Wednesday 1 April 2009

Fools rush in

At this time last year I was right in the middle of a Martha Stewart moment and making lots of Easter Eggs.

So very foolish. Mainly because the eggs were solid chocolate and could have realistically fed a small country. By the time Easter rolled (figuratively speaking) around, I never wanted to look at another piece of chocolate again. In fact the egg like shape of my backside was all the evidence I needed to realise that nil by mouth was not only the best medicine, it was the only solution. I had taken taste testing to extremes.

At the start of 2009 I was morphing out of my Martha phase and into my Gwynneth macrobiotic phase, which saw me avoiding sugar altogether.

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that going cold turkey contributed to my questionable decision to swear at a police officer. As funny as it was, it wasn't my finest hour.
I still create sweet things (which can sometimes be found on my side blog Inspiration) but I now choose to over feed other people instead of myself. Just call me McLilly - choices, surprises and something for your inner child (McDonalds actually use those very words bizarrely). I think it's really called self preservation at other people's expense.
So this Easter I have no desire to bring Martha out of her hiding place in the back of my cupboard. She has already proven she can easily handle being in a small dark space with time to kill. However, just so I don't get accused of being an Easter scrooge, I made these chocolate flowers today with no hint of a rabbit, egg or pieces of psychedelic foil in sight.
Next week I'm heading north to visit my daughter for Easter.

Unfortunately, as you can see, she lives in a really ordinary part of the country. I guess I will just have to deal with the sun, surf and sand, grit my teeth and get on with it. The things you do for your children, I tell you.

Jordan is a doer and not as laid back as her mother. She has booked us into a cooking class at a place called Spirit House on the Sunshine Coast. It looks posh.
We will be learning how to use Asian spices. The only consideration for me, albeit a rather large consideration, is the actual cooking bit. Duck Vindaloo, Sri Lankan Seafood Curry, Beef Massaman, Zucchini & Green Capsicum Sabji with delicious side dishes like pickled vegetables, tomato & cucumber sambal. Are the dishes an optional extra I wonder or are the spices good to go on their own? I am a way better taste tester than cook. This could prove interesting.

The Chef apparently worked for Hollywood stars (now is it just me or is that a stupid thing to admit to given most stars are anorexic and clearly starving?). I know she worked for Tom and Nicole and curiosity is bound to get the better of me. I more than likely will throw a question or two her way about spicy subjects other than those we are there for.

Last time my daughter and I were together we got stuck in Thailand due to civil unrest. That's why we usually only see each other once in a while as one of us is now totally risk adverse. You can guess which one.

So if you hear reports of a beached whale, a woman taken by a shark, a cooking school ruined by fire or someone who is stuck on a roller coaster, you won't have to think too hard to guess who it is. And if you are still not sure, look for a girl disguised in a wig and glasses. My daughter always comes prepared for embarrassing Mother moments (and no, I can't imagine why she has so many different disguises you will need to ask her....thank God she is over her purple phase, I wonder what her hair colour will be this time round).

For those of you who celebrate Easter, what do you have planned?
And for those of you who don't, just be thankful because if you did you would be a few pounds/kilos heavier afterwards.


  1. that sounds wonderful, a cooking class! I'm sure you'll love it.

    Easter, normally I have all my children over for dinner and we eat and have an egg hunt. Well this year 2 of them are going to florida, one has to work--so i'm having my Easter dinner this Sunday! On Easter, I have no clue what i"m doing yet. I did order a bunny cake though--I just dont have time to bake one.

  2. Mennonites and Easter means church, family gatherings, some more church and more family gatherings....oh and EATING!! :)
    I´m sure I´ll be a few pounds heavier again! :(
    Have a good week at your daughters!!

  3. Lilly, when you said McLilly, it just struck me that you need to practice raising those eyebrows (remember the solution of emerging from the car when facing the police?)....then youd be complete withe the Golden Arches of McLilly....:-))

    I cant wait to read your posts after you do the cooking class. I think you guys are going to love it. And tell your daughter blue is not OK. One side red the other blue. Perfect disguise. Patriotic. :-)

    Have a great time with your daughter....

  4. Lilly you know that rain that never gets to Canberra...I think you might be seeing a bit of it in the sunshine coast.
    But lets hope by the time Easter comes around the rain will be in Canberra and the sun shining in Qld.

    I always stay in Sydney over Easter, I find the roads are too dangerous to be out driving.

    Whatever the two of you get up to I know there will be lots of laughter involved.

    Try to keep out of too much I have changed my mine go crazy!


  5. Too funny Lilly! Enjoy your holiday with Jordan, sounds like a lot of fun. (I need to go read that post about the Thailand visit ;-) Love the purple phase. I can see where her character comes from.
    Easter here will be quiet, all my babies have moved away. So, we will be counting blessings. Have a wonderful time.

  6. I love you, Lilly!
    Have a wonderful holiday with Jordan...

  7. For me, even though we're 1/2 Jewish, it means leg of lamb and perhaps a brunch at our local social club. Wish I were going with you!

  8. Happy Easter to you, Lilly! I grew up celebrating Passover. If you want to compare calorie counts I'll be happy to go toe-to-toe. At least your calories are from chocolate. I wrote the following in my first novel:

    "While we Jews were choking down four glasses of Welch’s grape juice during a long and drawn-out Passover sedar, our Christian counterparts were outside in the fresh air chomping on chocolate bunnies and searching for brightly-painted Easter eggs. If that isn’t child abuse, what is?"

  9. Every time you and Jordan get together, we all benefit. I can't wait to see what happens this time around!

    Thanks for making me feel better yesterday, I can always count on you for comments that truly lift my spirit! I love you.

  10. Our Easter will be crazy dysfunctional family fun, me trying to please my parents but also trying to get out of cooking for the whole clan again by going to friends (I know, I should be shot). The kids hunting Easter eggs one time to many and me being the one left with all the chocolate come Monday morning. I hope the trash collector comes early that day because I cannot be held accountable for being left with that much chocolate for too long. And hopefully, a little sun here in snow today heat wave tomorrow Oklahoma!

  11. Wow...I wish I could make eggs like that!! And I would actually prolly put on some pounds from all of the taste testing myself! =)

    Easter...hmm..used to celebrate Easter. LOVE LOVE LOVE Easter "peeps". There will most likely be no easter for me this year, as I am alone and packing to move. Ugh!

    **hugs** thinking of you!

  12. Lilly, it sounds marvelous! I'm a little envious- but I hope you have an awesome time. :)

  13. Lilly;

    I also can't wait til your return, just for my sake that is. I love the way you write and am looking forward to your next adventure.
    I love sharing air with my daughter..the best times.
    We will spending the day with two of our children and our granddog. We usually have artichoke dip, honey baked ham, cheezy potaoes, and for the health aspect .... asparagas. Good healthy meal and virtually no calories.

  14. Oh no, please, lets talk about YOU! Lets see more sand and sun and coastal beaches. Let talk Tom and Nicole and purple hair. And chocolate eggs!! You are a welcome respite, Lilly, for a frazzled mommy right now who doesn't know which catastrophe is waiting around the corner.

    Ahhh, we will do Easter, how I don't know, but we will. We may be having Easter egg hunts amongst the sand bags, but we will find a way to celebrate.

  15. Lilly, I hope you have the greatest time with your daughter!! We have a few celebrations going on within our home, so Easter is kind of taking a back seat.

    Apr 2nd - daughter's Birthday
    Apr 10th - hubby's bday and our 10th year wedding anniversary :)

  16. Those eggs were incredible. I think you were Martha for awhile.
    And the trip to visit your daughter? That looks so fun and I can't wait to hear about it.

  17. Verrrrrry entertaining reading Ms. Lilly ~ very! Your Jordan, even in disguise, looks a lote like her lovely mother.
    I never know what Easter will bring here ... if snow is till on the mountain (and that's a 100% probability) my daughter and grandchildren will ski the day away. I have shared the story of my son and his fiance with you - hoping they will be with me, or that we will all celebrate with her family! Wedding is set for October 10th. (but because of the huge obstacles they face, I am having sleepless nights from time to time.) I must let go, and let the universe handle it. A wise woman named Sara Lulu (living in your country) is my inspiration for all things zen. Her blog 'normal is a cycle on a washing machine' is great.

  18. Lilly. It's always grande to tune into your posts. You've given me my first laugh for the day and it's 6:30 pm in the UK. Lots of chuckles. Hope you have fun with your daughter!

  19. :) :)

    Sunrise Service...
    Egg hunt...
    Special family dinner with traditional foods...
    Easter baskets !

    Loved your post (as always)!

  20. Best of luck with the Asian cooking. As we say, it is best to go easy on the spices, and use them WITH A LIGHT HAND. And your daughter's hair is COOL. Happy Easter and a happy Eastern cooking experience.

  21. Great post as usual, Lilly. Hope you enjoy your asian spicy encounters at Spirit House. I am sure you'll be a pro when you return and we can expect some great recipes like: fish tikka masala, sambhar, goan fish curry and hyderabadi biryani. you'll love it.

    You are lucky your daughter has outgrown her purple phase. Mine was into it right till she got married. So we had to have the entire wedding decor with white and lilac/purple orchids from Singapore. Her husband was worried that she might convert his office decor into sll things purple.

    Have fun with Jordan, I am hoping to be able to visit my daughters (New York & San Francisco) some time soon too. Have a blast you two and bring back lots of pictures.

  22. Gosh those asian dishes sound challenging! But interesting. Have a lovely time with your daughter and love your chocolates, even the plain ones!

  23. That sounds absolutely divine. I'm looking forward to the cooking class reports too. Have a wonderful time! And you daughter sounds so cool! When my kids grow up I hope I have with them an approximation of the realtionship you seem to have with her.

  24. Dammit! Did you have to show much sinful chocolate?!!
    The cooking class sounds great and it looks as if you're going to be cooking Indian dishes mainly! Why didn't you just book into my cooking class?! ;) I could have shown you the right way to burn food!!

  25. Just saw the movie Australia, what a beautiful part of the world you live in. Hope you enjoy your cookery lessons.

  26. I was almost licking my monitor and drooling on my keyboard looking at all that beautiful chocolate! The cooking class does sound like fun. Glad you're going get some time with Jordan! Hope you have a great visit and do try to stay out of trouble!

  27. You make such beautiful things! Your daugher is so gorgeous she can wear whatever hair she wants.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  28. Hi Lilly, I love chocolate it's my downfall - it and potato crisps. But I'll not be having any this year, I'm in training for a marathon - yes I'm running 26 miles, probably walking half of it - in May.

  29. Sunshine Coast eh? That's my neck of the woods. Yes, I know, it's hard to live in paradise but someone's got to do it! Happy Easter.

  30. I'm making home-made caramels, peanut butter fudge and chocolate-walnut fudge and using them to fill Easter eggs. Then my boss and I are hiding them for the folks at work.

    I love having a boss who's up for a bit of fun!

  31. Hi Lilly!

    I don't come here often enough, but geez when I do you always give me such a good laugh with your posts! I love your humor!

    I saw those chocolate eggs and thought oh no, do I read this, as I do not eat any refined sugar and in no way am needing the chocolate or sugar, but always have to level with myself of whether I should mention something to someone in whether they know the dangers of sugar on so many parts of their body and health or not.

    Well, whew! You mentioned macrobiotic - that is awesome!!! I imagine cold turkey would not have been easy, I weaned myself off over a couple months I think. Not that I ate a lot of sweets or anything, but sugar is in like everything!!! So it took some time to triple check all the labels and get rid of things one by one.

    I have heard of the macrobiotic and do not do it for that reason, although that is an amazing reason to do it for. I just do it cause I researched sugar and its effects on the body inside out and that was enough for me to walk away from it and never look back!

    Well enjoy your time at your daughter's - it sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time!

  32. I love to cook!! I can teach you if you want to come to America!! If you burn my house down, well then I will get a new house--LOL Oh but Chicago doesn't look anything like those pictures of your where your daughter lives. We have Lake Michigan, but it is green--they dye it for St Patrick's Day-- well actually they do dye it but it is green all the time!!!

  33. "I wanted to be a Nun. I got over it." You so funny.


  34. You are such a riot, Lilly! Happy Easter! I will be spending time with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren!

  35. Just a quick time from me regarding cooking curry i learnt when i did a cooking class in Thailand on my Honeymoon, Don't flick a bit of chilli in your eye when you are using the mortar and pestle, it's not very pleasant!

    Have a good time it soouns wonderful, I will be hanging with my new puppy :-)

  36. Hey that beach looks great. Also that's a fine way to work off any extra indulging.

    Do you get the National Geographic downunder? They have a story about your drought. Sounds terrible.

    ONE more question - are you bringing a gift? Did you hear about the gift President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth? an Ipod - he could have put more thought into it.

  37. i have dozens of different kinds of cooking books..they are my cooking class...

    being a pagan, im thinking of sacrificing a leg of lamb..or a shank of ham..mabye a coconut cream cake to go with it.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Oh my, you mean sugar is bad for you? I so did not read that Lilly! I prefer living in denial about all that stuff. I will think about it after the Easter bunny has come. Cooking class? We want lots of pictures do you hear, I checked out the site and it looks amazing and in such a beautiful place too. Have fun!

  40. Too funny! Hope you have fun learning to spice up life with.. er... spices and a Hollywood cook!

    I don't do the Martha Stewart or self-preservation thing at Easter. My son turns 6, so it's birthday time - and we hide Easter eggs out in the woods for the kids to find...

    Have fun out there with the sun and sand - poor you! ;-)

  41. @ Ugich - golden arches of McLilly - you are hysterical you know that right?

    Thanks very much everyone for your comments. I love hearing all the different things you will be up to over Easter. The world is a fabulous place with all of you in it. You always put a smile on my face! Always and many thanks!!

  42. Have a wonderful trip, Lilly! You're going to have a blast with your daughter! You look like sisters, seriously. You're also an incredible cooks. I'm gaining pounds just looking at your photos.

  43. You know that means I can now have more chocolate given you aren't having any. You could have been a sweets chef even though you don't like to cook other things. Who knows maybe you will come back addicted to Asian cooking. I cannot wait to see pictures of your masterpieces(or not!).

  44. Hi Lily~ I really enjoyed this post. You know, in every post you make, there is one line which I remember...this one is

    "I had taken taste testing to extremes"



  45. Looking at that chocolate I think I gained a few pounds, looks so yummy.I hope you have a good time at Jordan's, a Happy Easter to you and have fun at the cooking class. Will be waiting to hear all about your trip, have fun. For Easter we will just be home with our colored eggs.

  46. Lily...come see my new blog layout!!!! LOL

  47. We are going to family for Easter and will have Easter egg hunts and great meals and too much of everything. Of course we will also go to church.

  48. Oh you Silly Lilly!! I laughed my head off through this. You are so deliciously funny. Wouldn't it be great if we could eat our laughter? Although satisfying, it never completely takes away the desire to eat something deliciously tantalizing. LOL!

    Oh! I envy you going to Gold Coast. It is soooo beautiful there. I know it has changed drastically since I was there. I'd hardly recognize it, but from the photos I thought that was where you were going. I could do with days and days, no wait, what am I saying? I could do with years of sun, surf and warm beaches. It would be the absolute heaven for me right now. I still remember them and how I lived on them when I was in OZ. So my girl you are going to have to say hi to the sea, the sun and the surf for me. You have to promise that when you lay basking in your skimpy bikini (LOL!) that you will look out at the sea and say, "Hi sea, Robin is missing you." Okay? I bet you will remember. I know you will. Just because you love me. LOL!!! And I love you too beautiful Lilly! Hugs, Robin

  49. I would love to take a cooking class! My parents are coming down. Chaos and hilarity will ensue.

  50. Your chocolate flowers look wonderful. I started a diet today because I have been cooking all winter and eating all kinds of sweets myself. I went to the grocery and spent tons on fruit, nuts, vegetables and healthy stuff. I am starving right now and seeing those cookies made me want to run to the kitchen for something sweet! I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy your daughter and the cooking class.

  51. @ Robin, no bikini - I know you like things in their natural state he he but truly that would be not doing the world any favors.

    @ Judi - Hang in there, that is what happens in winter but spring is now here for you and thnka goodness you have loads of slads to look forward to.

  52. Hello Lilly,

    I hope you have a gorgeous time with your daughter, as you know I'm visiting mine today for a few days, also at the beach.

    I loved the story about swearing at the police officer ahahahaha.

    Much love to you, my friend,

    Sarah Lulu

  53. Hey Lilly did you know your Google page rank is now 4 that is really good. It's gone up since last time.

  54. Sarah, I dont know what any of these rank things mean (there are too many of them and its all a bit contrived) to be honest, I just prefer to live in a world without rank he he. Take Care.

  55. Have a wonderful holiday with Jordan.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment feel free to visit again.
    Keep posting......

  56. Lillyness! Oh, it's good to be back and to see you've come to see me! Oh, Dear One! I hope you have a marvelous time with your daughter and will learn new things to cook! You'll take pictures I hope!
    Oh, Dear One, I remember your police episode! I'm sure he's still talking about it today!
    Be safe, sweet and have fun!
    Shelia ;)

  57. It all sounds so good, Lilly. Seeing your daughter, cooking class, Easter, beautiful beaches and chocolate...Perfect!
    Have a Wonderful Trip!

  58. Hi Lily, I don't celebrate Easter but cooking lessons and learning new cuisine sounds good to me! Have fun=)

  59. Oh poor you...having to deal with a sunny beach and all. How about I trade places with you and give you the break you deserve! Oh and I'll be happy to let you feed me!

  60. Sounds like a fun trip and always an adventure! No Easter celebration for me, not that it will stop me from partaking in some Easter type candy! Have fun.

  61. I hope you have a great Easter. And if you do do something newsworthy, at least you'll have more blog fodder! :)

  62. sounds like you will be having a fun Easter Lilly!!
    beaut location....learning exotic cooking skills and having Mum/Daughter time ..perfect :))
    I might pop over to the local ashram with my Daughter for some R & R ;)

  63. Oooh looks like a perfect Easter plan, with daughter, location, and cooking/Asian spices course! Wow, enjoy.

    The photos are beautiful and make me miss Australia. Hope the floods are gone soon - we've seen them on ABC news on our laptops here in the U.S.

    Take care and enjoy!!

  64. Hey Lilly - Haven't been here in awhile and wanted to see what you're up to. I absolutely love the easter creations. I'm sure you'll have a good easter with your daughter.
    We are passover people ourselves, so we are busy busy busy getting rid of all the leaven around here....

  65. Did you make all those lovely things?

    So gorgeous!

    Loved that post about Dick and jane books and porn... so true!

  66. Yes Saundra I can cook cakes and sweet things but I cannot cook much else and nor do I have the inclination to do so. However,my daughter is keen to see me branching out to somethng else. We also did a cooking course in Thailand - it was a hoot I have to say.

  67. Easter is huge here in Norway, everyone takes the week off and heads to the mountains. The pagan tradition of egg painting represents fertility in the new blossoming season. I plan to decorate mrs. bbs eggs plenty over the holidays!

  68. "[Martha] has already proven she can easily handle being in a small dark space with time to kill."
    --Oh, you are bad, but hilariously so! You have got to be one of the funniest, if not THE funniest, blogger out there. I love it so! ...hey, almost as much as your whacked out purple hair and unquestionable devotion to your daughter to put up with such nuisances as so aptly described above!

    Those Easter cakes look amazing, btw. The Commonwealth has such a better idea how to make great Easter eggs and sweets than here in the States where even finding a large foil wrapped chocolate egg, let alone one that is not hollow, is almsot an impossibility.

  69. Hope it stops raining before you come up here! Sunshine coast got a bucketing in this rain. The spirit house looks appealing. have fun!

  70. @ beaverboosh - wow thats interesting to hear what happens in other countries. Enjoy the mountains.

    Mmmm - yes Commonwealth countries -sometimes its kind of reassuring isnt it to do some things the same. I havent spent an Easter in the US but a few in Britain.

    Dee- thanks, and I hope we dont get flooded out!

  71. I want some of those cakes.


    Please...? :)

  72. Laughing as usual after reading your post. Have you ever worked as a comedian? You'd do well working in a unit for depressed people. I mean this seriously and respectfully because your posts always cheer me up.

    I didn't know you had a food site - lol! I must check out your other blog and get some creative cooking ideas. I am forewarned about packing on pounds and will go easy with the baking.

    Thanks for making me laugh today & have a blessed Easter season even without Martha.


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