Friday 26 June 2009

Farrah and Michael

It's kind of sad to wake up today and hear about the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

No, I didn't know them but its amazing how influentional some 'stars' can be when you are a child and teenager.

She was the gorgeous girl from Charlies Angles whom I loved and wanted to look like. Yes, I had the posters and the Farrah hairstyle (thank goodness for hot rollers). She was also a very talented artist with some amazing artwork.

And his was the first music I ever bought when I was a child. I remember playing it over and over. It was Ben (see video), he was a teenager and I still know all the words. Regardless of how bizarre his life may or may not have been, he was incredibly talented, his music spanned generations and he inspired many artists who followed him. In statistic terms, he was a legend.

Very sad for their children and families.

Thanks for the memories.

Life is short, no matter who we are. Let's make the most of it.


  1. I was just talking to a coworker about MJ. It's really too bad that all of his greatness back in the day has been overshadowed by his weirdness and scandals.

  2. Today has been a pretty emotional one. I am a huge fan of Farrah and Michael and I'm at a loss for words.

  3. We are all heartbroken at the loss in this house too. My little ones watch Thriller daily. His fans span generations and will continue too.

  4. Such sad kids were bug MJ fans as I was I!
    The Jackson Five came out of Gary Indiana, just outside of Chicago. CLose to where I was brought up.

    I think he was incredibly talented and I'm saddened not only by his death but by his, what looked like to me, tortured life !
    Whatever his inner demons were, he will be missed.
    God speed MJ...say hello to Farrah from all of us!

  5. Lilly I have been glued to the TV since 5 pm my time (about 2 hours) trying to get all the information I can about Michael Jackson.

    He was strange and weird but he was an incredible talent!!

    Farrah was ill and we had been expecting her death, but it is still a loss!!

  6. Funny I asked my daughter if she knew who Farrah was because I grew up with on TV etc... her also. The girl knew who MJ was but it was not as sad for her as it was for me to loose two celebs from my past.
    I hope they both find peace.

  7. I totally agree. That is what I have been voicing through my blog this past week or so. There are no guarantees. It's funny how we all get incredibly shocked when a star dies. They are no different than us...just mo money! =)

  8. This has been a sad day. I saw the news about Farrah at mid day our time and was shocked only to be followed by more sad news just an hour ago about Michael. I can hardly believe it. They died much too young. I was a big Charlie's Angels fan and also loved the Jackson 5. Michael had such a troubled life and seemed to always be grasping for something beyond his reach despite his riches. I like to think of them both now at peace. We will miss them. Thank you for the Ben video. I loved seeing the Michael I grew up with.

  9. I know! It's been a terrible week for celebrities and death. First Ed Mcmahon, and then the two today. I am definitely feeling a little sad.

  10. Yeah, these are truly shocking stories.

    There are soo many deaths this year and it's only June.

    RIP to all the souls that have touched our lives.

  11. Michael Jackson was my favorite as a teenager and he did get weird but there is no denying his talent.

    So shocking for both he and Farrah Fawcett to die the same day.

    Definately 2 well known icons lost today.

  12. It's so sad. Both were way to young!
    The tributes have started on the television here in Los Angeles. They both had wonderful, although very different careers. I'm sorry for their families :-(

  13. Both icons in their own way. Prayers to their children and families.

  14. What a day of bad news, first Farrah, then Michael. Michael Jackson is all over the news and TV. I know all his childhood songs myself.

  15. Its sad for anyone to go before what we consider a reasonable life span but to live your life in the public eye is something else again. I dont know, as far as Michael is concerned looking at that sweet innocent face in the video and how his life evolved is just horrible. It reminds me of all those child stars who never really had a childhood. Is the money and fame worth living in a glass fishbowl? I dont think so. However, he was a musical genius from 8 years old. I hope his children stay together and someone looks after them well. I am sure he will finally be at peace.

  16. I am saddened to hear about Michael Jackson dying today. He was on the cusp of a round of final tours, maybe he knew deep down. How very disappointing for his fans to miss seeing their king of pop perform one last time and instead be shocked by his death. RIP Michael.
    RIP Farrah - she was quite brave to let the world see her final journey via taped footage. Don't know if I could ever do the same, but I think if what she suffered can be helpful and educational for us to understand this terrible disease, cancer, better, then what a generous way she has left.
    This double up of famous people dying simultaneously reminds me of when Princess Di and Mother Theresa passed away at around the same time. So sad. Thanks, Lilly, it's nice to be able to pay tribute amongst others who do the same.

  17. Farah Fawcett was just a poster-figure for me, but I, too had grown up on MJ's moonwalking and music in Thriller and Bad. Time will defintely reinstate him as a classic, in spite of his crackpot antics later on. RIP.

  18. This is a sad time for all who knew and admired the talents of both these people. They truly were gifted people.

  19. If you include the whole week then you need to add Ed McMahon to the list.

    All three because of their popularity become part of our memories.

    Larry King (who is really getting up in age) talk about MJ and FF tonight. He had Cher call-in and talk about the losses. She knew both of them.

    I have been enjoying the old ads that Farah was in on youtube.

  20. Hey Lisleman - I do not have a clue who Ed McMahon is given I live in Australia. Perhaps he wasnt an international celebrity. they say things come in threes.

  21. The words are kind of sad in that song. This guy never celebrated Christmas, birthdays only Thanksgiving as a kid. He never went to school or did things like normal kids do. His father is not such a nice man at all and has a lot to answer for. Michael worked from a small child. He had no hope of growing up into what we consider normal. The price of fame. Reminds me of Elvis and all the other stars surrounded by enablers and prescrition medication (if the reports from the family doctor are true). Sad. He just never grew up.

  22. Are we really so old that it is now time for our own childhood icons to begin passing away, or are these deaths and our shock simply a symbol that it was in the 70's that we began to take entertainers and celebrity-hood too seriously?

  23. @ Anonymous - you may well have a good point. Thanks.

  24. Lilly Ed McMahon was on a late night show with Johnny Carson for years. He also did a show called Star Search which launched MANY careers. But I am guessing that those are two things not seen in Australia!!

  25. Farrah died too??!! I didn´t even know that. All we saw in the news yesterday was MJ and nothing but MJ!
    Even though I knew she was sick I still feel sad about her death and I´m sure many will mourn her.

    At one time I did listen to MJ, but I was never a big fan, I just think his life was really sad.

  26. Farrah was horribly sad and tragic.

    Michael the music, his extremely gifted music and dancing all the videos. His talent and gifts will be missed but will live forever like Elvis.

    (his later in life choices?? but non the less gone too soon)

    Farrah also gone to soon and young.

  27. I was among the lucky people who attend one of his concerts .... in the late 80's in Minneapolis. I won't ever forget his energy, talent and showmanship .... it was one of the best concerts I ever attended ~
    and that includes the Stones, the Eagles, the Boss, Rod Stewart & Jimmy Buffett!!
    Happy weekend, Ms. Lilly!

  28. Lilly, MJ was one of my first "loves" and Farrah was an exceptional actress. She's mainly known for Charlie's Angel, her swimsuit poster, and her amazing beauty, but if you have the chance to see "The Burning Bed" don't miss it. She was a real talent.

    And that picture of mommy's work above is HILARIOUS!!!!

  29. Lils ... What terrible losses! Icons of our generation. My brother had the poster and I had the Thriller album. I'd dance and sing in my room listening to Michael Jackson for hours.

    Michael was a highly sensitive individual. I believe that there were other factors concerning his mental health outside of family. Otherwise, all the siblings would have been just as affected. Was there dysfunction - absolutely. But based on his demeanor and comparing it to his siblings, Michael was different. He had a difficult time adjusting to this facet of his life. He even wanted to look like his sister... which signals something very troubling, as we are aware.

    His talent is MECCA proportions and although he was troubled, I always felt Michael had a good heart. His musical abilities and vision to market his strengths has been unparalleled. I believe Thriller is still the top selling album of all times.

    He was so comfortable in front of millions, yet insecure and extremely sensitive. What upset me is that the media knew it and barbed him constantly. Terrible when he was already suffering with his self image and the consequences of the impact could be heard in his interviews. The tabloids wrote JACKO DEAD, makes me sick. How could they? I yelled at the television when I saw that this morning ...

    Fortunately, there has been a lot of wonderful clips celebrating his career and life, thankfully. I loved the clip you found - I started crying. And other programs balancing the negatives and positives objectively. I really wished that someone could have helped him overcome his demons in his lifetime.

    Like one of your followers, I also wondered if he knew he was close to the end. It's a terrible shame that his tour wasn't completed. Hopefully, with God's grace, he is dancing and singing in heaven.


  30. a double post today?
    Looks like my earlier comment came in between the posts.

    So do you like getting "forwards" like that?

    That's a very funny picture but to be honest I think the very FEW funny ones are not worth the volume of forwarded messages some people pass along.

  31. I have to tell you the only time I liked MJ's music was his "Off the Wall" album which I bought a cassette for my sis for her b'day. I hated Thriller and all the other stuff (more in the The Jam, etc then), the verbal squeeks/gulps, crotch grabbing and so on. Just never got into his style/flair. About the only thing I liked of his even as a teen was his moonwalk. I thought he was so caught up with himself, naming himself "The king of Pop" and his album title "HIStory"! Sorry. I will say he was very talented though.

    Now, as with most boys my age I adored Farrah Fawcett and her story of cancer is very sad. I stopped tracking her after Charlie's Angels as I grew up but admired how she became an advocate afor so much.

  32. I have followed both of these stars in their upward climb. It is very sad but we knew Farrah was very ill, it was a shock about Michael. Prayers to all they leave behind.

  33. I so remember that red swim suit photo.


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