Saturday 14 February 2009

Sometimes there are just no words

I warn you if you so much as snigger or laugh out loud you are going to be expelled from here because I already have the giggles and I don't want anyone to set me off.

What do you think?

I think it's called Shabby Gourmet Chic.

The Bird Man's attempts at coming good with a bet.

It's weirdly adorable aside from the fresh flowers which are actually poisonous. And the icing that is dripped all over the place in a freestyle artistic kind of way. A very pink kind of way.

I can hear you now, thoughtful...I just wish someone would do that for me.....don't lie, I know it's true.

I can only imagine what lies beneath this pink concoction. Chocolate cake apparently. When I do finally cut it I will post a picture.

Happy Valentines Day to all. Go say, "I Love you" - out loud - to someone you love. Man, woman, child, or animal. There is magic in these three little words and after the week we've had in this country, it's clear that none of us knows what's waiting for us around the corner. If you want to really try something different, say, "I Love you" in a foreign language.

And I love you. Yeah! YOU! So much so, for the first two hundred people who give me their address you will get a piece of this pink delicacy in the mail (and yes it's that big).

You're all on diets? Funny that!

Have a great weekend. I may possibly be in a sugar coma for a couple of days so I will see you when I resurface.

Tell me: What was the best OR worst Valentine's present you ever received? I am recalling Los Angeles in the 90s and a box of stale chocolates and a telephone(??) which may, from the look of it, have fallen off the back of a truck somewhere. It's not the gift that counts right?

Update: Here is a picture of the cake, It was truly yum!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Lilly!
    Love You Dearly!

    My worst VDay gift was a banged up ring. As soon as I saw it I knew he had found it upon someone's garbage heap. LOL
    Turns out he did find it and I found him no longer in my company. :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Lilly !

    Hope that your cake is yummy :)

    The worst present I ever got was not getting one !

  3. Oh that is too cute. Its enough to make you smile, flip your hair and hug someone. Better than any shiny baubles. Happy Valentines to you too. Yes, I am on a diet as it happens LOL.

    My worst Valentines present was stolen flowers. I was going out with a guy whose family ran a funeral business. I will say no more I think you get the picture.....

  4. Happy Valentine's Day :) I'm really struggling to remember what gifts I've ever got on Valentine's Day, but I know what I'm getting from my husband today... is that awful?!

  5. Happy Valentine's to a special lady! And that's a thoughtful cake, thanks for sharing, I do like the pink colour. Good for Birdman he sounds fun.

  6. LOL, how sweet does that look? I like it. Happy Valentines Day to you. I am not into celebrating this day much but hey you might have made me change my mind. We need a bit of harmless fun in our lives its true. The worst Valentines present you could get is when you give something to someone else and get nothing back...

  7. Shabby chic?? Honey that is GORGEOUS. It's truly my idea of a beautiful, artistic cake and it's PINK!!! I LOVE PINK!

    I love it...really...

  8. Yo te amo! Lilly, and have a beautiful Valentine's Day! Smear that pink icing all over everything!

  9. I love you too Lily!! I´m so glad I found you and your blog. You brighten my day and I hope you enjoy your Valentine´s Day.
    You already have my address from Rhonda, so I´ll be waiting for that piece of pink delicacy....I´m not on a diet! :)

  10. @ Tabitha - lol oh dear glad you tossed him on the garbage. I am a person who learnt that its not what they say but what they do - gift are unimportant but the thought behind those gifts is something again. I love you and your inspirational life too.

    @ Well I am sure it will be. Oh you can give yourself the gift of love which is more important then any old thing from someone esle.

    @ Sarah - that woul dbe the most creepy thing - he was giving you flowers from the funeral parlour - yuk, yuk, yuk.

    @ Rachel - nah thats not awful thats just practical!!

    @ Christine - it kind of grows on you - I do love cake and have been doing well for about six weeks without too much sugar so I am not sure what this might do to!

    @ Banoffi - go on celebrate what the hell??

    @ Braja - yes pink is my favourite colour along with orange and purple. Can't wait to taste it. He was laughing louder than me - I just hope this doesn't mean I have to love bloody magpies in return lol!

  11. I think it's shabby fantastic! Happy Valentine's Day Lilly! I love you!


  12. Well I think it's a great sentiment that he presented you, in the form of a cake. It really looks sweet, too sweet, full of sugar sweet, sn..... oh yeah, I'm not supposed to do that, sorry.

    My flowers for the wife are purchased, and I personally delivered them, special with extras involved. My Valentines Day should be great, and I hope yours is too.

    G'day mate.

  13. I think that's sweet! (pun intended!) Happy Valentine's Day!

    Worst Valentine's gift was no gift, no phone call, no card from my newly separated husband (in 2005). asshole.

  14. You're awesome! And I think you already have my address, right? Feel free to use it.... I'm just sayin'.

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh, and just FYI, "I love you" in Rhonda language goes something like, "You're kinda cute, Shithead." I'm such a romantic!

  15. My best was being sang to :-) worse was losing my roommate on Valentines day. Happy Valentine's Day Lilly. Sending Love right back to you. You have brought many of smiles, laughs and recently concerns of your country. xoxo

  16. Happy Valentine's Day, sweet Lillyness! I think it's a cute little cake but don't eat those flowers!
    be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;)

  17. Sylvia - wont be hard to smear that much icing everywhere lol!

    @ Betty - thank you muchly!

    @ Adlibby - shabby fantastic - me likes!

    @ Eric S - I knew you were romantic and I HOPE YOU WROTE THAT LOVE LETTER!!!!!!!

    @ Joanie - yep your ex was a bastard but the current love of your life is anything but. Go to Joanies blog to read a gorgeous VDay post.

    @ Rhonda - you're kind of cute, shithead yourself. I truly love you Rhonda!!!

    @ Darsden - being sang to - awwww that is sweet. Happy VDay to you.

  18. @ Shelia - no wouldn't that be dreadful!! LOL! Happy Vday to you and Mr Precious!!

  19. Am I the only person that wants a piece?

    10 Galaxy Isle, LR, CA 92694

  20. I think it looks straight out of Martha Steward. Yummmmmm. That's the sincerest cake I've ever seen.

  21. Awww - you better pretend to love the cake, no matter how bad it tastes :-)

    Best present - my father bought me this huge heart pin. He was so proud, I was in my teens and didn't appreciate it enough at the time. I adore it now.

    Happy Valentine's Day!! Em

  22. CAKE...I LOVE CAKE! yipeeeee..I dont care how it looks, if there is chocolate cake underneath I want it!

    hmmm best or worst gift..I truly dont think I've had one. I am happy with what we do--just chocolates and either dinner out or at home.

  23. Makes me hungry. Also makes me realize that at 9:33 p.m. in South Carolina, it is already Valentine's day in Australia!

  24. What a great opening paragraph Lilly.

    For Valentines Day I send you this quote:

    "For twas not into my ear you whispered
    But into my heart
    Twas not my lips you kissed
    But my soul"
    ~Judy Garland

    Isn't that fabulous!

    I have put some nice love tunes on my blog if you need to get in the mood.

    Love you to bits girl!


  25. LOL, Love letter, she accused me of writing a book! A romantic, Me? Naw never, no way, could be.

  26. I loved that you said to say I Love You in another language ... just this afternoon I instructed my almost 16 year old granddaughter and her friends in the art of saying it in 'Latin.' They just laughed..... I can't honestly recall a nutty, bad or funny Valentine gift .. usually they were from my children and were always precious - no matter how bad.

  27. They flock together, who are of the same feather,

    Although poisonous flowers are a bit of a bother,

    And should the magpies sing,
    As you bite into the cake "thing",

    Lilly, the sky is clearing and its beautiful weather !

    (Have you ever heard of city police on high alert and extra companies called in for valentines ? Thats what is happening here.....all those moral police, real police, I wonder who else is coming ....)

  28. Oh my, I don't know what to say!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  29. Oh my, I know you have a sweet tooth but this is going to take some gnawing on, lol. My best gift was a romanting helicopter ride over old London town. Happy Valentines Day. Yes even the cynics amongst us should try and make a day of it.

  30. Oh gosh..that is so sweet...The best were the crumpled macaroni projects made by my daughter when she was little....Michelle

  31. i DO think its kind of FANTASTIC!

    It is sooo shabby chic!!!

    I love the flowers too!


    Te'Amo Lilly... J'taime too!

  32. The cake still looks good. I don't know that I've really gotten a whole lo of bad Valentine's Gifts. Birthday gifts, that's another story, but the Valentine's gifts around here usually consist of flowers, chocolates, yada, yada, , you get the picture.

  33. I'd eat it. lol.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I can't recall any horrible Valentine's experiences. My best one was today. Hubby and I went for a couples massage. No fuss and tons of relaxation. Oh and peace and quiet too.

  34. @ Sandi - this cake would feed a third world country and they need the carbs and sugar more than I do.

    @ Anns Rants - 'the sincerest cake' - what a delight you are truly!

    @ Eudia - Mamia - oh what a lovely momento to still be wearing and for it to be so meaningful - lovely. I hope we get to see it on your blog sometime soon.

    @ Dawnie - ok I have cut the cake and its actually quite delicious.

    @ Butler and Bagman - see that is one consolation for you. Before you got to bed check my blog and if I am still alive it means the world hasnt eneded yet and there will be a next day for you. Yes what a cheery bird I am.

    @ Peggy, I have never heard that quote before but it is indeed a beauty. I will have to write it down and keep it somewhere safe. I like to collect wise words. I am so glad I discovered your blog and your damn fine music as well. Love visiting you and spending hours, he he.

    @ Eric, a book lol!!!

    @ Helen, how wonderful Latin. You were on my wavelength with this.

    @ Ugich - 'They flock together, who are of the same feather', you make me laugh out loud all the time. I dont quite understand about the police? They expect trouble or they ae causing the trouble?

    @ Leslie - I knew you would be speechless lol

    @ Stefan - I am the biggest cynic about love of all but gee these past couple fo weeks have seen this frozen heart of mine thaw a little.

    @ Michelle - how sweet, you are right too precious.

    @ Saundra - Te'-Amo to you Saundra - I need to learn Italian I do. Love the language, people food, and country.

    @ Kate - yep I get it and yep the cake is GOOD!

    @ Summer - I ate it!!! Oh my must go and check out your blog to see if you posted about your massages - so much fun.

  35. Well, I might be a guy but I have to say I love the look of that cake! I imagine it begin dark chocolate inside with strawberry jam in the middle or a light yellow or pink cherry cake? Hmmm. Can't wait to see what it's in. And, i'm sooo glad you know these flowers are poisonous or else you could have been spending much of your weekend bed bound! Ugh.

    So, you are loved by a guy not too macho to send or make a drizzled pink cake. What a creative concept!!

    So, best or worst Valentine's gift. Probably some kind of food dish for breakfast--can't recall, isn't that sad? I can think of great ones I've given thought.

  36. Oh, and Happy V's day to you too!!

  37. Mmmm - chocolate with cream and jam in the middle and 10 million calories lol! Yes creative types are the best hey! Well to me they are. My ex was a great Chef (like owned restaurants etc) and never once a cake ever. Being creative is a blessing. I am sure you have done wonderful things for you partner and I have seen what you did for your daughter. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours too!

  38. Lilly, there is an entire set of moral poilce here out to put a spoke in the valentines celebrations, as they think this is spoiling Indian culture. (My earlier culture post). The population has rebelled, and the government is now providing protection to those who want to celebrate Valentines, the way the shops selling the paraphernalia and stuff would prefer:-) Spoilsports have been taken into protective custody, to stop them from troubling boys and girls....

  39. The only valentines present I ever got was a fake rosebud. I only got it because hubby was feeling guilty that he'd bought his girlfriend a bunch of real roses. Befroe that year neither of us had bothered with valentines day.

  40. My best Valentine's gift was long, long ago, but I will always remember was a handful of freshly-picked flowers from the side of the road, complete with roots and dirt still attached!

  41. There's a website called "Cakewrecks" that I'm pretty sure would LOVE to have a picture of this cake.... (Plus, you will laugh till you cry at the other cake pictures out there.)

    I don't know that I've ever gotten a bad Valentine's day present. Hmm. Lucky me!

  42. I would truly never eat again.

    Happy Valentines Day

    henry (hic)

    ps: I cannot remember ever receiving a Valentine's Day present :(

  43. Please forgive the giggles. When I first looked at your post I thought "OH, how nice Lilly's got a new hat for Valentines Day." However when I cleaned my specs I could see that I was mistaken.

  44. Very sweet of Bird Man, awwwww.
    Are the poisionous flowers a little passive aggressive? Hmmmmmm...
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day, Lilly! Wishing you fun, love and a little sweet but I think you've already got that covered :)

  45. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day at our house. My daughter would like us to, only for the gifts and candy that she would like to receive. Instead we are off to get our hair cut and after that, Mel's friend and her sister are coming over so that I can babysit them while their parents head out to their monthly bowling league.

  46. Let's see..I think the worst was a gigantic stuffed turtle that my boyfriends mother bought for him to give to wasn't the turtle(cause it's the act that he thought enough of me that he took the time to pick something that he thought was special out for me"himself")Then he told me that his mother picked it out for me...she must have really not liked me.
    PS Big cake...I do love chocolate. You can tell that he picked it out just for you!That's a plus in my book!
    Love you Lilly

  47. That cake is awesome, lol. I do hope you enjoy it. Happy Valentines to you ;)

  48. Happy V-Day Lily

    Worst V-day gift I got, was someone else's valentines day card, from a boy in grade school I had a crush on.

    When he realised, that he gave it to me instead of the cute girl that it was actually intended for, he ran over and ripped it out of my hand.

    Well, I was stunned, everyone laughed and I walked over to him as he was standing by cutie pants, all happy and I gave him, the best Valentines Day punch in the face that I could give.

    How's that for a Happy Valentines Day gift and now, well I go out with women how's that for irony lolol

    Have a good one lily.


  49. Happy Vday!

    Also thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. It meant a lot to know someone knows where i'm coming from.


  50. Happy Valentine's Day. The cake looks beautiful! Love the flowers!

  51. Shabby Gourmet Chic – lol (oops, sorry). You just invented a new Business idea!!

    You are so right about the “I love you” – but it’s just not in our culture. I grew up without that, and I still don’t hear it ‘back home’. It’s not just our family, I never hear it somewhere else either. My nieces and I started to say it to each other, but mostly in English. Isn’t that strange? We Swiss are not very ‘huggie’ either. One really has to be a very good and a close friend to do it (or be part of the chic society :))

    So I say it to you in Romantsch: “Jeu vai bugen tei” – but only if you promise not to send me a piece of that sweet heap! (yeah, I know, one should love unconditionally :)

    Happy Valentine, Lilly!

  52. Oh my gosh what a great Valentine's gift! :o)
    I know it is supposed to be the thought but sometime you have to think what were they thinking???!! LoL

    Enjoy your day

  53. Happy Valentine's Day, Lilly.
    Love ya, girl!

  54. @ Ugich - yes I get you now, thats pretty bad isnt it? I mean surely its harmless when all is said and done but as you say culture is a big thing. Whne you used the word police I literally thought you meant police.

    @ River - I hope he is an ex husband is he? Terrible. Do you have a blog?

    @ Bettyl - that sounds so sweet. Your own story about moving to NZ is a lovely love story in itself.

    @ Jeanne - lol that site is hilarious - may have to send this one in to it.

    @ Soulmerlin - thats because people in the UK dont really celebrate it do they? Maybe if you give one you'll get one!!!

    @ Barbara - actually it would make a very fine hat Barbara, lol!!!!

    @ TheChicGeek - yes either way he was trying to kill me - the sugar alone would be enough to do it let alone the poisonous flowers. LOL!

    @ Me - have a fun night nonetheless!!

    @ cjw666 - and smae to you but something tells me you do not celebrate it, do you?

    @ Chrissy - thanks it is awesome and a nice thought nd very sweet.

    @ jb - that is an hilarious story! Truly, thanks for dropping by.

    @ Saveyoursoul - you have a great site and yes there are many of us that do understand so keep sharing.

    @ Sarah - yes the fresh flowers are a nice touch..

    @ Fida - thats interesting - I never realised that at all. Such beautiful looking people you all are too and quite reserved I realise (there are exceptions lol!!). No cake for you!!

    @ The Mind of a Mom - well I bet him some time ago he couldnt make a cake and well this was his effort so I have to applaud that. It may have been better than I could do because the cake tasted really good.

  55. Hope you had a good Valentines Day, Lilly. You sure do deserve it. You are a wonderful lady and you always make me smile. Love your posts!! *hugs*

  56. Lilly thanks for dropping by also. Happy you liked my V-day story. Your right about the stuff we feed our kids, some parents I just don't understand. She's not the only one. It makes me sad too. These meats are not good for your health trust me on this. I don't know if in your stores you have those BBQ chickens you buy hot and ready made...if you do please for the love of baby jesus don't!!! I repeat don't!! buy them please they're so so BADDDDD....I swear. I have a great post about them soon. Again thanks for dropping by.


  57. Lilly, Where did you go? What happened? Is it something I said? If so, I'm sorry. I hope you come back.

    OK, so my worst Valentine's Day was this one. My hubby's on the west coast and I'm on the east coast. Not too romantic...

  58. The cake actually looks like it will be quite tasty!

  59. Ok first of all 'Happy Valentine' to ya Lilly. Next order of business is i am gonna haunt you the rest of your days if ya ban me cuz i am one tough ol hillbilly. and i don't think da cake is that bad. But what da heck do i know anyway? As we go thru life maybe, just maybe, we do a few things right, and the cake don't matter no more. Yes i had a snicker Lilly. Be good.
    Till next time

  60. @ Jlo - thanks and the same to you!

    @ Paris - thanks sweetie as do you!

    @ jb - yes of course we do. Oh I am anxious to hear what you are going to say about them. I will be stopping by to see. Yes, I have bought one or two in my time when in a rush but to be honest chicken tastes rather strange these days.

    @ Debra - I am not sure whats happened but I lost my blogroll a week or two ago and now this. All has been fixed!

    @ Coachdad - and indeeed it is, truly. I am very impressed! Thanks for dropping by.

  61. @ Gary - thats ok friend I would never ban you from my blog you have been here since the early days!!! Take Care!

  62. @Lilliy: Actually, yes - but you're such a long way away (lol)

  63. Lilly,

    The Worst V'Day Ever Was The Best~

    At 4:30 a.m. 2.14.83, my live-in BF {now hubby} & I awoke to someone banging on doors & yelling "FIRE!". We grabbed our puppy, kitten, guitar & typewriter. {giggling now about the typewriter ...} The apartments directly above & center were spewing flames. Literally, curling out of windows, high into the sky! Our neighbor's hibatchi caught the wooden balcony on fire! We were evacuated out & into a larger 2-bedroom apartment with clean carpet {remember the puppy?}. We were thankful we wouldn't have to pay $500 bucks to replace carpet!

    The day was spent moving all our belongings into the new apartment. We had planned to go out to Mondo's for Italian food where we were regulars but were tired so stayed home. The next day, he gave me a bundle of roses & a card {which I still have} that sez:

    "If you love me, SMILE!! If you want to {do sumthin' I can't type here}, Lick your LIPS!! If you want to marry me, TRY ON THE RING!"

    My kinda guy!

    On our fifth anniversary, he wrote:

    "Five years ago there was a fire. It is still burning!"

    {sigh} those were the days! ;) It's been almost 25 years. The fire has turned into embers. Embers that are covered in 24 inches of soot! Where's cupid & a motorcycle?

  64. other than from the kids and my daddy i dont think i have ever gotten a valentines gift from a husband or boyfriend...i think they thought i was the kind that didn't go for that stuff...

    every hear the expression 'it's the thought that counts?'...that cake looks like the one my kids made for me one valentines day.. it tasted delicious..not like the mushroom omelet they made me..a small can of mushrooms juice and all and one was so awful..but i ate every bit of it..

  65. @ cjw666 - oh a little distance is an admirable quality, lol!

    @ JULS - that is the best story ever. Loved it!!!

    @ Yellowdog granny - oh that story is wonderful too. Imagine the omelette - how precious! What a great mom you are! I think you are like me hard nuts with mushy centres, right?

  66. who cares if the flowers a poisonous - they're pink!

  67. How terrific that you had such a lovely Valentine's Day. As you know, I spent my time on the you know where with my stomach flu. Sighhhhh..

    I glad you were able to enjoy that lovely cake. It looks yummy!

    Sending you LOTS of Aloha from this side of the world.

  68. It's all about the effort...and it did look pretty in an odd sort of way!

  69. @ Trying to remember it all - thats true and pink is my favourite colour too.

    @ Kay - hope yoou are better soon!! Aloha to you too!

    @ Nikkicrumpet - oh and it tasted so good too!!

  70. I hope you enjoyed Valentine's Day!
    The cake looks fabulous!



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