Wednesday 6 May 2009

Frogs n' Snails or Sugar n' Spice?

While shopping today I walked past a little boy aged about 5 who was having a major tantrum. He was inconsolable and screaming out, “Aaahh! She touched me! She put her hands on me and now I’ve got girl germs! I don't want girl germs. Get them off me. Waahh.”

I know germs are a bit of a sensitive matter these days but his performance was a little 'over the top'. I laughed and thought, ' he'll change his mind about girls soon enough'.

Later this afternoon I opened a book and out dropped a piece of paper. It was a song written by my seven year old niece, Caitlin, who lives in London.
She loves writing songs and poems. And very interesting ones at that. I am not sure where her inspiration comes from.

This particular song started off like this,

You gotta, you gotta, you just gotta be my love

I now (sic) you don't want to mess up my hair

But if you don't, it won't be fair.

I got that far and thought about the poor little guy this morning. On second thoughts, some girls could be scary. I've forgotten how intense some of us can be. It's a good job we girls either grow out of it .....or turn to blogging instead...


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2. Thanks for your ideas about exercising, I've decided to get a personal trainer. I just saw Loving Annie's take a look - it's got to be a good idea, right?

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  1. He'll be crying a different story after he hits puberty!

  2. “Aaahh!” She touched me! She put her hands on me and now I’ve got girl germs! I don't want girl germs. Get them off me. Waahh.”Hahahaha,.. girl germs! How the dare the girl assaulted him with girl germs?!

  3. HIS reaction I am used to... daily I get this reaction. On the other hand HER reaction? Intense is spot on and she is only 7? Oh my... perhaps that is what causes the reaction in the young boys?

    What a very cute niece you have! Now we'll see how well you do in the trainer department :)

  4. Love that poem! Talented girl ;-)

    Too funny about that boy. Reminds me of that video on Christine's Blog! LOL

  5. Wow, she is only seven imagine all she is going to be able to say and write about. Won't be long we will be seeing her on TV reading her works :-)
    Yes, I went to that lil ole frog and told him everything about me and left No question unanswered. He then agreed to show me ;-)

  6. Here I am over at your blog while you are over at mine.
    I have just finished watching "Criminal Minds" you like that show as well? I know you liked "Underbelly".

    Do you really think we girls grow out of being sooo intense....I don't think so! We just learn to disguise it better.

    I'd love to go on a long road trip with you Lilly....we could talk and sing and sip wine and blog about it on the laptop.

    Wilson would definitely make a great cat bulger, although as it is nearly winter he prefers hanging around the heater at home these days.

    Love ya posts Lilly, love you too.

  7. Now this girl is going all the way and now I am wondering how this ended. Or cant you post it to protect the innocent. Yes we grown women are not intense are we, LOL! Given I live in London I am going over to check out this kid as I bet she has a big future writing heart wrenching country and western ballads about love gone wrong.

  8. What a cute post and so true to life. I have three children, three boys and hone girl(the youngest) She was always complaining about cooties from her brothers.
    Sounds like your niece has a very bright future ..wonderful thing is she can pick what ever she wants to do. Maybe she will be a brillant songwriter!

  9. Lilly Loving Annies trainer is kind of big and hunky. Is that the reason you want a personal trainer now, lol. Kids are just downright scary these days. Let me tell you from a males perspectives girls stay intense and we just learn to love girl germs over time, lol.

  10. What a fabulous site you have. You write full of energy so I guess that the blog therapy is working.
    I'd love to add you to my site as I think that my students would love to connect with you too.
    I teach yoga and meditation and find it helps people cope with life's challenges.

  11. Yeah, girls can be a bit tense. I've got a seven year old who is already gaga about boys, all boys. We've had to tone her down a bit for the sake of the boys in her class. Poor little buggers. God help us when she hits the teenage years!

  12. He will most definitely be singing to a different tune in a few years. Your niece is cool!! She will be a fabulous song writer as she grows!!

  13. I'm not sure most males EVER entirely lose that fear of the fairer sex - we overcome it (most of us), but lose it? At our peril.

    I'm sure a personal trainer would do wonders for you ;)

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by at my place :)

  14. Interesting observation. If the boy is gay, he may never want girl germs, if he is not, he won't be able to get enough of them.

  15. Most of us guys get over girl germs but I do remember when they reaklly were nasty things!

  16. Love the song! I'm bracing myself for when our Maggie is in kindergarten next year with actual boys . . . watch out! And the trainer . . . ahem . . . whew!

  17. My oldest, Logan (eight) is starting to get over the girls are yucky phase. My husband used to have a fun time teasing him about girl germs and girlfriends. Logan would scream at the top of his lungs. lol.

  18. My eldest is a big hit with the girls and he hates it. He dived on a floor in a shop once so avoid eye contact with girl in his class. I made him prom ise never to leave home and always to love mummy dearest the most.Joking.

  19. Hehe. Did he ever think that he gave her boy germs??? Boys...

  20. Lilly, your post reminds so much of this wonderful little video. Maybe you have watched it. I had to go looking for it again.

    Called "Marry Me" on the 2007 Tropfest Australia Film Festival.

    Here's a youtube link

    One more question if you are still reading - what's with Brit Ben Southall and the best job in the world? I just found out - damn day late and a dollar short. Well it gave me a good topic to post.

  21. Ohhhhh, no fair. My Captain Agony doesn't look like that! He's ripped and I've been ripped off!

  22. I'm in sort-of a daze since I just visited Annie's website....
    um, yes, I think that lil boy will get over it fast, specially when he meets the female equivalent of Annie's trainer!!!

  23. LOL. Even my elder daughter is in a "boys are yucky" phase, with all the intensity an eight-year old is capable of. "boy germs" will be a good idea to pass on to her.

  24. Intense? Now there is a thought, the whole female population should blog - now that could help relationships no end. As long as the male population were forced to read them of course. We are so different from the word go and thats what makes it all the more fun.

  25. kids are cute. Lilly, your niece is gorgeous, the good looks sure do run in the family. Loving Annie has an exciting life! (whew!)

  26. I just had so much fun catching up with the last few posts of yours I missed, Lilly :) I laughed at the question of what personal exercise we did, and recall a time when I did yoga! Every day I think, "Ohhh..I want it SO MUCH," and then imagine a time in a month or two when it might be possible :)) The girl germs was funny too...typical over-acting male...

  27. Hey, When they grow up your niece can marry my godson and live happily ever-after-- with messy hair and girl cooties :-) Great post. Love the pics!

  28. @ Butler and Bagman - yeah, it doesnt take long, I have been checking out her older sisters Facebook pages.

    @ WhitesockGirl - yes how dare they, I think I would run too - Caity was married three times in kindergarten alone. Somehow I think the boys have not had much of a chance to run.

    @ Sarah Lulu - you are the perfect balance, believe me. Nicely Chilled.

    @ Vicky - no I am too far away to have had any influence. This gilr is going to be something special. I did babysite her an her three siblings for a while in London once and she taught me lots of tricks. And yes sympathise with your boys will you..

    @ JPRA - I should have posted Christines video that was hilarious was it not??/

    @ Dar - they grow up very quickly and this child was kind of born like that - always writing something...

    @ Peggy - criminal minds - yes I did catch a glimpse last night. I dont watch a great deal of TV anymore but Underbelly did suck me in. Road Trip - I really want to do a road trip again. In the US somewhere - we could do a Bloggers Road Trip - how fun would that be?

    @ Stefan - all I am saying is Loving Annie has exquisite taste in all she does.

    @ Margaret - thanks for dropping by I shall come visit you - I could do with more energy...

    @ Stacy - yes I think yu are going to have an interesting journey and a lot of laughs along the way.

    @ Tabiths - you star I heard your interview!!! If she grows up with an ounze of your compassion and beauty she would be a lucky girl.

    @ cjw666 - best to cautious isnt it lol!! I cannot imagine you being scared of a female enjoy the tussle I am sure..yes glad I stopped by I have been truly a slack blogger and I missed you.

    @ Mark - gay boys I know love girl germs too, lol

    @ Milesperhour - I bet you do too. It is quite funny to see it knowing what we do now.

    @ elaine - yes I am not sure how much training you could actually get done but he clearly knows what he is doing.

    @ Summer - oh poor Logan - you will screaming at him for different reasons before too long. And yes, your beautiful boys are going to have girls chasing them nonstop if not already!!

    @ Cleo - now that is an adorable story - he dived on the floor of a shop, he he. Never forget these stories will you? They grow up far too quickly.

    @ Aleta - No boys dont have germs, surely Greg has told you this, he he. Perfect creatures that they are..

  29. @ Lisleman - I let a message for you on your blog, sorry I thought everyone knew about this job.

    @ Sami - hes ripped and I have been ripped off, he he

    @ Roshni - ha ha ha ha

    @ Sucharita - well enjoy that for a while because it may change, sooner than later.

    @ Banoffi - our brains are different and to be honest I dont know why we bang our heads against the wall and dont realise that some things you just arent meant to understand but just accept. We cannot change each other and why would we want to as its too much fun as it is.

    @ Christine - oh this girl looks exactly like her Dad and not my sister so much. She is lively like her Mom though - she is the sister I was telling you about re the tantrum when she was 4 in the supermarket.

    @ Braja - thanks for dropping by - havent had much time for blogging with one thing or another. I get Z for effort of late, ah well - be over to visit soon.

    @ Joanna - I hope your godson is pretty strong - she would push the limits this girl I think. Very creative kind of girl who dresses herself in hippy type clothes (her taste), became a vegetarian at 5 (when no-one else in the family is) and is very whimsical. I googled her lyrics thinking she might have copied them from Britney or Miley and all that came up was Janis Joplin - she liked to say 'oh baby' in her songs apparently. Funny kid - they are moving back to Oz later this year and cannot wait.

  30. That little boy is going to singing a different tune in about 7 years or so. Ha! Love your niece's poem.

  31. It would be cool to try and have a rational conversation with the kid about what exactly girl germs is hehe. The mind of a child must be really interesting. Having kids must be fun...

  32. @ Gran, Yep I am thinking of hiring her to see what she can do for my blog!

    @ Prometheus - yes kids are the most precious beings on earth. thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  33. Kids are just the cutest really and it is a shame we have to grow up.

  34. That's one hunky personal trainer!

    My daughter does the same thing about boy germs... Crazy!

  35. Okay, my first question is: Does Tony the Trainer live in Australia or the USA?? Hey! Just asking. I mean I do have my priorities ya know. Well, can you blame me? I presume you've seen the photos of Tony??? Can you blame me for asking? LOLOL!!!!

    Okay okay moving right along. This is an adorable post. Remember cooties?? But I have to honestly tell you that I have NO memory of ANY boy ever saying to ME, "Eeewwwww, girl cooties!!!" I remember quite a different phrase at a very young age. I must have just wooed them off their feet and bowled them over with my outstanding charm, wit and sex appeal....even at age five. LOLOLOL!!!!!!

    Okay, I guess I'm confusing that with a dream I had. In reality I was called booger brains, Bucky Beaver, snot nose, slime face, string bean, rubber legs and more.

    Okay, okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but watch out, once I got to high school then I got my act together and it was a WHOOOOOOLE different story. I was "HOT", in fact I was SOOOOO "hot" that I didn't even care what they thought about me. Of course it didn't hurt that they drooled all over me.

    Okay okay, I was just a simple small town nature girl who went with one guy all through high school. And I am blessedly thankful that those dating years are over.

    And now, I am blessedly thankful that I have a great guy in my life who would do ANYTHING for me and adores me and is kind and generous and dotes on me. He is funny and we laugh our guts out. He is So smart and adores me...and I love him. I am in heaven. And I am so lucky.

    Thank you dear Lilly for making me laugh and for touching my heart with the amazing person that you are. I think the world of you.


    PS I've had almost not time for blogging or commenting, but I want you to know that you are ALWAYS with me. You are someone I hope to meet some day. I've been up to my eyeballs in work. Seven days a week. Hoping it eases in a bit. Thank you for being my friend, Lilly. It means more than you may realize. Hugging you, Robin

  36. what a great talent for such a young girl. stopping by from sits, happy blogging

  37. Stopping by from Sandi's blog. Your niece is adorable. She's got a future in songwriting.

    As for the girl germs..when he realizes the benefits of girl germs, he will be singing a different tune.

  38. Ironically - I think where I live, the boys and girls never seem to go through a "Ick - girl/boy germs stage." Either that or my girls are just ridiculously cute and even little boys are astounded by them.

    Or maybe - my oldest is shy and quiet and my youngest is just as tough as the boys she hangs out with and gets as dirty as they do.

    In any case...I haven't heard, "Eww...boy germs!" yet.

    Your niece - that's got "rock song" written all over it.

  39. Sorry, Lilly I know the post was really cute and funny BUT THE TRAINER!!!! What happens when men reach about 50. They sure as hell don't look like that....Hmm I wonder what the trainer will look like at 50.

    As for girl germs. Wait till your niece gets to about 17, that's when you'll really wish all boys still thought yuk, girl germs.

  40. I wonder how little boys get the notion that girls are yukky when they're so little. They lose that by the 1st grade from what I saw... sort of.

  41. @ Kay as an ex teacher I guess you would have seen this over and over, lol.

  42. It seems odd to me that boys and girls develop at such phenomenally different rates. Bless that little boy's heart!

  43. @ Debbie - he he and soon enough he will have people chasing him.

  44. She is such a talent1 Maybe she and I can write jingles together. :)

  45. hey that poem makes perfect sense to me..when my kids were little and would fall or scrape something i would console them and then tell them, 'by the time you get married, you won't remember this.'....when i had the granddaughters they were all at the house and nicole fell and bumped her knee..and i did the same thing...her daddy said 'mom, don't tell her that, we're married now..and we remembered it.'...ahah

  46. @ Kristina - yes, something tells me you were a child just like that, lol!!

    @ Yellowdog Granny - lol, its funny the things our parents say and even greater that when we are grown up we remember it all. I am sure I said the exact same things sto my daughter too.

  47. Watch out Lady GaGa, here comes Caitlin, he he. Yes, us girls can get a bit intense at times, for sure. Lilly, I love your new look header. Please come and check out my mother's day post if you get some spare time. LOL

  48. @ Rowe, I was just mucking about with the header today and thought I would try and do some myself and change it each month!! We will see...ok I will be over.

  49. Yes Lilly...Women are SCARY (sorry gulp)

    Now be careful...The hunk has already been divorced (once?)

    Also he obviously been pumped up on protein supplements...and they tend you cause smelly breath (prhps that's why he's divorced?)

    In any'd look strange with all those muscles. Think about Madonna...

    Me jealous....Never

    (It's not easy being green)


  50. @ Henry - well you have a point you know, and quite a good one. Madonna is a bit yuck actually but I would like to be as fit.

  51. The picture of the boy... is it your own? Why am I asking, I saw that same picture today in one of our local newspapers...

  52. I remember when I was 5 Girls Yuk , when ever got near one there was bound top be trouble, and worst of all was my sister .. then I got older and well sometimes they were ok to have around , though not much good at hunting, fishing, falling off motorbikes and other serious boys activities ... So at about 22I got married and and we had a couple of kids (more girls) that marriage didn't work. So at about 31 I tried again and we had kids (another girl) and that marriage didn't work. .. So I met another lady at about 40 ( she already had a couple of kids (another girl) and that marriage didn't work.. noew I've been on my own for 10 years and I'm loving it. got time and money to do what I want to .. no more girls and no more trouble .. Don't misunderstand, I'm not a poof. I talk to girls (of all ages) but I'm not getting involved again .. I was right when I was 5 .. should have listened to myself .. Girls, nothing but trouble .. should be staked 10 high at the tip. Ha Ha Ha .. lets see how many reactions I get.


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