Wednesday 18 February 2009

Message from your Mother

Hi there,

Did you see the video about the major tantrum at the airport?

It bought back memories. Of your 'best moments'.

Thank God you got it all out of your system. Eventually.

You were a late developer. You were an angel at two but a maniac at four. My cheeks still burn brightly when I think about your performances at the grocery store, the childless friend’s home, on the plane, at the hairdressers, church and my work.

I was seriously considering the Circus or Ebay for a while.

It all came to a crunch when you saved up your Academy Award winning performance for a time and location when it mattered the most. At my Theatrical Makeup School. The performance was fitting I guess, given the creative environment, but it was free fall art at its best. And at its most humiliating.

It all started when someone, who shall remain nameless, unwittingly gave you a carton of apple juice and a kilo of chocolate before he dropped you off.

It was like winding a spinning top for hours and then letting it loose.

You ran round and round the studio screaming. When the Head Teacher told you to quieten down you told her she had a strange and really weird face (she had recently had plastic surgery). She was shocked, I was upset and you just loudly giggled. I ran to pick you up and you kicked me and ran away. I stood there helpless, blinking back the tears.

All those childless people around me were giving me the “how dare you breed” look. I was young and had memorised all the lines in the book. I gave it my best shot.

1. “She didn’t take a nap” - The fact you were four and it was 10am in the morning was beside the point.
2. “Someone gave her sugar” - I could tell that people thought that blaming someone else for the “giving of the sugar” was just a ploy to keep my parental halo sparkly clean. And it was, sort of.
3. “She isn’t feeling well” – thinking that they would just keep a wide berth from fear of catching something.
4. “She’s two”. Except you were four. Sometimes just rolling your eyes and saying “terrible twos” is enough…even when they're not two. I said you were just "big for your age".
5. “She’s Not Mine”. I tried to pretend I was just doing a little babysitting and this crazy possessed screaming child was no relation to me. I said, “She just needs her mummy”. The problem was that you were the spitting image of me, so I was kind of screwed.

I learnt a lot that day. First, to never let you anywhere near apple juice and second, to make you realize that for every action there is a consequence.

I hope you will thank me. Simply because, one of these days you could have ended up like this woman. Somehow it looks ok on a four year old but at fifty? This Chinese woman reacts badly when told she is too late for her flight. Oh pleazzeeee……..she needs major time out or a good hard smack!

Love you!

Your Mother xx

PS. No I never really entertained the thought of selling you on Ebay for more than a few passing seconds. Loaning you to the Circus on the other hand.....well, I have to admit that it did entertain my thoughts a lot during your fifth year.....


  1. I think telling people she was 2 sounds reasonable, she just had her 'terrible twos' a little late :)

  2. HA HA Rachel, you wait but I am giving you all the good lines to use when you have kids! The joy, and yes it is indeed a great joy.

  3. Was her newborn grandbaby she was taking care of on the flight by itself or something?

    That's the only reason I could see for the tantrum... if a kid was going somewhere alone...

    otherwise.. HOLY CRAP!

  4. The Chinese can be very emotional and expressive. As can 2 yr olds. There's no correlation in these two statements and nothing I say can be taken down and used in evidence against me. Unless I'm looking for Chinese takeout, then it could get a bit awkward.

  5. My son (now 21) had his best airport moment when he was two years old at the Pittsburg Airport and deposited lunch all over me as I was changing planes. I still have the Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt my wife bought me to change into in the rest room.

  6. Oh my that woman I mean she just went on and on. Clearly she HAD TO catch that flight. I love all those airport shows watching people lose it. Yes its a British thing. Glad your daughter outgrew it like most of us do. I will bet this woman has tantrums to get her way all the time. Maybe she was meeting George for a hot date, lol! I would cry to if I missed the plane for something good like that but she would have to have a good reason!! Shame I dont speak Cantonese though to find out what she was saying.

  7. Yes I had a tantrum like that at an airport once, well not quite like that but I did a fair bit of moaning. What I want to know in that video is how those two guys just listened to her go on and didnt tell her to shut it - fancy living with her.

  8. Oh I checked on You Tube and she is saying let me on the plane, let me on the plane. Apparently she could still see it on the run way.

  9. It is very clear that this woman did not learn that rolling on the floor and crying doesn't always get your way!! LOL

  10. @ Saundra - true that would be the only reason!!

    @ Braja - they do Chinese takeout in your neck of the woods?

    @ Sarah, oh yes I love those airport shows too!

    @ Butler and Bagman - ha ha and funny how we always remember those pricelsss moments and now he has a baby all his own!!

    @ Banoffi - oh I didnt read the comments but I am sure they were not kind to her. The airline must have to film it maybe for insurance reasons or something.

    @ Mindylew - yes see you are familiar with this tactic - clearly she has got her way all the time!

  11. Lilly, Kids today are smarter than we were at their age. And mind you, you are sort of between your daughter's age and mine....With a kilo of chocolates and a Theatrical Makeup School entry, what else could she do but act theatrical. Maybe the person who dropped her there told her something.

    Maybe you should have left her with Des. Having imbibed the finer points of cricket, today, she could have been Australia's first woman Cricket umpire maybe ? ....

    About the airport thing, no we didnt get to see anything here. Its OK. Ladies crying to get on a plane are preferred over guys on podiums telling lies, dodging shoes, etc etc.

  12. Oh my gosh! This was a great reminder as to why I don't have kids yet!

  13. You kicked some ass this morning!!!

  14. Ugich - problem is it was Des who gave all that to her. And he could never get her interested in cricket either! He was looking after her for me and then had to go somewhere and had to drop her off. It was horrific. Yes, true about the podium and shoes maybe they should hire this woman for future guest appearances of certain politicians!

    @ The Blonde Duck - oh they are worth it though, you just try hard to forget the bad stuff or take up drinking. Go on, you can do it!!

  15. There are too many kids being bought up without discipline these days. Yeah and they will all turn into narcissists if we are not careful.

  16. Kids start tantruming at around 18 months and finish when they leave home...

    I actually felt terrible sorry for that Chinese woman and wondered why anyone would actually want to film someone else's pain...

    My kids used to scream - and ONLY in public places - Stop hitting me! (Of course we weren't... but lending them to the circus did cross our minds at those times...)

  17. lol, I would have slapped the crap out of that chinese mercy from me!

    I once denied my son...he was so bad I said i was his

  18. OMG...LOL....I miss your blog when I don't get here every day! You start my day out laughing, and I love you for that!!!!

  19. Lilly, Lilly, Lilly...these message from your mother posts are priceless. You are such a visual writer.....and so funny.
    What does your daughter say when she reads these posts?

    On another note, guess who I am going to see on 28th Feb in the Hunter Valley....the one and only Jackson Browne....jealous? Hope it is not flooded out!

    BTW you haven't changed at all from that photo taken all those years ago.


  20. Lilly, There's nothing more annoying than when we're out at a restaurant (translation: every night) and there's a screaming and/or loud and obnoxious child nearby. What gets me is when the parents do nothing to quiet her/him down. Most times, they just continue on with their conversation as if there's not a raving lunatic sitting in their booth driving all the other patrons crazy. My husband's a pediatrician by training and he agrees (although he's much better at tuning out the noise than I am!). People need to discipline their children more (talking, not spanking!!!). Otherwise, they turn out like crazy Chinese lady.

  21. I always laugh and tell my kids that if I sold them on ebay they would be returned to seller very quickly LOL-and that video- that woman does need a freakin' time out!

  22. When my son acts out I have a tantrum with him. I start banging my feet on the floor dancing like the guys in River Dace and he is soo bemused he just stops.

  23. I tried to sell my kids on a regular basis when they were little. Now I'm just biding my time and get each and everyone of them back by teaching their kids it's ok to eat popsicles on the new sofa give them chocolate cake right before dinner. Paybacks are a bitch and they WILL recognize them when they happen.

  24. Lilly;

    All the mothers know the responses that you gave,I have them etched in my memory.! The grocery store and church were places where night mares happened.
    Looking back it was certainly a great joy!

  25. Oh Lilly, you are my positive light at the end of the tunnel. When I saw that clip yesterday, I immediately though about my two year old. His fits can be HORRIBLE! Did you see the photo of him screaming b/c he wanted to wear only snow boots? And the excuses you gave are the ones I'm giving now. lol.

  26. Oh my, I wish I understood chinese to know all she was saying. Besides the fact she was throwing a fit. Your post was great about your experience.

    My niece use to throw herself down like that in the grocery store, we'd just walk over her, people just looked at us. Wha cha gonna her 3 year old lil girl is doing the same to her, yes, we step right over her too...LOL

  27. Before you have kids its all too easy to be appalled at seeming apathy by a parent to a tantrum. But what I quickly figured out is parenting takes on a whole new dimension when you are on the 5th tantrum and its only 7 am. And you were up most of the night with the baby, and when was the last time you showered anyway? So by dinnertime? After you've entertained the circus, ebay and the zoo... you start to just turn a deaf ear, because really, the woman in the video? Her act would take a backseat to YOURS .

    Thanks for the dose of humor as always!

  28. I don't want to be a Grandma anymore ... thank you, Lilly!!!

  29. Fantastic, joyful and amazing! For me nostalgic too.

  30. My lowest point came during my daughter's ballet show. My two boys wouldn't stop fighting so I had to take them outside and watch it through a window. There I was in the pouring rain with a boy in each hand by the scruff of the neck.

    It'll never get any worse than this, I thought.

    But if I see a child now having a tantrum, I feel more sympathy for the mum than irritation. Most women who've been there, done that can empathise.

    Laura Essendine
    The Accidental Guru Blog

  31. What a scene!! I had not seen this before and I was shocked!! And so long!! Over 3 minutes. I couldn´t believe! I agree, she needs a smack!

    Aren´t you glad the kids are all grown and we don´t have to deal with this anymore?!

  32. Well, alright then.

    You know how it is; different countries have different customs. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

    She either needs a good drama class; she'd get the "lead" part hands down. Especially if they needed someone to play the mental patient or LARGE baby.

    OR she needs to be near death, about to lose her life so that she can gain a little might possibly help if it were a long drawn out death. I think she'll need a lot of time rethink things. LOLOLO!!

    Or else stranded on a deserted island by herself for about 10 years. She MIGHT gain a bit of perspective....then again, she might just go insane. Oh wait...she ALREADY is insane, or one hell of dramatist. Or Both.

    Another option is: She was playing "Truth or Dare" that morning and she chose the dare? A scene in an airport. Just a thought. LOLOL!!!

    Or she was paid to create a diversion while her husband robbed the airport till? :)

    OR she forgot her meds that day?

    Aaah, the possibilities are endless!! :) :)

    I love the photo of you and your daughter. Just beautiful and I also equally love the story. I laughed out loud over #5.

    You truly are a beautiful, shinning, funny, warm, and witty as all get out woman. I just love you. This was a great way to start my morning. I needed it. Love, Robin

    PS See? In the time it took me write this comment 10 people have already left comments and I'll still be number 99. LOLOL!!!! Aaaww, but you love me anyway! ;)

  33. Mel has never had a tantrum in public, and rarely at home either. She is now 9, we figure she is saving up for the junior high years!!

  34. Oh, wow. How embarrassing. I totally love that someone followed her around with a video camera. lol

    I couldn't watch the whole thing. It just made me want to smack her. But that wimper at the end had me rolling! You know when the tantrum winds down and there is just that little noise coming out because that's all the energy they have left? Too funny!

    As for my kids, I always used the "they were switched at birth" line. I'm certain mine were cute and quiet. I don't know whose little freaks of nature THESE are!! Poor woman. No wonder she switched!

  35. Funny stuff, been there and will be there again! Ha.

  36. Oh Lilly, you rock!! I am going to take some time this weekend (home from the hospital!) and just soak up your wit / pink icing / George Clooney / Valentine goodies, etc. etc. ...

    A few years ago I started a goofy story about a woman who hooks up with George Clooney. Must find it. Gawd! How 'bout an anthology of "Me & George" stories?! Who wouldn't want to read that!? What I recall of the unfinished story is (don't fall down now) no sex ... but *relentless* flirtation and *wicked* conversation ... Something about an impromptu backyard BBQ, a fabulous red sports car (natch), and Bridget Jones' Diary ... and "dishing," which is one of my fave words used to describe conversation.

    ... Oh Jeez. Airport tantrums!! Once upon a time, my older brother (who is now an ACE pilot with a major carrier) opened a plane's door as the big bird was taxiing towards takeoff. Talk about tantrum: everybody *else* on the plane freaked out, including some old goat who was sitting across from my mother and naughty brother. Apparently this man made snide, dastardly remarks about my mother's parenting skills (or lack thereof, in his increasingly alcohol-laced opinion) all the way from Miami to Toronto. By the end of the flight, it was my *mother* who wanted to open the door ... and pitch the SOB out ...

    You know ... Kids doing this kind of thing is to be expected ... but adults!?!?!? Some people never grow up ...

  37. Wow, major meltdown. She must have really needed to be on that flight or she's just spoiled and crazy!
    When my daughter was young and throwing tantrums in public and people gave me dirty looks I'd just say, "Boy, is she embarrasing herself." They'd then glare at my daughter and she'd shush up instantly :) Always worked like a charm:)

  38. LMAO@This Video!!!!!!!
    OMG! I can't stop laughing!!!

  39. Apparently she doesn't know that throwing a tantrum will not get her anywhere!!!

    Hope you're having a good week. :)


  40. OMG that chinese woman! It's her male companion I feel sorry for. It's one thing when its your kids but your wife, girlfriend? Whoa.

    You know i could so relate to your story of tantrums with kids. My sister in law had that with her kids--she did give them too much sugar--matter of fact, anything they wanted in grocery stores. So when they lost it, and someone would turn to look at here in the queue she would simply shrug her shoulders and say resignedly, "They're gifted!" It worked--gobsmacked the onlookers long enough to make her escape!

  41. Can you be any more funny or creative, Ms Lilly? I so enjoy reading your posts .........

  42. Oh my this woman, how horrific. Its ok for a child but for an adult oh it looks just plain bad.

  43. that's a beautiful picture of you and your daughter although she's not in a good mood! Some people don't think when they lose the plane's already left! (-:

  44. @ Magee - well you are right there - there are way too many narcissists around.

    @ Ladyfi - I think the airline company filmed it perhaps in case there were legal issues involved or something. I would imagine there are cameras near the desks all the time because abuse is common. Obviously someone leaked it on the Internet. She will be famous and probably need an agent after this given all the views it has had across the world. Oh yes, the old, stop hitting me line, such clever little manipulators, he he.

    @ Dawnie - you said it, nothing like a little discipline to get the message across. Ha ha, thats funny, I am sure he recovered!!!

    @ Julie - thanks for dropping by and glad it made you smile

    @ Peggy - Jackson Browne oh at a winery? Oh I want to hear all about it, how fantastic I have loved him since 1976 and The Pretender. Oh and Peggy, thats not a pic of me but some random snap - I better acknowledge it on the blog. I couldnt find one of a tantrum throwing daughter in my own collection (I should of there were many photo opportunities). I've never looked like that, lol!! As for my daughter, she reads my posts and sometimes leaves a comment, under the initials JKT. She is my biggest supporter in everything I do. And now there is only the odd tantrum and thats ususally from me.

    @ Debra - oh yes restaurants. That must be the worst place for misbehaved kids. Lucky your husband is patient and has a background to deal with it. Noise is just not enjoyable. I recall though when I was a child (ok in the dark ages) and we used to go to restaurants and sit quietly. It was expected.

    @ Melissa - ye syou would get a note back that said, faulty product or false advertsiting lol!!!

    @ Cleo - ok you get the Mother Award of the year. What a great technique. Oh I liked a bit of Michael Flatley in his day too - except he went a little strange did he not? I just finished having a conversation with my daughter about all the Irish who are now in Australia. And we love the Irish here given most of us have Irish descendants!!!

    @ Joanie - how funny. I am sure my grandmother did it to me too! Yep we all get our payback.

    @ JULS - oh you so do, I know and imagine all the spoiling that you will do - I cannot wait because I think I will do what Joanie suggests, ha ha.

    @ Nsiyer - yes the pain and embarassment disappear over time and you just have to laugh.

    @ Laura - oh no, how horrible you poor thing. Looking through the window. I can just picture it all and yes when you are a Mum you just nod, knowingly. Thank goodness they grow up.

    @ Betty - oh yes, it was quite a performance alright. And yes its good when they have grown up and become friends!

    @ Yes of course I love you anyway. Just so you know it snot a photo of me and my daughter. If it was my hair would be standing on end and crying and she would really be screaming and trying to pull away. Ah no I didnt have a photo like that so I thought I would borrow one. And you are not number 99 I rearely get 99 comments lol!!! I dont think tantrums are cultural things either even Chinese are shocked. They are as a rule more reserved.

    @ Peggy - lol yes it was always the place that they had to act a certain way which doesnt come easy to babies who like to explore and do their own thing. I distinctly remember being in Church once when I was a kid and the priest telling my mother in front of the whole congregation to take my sister outside who had just started crying. Mmmm.

    @ Summer - oh I did see it and I feel your pain. Well know that you will overcome it and they will grow up and all will be ok. You never forget but you can sure as hell laugh about it all.

    @ Me - oh yes she is saving them up alright but then again she just maybe a very placid and well behaved child and you are great parents. It can happen.

    @ Rhonda - you make me laugh. Switched at birth. Only problem honey is that they look like you and each other, lol!!!

  45. I resisted the urge to behave JUST LIKE THAT WOMAN today. I'm so proud of myself...

    As for your honey, I'm sure you could have gotten top dollar for her!

  46. Lilly,
    That woman's temper tantrum made me laugh only because I want to do EXACTLY that sometimes when put on hold with the phone company or the health insurance people or the credit card company !!!!

    It was a great message from your Mom :)

  47. Oh.My.Word. That woman went on for 3 minutes! And she was rolling around on the floor! If I was with her (heaven forbid) I would've walked away and left her flailing on the ground. What a mess.

    Sugar will make a 4 yo act like she's 2. Apple juice and chocolate? That's just so irresponsible. :)

  48. Hahaha, that is too funny. Your lines to feed the audience surrounding you and your lovely daughter were priceless. Did you say any of them?!?

    I too also saw the video of the Chinese woman at the airport who was to make it to San Francisco. We watched it on Inside Edition and I told my 2 year old that's what happens when you don't take a nap. She looked at me like I lost my mind.
    Well, I tried. :^)

  49. eh, what's a little PMS? ;)

    {based on the apathetic reaction from the 2 reps, they are probably married & knew it!}

  50. Priceless.

    I've seen people react like that at Dairy Queen when the soft serve machine is down :)

    Peace - Rene

  51. Oh My Gosh! That woman!
    My angel has started throwing some pretty good tantrums but I am pretty sure I have some doozies ahead of me. Something to look forward to...

  52. My children have pulled some good ones on me in their time especially twins acting up together but the worst I ever saw was when a friend's 4 year old son wanted a toy and she told him "no". He latched onto the toy counter with both hands screaming to the top of his lungs and she could not pull him off! This kid was as strong as an ox and screaming like a banshee. I would have beat him to death if he had been my child. I will never forget it. This went on for at least 10 minutes with everyone in the store watching the show. I slowly strolled away from both of them.

  53. once i had my 3 year old daughter in a grocery cart and we were surrounded by screaming kids, running around the store, puting stuff in their mom's basket, just beserkers...
    my daughter observed all of this silentenly and then said"if i did that'd kill me'...and i said 'and don't you forget it.'

  54. Very funny! As a mother and grandmother, I can relate. I've tried the sugar defense with my grandchildren many times :)

  55. If you close your eyes, the woman in the video sounds exactly like a Yoko Ono solo album.

  56. @ Mark - ha ha, well least we can all sympathise. Just as long as they grow out of it.

    @ Jaliya - aww thanks and I hope you are doing well. Come back any time and catch up on the other posts. George and the Analytics posts are my favourities for this last week.

    @ TheChicGeek - now there is a good strategy for young parents to know. Good one!

    @ Tabitha - yes, it is rather comical but I guess thats what we all are like when we are being irrational. lol!

    @ Paris - mmm I bet she might get the hint now. Hope your week is going well too.

    @ Mmmm - yes I agree it is the males with her I feel sorry for but do you notice how they just take it in their stride like they are used to her? Thats the issue she obviously doesnt have anyone to tell her she is being inappropriate. Oh I like the comeback your sister in law used. That has to go on the list!

    @ Helen - Thank you. I guess I could if I had time but I just write the rubbish as I think of it and leave all the good grammar to someone else.

    @ Christine - no I dont want to mislead you - thats not a pic of us. I couldnt find one that was appropriate for the story line. Satin sheets Christine - I will have less wrinkles now you watch!!

    @ For Myself - oh no you had a bad day? Yes sometimes I must admit when in shops I could have a tantrum too. Glad you contolled the urge, he he. Yes I would have regretted selling my daughter. Shes the best thing that ever happened to me.

    @ Loving Annie - thanks and yes we can all identify but I guess we have better impulse control when in public. She must have been on the edge and this pushed her totally overboard.

    @ blue Castle - yes I would have walked away too. Those guys were as calm as anything as though they had seen her do it before. She probably screamed herself out and fell asleep on the floor, lol

    @BIBI - Of course, I used everyone of them. It was horrible and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. LOL, your baby just wouldnt get it Mom because that is normal behaviour as far as he is concerned. Funny how we have to learn life's lessons. Just sometimes, for whatever reason, people dont and they grow up like this lady. Its kind of sad.

  57. I'll smack her...pick me pick me! (the airport lady, not your daughter :)

  58. Wow that lady is seriously in need of a time out. I feel sorry for her husband, and I assume son. I think I would have walked away ashamed and embarrassed.

    I get such a kind out of your Message from your Mother. Now to see if I can get on the good side of your daughter. I just can't picture any daughter of yours throwing a tantrum, LOL.

  59. I'm not proud of it, but I once pretended I didn't know the kid throwing a hissy fit in a daycare room. I did the equivalent of whistling up to the sky, look at the door number and pretend I had arrived at the wrong room!

    I came back half an hour later and she was looking like a little angel, but the daycare worker looked like she had lost a few thousand hairs!!

  60. Tantrums just don't look good on anyone, that's for sure.
    Too funny.

  61. @ JULS - mm me thinks she has way more than!!

    @ Rene - ha ha too funny, when the soft serve is down.

    @ Becky - just make sure you bring a disguise when you go out so no-one will recognise you ever.

    @ Judy - oh my another 4 year old with problems. I hope that he changed otherwise he could have some anger management problems ahead of him. Just walking away is the right thing to do , lol!

    @ Gran - as long as you weren't the one to feed them the sugar in the first place ha ha. My grandmother used to feed me up on snacks right before I was due to go home for dinner. My mother never understood why I wasnt hungry. My grandmother (father's mother) lived two doors away. Can you imagine what that would hve been like for my mother?

    @ Vegas Linda Lou - now that is the funniest line ever and yet so true - she does sound like Yoko. Maybe it is Yoko and she was just giving one of her creative and artistic performances.

    @ Julie, ok you do it and we will all watch and clap.

    @ Eric - yes she did as all kids do and she is gorgeous and wonderful now. The pain and humiliation were worth it.

    @ Simplicity - oh yes I forgot the child care. Too funny. Oh I have loads of childcare stories too - not good.

    @ Something happened somewhere - you are right but they look particularly bizarre on grown ups don't they?

  62. Had they just walked away from the lady in the airport, she wouldn't have had an audience. More than likely she'd of calmed down given that there's no one to react. More than likely she nags, bullies, and threatens people to get her way.

    Kids are... oh... well,
    my daughter used to be impossible to fly with. She'd get out of her seat and STAND ON MY HEAD! I kid you not. She was a little terror on the plane! It was like a wrestling match, and I soon learned that car trips were the only way --even if it took two bloody days across the desert!


    I have to go recover now. Bad memories falling in! Will go do some online shopping....

  63. That was unbelievable. I usually act well manored and mature but some days I'm doing that on the inside.

  64. You forgot the thoughts about putting her in the closet until she was 28. I often thought (and still think) that one about the son.

    And the Chinese lady? A little extreme don't you think?

  65. @ Yellowdong Granny - yes I always knew you should be brnging up all the world's children. I mean that, truly.

    @ Kanani - oh I am sorry this post has depressed you and made you go online shopping!!! LOL! It will help. Planes - on your head, oh no!
    Yes and I agree those guys should have just walked away.

    @ Chak - yep know what you mean.

    @ Dan - yes locking them away doesnt kind of work because some day they've got to come out of there, lol. Yes you could say it was a tad too overdone, just a tad. Thanks for stopping by.

  66. I retrospect, what I love about the classic tantrums my son had, was that he was safe, visible, and in my control. Now that he's grown, if he has a meltdown, the consequences are much more serious. He is a very elegant and thoughtful young man, but he had the worse tantrums. He actually got us (my husband, his sister and me) thrown out of a restaurant when he was little.
    As he gained mastery of language and learned to draw (a life-long passion) his tantrums got to be fewer.
    It was fun to watch an adult woman have a tantrum. I almost missed a plane during the holidays because of luggage left ona shuttle bus but I imploded inside.

  67. @ can-can - maybe your son was just frustrated given he is artistic. Oh gosh my luggage has been to places I have never visited. And I may have had a mini tantrum but there was no thrashing of arms and legs I promise.

  68. This woman is off her tree and she wimpers and carries on so pathetically. I bet a four year old would be embarassed. Every parent should make their kids watch this.

  69. Oh yes... I do well remember how children could make you wish there was a rug you could crawl under and disappear.

    About the woman... Oh dear. I'm thinking unbalanced here. Clearly disturbed?

  70. The grocery is the worst. Anne used to sit in the kiddie seat in the cart and hold her arms up and beg people to rescue her from us. It was so embarrassing!

  71. Fantastic.......
    If there had been an e-bay around when my kiddos were still little, I may or may not have put them up for auction to the highest bidder. I'll bet that would cause some serious buyer's remorse :).......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  72. LOL - I'll remember these excuses - I mean 'best lines' Lilly.Thanks for the laugh .. I hope the last laugh isn't on me with twin tantrums !

  73. @ Stefan - what as some kind of enforced punishment? LOL

    @ Kay - see they must be all the same Kay and as a school teacher I am sure you saw a lot of this kind of behaviour.

    @ Jeanne - well you have to give her points for trying!

    @ Reggie Girl - Ebay - its a wonder people dont try, can you imagine the false advertising people would be doing - beautifully well behaved child.

  74. Oh Trish you need a medal with your active boys!!! Twin tantrums is something I never even contemplated!! We have to find you double the excuses to use, I will compile a list epecially for you!!

  75. Wasn't that woman amazing?

    I can't imagine being that free to rage hahaha...

  76. Sarah Lulu - ok how about we all meet in some forest or on a deserted beach somewhere and let all the rage out. Just not where there are any cameras present. I wonder whether she felt better after it all or just plain exhausted!

  77. Lilly, we could do that screaming under a bridge or in a tunnel ..

    My experience of rage, like that poor unstuck woman, is that unless it's a part of a process like grief ...

    She will not feel released but in a way her unjustified tantrum and belief ..that the world must must turn the way she thinks it should will only lead her to madness haha .....she will (and probably already does) believe the she is the centre of the universe.

  78. Sarah - you are right. Oh gosh its kind of sad isnt it? Maybe this will be the impetus she needs. You must have an interesting job too and have seen a lot!

  79. Hi Lilly,
    Fallen still further !#79 now !
    Remember the tantrums and the shame forty years on .We had a screaming fit at every hair cut for several years ( I think he's over it now )It got that we could never go to the same barber twice. The worst one muttered " I've never had one like this before " and held the screaming head in a vice like grip and got to work with the shears.I was nearly screaming myself at this treatment but at least the job was done. Fortunately soon after long hair for boys came into fashion and we were let off the hook.

  80. Barbara - of course the hairdresser is another one. Oh nasty. Easy for girls, I just let Jordan have long hair. But the dentist was another one. She had a tantrum (out of fear) and the dentist swore at her and tried to gas her to keep her quiet. Mmm, we never went back to him.

  81. Man, why didn't I ever think of the circus for my kids....Hey, maybe that's what that Chinese lady is auditioning for??

  82. I saw this online yesterday. I was wondering if it was really real. It's crazy.

  83. @ Stacy - yes the Circus - they are always looking for raw talent.

    @ CarmenSinCity - yes its real apparently, and it sure is crazy.

    @ Live Lesbian - well you have to try every trick in the book.

  84. ohhh my gosh Lilly
    The girl and I are crying we are laughing so hard! That is too funny!
    I need act that way when hubby drinks the last glass on wine on a Sunday and the liquor store is closed!! I think I'll try it and tape it and share...LoL

  85. @ The Mind of a Mom - I am telling you now that if you carry on like that when there's no wine left then WE ALL WANT TO SEE IT. Simply because you speak English and it would even be more hilarious. OK, so when are you and the girl going to do a video - I think more of us should be having a go at it. As in video blogging. Are you game?

  86. That is a riot...I only wish there were subtitles...because I'm dying to know what she was saying. Gee I guess my kids weren't so bad after all lol

  87. Thank YOU for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment!

    Love your blog and the letter. Clever girl! Can't wait to peruse further. Tatersmama, a friend with a blog in Australia, tried to pass that woman in the airport off as me! Imagine! What a great video. I'm sure I could have mustered it up on a few days.

    Take care and thanks again!

  88. @ Nikki, apparently she is just screaming to get on the plane - she is speaking Cantonese evidently. Oh it is bad.

    @ Robynn's Ravings - thanks for your sweet comments and your lovely comment. Much appreciated.

  89. HI Lilly ,
    I love love love reading your blog it helps me to meausure somewhere around normal on the mothering scale. Something tells me we have a lot in common . Please check out my blog an dyou will know exactly what I mean.
    P.S I often think about selling my self ( instead of teh boys)to a good home on ebay.
    Love Your stuff

  90. @ Stesha - follow Wenda twanda or where?

    @ Confessions of an unfit mother - oh that is so sweet, thankyou. I will be over to check out your blog soon. Thanks again!

  91. Wow Lily, you should get an award for responding to EVERY comment! How sweet are you?!

  92. That is so sad....I wonder why she had to get on that plane...what she was missing out on??

    Poor thing.

    Stopping by from SITS, btw! Have a great Friday! :)

  93. Hi! First timer at your blog and just love this post!! You made me laugh and remember all the 'interesting' moments my son has created in the past. The best was when he was two and picked up a four-letter word once uttered by my dearest husband before I sat on his fat head! That word was repeated very loudly while running around all over Los Angeles International Airport. I just pretended I didn't know the kid!!

    Do visit my blog when you get a chance!

  94. @ Brandy, what can I say, Sweet! lol

    @ Alison, I am not sure but as someone else said if it wasnt because she left her baby on the plane then who knows. I think it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Thnaks for dropping by!

    @ Roshni - thanks for your comment and I have been over to visit your blog and left you a comment.

    @ Dr Zhibbs - yes it was a good video except it wouldn't have been so funny for the lady. I hope she has got an agent by now though and making money out of it.

  95. @ Grand Pooba - wow back at you!

  96. OMG! You can sell them on ebay!!?? Sweet!

  97. @ Mama Krit - what you didnt know? LOL!!!!! That should make you feel better!!!

  98. Oh that was so funny! I can almost picture an American woman I know doing that. I can be quite the drama queen of overreaction. But thanks to my doctor, I know have Ativan for it.

  99. @ Wheres my Angels - oh my, too funny - no I don't really know anyone who could do that. I mean ususally we would be too embarassed no matter how much we are upset. Clearly she may have been worked up about catching the flight anyway and then when she found out she wasn't able to get on, it tipped her over the edge.

  100. Hi Lilly,

    I enjoy your blog- thanks to my sister who got me into it (Catherine Mark-Beasant).

    But gosh, was it really about a missed flight? With a background in medicine (& even without) I wonder whether she needs help... counseling, therapy, psychiatry? It might be something she can work through.

    I like what DebraLSchubert said about parents carrying on conversations as if there's no crazy child seated beside them, & worse still, as if the crazy child is not theirs. Having said that, with all due respect, I figure that at some point in the process of becoming parents, parents learn to lose some sense of shame when it comes to their kids- its some sort of defense mechanism. I haven't children yet but I'll be so prepared with expert tips like those from you & your readers.

    How come someone was on hand to videotape the woman? Or was she caught on airport security camera? Have a blessed week!

  101. A BIG WELCOME TO YOU LILLY so pleased you stopped by. Your sister is a brilliant writer!

    Thanks for making a comment. I shall come and visit you. Yes I think this just tipped the scales for this woman or it might suggest she suffers form histrionics and has some sort of pathology. It's probably not a good thing to watch but I think the ariline would have taped it for security and insurance purposes. And that is how it has got out.

  102. That must of been an awful experience at your make up school. Thank goodness my kids were not screamers, but my sisters were. I am glad you kept her, ha, ha. The video was just so funny, to see a grown woman act like a two year old. I could not believe it when she threw herself on the floor.

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