Sunday 15 March 2009

What are we waiting for?

Many of us had one of those moments this week.

You know, the ones. When you are once again reminded of the fragility of life and its surprising twists and turns.

When something like that happens we often feel like we've had an epiphany, and we swear we'll keep that feeling, and learn from it and be forever changed. Until life gets in the way and that feeling slowly drifts away, and we go back to living in the past or the future and existing in the present.

I've had a few of those moments this week. When you pause and think about life. And death.

Yesterday, I saw someone I hadn't seen for a while. I told her she looked fabulous. She told me she had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. And the prognosis was poor.

I didn’t know what to say. My words somehow didn't seem enough. Or appropriate. Instead she said more than I could ever have imagined. She said,
Yes, it's a shock and devastating. I'm just thankful for every minute I have with my family and my friends. I'm telling everyone I know to cherish their life. Make the best of it and live it to the fullest. Don't waste a minute on negativity or causing harm to anyone or anything. Tell those you love how you feel about them. All I know is that if your days suddenly become numbered you will weep bitter tears as your heart cries out for those wasted moments. Don't waste a minute. Please say a prayer for me as spiritual warfare is what I need more than anything right now.

Trials and hardships force us to see what's important in life, and often drive us to change when nothing else will. We see the importance of faith, of love, of caring, and of family and friends. Of looking after ourselves.

Why do we often wait? To live fully in the moment. In the here and now.

Erma Bombeck wrote a piece several years ago called If I Had My Life To Live Over. In it were gems like this: "I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage. I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace. I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because I just had my hair done. I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime."

What about you? Have you had a trial in your life that made you change the way you live? Are you waiting for something or do you live fully in the present enjoying every day as if it was your last?

My prayers go out to everyone who is suffering in any way at the moment. There are a lot of people in the blogosphere who are going through some tough times. Our prayers are precious and powerful. Even those of the tiniest faith are heard.


  1. G'day dear Lilly, your blogs always speak to my heart.

    I join you in prayers for the suffering...and yes ...

    I have had several life changing moments ...defining moments in the last decade, where I have had to review my life, my energy, my spirit and act in this day only.

    For quite some time I actually lived an hour at a time....

    This feeling of seizing each moment rarely leaves me.

    Thank you for your sharing or your self.

  2. Lilly...what a strong post that hits completely home for me. And I know you know that, as you follow my blog. What I don't know if you know, is that I AM about ready to make a major life change. I pray to God that the feelings and instincts I am going with are right. They feel right. Things keep falling into place, but it is hard not to doubt myself when I am hurting SO very badly right now.

    Thank you for your love and support. I sure appreciate it.


  3. Lilly, this post struck a chord. This has been on my mind for a while now - living in the moment and being grateful for the incredible blessings that are so obvious, all around me, if I only stopped and cared enough to look. Life is the better for it.

    The very best wishes to your friend.

  4. God bless your friend and thank you for this reminder. My wife just left to walk with a friend of hers and I am leaving to have coffee with a friend of mine...our Sunday morning ritual. But this morning, I spent more time than usual waking Karen up slowly, rubbing her back. Yes, we need to tell the ones we love that we love them every day.

  5. Beautifully done - thank you Lilly.

  6. Amen Lilly.
    Very powerful post.
    My life changed back in 2000 and now I live by the words....
    Carpe Diem - Seize the Day.
    I actually posted about this last Wednesday.

    I try to live by the code..."And get our priorities straight".


  7. Awesome soul hitting post. Thankyou Lilly for posting a power post like this. Prayers to your friend.
    I think what happened to Braja, might have woke up alot of people. She has a major impact here in blog land..more than I think she is even aware of. Lots of Love flowed over the internet the last few days. IT was awesome!

  8. Moving post. Food for thought indeed. It's just been that kind of a year..bad news all around.

  9. A lovely blog - and so true. My mother-in-law died of cancer at Christmas time and she too told us all to seize each moment and not waste them.

  10. When my sister died from a massive stroke, I tried to remind myself daily to live in the moment, and enjoy every day that I have because tomorrow isn't a guarantee.

    And then time goes by and I forget to do that.

    So thank you for reminding me. And prayers to your friend....

  11. What a great post! Thank you.

    I just discovered your blog, and am really glad I did.

    Going through my son's cancer was life-changing. Made me see that life is precious and fleeting, and therefore, you shouldn't take a moment or a person for granted. It also made me realize that sweating the small stuff (and most of it is small stuff) is just a big waste of time, when I could be laughing with my kids, playing, and enjoying my moments here.

  12. I like to think I really do live in the moment. I learned the importance of that from my years as a hospice volunteer.

  13. My mom just organized a dance and silent auction as a fundraiser for her godson who was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Day. He's 14. Cancer sucks.

    Thank you for those words of advice. I just wish we could truly live like that before we find out our days are numbered. I think we can try our best to, but it just wouldn't actually happen unless it had to, you know?

    All my best to your friend, my mom's godson, and all those out there fighting that battle right now!

  14. I can never be reminded too frequently to stop, take stock, be grateful, show appreciation and speak those words.

    thanks, Lilly.

    I offer my prayers for your friend and all those who suffer.

    Enjoy the day!!!

  15. None of us knows how much time we have here. Praising, encouraging, supporting, and loving others are the noblest gifts we can bestow and the most precious gifts to receive. Please let your beautiful friend know someone in Pennsylvania is sending her healing wishes. And, please keep us posted on the progress of her journey.

  16. It was the diagnosis of a tumor in 07 that changed me completely. Even after surviving Hurricane Katrina it was this news that shook my soul the hardest. I live each day as if its my last and I give of myself completely to all who need me.

    My aunt is battling cancer and she's doing it with a soldier's mentality.

    I will be praying for your dear friend.

    Tabitha@I Choose Bliss

  17. That is one powerful post, Lilly! I think we've all had a time or two in our lives where we have to stop and re-assess how we are living. I've taken life one hour at a time, one day at a time.
    Braja's accident has forced us all to re-assess how we are lving our lives.
    So, I will try to remember to say a little pray, tell someone I love him/her, not be in such a rush.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  18. You have given us all cause for thought today .......... thank you.

  19. Lilly;
    Love your heart, you feel what we all feel!
    When my son was almost killed in a skateboarding accident..I promised myself that I would live my life like it each day was my last...I let everyday life get in the way and soon put that promise on hold.
    I am again faced with how fragile life can be and I find that I treasure the little moments, the people that are in my heart and the hope that I will continue to be with them for a long time to come! Just one day at a time. None of us are ever promised anything from life and for some reason that thought makes me feel better about my own situation!
    Love you lilly!

  20. Lilly,
    We've corresponded enough in the past few days to understand just how very true it is to make the most of each and every day, to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on what is important, to find more important things to say and write than whining. I learned a long time ago to live each day to the fullest, to make the most of each minute, each second, to have no regrets and enough faith to have no fears. Thank you for saying it as only you can.

  21. Darling Lilly, you are a wonder. Watching my parents die changed me forever, helped me to take delight in every day I can swing my legs over the side of the bed and get up using my own steam.

    Beautiful post.

  22. You are beautiful I have been waiting to tell you that...why wait?

    This past August I lost my father. His final words to my mother were ones of gratitude and that he had regretted not doling them out more frequently.

    Why wait?

    You may not get the chance.

    Your friend will be added to the growing list of prayer that I have.

    It has been quite a month so far.

    I am ready for some good news

    Peace - Rene

  23. Lilly as you have done before, those were some thought provoking words.

    I try to balance life's many issues and gifts. Humor - sadness, thrilling - thinking, past - present - future

    Death, tragedy, pain, might be there to remind us why we should be thankful for the opposites.

    Being numb eases the pain but also cancels the pleasure.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post.

  24. Great post, Lilly. I've had many experiences in my life that caused me to pause and re-evaluate how I do things. I read Erma Bombeck's book too. Perfect advice and perfect quote too. I try to live each moment of my life to the time for regrets...this is my life. It's not the dress rehearsal. All we ever know we have for sure is the moment we are in...we must cherish each and every one of them.
    Thanks for reminding us all of that!
    Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day!

  25. This is a solid and soul touching post. I have been going through a lot of negativity recently. your post has shaken me out of my status quo.
    My prayers are for your friend, and her words will ring in my ears for days, weeks, and months.
    My thoughts are suddenly unsteady. i will need a few days to get my footings.
    your writing is very special too.

  26. Lilly,
    This is a wonderful post and a resonating reminder of where we are in the world. After doing home hospice for my mom who had cancer I learned many things about myself and the sanctity of life; we should never have to wait for a terminal illness or an accident or something awful to happen before we search for focus and clarity, or seek out prayer or understanding. Each day should be a reawakening. Each day a gift.

  27. Lily-

    You are one of my favorite! You always right the greatest posts.

    Thanks for giving me something to think about. I need to be better at living like today day may be my last, but it's hard to do when you are living my life. Everything is for the future, for the sake of the kids... Always something.

    It seems a fine line between not sweating the small stuff, let the kids eat in the front room, because who the hell cares and raising heathens. Finding the balance is the battle for me.

  28. P.s., thanks for the link to Braja's updates.

    And I'm including your friend in my prayers tonight, Lilly.

  29. Wonderful and insightful. I have so much I've put on the back burner, and for what?! Delaying will only give me more regrets, more sadness. Thanks for this.

  30. i had the same awakening nephew from utah called and he has colon cancer..he's in his mid 50's...makes me weep..

  31. You are always insightful and a welcoming read for when I am feeling blah.

    Love your post. Beautiful read and some food for thought while I am relearning how to count my blessings and be thankful that my friends are a plenty and my enemies are few, and that family is always there for you no matter how much they get on your nerves.

  32. Dear Lilly, don't clobber me, but I've nominated you for a blogging award, you can check it out on my blog.

  33. Lilly, thank you for posting this today.

  34. My thoughts go out to her with deep compassion for her. Ovarian cancer sucks with tetth.
    What she said was beautiful... and so sad, too...
    As what Erma Bombeck said too - the same sort of poignant wisdom.
    I came close to death 15 years ago, and it definitely changed my behavior. I do things now and don't put anything off until "i'm older and will have more time."

    Thank you for posting this, Lilly... Important to share it...

  35. Lilly!

    Such a heartwarming post and I feel terrible for your friend. I'll pray for a miracle and that God guides her to full recovery.

    My brush with basal cell carcinoma of the eyelid actually spurred me to begin blogging and sharing my heart more with my family. I decided to scrapbook beautiful memories they've given me and to let them know that I cherish them.

    Prior to biopsy, I was very unsure of my prognosis and how far it had spread. I opened up my Bible and said, "God, please give me some direction ..." I opened it up to a page that said to trust in my doctors. I swear this is true and I still have it bookmarked. I put my trust in my surgeon and his God given talents. If you look at my eyelid, you can't see a scar but the situation definitely changed the rhythm of my life and shed light on the importance of friends and family.

    If I knew your friend, or maybe you can convey this, to research as much as she can about nutrition, vitamins, holistic medicine. Talk to as many professionals as she can in the field. It is very, very difficult to face cancer and knowledge helps deal with it and will help her make the right decisions regarding her health.

    Ok, I love you, sister.


  36. When I married Old Dog, my Aunt Dortha gave us a pair of hand-embroidered pillow cases as a wedding gift. They're lovely, and when she gave them to me, she said, "Don't save these for speciall occasions. Use them every day until they wear out. Because if you save them, when you die you'll just pass them on to someone who didn't know me and can't appreciate them."

    They're on my bed at least one week a month, and every time I put them on the pillows, and feel the weight of the feather ticking beneath my chin sagging into the cases, I think about what she said.

  37. Lilly, that was just lovely! That is such a good reminder to not wait until you have a trial in life to change the way you live. I have to tell you that blogging has had a huge impact on helping me focus on staying in the moment. It has given me a new lens in which to view things with and I find myself working on being present and finding the bits to savor from every day.

    Wonderful read. I too will say a prayer for those suffering.

  38. I think we all get caught up in the moments of our lives--then something like this will happen and bring us back to what is truly important..and we will remain in that moment for a brief time--and then once again we get caught up in the moments of life.

    I to want to pray for everyone suffering in any heart brakes all the time for all the pain, suffering, sadness in our world.

  39. Oh, Sweet Lillyness! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, but she seems to have the most important attitude about life! And it is so true, life can be over in a heartbeat. My Mr. Precious always says, " I will great this day with success" Well, he's a business guy, but it's a great thing to be thankful God has given us another day and we should make the most of it. I do flitter away sometimes on the negative and this was a great reminder to live life to the fullest! I'm sending prayers now for your friend and her family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  40. Why DO we wait??? I don't know, because I know I am "waiting", and often wonder why....

  41. Well-stated and beautiful post, Lilly.

  42. Oh the poor woman but what strength she has. Hardships bring out the best in people. It's true if someone said you had two weeks to live I wonder what our priorities would be. Now that would be a good question. What would we do? It wouldn't be anything to do with material possessions would it but just all about those we love and thinking of them. I am going to keep coming back and printing what she said and my prayers are with her. I have been interested in all the great comments too - so many people have gone through hardships and come out wiser and more focused. Thanks everyone for your inspiration.

  43. one of our local singers died from leukemia just recently and although i have no personal connection with him, i feel saddened.

    life is too short to waste on ugly thoughts and hatred.

    we often forget what matters most in life until we're about to lose it. People who find out that they're about to die soon gets that chance to make each day count. But for others, they won't even realize it. They just die unexpectedly. And that's why we have to constantly be reminded of how much we should let love show and make each day a meaningful one.

  44. This was the perfect post for this week.

    Braja is on our minds a lot... yes?

    Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out...

    Thank you Lilly. Thank you.

    I love you.

  45. Strong post and, of course, you're absolutely right. We SHOULD live each day like it is our last.

    The trouble with that comes when we've told our jerk of a boss to go to hell, flirted with the lovely woman/man we've wanted to get it on with for just about ever, spent all our money on a boat, car, or whatever and then what happens? We bloody well go and wake up the next morning and we've got face yet ANOTHER day, but now we've got no job, no money and we're headed for the divorce court.

    I guess life's just too complicated for a simpleton like me. I think I'll go back to bed!

  46. Every day I spend at home with my 2 year old daughter is a privilege. To have another child when I thought my parenting days were coming to a close, when I thought freedom was at the doorstep, has been a major life change, and of course untold joy in the company of a young child all over again. Some days admittedly I feel a bit deflated as a full time stay at home mum, the repetition, the haven't I been here before feelings and little adult company etc. My boys have grown up, 21 and 19, one is still at home (such a great guy, as is his brother living out of town). But, my point is, yes as people say, they (your children) do grow up fast, so I am in a hurry to go nowhere fast this second time around as a parent.

  47. CJW666 - I had to respond to your comment because you made me laugh out loud. No, if it was your last day you wouldnt give a toss about your boss. You probably wouldnt go after your secret desire either. I think she probably may lose her appeal if you only had 24 hours left to live. I dont think you could care about a boat or car either. Because many people are living like that now thinking thats the way you spend your life. With posessions and saying what you think about people. I dont think it is at all. It takes osme balancing but material things dont matter as much as we think they do. Food, shelter sure (which is more than what 2/3 of the world have) but after that everything else is a distraction. But there is always an exception, ha ha!! I might go live in the rainforest at this rate and commune with nature. Although I may have to take a bottle of red with me.

  48. Yes we need to be reminded of this all the time. We all want to have lived with some purpose just not existing I guess. I would love to know what the big picture is and what happens when we die. I have faith that living is the hard bit and the heareafter is wonderful. Now let me go back to drinking the Kool Aid. I really do believe in life after death though.

  49. @Lilly: Yes I know, but there's ALWAYS that catch, isn't there? The bottle of red - oh, I do so agree. But what about tomorrow, or next week and you've got to walk (the car didn't matter, remember?) 200 miles to get another bottle?

    @Sarah: I'm sure you're right about life after death, but THIS, HERE, NOW is the hereafter and WE all went DOWN, baby!

  50. Lilly
    Thank you so much for this post. It really voiced how I feel about life. Carpe Diem Lilly.

  51. CJW666 - I hate the practical types! I would bury a few cases in a cave somewhere. OK now I think I will forget the rainforest and go grow some grape vines someplace. Italy perhaps. See it all gets too complicated. I am going to think about this one a bit longer though. What would I really do if someone told me I had a short time to live. I fear that I would clean the house as I would like things to be orderly before I went - how sad is that!! Its a bit late but maybe I need to ponder this some more over a glass of red. I am with Sarah, I am totally into reincarnation. It would explain a lot ha ha. I went through a session once, must post about it some time. I came from the coast of England in my former life. The key word being cliffs....

  52. No not reincarnation - I don't want to come back as something that ends up as roadkill.

    This subject always reminds me of the song "Galileo" by the Indigo Girls.

  53. A very thoughtful and inspiring article Lilly. Saying a little prayer each day for all those suffering is something i try and do. Just takes a moment of your time, and i know i always feel better by doing it.
    Your bud from across the miles.

  54. Lilly,
    Thank-you for highlighting the fact that most people do not live in the moment until they are forced to by a tragic event or projected death. It is unfortunate that we do not awaken to our purpose until we are forced to do so. Very often those who are awakened in this manner only remain awakened a short time before they fall back in the comfort of their living slumber.

  55. Wise words, Lilly. Life is precious - savour the good times.

  56. Beautiful and touching. I join you in your prayers. If you get the time, read my post on 'Slow Dance'.

  57. Oh this is a good posts. I need the smack to not waste today.

  58. One more thing .... I don't know where I'll hang the candle chandy ... it needed to be re-done because it had been hanging outside. Perhaps I will find a nice spot for the refurbished gem inside my home.

  59. I was gifted with what I call a "ripping apart time" that lasted from my late 20's to mid 30's. For the last five years, I've been in another one. Truly, each breath is vital. And sometimes I forget.

    In my coaching, I've asked past clients who were upset about their lives

    "How would your world look differently if you knew you had a year to live...a month?...a week?...a day?"

    The answers change and have been life changing when seriously considered. We really don't know when Death will come calling.

    I've learned to be present with love. To tell the truth as best I can. To extend compassion and forgiveness to myself and others. To look at the Bigger Questions and Answers. I think it's all we can do.

  60. I've had a lot recently. We just had major layoffs here too. I'm still lucky enough to have a job, but it's changed to where I wonder if there's not more I could be doing.

  61. The reason I started my writing blog (please see my earlier posts) was to express what my family had been through when my son was diagnosed with scoliosis and surgery. A lesson I learnt was to appreciate my children even more...they are still the babies I gave birth to, just in a larger packaging and they need that same love and patience especially in the teenage years, as difficult as it may be sometimes.

  62. This was a lovely post Lilly...and a good reminder of how fleeting life can be. We do need to make the most of it. You never know when your time will be up. Hopefully when it is..we can all look back with few regrets.

  63. Thanks everyone for your great inspirational comments. We need to keep reminding each other to live in the moment and many of you are doing just that. Its truly a great thing.

  64. Lilly. I’ve read this post several times and have finally had the ‘umph to register my comment. Sometimes it’s so hard to share the raw ‘pain and heartbreak’ of daily trials that we battle in our personal lives but it’s so uplifting to hear the stories of others who ‘have overcome’ or are ‘still overcoming’. Thank you for this touching post and for your prayers...

    Many thanks to all our fellow bloggers who have shared so openly and honestly here...

  65. Thank you for visiting Johnathan Lilly!!

  66. I think I had changed a little after seeing all the grandparents pass away within four years. Lily this is a very nice post, I agree with the rest of the bloggers, we do need to make the most out of life and not hold back.

  67. Needed to read that today. My frown is being forced into a smile. Thank you.

  68. Oh my gosh...that must ahve been awkward.

    Since my father died at age 40...I have promised myself that I will live my life to the fullest because life is so unpredictable. And also that I will try to tell my loved ones - that I do love them.

    I don't want to wait...I just live the moment to the fullest.

  69. That was perfection in a post Lilly! There's nothing left to say, except "yes, yes, yes."

  70. Good stuff Lilly. Amd there's nothing like a friendly ear (eye?) to help us through.
    June also in Oz

  71. Trials and tribulations are what make us stronger... there are things we cannot avoid, there are situations we cannot run away from.. we have to face them.. and as we face them, we learn the real lessons of life. We learn to live life better, more meaningfully... I have had so many heartbreaking situations (and I am sure everyone has had a share)... and difficult as those times were, I am glad at what I have turned out to be... because of them. Hope and Faith have been my lifeblood....
    Thanks for the post... evokes a lot of thoughts.

  72. Hi Lilly,
    What a wonderful response to your inspiring post. You have certainly made many people realise the importance of now, getting their priorities right and living a more meaningful life.Thank you !

  73. Wouldn't it be great if we could learn to live each day to the fullest without having to get a wake-up call like that? Great post.

  74. Those words from your friend are golden. We should always be positive even when times are the bleakest. I would like to say a prayer for your friend.

  75. I think the closest I've come to a scare, wasn't a scare for me, but for my brother. We thought he had colon cancer. My brother is the only sibling I have and I can't imagine him not in my life. It gave my parents and me a new look on life. Instead of waiting "another year" we took a family trip - cruise to Alaska - and it happened to be a celebration of life, because we found out that the polyp wasn't cancer. The doctor said if my brother had waited another 5 years, it would have been too late. Another friend of mine is going through heart issues. She's my age... too young to be going through this and makes me realize how our bodies are the vessels, the limitations of how we treat ourselves and eventually it comes full term. Scary thoughts..

  76. Well, I broke my leg on 2/17 and it kind of slowed me up a bit. I don't mean it is on a level with cancer, by any means. It has just changed my perspective a wee bit. I am thankful for many, many things.

  77. Why is this such a hard lesson to learn? Thanks for the Erma Bombeck quotes. Great food for thought.

    Will pray for your friend.

    Blessings to you!

  78. Hi sweet, Lilly!

    Thinking of you this morning and sending you tonnes of love and hugs! :)

  79. We've had a few stark and gruesome reminders of our past this last few days. It really does bring home the frailty of human life.

  80. Life seems unbearable after a great loss. We wonder if we will ever recover. Life loses its meaning for a time. We seek out reasons to continue living and it’s always for others never for ourselves. I have known great loss and there are times even now my heart aches . However, time has a wonderful way of healing and urging us to go on. Life gives us a gentle push encouraging us all the way. We learn to rediscover and appreciate life and her gifts again. It has always been my faith that carried me through. I remember Gods words speaking to my heart. "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." I was always certain that God would be my strength when I had none.

  81. This is a great post. I really enjoyed it and there is so much truth here. I sent it to my son who is going through a bad time right now.

  82. Wow! You've changed the look of your blog. It's really elegant, lovely, easy to focus and read. This is a fabulous post. We can always use reminders to cherish and use our lives while we can. Thank you for this post, Lily.

  83. These words are true. There have been a string of unexpected deaths surrounding my life over the past couple of years. While I have tried to savor every momenet and I did write love letters to friends and family members to let them know how much I appreciated them, the reality is that a good deal of life is routine and mundane. While I try not to sweat the small stuff, I can't not do the small work to get money to live. Still, I have invited individuals and duos of people over for breakfast and other meals. Cooking for them, taking a moment to focus and love them up.

    Thanks for this post.

  84. wow - Lilly you are the most amazing women and your wisdom is astounding.
    I will pray for your friend what she says is so true.Reminds me of Emily Lemmon.
    I like Emma B quote too ...I printed it out once ...must do again.
    Carp diem ! Seize the day !
    This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.

  85. Thanks everyone for your comments and Trish is right its all about seizing the day as who knows what is around the corner.

  86. I understand what your saying, but what if life sucks? Some people who live in the present end up putting a gun to there heads because all they feel is the pain and/or sorrow of the moment. Therefore, I believe in trying to enjoy life, but I don't always advocate living in the present.

  87. @ Awake in Rochester - yes I can see what you mean by that. However, often the crisis we feel in the moment is because we are thinking in the past or too far in the future. Its tough but also if someone is depressed they really need support from professionals.

  88. My mother's death changed my outlook on life. I no longer take things for granite.

  89. live fully in the moment.--ahhh to do that. I SOOO need to do that. I just don't sorry to say. I am either fretting about the present or future or looking to the past whimsically (usually). UGH! Waht she says here is so right on. Thanks for your words, ths post adn your prayers.

  90. Hi, I've just found your blog. Glad I did!

    My life changed almost a year ago, after the death of someone I still love dearly.

    After lots of 'whys' and 'if onlys,' I realised that a more relevant question was, 'how do I get through this positively?' The answer was moment by moment. It's amazing how rewarding each moment can be.

  91. I am very imperfect. I have good days when I feel I understand and I experience every moment as a Joy. But frankly most days I waste around 3/4 on nothing



Thanks for your comments.