Saturday 30 May 2009

Families, the best blog fodder of all

I was reading a review of Beatrice Collins' book, the Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite which said, "its not Lilly's life that is luminous, but the people around her that shine brightly".

And so it is with my life. My family always shine brightly and therefore are a source of fabulous blog fodder, bless them.

Especially one in particular.

He never disappoints. And he likes to be the topic of conversation, so all is good.

While he was in hospital he was trying to play matchmaker. Ever since I parted ways with my ex I have not been overly enthusiastic about getting into a serious relationship. Given my Dad has been married for over 50 years he just doesn't understand this concept at all.

So, even though he was stretched out in bed, drugged to the eyeballs and in pain, he was determined to not only make the stay worth his while, but mine as well.

When I visited him one day he greeted me with, “Remember that doctor who was here last night? He asked me today if were you my daughter. He said you are beautiful and have a great personality”. “Gee thanks Dad, that's nice. However, did you notice that the doctor is around 25 and I’m not exactly the teenager you seem to think I am?” “Oh is he?” he said.

He makes me laugh. I could hear his mind ticking over, sheesh, back to the drawing board.....

The man, is dangerous when idle and drugged. It’s a lethal combination at any age but even moreso when you are almost blind and terribly well intentioned to boot.

Then, when I was collecting him from the hospital to bring him home, another patient, Bill, a Scotsman whom I'd had a few lively discussions with about Scottish football, (he's a Rangers fanatic, Mike Smith) was also leaving. He passed me a piece of paper. It was his email address. He said, “I think I might have to come back into hospital again soon, so email me your address and I will let you know when, so you can come and visit me.” “ Right Bill,” I said, as I ran out of the ward.

As I was wheeling Dad out of the hospital, I said, “Have you been talking to Bill about me?” ”Oh no,” he says, “although he did keep telling me how wonderful and funny he thought you were”. “Dad,” I said, “you do know Bill is 84, don’t you? Older than you.” ”Oh no, is he?” he mumbled, “I couldn’t see him clearly from the other side of the room. He sounded young enough.”

Thank God, he is back home again. The only blokes he will lay eyes on for a while are the parish priest and the postman. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t put it past him....or them...for that matter...

However, I have discovered that the older men are, the bolder they are, and age seems to be somewhat irrelevant to them (Christopher Williams wrote about this on his blog).

And, if I do get desperate one day, which I am not...yet..., I will just visit the retirement village. Given the green light though, Des will be all over it in no time and get it sorted. However, I think I will take my chances somehow, he he.

By the way, Des is available to line you up with someone if you are looking. It would help though if you have absolutely no expectations whatsoever! Is that OK?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

UPDATE: Ugich from the Gappa blog wrote in her comments that a certain Australian cricketer was now single and suitable partner material. She sent me this image she has created. Very clever Ugich!!! I like the fact Brett is on his knees grovelling BUT.. he is way too young, and there is a pic of George Bush in the frame so it is cursed. I am, however, truly loving my orange and hot pink sari - my two favourite colours and it hides a multitude of sins!!! Now I have both Des and Ugich coming at me from either ends of the world!!!! Oh and Barbara has just joined the frey!


  1. Oh yes. Brilliant and observant post. You really should write that book. Thanks for the shout out, too. :)

  2. Now that was the sweetest, funniest, poignant posts ever. Des is something else, hey? He wants to see you happy and to him that is how he judges his happiness I guess. It will happen when you are good and ready.I agree with Cjw666 you should write a book, I for one love the way you write. I also know you have an amazing story to tell. One day I hope we get to hear it.

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  4. Oi! What's with the Rangers fanatic?!! Your Dad's right though...

  5. Ahh, you turn the personal into universal very nicely. I can see this and understand it so well, even though my Dad went back & forth on that, often NOT wanting me to couple. From 25 to 84, well, if the older one has a nice home & some money shame for it to go to waste ;-0. I hadn't thought about Ana Nicole Smith in quite some time now. I think I love your Dad. ~Mary

  6. @ Cjw666 - thanks for that encouragement, I do need to write that book. Enjoy your sunshine over there. Just had my little niece on Skype and she is most excited about the London weather!

    @ Sarah - you are sweet, yeah he is hilarious and a pain and lovable at the one time. He likes to see that all is right with the world before he leaves, if you get me...

    @ Mike - oops I forgot to add a word, the old guy was the Rangers fanatic, you are a fanatic just not with the same team. All the best today. Wonder who will win the Cup? Rangers I bet.

  7. @ FrankandMary - yes you would definitely understand - he is a rogue, of course. A very lovable one who you can never ever get annoyed with just because of his humor and big heart. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Your Dad cracks me up! Whenever I read about your dad, I picture Christopher Plummer,when he was in the movie, Must Love Dogs. Charming flirt!

  9. Liily,

    Achtung . Folks like Des work primairly on will power. (Where do you think you got yours from ?). I wont be surprised if you suddenly see a set of new folks commenting on your blog, possibly due to some information casually disseminated by Des in hospital. That intern and the other guy were just decoys.

    Incidentally, is Brett Lee from your part of Australia ? That should please Des ....? :-)

  10. @ Joanie - yes you got it in one. He is a BIG flirt and always has been.

    @ Ugich - you crack me up. Bret Lee, he he!!!! I will tell him that one!

  11. Aww, I think it's sweet that your Dad wants to set you up.

    After my divorce, my parents said, "We want an application on the guy, a medical history, credit bureau..." etc.

    Maybe you can say the same thing to your Dad before he makes suggestions to set you up. You could include, "A copy of his driver's license to prove age"


    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. @ Aleta - yeah its sweet but somehow alarming when you are in a hospital on a morphine drip and still trying to do it, lol!! he clearly think I need a firm push, he he. Oh no, I would be the one asking for the background check, its a must these days.

  13. Ah, Lilly, that was possibly one of the loveliest posts of yours I've read....absolutely delightful :))
    Typical of Des to be the scene stealer, yeah? :))

  14. Delightful post. And well done Des for being so enthusiastic even while drugged - or possibly because drugged! ;-)

  15. Ahh but you just gotta love Des. His intentions are good, and he has a great sense of humor. My Mom was the one that played matchmaker before I was attached. Her choices never seemed to match mine likes though, LOL.

  16. I ♥ Des too - he is just a loving daddy looking after his sweet pea.
    I hope Des is feeling better !

  17. Your dad seems so much like my grandfather. He was the unofficial matchmaker. It is common in India for the elders to fix a 'match' for the children. And it was a great disappointment for him that he could not do this for his own grandchildren. All of us found a partner on our own!! A real fun post!

  18. @ Braja - thanks for your comment, means a lot.

    @ Lady Fi - err no just more so when drugged!!

    @ Eric - yeah I know what you mean, he he. Glad to see you around my freind.

    @ Trish - thanks, err not sure he would describe me as a sweat pea but...he he

    @ Radha - yes my father would ahve lived quite comfortably in India I would expect from reading your and the the Gappa blog. It is a generational thing. Wonder what my daughter would be writing about me one day. I will not have the temperament in old age that my father does that is for sure. But the drugs might be good fun!

  19. Parents will be parents..especially the good ones when they want to see you settled! Lilly, you do have a way of making the people around you shine brightly, us blog friends, for instance. Thank you.

  20. I'm smitten, for sure :) That Des, no doubt a true gem! And you my dear, just the lovely way you write about him, your true admiration and affection for him coupled with your humor, its no wonder Des is working his peeps to hook up his beautiful daughter!

  21. LOL!!! I love reading about your dad Lilly! You guys uplift me so much. :)

  22. Lilly, this was fantastic and so funny.
    I think that once you start writing on a daily basis you start to see the world through different eyes.

    Opened eyes.

    Peace - Rene

  23. Lilly, Should you ever decide to listen to Des and go in for a formal "seeing" of a bridegroom, it might be beneficial for you to read This piece I am sure Des will be thrilled...

  24. Your father really loves you that much!You're lucky :)

    Anyway, you might want to win a $500 GC worth of new furniture by joining a Father's Day contest by Wholesale Furniture Brokers. Here’s the link:

    Good Luck!

  25. I hear Hef may be looking for another girlfriend!

  26. Great post as always, Lilly! And funny! Do love your sense of humor!
    Have a great weekend!

  27. Your dad is a charmer! I love that even though he is in the sick bed himself he still thinks of you! That is not all fathers who would do this.
    Loved your post!

  28. Great story, and I agree -- it's time for that book! Your writing is fun and compelling to read.

  29. Good Saturday morning to you, Lilly !
    It IS staggering how people assume because someone has a penis and is breathing, that's enough to be a suitable match ! Compatibility seems to escape them as a basic criteria - oy ! My empathy :)

  30. Your father (or you) never cease to make me laugh. haha. Hey...I think you should write the book. You would be a #1 seller!! =) Really.


  31. Well, you are quite a looker. So, can you really blame him--even without your father's encouragements?

  32. Des does it again! And so did you, Lilly. Brilliant post!

  33. Aaaahhh, life in the fast lane! All your adoring male fans. Such is the price of extreme beauty, irresistible brilliance and keen quick wit. Of course these are ALL things that I know about. LOLOL!!!! ROFL!!! Okay, okay, I can dream can't I????

    I just know this: if I were single and your father were younger or I older, Qantas and I would get reacquainted. Your Dad is a serious riot and a totally unbridled delightful. I love it. Too bad it didn't rub off on you. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. Okay, okay, you my girl are the spitting image of your father in personality. What a gift he has given you. I am so glad because what he passed on to you, you now share with the world, and it is spectacular! Gosh Lilly, you ARE highly refined wit, like our good friend Horatio once said, "...Lilly, your writing is some of the best I've ever seen." I agree. Remember when he told you that after you left a comment on his blog?

    Take care my friend and thank you for sharing such joy. I LOVE humor. Weird how my blog is so serious, deep, profound, off the charts insightful, (Like Horatio said....LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, my point being is that I'm so serious on my blog and yet at home (and with YOU---- do you hear me? With YOU!) I am SO wacky! I mean truly wacky...and I LOVE it. And you. Hugs, Robin.

  34. Lilly;

    Don't even know Des persoannly but I love him already. I know where you get your sense of humor...except from a women"s point of view!
    You're right about the older they are the bolder they become.

  35. Oh Lilly-- I love this! But, I think you should forget the book and go straight for the movie script! Des could be played by Sean Connery. You, of course, would be played by fellow Aussies Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman, or, the lovely Kate Winslet. Des' hospital roommate should be your man George Clooney. Cast Leonardo Di Caprio as the young doctor and you'd have a box office hit on your hands! Cue the Red Carpet-- You're ready for your close-up :-)
    Kisses to Des. xo

  36. What a relief that Des is out of the hospital and doing well. I love how he's looking out for your interests. You never know... He might strike gold yet.

  37. Des sounds like great fun. Maybe he'll surprize you one day, find Mr right.

  38. Des sounds like a hoot -- and a generous heart!

    My best friend's widowed dad once hit on me, just after I'd gotten divorced. When she asked me, delicately, if the conversation she saw us having out by our cars was what she thought it was, I tried to reassure her.

    "Don't worry -- I won't expect you to call me 'Mom.'"

    I still laugh when I remember her expression....

  39. Parents always stay parents. His limited eye sight might be an issue for you though.

    reminds me of when I broke up in the 80's - my mom gave me STD advice.

    coming by from a public computer

  40. Des certainly is fabulous blog fodder Lilly!

    My friends and family have finally given up playing the matchmaking game. I am very happy being single but I am not adverse to sharing my life with the right person. I know that day will come and look forward to it very much.

    And Lilly YOU are beautiful and have a great personality, it shines through here in the blogosphere.

    Give Des a big hug for me and read out all the comments to him. He will get a chuckly out of them.

    Big hugs

  41. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment. I hope to see you again. Have a great Sunday.

  42. @ Christine - you are a treasure, and I could be guilty of doing this to my daughter.

    @ Vicky - you have a way with words my friend, truly!

    @ Tabitha - well that is mutual hey?

    @ Rene - this is true isnt it? Things change, and you look at things in different ways entirely. Thanks for pointing this out. I will always remember that now.

    @ Ugich, oh no, you aren't helping Des are you? You are funny, you are becoming his partner in crime, now stop at once otherwise I will be married off and living right near you!! And wearing orange and hot pink saris, except I really would like to wear a gorgeous sari come to thnk of it. I will show him your secret matchmaking business, glad he is house bound!! Otherwise he would be flying to India to get some pointers from experts. Must tell you about my best friend and her arranged marriage sometime. Yes she is Indian.

    @ Betty - yes he is like that. He doesnt even like to admit to medical staff he is in pain. It makes me angry but its just him and his mother who died at 94 was the same. Except she was still mowing lawns at 82. I tell you they dont make them like that any more we are too spoilt. I am already talking about my aches and pains, not a good predicator for the future.

    @ Cindy, that is very sweet of you to say that. I dont spend any time on it just do it in a few minutes so often my grammar and spelling is a little all over the place but its not the point is it. Thanks again for stopping by.

  43. Lils~

    Thanks for the note. I've given you an award on my blog. You don't have to repost but I think you are very deserving!

    {xoxo} Juls~

  44. @ Loving Annie - yes I think when we haven't experienced certain things its hard for some to empathise, lol. If it came from anyone but him I would be upset more than likely.

    @ Paris, thanks, I am still trying to plan my rain artwork, mmm what will it be I wonder?

    @ Fishawk - all fathers, especially nearly blind ones think that about their children. I am middleaged and realistic, lol!! I am doing ok.

    @ Gran, yes he does I am considering auctioning him off!! LOL!

    @ Robin, oh you just mentioned Horatio Salt - I have been slack, I lost my blogroll a couple of times and never managed to get everyone back on the list - oops! Yeah I get you, I come to your blog and try and be profound and leave the silliness behind here. Each of us is like a house with many rooms. It's good to explore them all and not just live in one or two rooms. Take Care my friend.

    @ Peggy - well I am planning to be really bold in 30 plus years, if I am still around.

    @ Joanna - how cool would that be. Now lets see, I think Cate Blanchett is my favourite Aussie actress (Nicole doesnt do it for me for some reason and Naomi is tiny and I am tall), As for Des, mmm he would of course want to play himself (yes there would be all sorts of contractural upsets otherwise), Bill could be George and yes Leonardo the young doc and then we'd be set. Actually thinking of it like that then Bill is quite appealing , lol!!! You have a wonderful sense of humor Ms Jenkins! Somehow I think you may have a few more screenplays in you than me.

    @ Kay - oh yeah who knows what his postman is realy like, he he!

    @ Cleo - ah yeas well he always surprises me that is for sure.

    @ Jeanne - have I told you I would like to go and have a beer with you except for the fact we both couldnt because of the yeast but how about a French Champagne (certian ones are allowed).

    @ Lisleman - good to see you take your blogging to the streets. Yes his eyesight is limiting. He sees me through a fuzzy haze too and doesnt see the wrinkles or my real age. Bless him.As for your Mom, oh dear how funny!!

    @ Peggy, thank you oh wise one. Yeah I am with you and have the same attitude. Thanks!

    @ Gigi - thanks for stopping by.

    @ Juls - woo hoo I like surprises!

  45. http://www.papermoonies.blogspot.com31 May 2009 at 16:31

    Hi Lilly saw you on Sits thought I would stop in and say hello.

  46. Very attractive Sari Ugich made you Lilly.

  47. Whata scream, if he is like that on the drugs then weh is he like off the drugs, OMG! Too funny.

  48. Message for Des,
    Hi Des. Hope you are feeling better
    If distance is no object I know a lot of eligibles. perhaps we could get together and work something out ??
    Love and good wishes

  49. @ Barbara, oh right, now its Ugich and you Barbara helping Des. Well this should be good. Between the three of you you shoul dbe able to come up with someone - I want photos and a reference before I am trudging 12,000 miles (even though it is very sunny there at the moment) just to see if he is ok though, lol. You are a great woman. Seriously. Yes, and Des will get the message in the morning and he will be delighted that his English daughter is so supportive of him. Just like his Indian one as well. There is a crawler or two in every family isnt there?? LOL thanks for having such a great sense of humor, love it!!

  50. Great post! I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading...finally. Happy Sunday!

  51. This is so funny about Des but I have to admit to doing the same thing once in a while with my twin daughters! You look great in the picture she sent! Hope you are having a good weekend.

  52. Since Des is taken .... I will leave it to him to find me the appropriate match. I am going to have way too much time on my hands after Carl and Joanne are living in wedded bliss.

  53. Lilly,

    I was just checking out possibilities for you :-), and it occurred to me that there is some benefit in Barbara's idea, that you trudge 12,000 miles away into the sunny British isles. The worlds best cricket teams are there , including the guy who is pictured on his knees in Canberra. Just think. You just need to go to Lords. I am sure Des will be totally thrilled, that wisdom has finally dawned.

    Lilly at Lords with Lee.....

    (Did i just get an idea for another picture .....)
    I mean how much more terrific can a future blogpost title get.....

  54. Your Dad sounds like a kick! Fun.

  55. If you look anything at all like your icon, my dear Lilly, you are doing a lot better than just "okay," but even if you no longer do, your personality is absolutely gorgeous--expecially for a footie fanatic.

  56. It seems to me that everyone is trying to line you up with someone. You know what they say about people attached, they can't stand to see someone single and happy. If you are looking, try to get someone with money, ha, ha.

  57. Oh this is funny and the comments are brilliant. An international panel of arbiters deciding on a possible match for you Lilly. Wonder what they come up with. All you need is someone in Russia, Italy and the US and you should have it coveed.

  58. as you know, your Dad rocks..simply rocks. I'm glad your not wanting a man, i think its great when a woman is content to be with herself, those she chooses to be with.

  59. I simply adore your adamant dad (now that's a tongue-twister of a phrase) and you look lovely in that sari, so maybe both Ugich and your Dad have a point....

    Loved your June template tagline...

    And I did check out your facercises!

  60. about your update pic -
    if that's your house and garden - well lets say the problem wouldn't be finding them but keeping them away.

  61. awwwww It's so cute how much he loves you and wants you to be happy....oh and by the grandpa saw your picture and thinks you're pretty hot...if you have any spare time............

  62. @ Banoffi - err he is a pain in the a** either way - no joking, he just gets funnier on drugs if that is possible and a little stranger.

    @ Judy and Stefan , I know Ugich sure knows how to make a girl look good in a sari!! She can do my hair and makeup any time she pleases.

    @ Helen - you are going to be on an exciting journey I think, who knows what is around the corner!!

    @ Ugich - oh my goodness, what a title. I do not like blonde men though!!! And I already went to Lords when I was 20 and I befriended the security guard outside the gates who let me in and I walked on the pitch and stole some grass and bought it home to give to Des. It was dead of course but it was the thought that counted. Of course he has already played cricket himself in the UK but never at Lords. I am emailing you because I have an idea.

    @ Baba - did you say sounds like a kick or needs a kick? LOL

    @ FishHawk yes that is me taken last year but black and white photography hides so much lol. I am not beating them off with sticks though believe me. But given I have so many scouts out look around the world now well depending where you lvie you can too!! LOL!!

    @ Margaret, I knew you to be a sensible woman truly. I just knew after I read your life story!!!

    @ Dawnie - you are another one who I admire greatly after knowing your story too - another sensible woman!!

    @ Sucharita - oh good that yoga for the face is something else and yes the tagline is meaningful!!

    @ Lisleman - oh that is just the country mansion, shame I have to share it with the Governor General (the Queens representative in Australia).

    @ Nikkicrumpet - always knew you were a wicked....and funny woman!!

  63. That picture is the cutest thing I have ever seen, what fun, thanks for the laugh. We all could do more of it.

  64. Suranga of Gappa has sure taken off with her computer art hasn't she Lilly?
    The Gappa Movement began when Surange was sufficiently game to have a go at MSPaint and send her very first attempt to the 70 Plus Virtual Gallery. She's been creating ever since - even established a fresh new blog which she illustrates with her latest computer creations.

    See what happens when you try something new?
    June in Oz

  65. @ June, what have you unleashed??? If I had more time I would be at it but unfortunately I have not had much of a change to go back and have another go.

  66. Oh gosh, that is again so hilarious. thank you! Really made my morning. You ahve got to get published. I would buy it in a heart beat.

    As for you being single--I can't imagine it will be for long. Who could resist such humour let alone anything such a wildly amusing future father in law. Hee.

  67. Thanks Jammmie, glad it made you smile!

  68. ohhh Lilly, you have a very sweet and COOL dad!

    when you talk about Des, i always miss my daddy:)

  69. That is sweet Rachel. Glad to see you drop by.

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