Sunday 26 April 2009

I didn't leave the house

Have you visited

It has a great quote about Blogging - Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

I think I am about to do just that.

Yesterday I didn't leave the house because the weather was horrific. However, it ended up being a great Girl's Day In which was surprisingly influenced by bloggers from all over the world. How mad is that, internet peoples?

To avoid saying too much, I was just going to leave you with this visual of my day (I was bored a little ok?), except it occurred to me that those with vivid imaginations and those with little imagination may not 'get it' ..... so the 'too much to say bit' follows for those who need a translation. Jeanne's quiz confirms we either favor our left or right brain so I am catering to both just in case.

I woke up really early, during a dream about Paris (I was reading Caroline's blog the previous day), because my mobile was ringing ...and ringing.

It was a friend from Edinburgh. She was upset. The combination of her sobs and her thick Scottish accent meant I had no hope in hell of understanding a word she said. I hope I ahhed, and ohhed and said there, there in all the right places. I am no longer used to the accent which in times like this, is an issue. Speaking of Scots, go visit Mike Smith's blog, he is such a great and funny writer, even if he does follow the wrong football team (and no hint of an accent!!).

I finally got up and looked out the window to see extreme wind and drizzly rain. I reconsidered my plans for the day over bircher muesli and juice and then entered the blogosphere.

Rhonda, you are hysterical and quite frankly have traumatised me with that image, Ugich that is the best Mother's Day post ever and made me cry, June you are such a clever writer and that is a novel waiting to be published, Linda Lou you are hot and a brilliant writer and is there anything you cannot do and Braja that is a post many people could use and should read right now.

I was due to write a post but I ...well..... There were too many other distractions.

I did some cooking - apple pies and gingerbread sponge cake (recipes courtesy of Barbara) and scones (inspired by Loving Annie).

Then I spent some time sewing some super exotic cushions (a la 1920s). Interior design is a passion of mine. I sorted some DVDs I am sending to Betty in Paraguay (say a prayer for them given the severe drought they are having there), did some painting, sorted some photos, did some housework, put on a face mask, had a manicure and pedicure, made a scrumptious dinner and still had some time to continue reading a great book called Secrets of a Bullet Proof Spirit (if you need help trying to bounce back from life's rollercoaster rides) and do some writing. Of course I also had to have a glass or two of wine because Peggy told me if I stopped drinking I would end up like this (seriously, Peggy is one wise woman - pay her a visit).

Have a great Sunday. Hopefully I get to step out the front door and see what the world holds today. Weather permitting, of course.
I may then have something worthwhile to post ....I know, I know, there is that hysterical Spice Trails cooking class....the knife wounds just need to heal before I think about that understand....
Where would I be without you all on a rainy day though?


  1. It's a small world, but I'd hate to paint it - Steven Wright

    I wish there were frequent flier miles for internet travel!

    "Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few". -

    Amen! LOL

    I hope the day will be a lighter highway
    For friends are found on every road
    Can you ever think of any better way
    For the lost and weary travellers to go - Elton John

    I am quote-a-licious today, Lilly, forgive me LOL

    Peace - Rene

  2. I might be one of those people!! LOL

  3. hahaha - I love that quote. Blogging summarised so well ;o)


  4. Great post, Lilly. Two things, though.

    One, something confuses me ( I dont know which of these 3 words to emphasize in italics...., maybe "me" ? )

    Just when you show the trees swaying in the breeze, some kind of audio clicks in. Then nothing. Not that I expect gingerbread smells to emanate from the monitor, but is there an audio, and if so, why cant I hear it....

    The second thing is about the hysterical Spice Trails and knife wounds. Please be careful with the knife wounds . (I assume these are cuts and pricks attained during cooking and not the mafia variety. And I know the police remember you because of the eyebrows :-)) .

    My recent tangle with a staph infection, originated from such cuts, while preparing chunnda. I have reason to believe that staphs like spices....

  5. I love your creative video, it says so much about who you are. You must also be a fast sketcher. And I'm amazed at all the stuff you can got done on a rainy day stuck at home. Another lovely, inspired post today.

  6. Damn. I KNEW I wouldn't be able to watch that thing :)) Baaaad line here right now...

    thank you for your sweetness :)

  7. Funny and so wonderfully long for not having anything to say :-)
    I know I am ONE of those people.. but I enjoyed following so much better. Wonderful people here in blogland!

  8. I am in need of a teacher... I would like somebody to explain to the dummy in the to get me on that "my community by the blog frog" I have added my blog...but I never seem to show up. What could I be doing wrong? And why does Braja not have a name?
    (this kind of not being able to do this crap...Bothers the Crap out of me) LOL have a great day Lilly!

  9. Yeah!! I HAVE A NAME!!! Damn the blog frog. DAMN HIM!!

  10. Lilly making blog private.
    If you want I can invite you but need email.
    Let me know.

  11. I hope you get some better weather today. Thanks for all of the lovely links!

  12. Enjoyed reading you today Lilly!!

  13. we had weather in the 80's with lots of humidty, plus some rain thrown in..but it's really beautiful out ..texas does spring's just that it only last 45 minutes and then it's summer till about january...

  14. now all you teachers don't come flocking at once...LOL where is everybody..? I'm outside planting, weeding, waiting for Miss Emoree.

    and a teacher still...

  15. This happens to me all the time, i think I'll write something, and then I spend the whole night (i'm a midnight-surfer, gotta do it after the kids are off to sleep) checking out other blogs, and then it's too late to post. So, in a way, I don't contribute to's definition. That was a 'quotable quote', the spouse's going to love it.

  16. Hoi! Wrong football team? Heart of Midlothian are Edinburgh's finest don't you know?!

  17. Yesterday's weather was GHARSTLEY. I stayed in and did a lot of digital scrapbooking.

  18. Methinks blogging must be cathartic for a lot of people otherwise why are so many doing it?

  19. Weren't we lucky you didn't leave the house yesterday Lilly!

    Love the Despair website, I can see me visiting them regularly and that quote is priceless...(not cheap, replaceable, useless, the other priceless..of inestimable worth; invaluable)

    Loved your variety of sketches Lilly and that beautiful song "Lighthouse" by Hope playing in the background....what peaceful music....full of hope!
    AND loved how you took the photo without brushing your hair and posted it....I would never be that game!

    Just visited all those other blogs, thanks for the recommendation, they were all certainly worth a half the day is gone but who cares the sun is still shining and I'm smiling.

    Big hugs and love enclosed

  20. Dear Lilly ... I'm overwhelmed that you would recommend your followers read my post today.

    It was both easy and hard to write.

    I could write volumes about Carl and what he has brought to my life. I will share one thing he said a year or so ago ... we were watching a TV program .. one of the principal characters was struggling with whether to have an abortion because there was a chance her unborn child would have brain damage. Carl simply looked at me and asked "Mom, if you knew I was going to turn out like this ... would you still have had me?" It took me a few seconds to gather myself and tell Carl that he had made me and everyone in our family the people we became ... he made all of us better. It also broke my heart to hear him ask that question ..

    Thank you again, Lilly. For everything.

  21. @ Helen, wow, all I can say is thanks for sharing Carl with us. Truly. Every life is worthwhile and is here for a reason that isn't always clear first up. What powerful lessons Carl is sharing via you. Keep sharing and letting us know how he is going with his plans. Somehow I think your journey is going to take a new direction too. I feel excited for you both. Gosh who knows maybe we can send him wedding cards from all around the world. I love love stories and Carl's and Joanne's is the best one I have heard in a long while.

  22. The pic of the lady made me laugh out loud! Thank you I needed it afterall I spend the day doing my taxes!

  23. @ Rene - oh I cannot get enough quotes, love them thank you!

    @ Dar - have emailed you.

    @ Braja - mmm - honey you are ot missing anything but a minute of something or other.

    @ Sucahrita - yes I think many non blogging spuses will love this quote...please dont tell him just for your own sake, lol!

    @ Mike - oh ok Hearts are coming No3 arent they and they are way beter than 1 and 2 so.....

    @ Leslie - one day I would like you to teach me digital scrapbooking!

    @ Rowe - I think people need to have their own voice and share in a non treatening environment. It would be interesting to do a study on this actually.

    @ Peggy, I know that website is funny when your ego or esteem doesnt need stoking. Thanks for your comments you lovely lady and after the photo thing I thought I am heading towards looking like your lovely lady so I may need MORE wine....

    @ Me - thats ok I think we are all 'those' people!!

    @ Tabitha - thanks muchly for dropping by

    @ Ugich - oh that was a technical difficulty. I just took the sound out altogether. But you did give me an idea about the gingerbread smells. How good would that be? I am a bit of an amateur on these things. Oh my, you didnt get staff did you? Spices really? What is the excuse of hospitals then? No spice in hospital food lol!! We were taught how to cut many different foods - the right way - I just lost a thumb and a few fingers (joke) in the learning process. Still love your story - sucker I am..for messages from the heart and I bet the story is about you or your Mother....

    @ Gran thank you!

    @ Yellowdog Granny - Or is it the Goddess? It must be like our weather in the north. It gets humid but they also have pretty mild winters though too.

    @ Kimberly - thanks for dropping by

    @ Christine - thanks for dropping by and always look forward to your comments.

  24. @ Cleo - oh I cannot find an email on your profile - can you email on because I would love to sign up for your blog. I hope you come back and check this

  25. Love the picture of the old lady! And your little video was so wonderful!

  26. @ Lady Fi - thanks for that - yep that old lady will be me soon enough!

    @ Mind of a Mom - thought you would like that!!

  27. Ok, now you´ve announced it publicly, that you´re sending me DVD´s! I´m so excited! Can´t wait! Loved the video, you are really creative. How you did that, is beyond me!
    Have a good week!

  28. Hey Betty I emailed you about the DVDs and the list. I can change them if need be let me know!

  29. Thanks for the call out!

    I completely understood your video. (Should I be scared?)

  30. I think bloggers are for people that like to get along, it was probably a man that quoted that phrase. I find my blogger friends as follows; very informative, sympathetic, understanding, share the world around them, and most of all great friends, one more thing I keep track of the weather around the world from them and recipes. Sounds like you kept very busy. I don't think I could scrunch my face up like that, if I did I would stay that way, ha, ha. It has been raining here, but believe it the weather is very warm and my flowers are starting to peek out. I hope your weather is letting you get out and about today. Thank you for coming by.

  31. Lilly, lilly, Lilly... how many times have I told you NOT TO USE MY PICTURE in your blog????

    That was taken of me... three days after I stopped drinking wine...
    but my lips are fabulous... aren't they?

    Loved the sketches! YOU should put them all into a coffee table book. I'd buy it!

  32. Thanks for sharing all of the great links. Hope you did venture out and enjoyed your day.

  33. Oh, Lilly,
    I'm so glad I came by. You made my day tons better. Found out today that I didn't get the day job. Oh, well.

    Even when you're suffering, you still try to write posts that make us laugh and feel good. I hope you're feeling better more each day.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  34. Bwahahahahaha! OMG Lilly, did someone actually pose for that picture?!? Hahaha!

    What a wonderful post! I will definitely check out these others. It is always so nice to find more friends on the blogosphere.

    By the way I have an award for you over at my blog. It's 'cause you are so adorable!

    I hope the weather gets better for you!

  35. sounds so good! I spent my mother's day driving!

  36. Aren't Invisible Friends wonderful?

  37. ~Lilly,
    Thanks for stopping by. I've have been feeling kind of sick so I wasn't responding to anyone. I have doctor appointments all this week. Crimony. Wishing you well. We're still working on all the adoption issues but I think we will get things resolved sometime soon.

  38. I've spent more lazy days off strolling through blogland than I should. But my hubby is enjoying the new recipes I've found, I'm saving money with some of the brilliant home decor tips, and he comes home to a wife with a big smile on her face who feels happy because she's met so many amazing people...all without leaving home! Not a bad deal when you think about it!

  39. I am coming back in to say HERE HERE Nikkicrumpet, I totally agree have saved tons spending my time on line instead of the stores...

    Ya'll gotta know me by now.. that I will come back to make comments on comments...!

    Hi, lovely Lilly :-)

  40. @ Dar, hi there, alwys love you stopping by and dont tell me you still arent showing up in my list over on the right WTF?

  41. it's the blog frog he doesn't like me..I don't show up anywhere he is! I taking well...rather personal now ;-)

  42. Ohhh, thank you! What a great way to spend a rainy day. But there is one thing I can't do: cook. (I do, however, know how to call for take-out.)

  43. Wow Lily, I never knew you could sketch that good! thanks for sharing your trip in the blogging world. i didn't spend that much going around blogs but now i do. it's quite addictive(in a good way) isn't it?

    i gotta do something about my blogs, i need to get more organized if i intend to juggle them all. thank you for taking the time to stop by them. i really appreciate it:)

  44. Rachel, I dont know how you manage, your blog always have such great info!!


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