Thursday 2 July 2009

Dear Mark Sanford,

I know it’s none of my business, and I know you are a politician in another country, but I spotted you today on a news site and I just had to find out why you were still looking so forlorn.

Oh, I see. Another revealing media interview.
Somewhat foolish. And no, you just can't put the genie back in the bottle Governor. That notion belongs in fairytales.

What did you think you were doing exactly? Revealing all that extra stuff on top of the stuff you had already revealed in a previous press conference.

I know love is blind but in case you weren’t aware of it, it doesn’t mean it also has to be deaf and dumb!

As Shakespeare said, the better part of valour is discretion. What he meant is, please shut your mouth before it’s too late!

There is nothing sadder than another middle-aged politician publicly confessing his sins. And then confessing more and more to the point you would easily get a walk on part on the Bold and Beautiful and not look out of place.

Telling everyone you are committed to reconciling with your wife, even though you love and have a strong emotional attachment to another woman and that you would die happy knowing you had met your 'soul mate', was a clear signal you need to be committed to somewhere quiet for a while.

Do you think it was necessary to also reveal that there were at least a handful of other women you overstepped the 'marital boundaries' with, on your frequent overseas trips?

Given you are a politician, we might have expected you to say that you got a little confused about what bi-lateral relations actually meant (although in your case multi-lateral relations may be the more appropriate term), so you took some creative license and made it your public duty to conduct a handful of foreign affairs. All in the line of duty.
You didn't. You told the truth.
However, you should have spared the entire world all the juicy details and just said, I, Governor Mark Sanford, misused public funds for personal use. I can no longer be trusted. I resign. Good bye.
No, I don’t think you can even call it a mistake or a lapse in judgement. Even though you found what you were looking for. A mistake is choosing the wrong tie to wear with your suit, or going to the wrong restaurant for dinner, or buying the wrong book, or hiking the Appalachian Trail and going in the wrong direction (oh thank you Governor for that euphemism). Using public money, no matter how small the amount, to fly off to see your lover is, is just plain wrong.
Perhaps you need to make a commitment to yourself first. Stay away from the press. Leave public office. Then allow your wife and children the opportunity to retain a shred of dignity. Finding your soul mate has got to be worth that sacrifice surely? For everyone’s sake.


Readers I am curious about your views on this.

I am not judging this guy for his affairs, that's between him and his wife. I am judging him on the way he chooses to confess more and more each day to the media without a care in the world for the impact of what he is revealing. It's hard to conceive of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Julia Gillard or any other high ranking female public or private sector official holding a news conference to say they had been conducting an affair, disappeared to another country to call off an affair or visited a male prostitute.
Why are there so many middle-aged male political officials who feel the need to publicly confess their sins in this way? Is it because men who have been in power for so long feel they are above the rest of society and they are sorry they got caught? Or is it because they have acted so piously towards others when they themselves are doing far worse and feel guilty? Or does power distort one’s moral compass and self awareness? Or are these men just normal blokes who are trying to do the right thing (after they get caught).

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  1. Lilly,

    Folks here add a new dimension to the shamelessness. We have had a Minister of a state government, suddenly convert himself into a Moslem, (to take advantage of the 4-wives per person allowance), and simply take off with his new girlfriend , publicly. If you thought that was bad, the guy then suddenly returned to his original family, phoned the lady he ran away with, and said "I divorce you" 3 times over the phone (Talaq,talaq,talaq ), and divorced her. Just 3 days ago, there was a photo of the two of them back together again . I think power doesnt just corrupt, it affects the balance of the minds of these "public servants" as they are called. Sometimes I think we should investigate Islamic laws further, and maybe implement the lashes in public for guys like Sanford and this guy.......

  2. I don't think they feel the need to confess anything until they are caught red handed or should I say red faced. We, also, had a Governor that did the same thing here in Kentucky a few years back. The State Police here were covering for him and taking him to meet his "soulmate". He was tagged "The Luv Guv"and cartoons were published in the paper of him. His wife stayed with him, too. What I don't understand is the wives. Are they nuts or what? Why on earth would you stay with any of these men? I truly think Hillary would be president had she left Clinton. No woman would ever get my vote that put up with a man like that. Once caught with their hand in the cookie jar, then it's all humble pie, sad faces, and begging to come back. I would divorce the fool so fast it would make him wonder what happened to him.

  3. Lilly, I swear you took ALL those words right out my mouth, LOL. I so totally agree, I stood in front of the TV in disbelief of watching him. Going I just don't get it. Had he not gone to total confessional I would have's between him and his wife...but then he didn't shut up he not only plunged the knife deeper into his wife, he decide to to twist and turn it. His gotta go now..byebye!
    Enough already! On him & MJ good grief.
    We have been in trouble for a long time with the lack or moral me they just think they are a notch above everybody else...

  4. Intriguing. Oh my you can say that three times and you are divorced. Wow. I just wonder why do we even have to know about their private matter. I bring it up because he himself has raised it in an interview so he cleary has put it in the public domain himsef. Not ust once but several times. It just makes me curious as to why anyone would think that the public either wants to know or needs a confession other than misusing their office for something. Seriously, I do not get it and wonder if anyone else has reasons why? Does he htink it makes him appear more honest? I am not sure. Does he want the public to debate it? Forgive him?

  5. This is such an interesting topic actually about people who have a lot of power. A friend of mine has been working on some disciplinary issues of top exectuives in a company and how they have been misuing company money to entertain their women friends. They do not see anything wrong with it she said until they have been dragged in for questioning. Then they suddenly realise they are not invincible. My friend believes that some people with a lot of power suddenly think they are above the law (and ethics) and do what they like. Narcissists! Of course they all arent like this but enough to see a trend.

    I am only judging this guy on the fact he just keeps going on and on about this and telling the public more and more. It must be excruciating for his family, friends and colleagues who no doubt are in shock at his behaviour (and I dont mean his affairs - thats between him and his wife). Judy, I think he is hopelessly besotted and everything else doesnt matter. I hope his new girlfriend sticks by him because he will need a shoulder to cry on after this is over. And Darsden it kind of makes a welcome break from MJ.

  6. Lest we forget, Caroline Kennedy had to drop her name from consideration for Hilary's vacated Senate seat because it came out that she was having an affair. It's not just men -- there are just so many more of them in positions of power (public and private) that we hear more about them.

    Because, for every guy that's fooling around, there's a woman fooling around with him. (Okay, that's not strictly true, but more than 90% of the time.)

  7. @ Jeanne - well there you go they kept that one quiet or maybe not. It didnt seem to make the news. I guess though she didnt call a press conference and announce it.

    It's not the having an affair bit that leaves me intrigued (that happens) it's the feeling that you have to publicly announce it to the world (usually with your wife standing by your side) that I don't get.

  8. This guy has lost his marbles. Love makes us crazy. I think he is in love with this woman and believes he has found his soul mate (although those words are alarm bells as there are many middleaged men that profess this).

    Stating it publicly like that must be a kick in the teeth for his wife of 20 years who clearly was never his soul mate. My advice to him would be to run off to Argentina with his new love. Follow your passion Governor and get out of the country.

    His poor sons, imagine them fronting up to school every day, Ouch! Bloody idiots, truly.

  9. Lots of thoughts going on in my head about this. First, I may get fried for this, but so what. This man and his wife also made it clear they are devout Christians. That right there, says alot about why I think he confessed. I think they truly feel and believe if they confess all the sordid details, somehow that clears them of the guilt, sin etc. It makes them feel honest, cleansed. Of course I think its B.S. God knows exactly what he did--and you can talk to him in your closet.

    2nd, When I heard what he's been saying about his mistress and he's "trying" to fall back into love with his whole being just felt slimy. There is no need whatsoever for him to disclose any of what he disclosed. The knife he put in his wifes heart, just gets deeper and deeper. On that, that is what I would kick him to the curb for--not the original indiscretion. To hear your partner say all this stuff--is so disrepectful and gut wrenching--he should be "bitch slapped".

    I think honestly and some may not agree with me on this...what one does in their personal life is their business..period. I honestly feel someone can cheat--and still be good at what they do..its a separate issue, period. HOWEVER, they need to keep their mouths shut, their indiscretions NEED to be paid for out of their own salary, and its something they and their spouse need to deal with. Not us.I know some people feel how can you be honest if your a cheater...I dont agree with that. I think its a whole entirely different ball game, doing ones job--and having problems in your marriage. All of us are tempted, some of us fall, it dosnt mean we are less of a human being. Where it gets wrong in a public position is when they begin using public funds, public time,,etc.

    Lastly, if your going to stray,,do it with class and dignity. Not that its a classy thing to do--but have some dam respect for your partner,,your playing partner. I would NOT want anyone talking about me and what kind of mistress or wife I am. And if I ever, EVER cheated with a politician,,you can bet your sweet butt, my lips would be sealed FOREVER! I know I'm going to be hated for some of my thoughts--but I think this is how it truly is. There are so many who are quick to judge, critisize, etc...and we always seem to find out later, they themselves have walked that path.

  10. Good Lord--can you say POWER TRIP? Does he really think he is so wonderful that people are going to look beyond this? I am embarrassed to be a Republican right now.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the first and it won't be the last. But even more unfortunate is that the media keeps giving these idiots a platform on which to stand and talk.

    Personally, I feel for his wife and kids. She didn't stand next to him and play "good wife". Instead she was at her beach house with their boys telling the reporters what a dufus she married!! Gotta love her!!

    Here in Illinois our esteemed former gov tried to sell the Obama Senate seat. He, too, refused to resign and collect his pension until they throw his ass in jail. Instead he let them impeach him, convict him and throw him out. He is stupid too. Now we just need to get rid of the idiot that took over for him.

    South Carolina has nothing on us!!! LOL

  11. Don't get me started on cheating husbands. After having one of my own, I have nothing good to say, and frankly I won't even waste my breath on the subject anymore.

    Sanford needs to resign and move to Brazil. That gives us one less lying dog in this country.

  12. I think there are other powers or forces at play behind the scenes telling him that until he is brutally honest, he'll never be able to rebuild himself or at least get out from underneath it!

    It reminds me of the Bill Clinton fiasco with Monica Lewinsky. He had to divulge all the details and suffer the deserved humiliation before moving on. I can't see Hilary putting up with more and more details coming to light repeatedly over a string of years. Get it all out and hope there are no more ghosts. Then move out and move on!

  13. It could be that the public loves reality tv.

    Lilly, how do I follow your blog at my dashboard? Do I copy paste your address? But where?

  14. @ Dawnie, wow, I for one LOVED what you had to say. You nailed it. And I agree. I think he set himself up to be holier than thou and probably made sanctomonious comments about others in the past. So, he kind of had mud over him and he is trying to shed it all while he can. I think his wife might be pretty tough. She hasnt publicly stood by him although she said she wants him to give the marriage a go. I am not sure he wants it. I would cut him adrift. You can't flog a dead horse. He loves someone else. He said it. Interesting days.

  15. @ Me - I think you hit it on the head too with the fact they are on power trips and lose all sense of reality. Otherwise he is just so emotional he is not thinking clearly. I think he will resign.The media are loving it - sells papers I bet. Thanks for your perspective too!

    @ Julie - oh yes honey I think thats exactly what he will do and then, a few moths later when reality hits home, that same dog will have his tail between his legs asking to come home. Betya. I find it suspect when middle aged men start talking about finding their soul mates after being in long term relationships. I was in a situation with a businessman who travelled where I was the other woman but didnt know it. He hid his wife from me very well. Bastard. Yes I am still bitter clearly lol!

    @ Vicky - oh I can only hope no-one is advising him to do this. I could never understand the Bill Clinton thing either. Strangely we do not have the same issue with politicians here - whether the media protects them I am not sure but its less of a big deal. I ahve also never seen them talk to their press about their private lives. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Whatever happened to that Elliott whomever in NY? Thanks for your insight on this too.

    @ Ocean Girl - Oh what you do is go to the Dashboard and then go down to Manage or Add Blogs. Click on Add and put -think thats it. I don't put followers on here because only blogger blogs use it. Thanks and I will call by your blog tomorow.

  16. I am confused as to how all this info aired out with save his career or his marriage. It's almost like he's using this whole ordeal as his 15 minutes of fame. I don't know. It's strange.

  17. I think it is their moral compass gone haywire coupled with power and thinking they can do anything they want - plus the fact that we live in a digital age where media rules and everything is confessed so publicly...

  18. I am in total agreement with you Lilly - The people I feel for are his family.

    "Then allow your wife and children the opportunity to retain a shred of dignity."



  19. I believe in discretion. I also say, especially in a country where we have the freedom to do so, be married or be single and free. This guy is so arrogant, wimpy, self-absorbed, and clearly enanamored of the media that he confesses everything. Does he not know that his children will be able to see his confessions for the rest of their lives?
    One wonders what happiness or joy was in his marriage.
    I also think that his lack of judgment, his impulsiveness and arrogance in disappearing from duty, not telling anyone the truth of where he was, etc., means that he can't govern and one wonders how much he has governed during the affair. (If I went awol on any of the jobs I've had in my life, I would have been fired.)

    I am of the opinion that if someone doesn't want me, if my husband can't thrill to me over an extended period of time (because marriages always have their cool periods) then I don't want them. Why would she take him back.

    Discretion? Fidelity? Discipline?
    Do these things have no meaning?

  20. It's disheartening. It makes you wonder if any man is capable of monogamy. I know that's a ridiculous statement, but I've known guys who I thought were the "good ones" and they, too, strayed. Of course, it's the wives and children who get the brunt of it. What the hell is he doing staying in office? He said that's harder than resigning. Oh, really? I doubt his wife, family or friends agree with that BS. And, of course, the ultimate hypocrisy is he voted to impeach Clinton on 'moral grounds.' OMFG!!!!

  21. Lilly, you are kind not to judge the Senator about his affair. Me, not so kind :-)

    I think people who repeatedly cheat on their spouses are liars and cowards which all contributes to why and how they act when they are busted. Throw in the power trip of being in a high level position and thinking you are untouchable, and, well, it all adds up to a big sorry pity party which is what I believe the Senator is playing out in the press.

    You're right. Time for the Senator from South Carolina to shut up! And, it's time for his dear wife to hire a kick ass attorney so she and her children can "fall in love with THEMSELVES again", in great comfort, without him. I say Argentina can have him!

    Oy, I guess I woke up cranky this morning! Thanks for another interesting and thought provoking post.

  22. PS I've been meaning to tell you I love the new header and tag line :-) Great job.

  23. This brought home to me, once again, what a lousy judge of character I am. I really figured he was hiking!

    And thank goodness his wife refused to stand beside him while he confessed. I HATED watching the New Jersey and New York governors' wives standing there, looking like they'd sink through the floor from humiliation while their husbands 'fessed up.

  24. The guy is an ass. None of the rest of us could manipulate our jobs or hopefully families in the way these idiots do and get away with it. You committed a crime now go do your time...away from public life. They should have you up for stealing and being a public nuisance Governor.

  25. Jeanne, his wife is one tough woman it seems. She had already separated from him early in the year. He was hiking on a trail of sorts. He just got confused.

  26. He is going through male menopause. Middle aged men are dangerous. I see it in the restaurant I work in all the time. They try and hang on to their youth. Guys come in with the same younger women all the time. One classic time was these two who used to have intimate dinners all the time came in with work colleagues one lunch time. They pretended they hardly knew one another. So clearly they were keeping their relationship a secret. Cowards. We dont have to stay with someone forever but if you cheat and deceive someone karma will give you a slap one day when you least expect it. And that includes the partners who know they are married too. Goodbye Governor.

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  28. I don't understand why he hasn't resigned. The affaird might be between him and his wife, who fortunately, isn't standing by her man, but he leaves office to go on some top secret love trip to Argentina, no one knows where he is, etc.

    He has been negligent.

  29. I heard him say that he wouldn't resign because of the Bible. Uh hunh...

    He said the bible tells of King David and Bathsheba. David had his affair but was still able to reign and so can he. You know, you can justify almost anything with the Bible and now so can he.


  30. Haven't followed the Sanford case, but you can't miss the headlines. The last one, I glimpsed 'soul mate' and my first thought was 'how horrible for his wife'... We were out with friends yesterday and were discussing a couple of women that also cheated on their husbands and ruined their families. No different really than when men do it. And just as painful for friends and family.

    I didn't know Caroline Kennedy was having an affair! ooh. The news I read just said she had dropped out of the running.

  31. Why are there so many middle-aged male political officials who feel the need to publicly confess their sins in this way?

    A quote from Moonstruck sums this up:

    "Because they fear death"

    Peace - Rene

  32. The arrogance in the whole situation is what stuns me. I was also standing in fron of the TV and yelling "SHUT UP...ENOUGH YOU LOVE SICK fool...are you surprised that you're human?" This happens in all walks of life....this stooge is just thinking that his feelings are new discovery to the world, like we haven't heard this tale so many times over. ...WHAT!!!!!!!
    He should just resign, give everybody a break. Go to Argentina and live with his soul mate for a month or forever...that will cure him or it won't. But it will get him the hell away from my TV screen!
    I feel sorry for his boys...they will pay the price (hopefully not)but their Mom seems like a pretty smart cookie.
    BUT PLEASE GOV...GO AWAY, I beg you!
    Love you lilly!

  33. He just better be thankful he wasn't married to a Black woman. She would've had a hot pot of grits waiting for him when he got home.

  34. seriously this is something I have no idea bout! I mean, I hear the news and know the stuff but I can't fathom his inner mind workings! I do understand that as a public figure he needs to make a full public disclosure about what he did and the money he misused but to apparently go on and on like he was talking to a psychologist instead of the media is just amazing! And what is even more so is that he insists that he is still fit to hold his position!! He obviously is not in his full faculties...he may or may not be in love with this other woman and until he returns to some semblance of reason, I don't think he should be allowed to govern...that is criminal!

  35. I don't know the full details about this story but why he needs to confess all in public is beyond me. He could just say he's resigning for personal reasons and leave it at that. He's hurt his wife and family enough - washing the dirty linen in public surely increases their pain.

  36. OY VEY! Well, I DOI criticize him for his terrible behavior because HE voted to impeach Clinton for a Blow-Job in the White House. This man is an A**HOLE, if there ever was one....And I agree with you...he should just SHUT THE F*CK UP!
    If I were his wife, I would be outta there sooooo fast. I would tell him to "go...BE WITH YOUR SOUL MATE---But just get out of my life"
    He is 'trying to fall back in love' with his wife????? PUUUULLLLEEEEZZZEEE!

    OY VEY! Deliver me from these men who go off the deep end to the point of needing a 'rest home' as you suggested....Would you want this man running your State or Country??? Not Me!

    "THE GOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL" is the perfect place for him.

  37. "THE BOLD" ...excuse finger slipped, he makes me so mad!

  38. One of your commenters referred to Caroline Kennedy having had an affair. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PIECE OF INFORMATIUON...THE STAR NEWSPAPER???? Was it with an Alien??
    Lies. ALL LIES!

  39. An excellent post, Lilly. Of course you answered your own question (most of us do that at times, but why do women always do that?) - sorry, I digress, it's the "G" in me - the significant bit is, he got caught!

  40. @ Naomi - Apparently she pulled out of the race at midnight for undisclosed reasons (citing personal reasons). There were unproven rumors that she was having an affair with NY Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger. He had just separated at the time. Even Bill O'Reilly didnt believe that rumor. Perhaps she realised what hell her life would become if she moved into the public arena - sensible decision on her part I am sure.

  41. @ Cjw666 - you have lots of George in you, lol. Um maybe because we talk round and round in circles before we get to where we want to be. Thinking aloud which I know annoys the hell out of men. But you all love us anyway. And some of you love too many of us all at the one time which becomes a problem for some like Sanford. Buthe lives by the Bible has some commenters have said. Bless his little ignorant soul.

  42. I think these guys are busted red handed and figure if they fess up it will get them the ohhh he said sorry vote back and he did confess and say sorry to that will make it better. These guys are just so out of touch that their handlers have them believe this. And why don't the wives leave, too much to lose on their end.
    It's so twisted but it's what happens.

  43. It just plain and simply makes me ill.

    I just don't understand the need to tell the world how fantastic the "lover' was. What a sham!

    That poor wife of his! I would soooo cut off his balls and make him eat a soup of them... publicly.

    Everyday, there seems to be another one coming out of the wood work "confessing".

    It seems the addage is true... It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

  44. i agree with you whole heartedly! i mean, I am all up for calling a spade a spade, especially when you're a politician. Everyone hates a liar, and yet it seems they all are. at any rate, i really do not need to hear them disclose every nitty-gritty detail. besides... it's not like he's going to get any more sympathy or anything. not only that, but it makes them come off looking more foolish. I really liked your "version" of what he should have said. my vote is YOU become a speech writer for politicians! short and sweet! love it!

  45. @ Saundra - I love this line you said, "It seems the addage is true... It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission." It's a great one and I ahve never heard of it before.

    @ EmmaP - well I do wonder who is advising this guy. I think he is in freefall but love does make us do crazy things. It just looks pathetic when we are no longer a teenager and acting stupid. Its hard to be in the public eye I guess but he needs to be gagged and sacked. Simple. Time to move on out.

  46. so many good insightful comments on here. Your readers are smart people. The issue is this guy held himself up to be so virtuous and moral. He called for Clinton's impeachment.He acted holier than though. Like very Minister knows the fall from the pedastal you place yourself can be a big one. As hard as you try to climb back up you never will be able to. This case is an example to all that while we all may try to live life in a moral way sometimes we may slip up. We are human. We shouldnt be too judgmental of what he has done just how he has handled himself subsequently. He is so up himself he thinks that we are all going to believe his Bible theories. He is dangerous and should be removed from the position of Governor.

  47. I plead the 5th. I am bad at politics and as far as I am concerned they can all stew in their poop. As they say they made their beds, let them lie in them. Sorry I am no help. Thank you for coming by and leaving such a nice comment.

  48. LOL Margaret, pleading the 5th! Like it! Like your Barn post.

  49. From the NY Times - Mark hates lying. As he said of Bill’s dalliance with Monica, “If you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything.”

    Marco lies with brio, misleading his family, his lieutenant governor, his staff and his state about his whereabouts, even packing camping equipment to throw off the scent from South America. He told whoppers to his wife, a former investment banker who managed his campaigns and raises his four sons (solo on Father’s Day). She put out a statement quoting Psalm 127 to snidely remind her besotted husband “that sons are a gift from the Lord.”

    Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press on Friday that Mark had told her he needed time to be alone and write, so she was stunned to learn he was in Argentina on a “Roman Holiday.” Before he left to “write,” she warned him not to skip off to the other woman.

    Mark, who disdains rascals, agreed that he wouldn’t. Marco, who is a rascal, skipped off.

    Mark went back to work on Friday, giving his cabinet a lecture on personal responsibility and comparing himself to King David, who “fell mightily ... in very, very significant ways but then picked up the pieces and built from there.”

    His wife should run fast.

  50. Lilly re male menopause - women have different menopause than men. women have hot flashes and get fat. men date younger women and ride motorcycles.

  51. It' a good thing they don't behead anymore ...

  52. short answer - egomaniac
    I've heard he was one of the Republican leaders that were preparing to run against Obama. Well so much for that idea.

    Here's some thoughts from a favorite Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich.

  53. @Lilly: Yup. You're so right, but then you usually are :)

    Re the living by the Bible. I'm not exactly a devout follower of the word, as I think you know, but I seem to recall that Jesus was friends with a prostitute (I imply NOTHING by that before the God Botherers get all steamed up) but that he cast the bankers (moneylenders?) out of the temple. Tells you where he stood on who's good and who's bad, doesn't it? Couldn't agree more with the guy on that score either.

  54. Lilly, this story reminds me of the preacher, Ted (?) a married man with children who I saw interviewed by none other than Oprah. Ted's male lover exposed him as essentially a fraud. Ted only 'confessed' because he was exposed, after misleading his congregation over a significant period of time. I find these occurrences to be really disheartening and disappointing, because I tend to think, okay, you can make mistakes for yourself, but when other people will be hurt by those mistakes, well, that is not right, then, is it. I agree with you about the difference between a mistake and outright deception.

  55. You said it sister! I think he feels that the more tawdry the stuff he pours out from his heart the greater his forgiveness. I think he's using us like a confessional booth - or maybe it's the "media"...I don't know. All I do know is that it's verging on the self indulgent to keep rabbiting on and on about his dark doings and I really would rather not know as I have a life!

  56. Oh yeah. He's wacko. Every day brings new and crazier revelations from him. And I feel so sorry for his wife and sons. How about those poor sons? Their dad went off to see his mistress on Father's Day. Hand him the Father of the Year badge!

  57. @ Debbie - oh dear, thats a kick in the guts for his kids. This guy has it bad...and I think its going to end up in tears..

  58. Women get a bad rap for our hormone cycles. But I am of the mind that the ebbs and high tides of testosterone has made many a man stark raving looney bin crazy.

  59. LOL, all I can do is laugh at that Pseudonymous High School Teacher. I am sure guys would agree too.

  60. this whole business of confessing publically is just another ring in the circus tent ...

    if they really had any back bone they would just keep their dirty laundry to themselves ... don't do the crime if you can't do the time ... live with the guilt you silly people ...

    sorry Lilly I am ranting :) le

  61. Personally, I don't care if politicians have affairs--that's between the two spouses involved. But I could never be one of those wives who stands by their man at a press conference. During his teary-eyed confession to the cameras, I'd be giving him the finger behind his back.

    Of course, using public money to fund trips is a whole other issue.

  62. @ Linda Lou - you are right. They do well to hold it together. But maybe thats why a lot of these political marriages fall apart when they move out of office too. They act one way for the public then behind closed doors it is something else. Its sad that they feel they have to act like that. Gosh society has such double standards really.

  63. It's not just the power going to the minds, it's the media. People WANT to know the dirt and details. There's an ugly THRIVE on it... the media covers it and demands it, because it grabs an individual, sick as it sounds. Media is digging it out of him. I don't know if he'd have divulged that much, but rather got caught up in the "forgive me of my sins if I make it all public." It's not necessary and I don't listen to it. I know enough that I turn off the TV when he's on.

  64. @ Aleta - thats a great take on it all. Media ....mmmmm..its a shame we feed them really.


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