising. Hoping it will inspire me too!

  50. Well, I've just polished off a rhubarb tart with lashings of King Island double thick cream so I'm the wrong person to ask I think!! :)

  51. @ Sam - oh I love rhubarb!!!

  52. The photo is beautiful, Lilly...and I have confidence you will stick to your new exercise schedule and see many beautiful sunrises, as well!
    Love to you,

  53. Exercise! It's what I need most but have the hardest time doing. I don't know why. I just don't like to. I've got to come up with some way to move because I think it's affecting me emotionally. Tomorrow. Yes, I will.

  54. Hey Kay - and we both lives in places with beautiful weather and no excuses - I figure I am just lazy....good to see you!

  55. Jlo - woo hoo, an author graces my blog! Thanks for dropping by - cannot wait for your book to be out in the shops!!

  56. More cupcakes--definitely. Well, at least until you get depressed from so many of them that it FORCES you to work out and then you can eat more cupcakes again. Perfect. :) The Circle of Life, I tell ya.

    Lilly, you need "following" back up. I can't get the subscribe thing to work adn I don't use readers anyway. Can you add that at some point?

  57. Just dropped by your place to say hi! Still around, just wondering where you are,... hope that you are having fun!

  58. Both and chocolate brownies on the side.
    I read if you eat cupcakes or brownies while exercising it means it doesn't count (either)...does that make any I thought so!

  59. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


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