Saturday 27 June 2009

Life's too short to.....

This week I saw the title of a book that I couldn't wait to read. Titled Life's Too F***ing Short, it detailed all the things we waste our time, energy and hard-earned cash on. Author Janet Street-Porter says life's too short to get depressed about being single or broke, being a size zero, worrying about whether you're clutching the latest designer handbag, spending $100 on face cream; trying to cook like Nigella Lawson and constantly whinging at men for all the stuff they don't do around the house. "Leave it to the professionals," she quips.

Q: Finish this sentence: "Life's too short to...."


  1. Life is too short to...
    Worry about what other people think.

    wait to say "I love you" just say it if you feel it.

    i LOVED this Lilly... and by the way... I love you too!

  2. Life is too short -
    - for 1,000 page novels
    - for ironing
    - for meaningless pursuits
    - to hate anything or anyone
    - to drink cheap wine
    - to eat haggis
    - to blog.....

  3. too short to,
    cook, clean, get angry or be nasty or stay in a relationship that sucks the life out of you.

  4. We-ell ... perhaps: Life's too short to waste on reading Janet Street-Porter, because advice from anyone with her money is unlikely to be much use to normal people :)

  5. @ Suandra - yep thats you to a T - you could write a book like this yourself you know.

    @ Sarah - I do not mind cooking some things - moe pleasure than pain but as ofr realtionships - ep anyone that sucks the life out of you run!!

    @ cjw666 - that's cos men don't worry about the same stuff women do, do you? LOL. I believe that research tells us men essentially worry about three things and you will know what they are. JSP - interesting character is she not? I recall seeing her on some horrific survival series but the woman was as tough as old boots. Not sure she is the type to worry about $100 face creams like many of us. I like her straightforward no BS ways though.

  6. Life is too short to not get on with it.

    Enough of the procrastination already...get fookin' busy!

    Peace - Rene

  7. Life's too short:
    -To live in fear
    -To argue
    -To not go for your dreams
    -For negativity

    I can't say life is too short to blog. Blogging has led me to many wonderful people and has helped me learn a few things about myself.

    How about? Life is too short to care how many blog followers you get or how many comments you receive.

  8. If it's not about life or death... then life's too short to worry about anything else.

  9. Why do you need JSP to tell you this ? She seems to have tons of time to write these books .....As for me, life's too short, too many things to do , enjoy, write, eat,make friends, sing,dance, shout, crib etc, and I am clicking on the back button and going back...:-)

  10. Life is too short to carry baggage when forgiveness and unconditional love can take those bags for us.

  11. Life is too short to spend time worrying about what a medical diagnosis may or may not mean for me 10 years from now. I choose to live life in the moment.

  12. Life is too short not to be happy, too short to depend on others for your happiness, too short not to find reasons to laugh everyday, too short not to love and to give your love without expecting return, too short not to share with and give to others, life is too short to spend time worrying about anything -- particularly anything that you have no ability to change, life is too short not to change the things that you can.

    Great post, Lilly!

  13. @ Rene - I hear you sister. More than you may realise.

    @ Tabitha - life is too short not to read your current series of posts and as for blogging I am on the precipice of doing something different with it. I got inspired after reading your wonderful posts in the last week.

    @ Peggy - now I like that!

    @ Ugich - funny lady, you play crib why I never. Des and you would really have fun. I never learned maybe there is still time. JSP is one funny lady and I like funny ladies which is why I like to read your posts too.

    @ Sylvia - wow - I love your thoughts - anyone reading this go and read Sylvia's stories about her life. A great wirter and a very interesting life.

    Thanks everyone!

    @ Dar - Amen to you.

    @ Pastor Sharon - I would like to go to your sermons - maybe you should do a podcast?

    @ Mahoney Musings - well done to you, that is so the spirit. Who knows what is around the corner in terms of cures? Great comment.

  14. Des says life is too short, to ask sutpid questions. Besides who has got time to wait for the answers......

  15. Life's too short...
    to spend time with negative people
    to waste time not following your heart and dreams
    Life's too short so don't waste it sitting on the fence....get out there and live it!

    That was fun, Lilly :D
    Have a Great Weekend!

  16. Life is too short -
    to worry about things that we can't control

    to drink crap beer like Fosters

    to not share a comment on a fellow blog

  17. ... to be unhappy. But sometimes there's no helping that.

    sooo..... next best thing:

    Life is TOOO short to worry about money so much that you miss out on SITScation! Wohoooo!

  18. What the heck do you mean, life is too short to blog????

  19. @ the Chic Geek - beautiful!

    @ Lisleman - he he, now that would be to drink any beer my friend!

    @ Rhonda - you are going to have SO much fun. Well given you aren't blogging sort of and Betty stopped and I have been thinking that I need to take a break from blogging too - who knows. Anyway am thinking....of different possibilities and reasons for why I started this in the first place. You know what I am talking about lol!

  20. Life is to short to give up.

  21. Life is too short to....

    1) save it for later
    2) wait for the right one to come along when the "right one" could already be in your life already
    3) to get caught up in other people's gossip
    4)watch your weight and the scale

  22. Life is too short. Fullstop.

  23. Life's too short to...
    worry about what other people think of you.

    need to have everything perfect.

  24. Life is too short to

    --- not have s*x and enjoy it

    --- not have loved someone deeply

    --- not to appreciate your health

    --- not to have made a meaningful difference in someone else's life

    --- not to tell people in your life that you love and appreciate them

    Life is way too short to COOK or in my case, trying to fake it just to impress others

  25. Life is too short to resist change.

  26. Life is too short to cook, clean, live with regrets or worry about what other people think.

  27. worry about what it's too short for :) Just DO IT :)

  28. Life is too short period. I am 75 years old and I think I should be 20 something, bah humbug, just kidding. Just rambling like an old fool, hope you have a great weekend.

  29. hold grudges, stay mad and take things personally. Oftentimes when people do and say stupid things it's not about you!!! It reflects their stress or feelings about themselves.

  30. ...let your past constantly affect your present.

  31. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff (not my words but I like it :)

  32. Dear, Dear Lilly!

    Life is too short to worry about the 'what ifs' ..... I need to remember that more often.

  33. Noooo. It's not too short to blog! It is too short to not spend every second you can with the people you love.

  34. Life's too don't regret not telling the people who mean the most to you how much you love them.

  35. Life is too short to be less than honest or to put off to tomorrow what you can do today.

  36. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who do not appreciate the person you are.

  37. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff...which I do.

    Lilly, it could be that blogging is a form of therapy for you and maybe you don't need that so much anymore.

  38. Life is too short.... just WATCH time go by.... wait until everything is "perfect", (nothing's ever "perfect") spend time with mean people worry all the time about stuff you can't change.
    Great post xoxo

  39. Life's too short... not go out to a swish restaurant with your boyfriend from time to time. fret about not looking perfect every time you go out. worry about getting older and less nubile!

  40. How great are all these comments and best of all the responses are all so different too!

  41. Lovely post, Lilly!

    Just have to agree 1,000% about IRONING! Good on ya (us).


  42. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

  43. Life is too short
    - to worry about what others think of you
    - not to be true to your self and who you are
    - to be materialistic and shallow
    - not to spend a lot of time at the footbsll and watching footbal.

  44. LIfe's too short to not honor yourself and those around you every day. Life's too short to worry about the future. Live today. Thanks, Lily, for the reminder to not get caught up in the frantic panic of 'what might happen' tomorrow.

  45. Life's too short to worry. Period. Just live, with joy and humor.

  46. Life's too short to:
    -Work too much
    -Stay mad at people
    -Watch a lot of TV
    -Get too caught up in stuff
    -Skip a visit to your parents
    -Skip a visit with your grandkids

  47. Life's too short not to embrace it with wide open arms and experience as much as you can. I was sleep-walking through some of my younger years not realizing that the "it" I was waiting to have happen, was every day.

  48. bother about saving money and insurance policies and retirement benefits.

    But I guess I'll have to sound more prudent, so I'll amend that to: not indulge in your favourite treats as much as you can.

  49. blog (of course!) stay on the couch when the sunshine beckons. say "no." Be lavish with the word "Yes!" hold grudges. Revel in the power of forgiveness.

  50. LIfe is too short to spend too much time online. Is it just me, or does everyone else's clock seem to suddenly speed up when online, and after a quick 5 or ten minute grab here and there, an hour has passed!!

  51. Life is too short...

    -to not say I Love You to a loved one.

    -to not appreciate someone who has made a difference in your life.

    -to not take enough time to enjoy the view.

    -to not appreciate what you have and realize that you are blessed.

  52. Life is too short to talk unkindly to yourself. Be nice to yourself instead.

  53. I have a little something for you on my blog!

  54. Oh there are so many good affirmations on here. Too hard to choose a top five. Thanks for your comments everyone!

  55. Life is too short to not use all your special crockery, glassware, jewellery and clothes. Treat every day as special.

  56. (personal experience)
    life is too short to..spend your time cleaning your untidy house when your kids are begging you to have a pillow fight! (yes, even if it means remaking the bed for the third time)!!

  57. Life's too short to not have the best time you can!

  58. Life's too short to....

    ...worry about stuff in the future.
    ...dwell on stuff in the past.
    ...worry about whether eating an entire bag of gummy bags was a bad thing to do.
    ...not find a reason to have some sort of fun every single day of your life.
    ...never sit still.
    ...ALWAYS sit still.
    ...obsess over your 401K
    ...not read Lilly's blog...which always makes me smile.

  59. Life's too short to....

    .. dream and not make it a reality..

    .. to forgive someone and let go of the hurt..

    .. to smile more than once in a day and make sure you help someone else smile too..

    This post is making me think of the movie, "Up" that Greg and I just saw. I told Greg, "I think the moral to the story is that ~ it's the little things in life that make "life" the adventure we crave. It's right there in front of us every day, waiting to be appreciated and every day, we're given another chance to see it."

  60. LOVE that book title. Think I'm gonna have to check it out.

    Life's too short to;

    - Obsess over a clean house.
    - Have a job you hate.
    - Keep up with the bloody Jones.
    - Rush.

  61. Hi Lilly ~

    "Life's too short to waste it on the luxury of a negative thought."



  62. Lilly, please don't stop blogging, even if you can only post once a week, but please don't stop. Love your work.

  63. Oh my, some great responses here.

    Soul Merlin - the luxury of negative thought - so easy to do this hey?

    Aleta - have to see the movie - you would be a good movie reviewer too you know!

    Sami - too short to keep up with the Jones - I like that - and people do it all the time.

    Rowe - I am considering what I will do - after 18 months of blogging - not sure yet. Maybe less often you are right and try for more quality pieces. I have been posting every other day for that long and they are mainly long posts so need to have a change. will let you know in the next couple of days but thank you for your comments. xx

  64. Life is too short to not say I love you and mean it.

  65. and this....

    Life is too short...

    NOT to blog... because blogging is a memory's keeper and moment to share. *hugs*

  66. Life's too short to not drink good coffee.

  67. Oh yes Leslie and here am I trying to give it up again. I wax and wane. I drink far too much so have reduced it to one cup a day at the most and only for breakfast! Yes and every time you mention coffee I think of Italy.

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