Saturday 20 June 2009

Questions for you - part II

Last weekend I asked a question about a movie of your life -you can read about it here. This weekend I have a few more unusual questions. They are meant to be fun and designed to find out how differently we feel about certain topics. Don't take them too seriously.
Q1. You are the Editor of the London Times. You have just learned three extraordinary things:
  • Scottish marine biologists have defied all odds by finally capturing a live Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish Highlands after many years of fruitless searches.

  • Forty years to the day that man landed on the Moon, it has finally been proved that the landing was a fake and was filmed in a Hollywood studio, and

  • The White House has also just announced that the President has a terminal illness and will undergo an immediate operation.
It is your job to decide what goes on the cover of the newspaper. Which story are you going to choose?
Q2. At long last, somebody invents the dream VCR. This machine allows you to tape an entire night's worth of your dreams. However, the inventor of the dream VCR will only allow you to use it if you agree to a strange caveat: when you watch your dreams, you must do so with your family and your closest friends in the same room. They get to watch your dreams along with you. And if you don’t agree to this, you can’t use the dream VCR. Would you use the dream VCR?
Q3. You work in an office. Generally, you are popular with your coworkers. However, you have just discovered that there are currently two rumours circulating and both involve you. The first rumour is that you got drunk at the office party and had sex with one of your married coworkers. This rumour is completely true, but most people don’t believe it. The second rumour is that you have been stealing hundreds of dollars worth of office supplies (and then selling them to cover a gambling debt). This rumour is completely false, but virtually everyone assumes it’s factual. Which of these two rumours is most troubling to you?


  1. I am going to have a go at answering this one too.

    1. I would like to say no 2 about landing on the Moon but I think if I was Editor of a newspaper then I would have to choose the story about the President.

    2. No, I would not share my dreams with lots of people. I must be hiding something clearly but I would be concerned what might come out. And I dont really want to know the details of my dreams I guess.

    3. Definitely the rumour about stealing the office supplies to support a gambling problem is a worse rumour for me. It may say a lot about how what is acceptable in society these days. I am not sure that the first one would concern me whether they believed it or not - standard material for the office gossip mill I think.

  2. Q1. Got to be the story about the President - although the Loch Ness monster story might explain where my mother-in-law has been recently...

    Q2. My dream would be of Hearts winning the Champions League - the whole world would get to see it whether they wanted to or not!

    Q3. My colleagues would tell you it would never stand up at a tribunal...

  3. I am going to have to go with story of the President, as it's crucial to our country's overall well being.

    I would not want to have it. I'm not big into my dreams.

    And I that I was a thief would be more troubling to me, rather than being a slut. I mean, come on. ;)

  4. Oooh la la!! OK _ I'd go for The fake Moon landing (for sure!!!), happy to share my dreams with my family as they are almost 100% just wacky, and I'd go with the sleeping with married co-worker (even though I'd never in a million years do that) because the other option is just too horrifically awful and too much to even contemplate! PS: Thank you for that site - I'll go check it out! :)

  5. no i'm not going to use to the dream vcr...

    best wishes

  6. Hi Lilly,

    1. As the spouse is an editor with The Times of India, and as I am a faithful wife, I will stick to the immediate and print the Prez-illness on Page 1. Sensations are for inside the covers.

    2. No dream machine for me, they are far too Freudian for the public.

    3. The second one, becoz that's the RUMOUR, and I HATE being thought to have done things which I did not.

  7. Q1.I guess the president's illness is most important. I actually wish they would just let the loch ness monster live its solitary life as it has always did.

    Q2.hmmm, no i wouldnt use the dream vcr. seeing my whole night's dream is not important for me.

    Q3. i guess the first rumour becuase i would be so disgusted that i did something like that and since the 2nd rumor isn't true, im sure the truth will come out anyway.

    hmmm.... that got my brains working, heheheh

    have a great weekend lily=)

  8. Q1. I would run the Loch Ness Monster story as that intrigues me the most.

    Q2. Oh yeah, if we are talking what I dream about while I sleep, Steven Spielberg, you could never come up with some of these bizarre events and stories. Popcorn for everyone.

    Q3. The second rumour, false accusations, no thanks.

  9. 1. The main page is big enough. I'd have the picture of the Loch Ness stuff, and the wording associated would be that of the Moon landing. Folks in both would be wearing special gear with googles and stuff, and people believe anything.
    Somewhere down the page, I would have the news about the Presidents illness, and surgery.(You can't shout and tell folks someone may die)

    2. I dont want the VCR. A dream must remain a dream; at least when it comes when you sleep. I mean if My car crashes over the rocks into a valley in my dreams, can you see folks urging you to rewind and replay ?

    3. Actually, I wouldnt pay too much attention to either. But the second would trouble me more. Forget office supplies, I cant even steal a mango from my neighbor's tree...

  10. 1. I would put the Moon landing on the front page because that has been the biggest conspiracy theory ever sprouted.

    2. I would definitely want to use the dream vcr - regardless of what came out and regardless how embarassing. I dream a lot. Except I want to have the remote in my hands ready to turn it off if need be.

    3. I am with Kristina being called a slut would worry me less then someone telling me I am a thief and addicted to gambling. Maybe because the first one maybe true and the second one is untrue and therefore would make me angry and defensive.

    Do those answers make me normal - Ms Pscychologist??

  11. Ok lilly, here goes...

    1, I would put the President's illinois on the front page, I think that I would want to know that first. Maybe cause I'm an American...

    2.I don't think that I would want to watch a video of my dreams with my family and friends...maybe after I saw it but still probably not. That's private and I wouldn't want advice about what my dreams really mean from others. So no to a dream VCR.

    3. Hate being accussed when I'm not at fault. So # 2 for sure.
    If you do the "deed".. then being accused of it is a chance you take.

    I love your interactive posts like this, makes you really have to think!
    Have a nice weekend Lilly.

  12. Oh - love these questions!

    1. Loch Ness Monster should definitely go on the front cover. It's kind of like finding a unicorn, isn't it? A myth that comes true.. how amazing!

    2. Yes, I would watch my dreams. After all, they are there to be interpreted symbolically - not to be taken literally.

    3. The false rumour about stealing is far more worrying - could lead to loss of job and stuff. I'd rather be fired for something I did than something I didn't do...

  13. love the questions.

    1. president
    2. tough one. maybe I'd get it.
    3. the sex scandal..oh it was so shocking just to read!

  14. 1. I would say the president story.
    2. I would totally allow that to happen. dreams are meant to be interpreted and my family is pretty good at that.
    3. I would totally worry about the money issue. The sex scandal would not be true anyway.

  15. Q1: THE Lock Ness Monster on the basis that is has much more significance as far as the human race is concerned. The other items are much more short term. Oh and I'd be fired immediately, but what the heck!

    Incidentally, of course we went to the moon - at the time it was actually easier and less expensive than the filming would have been (no CGI).

    Q2: What was question2? Oh yes - dreams. That's my bloody business, so no!

    Q3: Oh definitely the money one. The sex scandal would really only enhance my reputation around the office anyway. I like the French Presidential approach - if he's screwing a mistress, he must be good at something!

    But you guessed all that, didn't you, Lilly?

  16. Q1 ~ The President as I think it will effect the world. Biden would be in charge and this is a man that says and does things that are questionable at the best of times.

    Q2 ~ Nope not wanting to know, not wanting to share, I think somethings are meant to remain within our own selves.

    Q3 ~ I would be stealing. Because that is something that will follow you where ever you go. I work in an industry that is very small and it would mean having to change my whole life to do something else that I may not ever have or find the same passion that I currently have.

  17. Hey Lilly....these are fun questions especially as we don't have to treat them seriously!

    Un - Because it is the London time I'll go for capturing a live Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish Highlands.

    Deux - No way hosay!! Way too scary to use a dream VCR. I NEVER tell anyone about my dreams now as they are way too strange!

    Trois - Regarding the rumours the first one wouldn't bother me much, the second one I would be devastated. Can't even think of a joke about this one.


  18. 1. Landing on the Moon
    2. I would use the dream VCR
    3. The false rumour would worry me more as it could do more damage and its not only untrue but everyone believes it to be true.

  19. 1. The landing on the moon...There was a film made many many years ago just about this very thing and it was a very revolutionary idea back then..I'm not sure it still would be but that's the story I would go with....
    2. No dream machine for me. I have no interest in other people seeing my dreams. If I want to tell them one---well, that is dofferent....But no VCR thank you!
    3. I think I would rather have the false rumor out there and then I spend a lot of time PROVING it untrue. The true one----there is no where to go.

    GREAT Questions, Lilly!

  20. The quick answers
    1) the president story
    2) No dream machine for me - my wacky dreams are private - nobody would understand them anyway
    3) stealing rumour is most troubling

    Now back to question one - I HATE the fact that some people doubt the moon landing. All the advances in science and lives dedicated to studies are just discounted when people believe rubbish like that.

    Once a relative (older) remarked about this conspiracy being possible. I almost hit her with my book on my Apollo book.

    Too bad you didn't pick some other conspiracy.

  21. Hi Lilly, Great questions....

    1) I'd go with the President and send him a pot of chicken soup to help him feel better at such a difficult time.

    2) Now way I'd do the Dream VCR!

    3) Hmm, a thief or a slut? I'd be peeved about being called a thief.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  22. Q1: The President, because I'm always worried about him. He is from Hawaii (where I am now) and he is also a transplant to Illinois as I was. I really identify with him and want him to do well and stay healthy and safe.

    Q2: No! Oh definitely no. Every so often I get that terrible dream where I'm walking around in my nightgown or worse.

    Q3: If that first rumor is true, that would be horrible. I'd be bothered by the second if it was a lie. I'd have to repent for the first.

  23. @ Mike - your mother in law must be a saint!! And Hearts winning the league is a dream but one you deserve to see in some relam at least. And you should be a stand up comedien - you are funny!!

    @ Sucharita - The Times of India - well is that the answer your husband would give too? Sensations are for inside covers - must remember that!

    @ Ugich - I would love to see you as an Editor of the Indian Times - that would be something!!

    @ Sarah - surprisingly so, yes, lol!

  24. Q 1: The President story - that would have an impact and is a current story of interest. The other two could go onto a supplement cover story.
    Q2: No VCR for me.
    Q3: The stealing - that there could be a false rumour itself would be worrying.

  25. As a former journalist, I have to say that all three of those stories would go on the front page (and would make a collectible edition, for sure). I'd put the president top and center and the other two below the fold.

    As for the VCR, I would like to watch my dreams but I can't see getting my friends and family to sit still for it.

    At my age, I think I'd enjoy having people in the office whispering about my sex life, but stealing - no. I've tried all these years to be such a good girl!

    Lilly, I wanted to tell you thanks for visiting my blog and also that your blog would be on my page under My Favorite Bloggers if only I could get it to feed in.

    This was a fun post. I like to think hard.

  26. Okkkk...because I think our government is so greedy, crooked and uncaring about the people, I would let the President have the operation, bid farewell and place that on the back page! lol..I would probably do the man on the moon but only to emphasize WHY the president is on the back page!

    No I wouldnt share my dreams--but only because I dont care about what i dream anyhow.

    lastly, I would fight to the death a rumor that wasnt true..especially about stealing..that would truly eat at me. AND for the affair,,,if its not going on in the office on work time--its no ones business.

  27. 1. The Loch Ness Monster is going on the cover if I am the Editor.

    2. No dreams really dont fascinate me - I seep soundly and never wake up. I know unluky.

    3. I would be kind of sad people didnt I had it in me to do the first one yet they believe the second rumor. Thats troubling. I think I would change jobs quickly as there is no coming back after rumors get out. They never go away.

  28. This is fun. Okay here goes:

    Q1: The story about the president, obviously. Because the first two are fake stories and fodder for the tabloids. Any serious editor who believes these isn't worth their salt.

    Q2: Sure, they can watch it with me. They'd be so bored they'd fall asleep watching it, and so no one would see it anyway, except me. :)

    Q3: Hooo boy. This was an easy one to choose but what a horrible situation. For my coworkers to believe that I would steal and have a gambling problem is horrid. I don't know what I would have done to deserve such a reputation. Getting drunk and sleeping with a married co-worker is a lapse in judgement; stealing and having a gambing problem are character flaws. That one is the most troubling to me. Like I said, also troubling is the fact that my co-workers are so willing to believe that of me.

    Great post. :)

  29. In my role as editor in chief I could present the news as I liked so I would have the LNM sitting in a crater on the moon wishing the president a speedy recovery as he rolls past in his wheelchair- and get sacked

    Wouldn't like to share dreams as the truth would spoil my respectable genteel image

    The first because so many people would be shocked

  30. Great questions. Very thought provoking.

    1). Probably the Lock Ness monster. It's the only one that is specific to the general region of the paper.

    2). No. Absolutely not.

    3). The stealing rumor.

  31. Hi, just stopping by to visit via Sarah Lulu's blog. So for the fun questions:

    1) The president, because we are in a very precarious time in the US.
    2) No! They are MY dreams.
    3) #2 - because it's not true. You must own your own "stuff".

    Thanks for the fun questions. Have a great day!

  32. 1) Nessie, because it's fun, and because if anything would happen to President Obama it would break my heart and I wouldn't be able to type through the tears.
    2) Not so much. If God had meant us to view others' dreams, he would have given our eyes a secondary function as a projector.
    3) Well, the stealing thing, of course. It's always cool when people believe better of you than you deserve, although far too rare.

  33. 1. As the Editor, I'd go with the President story. Guaranteed sales.

    2. Ahh, no. I have some fairly crazy dreams. Wouldn't want to scare anyone.

    3. Oh geez. I'd like to say that I totally don't care what others think so neither but in reality, I'd say both!

  34. I think Barbara has the best answer yet. It would have tobe the President but I think I ould make some glossy colour cover for the paper because this issue is going to sell out. A special edition.

    2. I would use the machine no questions asked. I have had a recurring dream for years and would like others views about it.

    3. Something i did i deserve others to believe but something i didnt do - now that would be very troubling.

  35. The president would just be such a timely piece, and it is so dire in nature, a "terminal" illness would be a big scoop worldwide... yes I'd have to choose that one. But the loch ness monster, would be far more interesting to me!!

    The dream vcr? No, I'd pass. There are far too many things in my life I don't share as it is :) Could not stand having family there to witness, no matter how much I may like the dream!

    Oh both of those are troubling... but stealing would just get you quickly fired ... and the other may be just a slow death! So I'd have to pick the sleeping with the married co-worker rumor :)

  36. Q1. I would probably lead with the story about the President. Whilst the story about the moon landings would be a major deal, part of me wouldn't want to destroy the illusion - whilst people would find out, at least I wouldn't be the messenger lol. :)

    Q2. I wouldn't use it. I often remember my dreams and they are frequently very strange or reveal something about myself that I wouldn't be happy to share necessarily.

    Q3. The second one because firstly, it is a lie, and secondly, because it is a criminal offence. Hence, it could have implications for my future career or position in that company.

  37. G'day Lilly
    You n your mates might enjoy this clip

    (Ok I don't even know if women call each other mates but this is a funny clip about single women in Sydney)

    it's called Single in Australia: Departing Thoughts

  38. LOL Lisleman. Its all true of course although we have many pockets of the country where there is an abundance of men. Err, if you like the outdoor, rugged sort in the back of beyond kind. And no, they do not all look like Hugh Jackman in the film Australia. I love the videos you find. Thank you!!

  39. Great q's, Lilly. Love your answers.

    Q1: Moon landing, Loch Ness , then President! Aren't i bad? :)

    Q2: No--sounds like aa dangerous tool that could be used as a big brother type thing. I wouldn't want to help promote it even though most of my dreams would be rather funny in fact.

    Q3. The real lie. I could live real story if that was me in fact but gambling and stealing somehow seem even more reckless.


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