Tuesday 13 January 2009

Hey True Blue!

Someone asked me how I would describe Australia's national identity. It's a tough question given there are 21 million people living here and 21 million different identities.

I wouldn't have been able to answer this question if I hadn't lived in other countries. Sometimes, being away gives you a better perspective about what your homeland represents.

Bibi from Bibi has the last word and Simplicity from Chasing Wentworth Miller gave me this Honest Scrap Award and when I saw this picture, it actually reminded me of how I would describe the Australian spirit. So, in answer to your question Sarah, I would say - unpretentious, self depreciating, funny, tough, classless, colourful, down to earth, hard working, genuine, devoid of excessive displays, understated but still in need of some repair work to the collective spirit on some issues.

Anyway, according to the rules of this Award, I am meant to share ten true things about me (as opposed to Australia). Now, if you want the really juicy stuff you will have to bribe me first -

1. I consider myself to be worldly and open minded but I'm still a prude to some. This first became clear to me when I was just out of my teens and in London. A girl I met had invited me out with two guys who had bought some of her art. One was from Panama and the other was American (the speech writer for an ex US President). Somehow, after dinner, I found my wide eyed, faux-sophisticated self at a swingers party. I am sure the pictures are on the web somewhere. I am the only one who is fully dressed, clutching her purse and crying for her mother. I can tell you, my education at a convent school in my formative years was sorely lacking.

2. As a child I was convinced I was going to be a nun and have a clear path to eternal life. I was going to be Sr Angelica Therese Mary Francis Anastasia (give me a break I was a kid). My dreams all turned sour when I went to high school, discovered cute boys and that same path is now heavily littered with debris. However, the person I still most admire in the world is a nun.
3. I really dislike cats. I like dogs. I've never picked up a cat, let alone patted one or whispered sweet nothings in its ear. My potential cat loving days were ruined when I was four and we happened to be at a Chinese Restaurant when someone jokingly said something they shouldn't have...

4. Food has to have a certain crunch factor to get my attention. Raw vegetables rather than cooked ones. Unripe fruit over too ripe fruit. Toast rather than bread. Hard centres rather than soft centres. Well done meat instead of rare. Lettuce with everything. And sauces with nothing. I've been known to make Executive Chefs cry. Just because I like simple food. Slow food. No fluff. Except that is, when I cook it for others. Then I am like Nigella Lawson on smack. Over the top and over done. A walking contradiction.

5. I am an introvert. Even though personality profiles, Myers Briggs tests (ENTJ) and my friends say otherwise. It's just that I have always been in positions which require an outgoing personality. I recall when my daughter was eight I was distressed about having to speak to a group of 150 people. She offered to do it for me. She regards public speaking as easy. I regard the thought of death as easier.

6. I prefer non fiction to fiction. I celebrate the fact we each have a story to tell. Our own. Those around us are part of our story but we alone are the authors. We may not always choose how our story unfolds, but our character is ours, we choose how prominent we let the secondary characters become and how and to whom we tell our story.

7. I am happiest creating something. Anything. I see everything in colour. In auras, makeup, decorating, fashion, painting, writing, nature, whatever. It's a beautiful world as long as it's colour co-ordinated...it's an illness....I tell you.

8. I use Australian slang. Had I not gone overseas to live and had it not been repeatedly pointed out to me that I used strange words, I would have argued that I never use Aussie slang. These are some of the expressions that slip into my conversation - she'll be right, mate, Fair Dinkum, no worries, bloke, chook, fair go, G'day, shonky, whinger, struth. Check here if you want to find out what they mean.

I'm also too verbose which you already know but I have to tell you this story. I was in New York at an Irish bar. The barman said, "what can I get you Mike?" The first time I ignored him. Then he was Mike this and Mike that. I finally said "why are you calling me Mike?" Apparently his favourite film was Crocodile Dundee and every time they said mate he thought they were saying mike. Then a guy tried to pick me up because he thought I looked like Olivia Newton John (female, blonde and Australian and there the similarity ends). While I was flattered, it was the impetus I needed to give up wearing spandex and headbands (think back to Lets Get Physical if you need a visual reminder).

9. I think there is a skeleton in my family tree. Rather than having German and British heritage, I believe there is an Italian hiding there somewhere. Italy is the place I feel most comfortable (of the places I have visited) other than in Australia. It's my dream to live in southern Italy for a year or two before I die. If I can't do that then it's New York again for completely different reasons unless someone has a better offer.

10. When I doodle I only draw musical treble and bass clefs and flowers. Nothing else. Who knows why?

I am not going to pass on the award to anyone else but feel free to post something similar if you wish. Honesty is the best policy. After all, my favourite person, Sr Clare, told me so and while she may have misguided me on a few things, I do know that some things she said were definitely fair dinkum.

I would like to tell you about two Aussie blogs owned by June Saville. You will find lots of Aussie stories there - 70 plus and still kicking and Journeys in Creative Writing the latter features June's wonderful Aussie mystery novel, Paternity.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the information about you!! I enjoy reading/hearing about others experiences and stories also. I believe that we are to learn from others so that when we go through the same or something similar we can have some sort of knowledge or wisdom to get through it ourselves. I also believe that honesty is the best policy. Telling the truth might be hard at the time but things will never completely work out if the truth is not told.

  2. I think you summed up the Aussies pretty well. Although it's a country made up of different cultures and nationalities, I think what you wrote about the Aussie identity is what resonates with those who choose it as their home. You forgot one thing, and that's the tall poppy syndrome perpetrators: the ability to cut someone down if they're getting too big for their boots. I love that quality in Aussies, when it's the genuine thing....

  3. @ Mindy Lew - thanks for that. Bit long sorry. I so agree with you about the fact that anythign based on a lie will implode!

    @ Braja - I always think that a nation's good qualites can also become their weaknesses. I also think there has been a greater sense of maturity since the Rudd government took over and apologised to Aboriginals. I love our Deputy PM as well. The Tall Poppy Syndrome will never go away but Australia is certainly a different place then when I left and I'm happy about that. What a wondeful world it is that some of us can choose where it is we want to live. Thanks for your comment. I gather no pavlova for you on the 26th. Although Eugich said that India became a republic on the 26th. I wonder if we will ever be grown up enough here to do that. Bloody monarchy. Its like being kept in primary school forever.

  4. Re being a nun: as a child I dreamt of being a missionary and as an adult I have toyed with the idea of priesthood with the Anglican church (smile).

    Re Myers Briggs: yes, MB and friends have always put me down as an extrovert – but, I’m not (albeit that I am very social). But, I'm a true introvert - as I love my space and alone time... and, in fact ‘being social’ drains me – and, I regain my energies from my ‘me time’. Hence, why – I’m timing out at a B&B in Oxford for a few days this week.

    Re cats & dogs: Ooooohhhh... I’m a cat lover! I’ve not owned pets as yet but when Joel and I settle down in Melbourne we’re planning on having a couple of cats. And, dogs are such hard work (chuckle)!

    Re family trees: Talk about skeletons. My grandfather was a witch doctor. All sorts of mysterious deaths and family carrying-ons which I hope to unearth in the future.

    Re doodling: I’m a great doodler of flowers and faces. Funny, early on in my teaching career I used to tell kids off for doodling – but, then stopped – when I realised that I’m the number 1 culprit (lol).

    Lots of interesting insight on you in this post, Lilly. Thanks for sharing.

    p.s. And, yes – June’s writings are very engaging reads. Highly recommended!

  5. G'day Lilly
    Thanks for the shout about my blogs - and for calling my novel 'Paternity' 'wonderful' - WOW!
    It's getting close to January 26 - Aussie Day - and that's pretty special for most of us. Wattle and kangaroos seem to take on more significance.

    Today I went to see the film 'Australia' and I didn't expect too much. But I came out of the cinema loving it, with my often latent patriotic streak stirred immeasurably.

    This is a beautiful land. And I was so pleased to see the prominance given to the injustices suffered by the Aboriginal people, and the more recent recognition that we must do something about it. Good on Mr Rudd and his apology!

    One of the obvious messages in the film was 'just because something 'is' doesn't mean it has to be that way.

    I am deeply into that sentiment.
    Advance Australia fair.
    See ya Lilly.
    June in Oz

  6. Lilly
    I meant to mention that many Aboriginal people aren't into January 26 in the same way as many other Australians are. They regard it as an anniversary of 'Invasion Day' when the British dropped in to take over their land.

  7. Hi Lilly, You never cease to surprise me Pal (not Mate 'cos I'm Scottish not a Aussie though at times I feel like I'm speaking to you instead of writing and I almost say - Mate ) I'm certainly not a Brit. anyhow! - eurg.. spit)

    I really love how you tell a story and I love listening to the oz accent ! make no mistake it is very apparent ! You sure can make me laugh and a belly one at that! Thanks for cheering me up this dull morning - Cheers Kate x.

  8. Lilly, About no 9. This thinking about going to southern Italy etc. You might want to do this stepwise, instead of simply flying over from Canberra to wherever-in-Italy. Mumbai might be a convenient stopover. Then you can also do a side trip to where your grandpa went ...... and who knows, you might meet a modern day Prince whose grandfather learned polo from your grandpa. !

    Of course, other "simple" attractions like having dinner us mumbai bloggers , getting clothes made to order at Wasimbhai, shaking hands with Audabai, etc are also possible ....:-)

    I just read Kates comment. Her comment , "I'm certainly not a Brit. anyhow! - eurg.. spit) " tells me she might be able to help in becoming a republic....

  9. It's really interesting to hear what other Aussies think about Australia. Also funny how there is getting to be heaps of Australiana popping up on blogs, despite the fact that the last few years there have been advertisments trying to get us to 'do something' on the 26th. I thought that ignoring a significant day entirely was about as Australian as I could get. Keep that flag flying!

  10. I am enjoying learning from you about Australia. Also, enjoyed learning more about just you. I wanted to be a nun at one time in my life and then I discovered boys as well. I have made a few speeches in front of crowds but hated it. Love comfort food, too.

  11. The Australians I know here are so down to earth and more relaxed I think. A swingers party! No-one I know has ever admitted going to one, how hilarious. It is not my kind of place either. Each to their own but I do not like to share, call me selfish.

    I do not like cats either. I can eat anything and I mean anything. As for your doodling you are clearly a musical genius who needs to go and learn an instrument hehe. Have a great day.

  12. Great answers Lilly. I had a favorite nun called Sr Clare... hmmm.. I went to school in melbourne..they were hopefull me or my sister would become nuns.. ha ha public high school fixed that.

    I do actually use a lot of aussie slang too... smoko is my favorite though i dont use it.

    I've got skeletons in my family tree.. transported convicts.. one was a murderer.. my aunty keeps finding more!

  13. I love the John Williamson song True Blue. I first heard it when John sang it at Steve Irwin's funeral. I now have a number of John Williamson CD's, but they are very hard to find in the U.S.

    An Arkie's Musings

  14. Wow Lily,

    I truly got to know you better in this post

    5. I am an introvert.
    You are an introvert ~ hmmmm. Me too actually.
    6. I prefer non fiction to fiction.~Me too
    7. I am happiest creating something ~ME TOO!

    Ohh and I would like to hear you speak Australian slang!

  15. I would love to visit Australia some day. I'll have to put that on my wish list.
    I don't think I know any Australians personally, but I get the impression of relaxed, unpretentious, down-to-earth people (Of course, I'm getting this from movies and interviews of Australain actor, singers, etc) and I love that!
    Thanks for the glimpse and I look forward to learning more!

  16. I love learning more about you. I won't lie, I had to click here to find out what 90% of those words meant. I need to expand my horizons and do some traveling.

    I am going see Braja for some quiet time and after I have enough peace. I may swing over to hang out with you. I could possibly show up in time to bail your ass out jail for trash talking policeman. But after my time with Braja I will have the sense needed to handle any situation.

    Either way, I have learned from reading blogs that the World is far bigger than my little corner of the US. I need to see it.

  17. It scares me how much you and I have in common. Were we separated at birth?

  18. I think I might be some sort of voyeur or something, or maybe it's the non-fiction thing you mentioned that I agree with, because I loved reading all this random STUFF about you. Loved it! And um... the swingers thing? I'd have run for the hills for sure. Judging by the way I love to find stuff out though, I'm now wondering if I'd have peered through the windows. Ewww!! I hope not.

  19. Great post, as always, and fun to read -- as always! I've always wanted to visit Australia, I've traveled a lot, but not to that part of the world. Thanks as always for a great start to the day! You and June do that for me on a regular basis!

  20. Fantastic post. Love your "honest scrap" description for Australians. Perfect!

    My father in law always said he was an introvert who learned to be an extrovert due to being in sales, so i know what you mean here. i am an ENFJ, btw, so close.

    Yes, I also prefer non fiction for certain.

    Love the story about you being called "Mike" in NY. I bet he felt like a right plonker after you clarified things. ONJ? Not bad--even if it was days of spandex (ugh). i had a huge crush on her back then and was like a screaming fan one day when I saw here drive by. Quite embarrassing really.

    Swingers party? So they really do exist? I suppose if you are attractive enough you might get invited to one if a female. i wouldn't know! Gosh though, how terribly awkward to be stuck there. how on earth did you make your escape?

    Finally, considering yourself worldly yet most admiring nuns--how interesting!

  21. Grown up enough? Wow...India's Republic status is hardly the result of becoming grown up....I don't think India has any idea politically of where it should or could stand. It's a mess.

    Funny you mention the apology thing: I wrote a post on that for tomorrow :)

  22. your blog is interesting. I guess most people find other countries interesting which is why so many travel.
    Back in the sixties (yes I still remember some) I wore an aussie hat around Chicago and thought I was cool. It's the one with one side clipped up.
    A question - does anyone downunder think your prime minister (maybe former?) should have given up his Washington DC Blair House reservation for Barack's family?
    Just wondering not that's his fault or anything.

  23. Honestly - the only doodle I have ever drawn is the treble clef sign! Every now and then I might throw in a bar of notes! I even hand decorated all of my brown paper Christmas gift wraps this year with this design ...

  24. I loved your 10 things. Many I could go along with. Especially the crunchy food and reading non fiction.
    Thanks also for your sympathetic comment on my blog! You are a dear friend!

  25. Oh my god. I totally found myself in the center of a swingers party too and it was not my thing. I stayed fully clothed and was cursing myself for not having my own car with me. UGH!!

  26. Lilly, you and I have SO much in common!!! I despise cats, I adore Nigella Lawson, and Italy, while not only being my parents homeland... it a place I could easily live out the rest of my days.

  27. You are such a good writer and so funny. I think your writing is funny because it is so believable "I am the only one who is fully dressed, clutching her purse and crying for her mother." started me off. :)

    Sorry I haven't been around for a week. A frantic working schedule and a touch of depression stopped my reading several days ago and you're the first I've read...and thank goodness. There could be no better first visit than to your blog

    Bless you Lilly


  28. Lilly, I loved this post, thanks for sharing and being yourself. I didn't think you were an introvert and #10 is an intriguing puzzle!

  29. I'm also an introvert--mine was ISFJ. And I love dogs, not cats! Loved all the facts about you!

  30. When my brother was in the Navy, Australia was his favorite port.
    Interesting reading. We do have a couple of common threads[that would be 7 and 10]. I just did my 10 true things about me.

  31. I'm not a cat person either.

  32. Hi there! I'm in from SIST. I enjoyed your blog. Have a great week!

  33. Thanks for your comments everyone. I will just answer those who asked a question,

    @ June - yes its a difficult time -the Indonesians have more of a claim it seems. I don't even think about the First Fleet and I just think about the nation being 60,000years old and celebrating the fact I am an Aussie. I have spent a lot of time in Bamaga at the tip of the Cape so have an interest in these issues. They are not clear cut by any means.

    @ Ugich - yes I will gladly stop by for a Mumbai meetup of bloggers if and when I come over that way.

    @ Dee - St Joseph nun she was. As for convicts, yes my mum has one too on her fathers side. Funny how its kind of cool to have a convict in your family.

    @ Richies - as a girl who was born in the capital and western capital of Australia if you need any help finding his CDs I could get them for you. I only like Keith Urban really out of any of them although John had a few good ones and is married to my mothers cousin.

    @ Jade - yes maybe I will venture into video sometime!

    @ Julie - yes it may appear so, LOL!

    @ Mmmm - funny our Myers Briggs is very similar! I made my exit literally by crying and one of them took me back to where I was staying. It was a very adventurous working holiday for me that one. The start of many.

    @ Braja - I need to find out a bit more about Indian politics - I just wish we would cut our superficial ties to Britain. Silly and its not as if the UK cares less anyway let alone the Queen. Look forward to your post. I spent time in Bamaga at the tip of the Cape with an aboriginal friend of mine. We were looking at CDEP communities. I have never laughed as much. Happy, funny people up that way. The red earth must do it. There are so many issues and no-one can fix the past but they can acknowledge what has happened and move forward. Wonder how Indonesians feel given they were the first here apparently 60,000 years ago.

    @Lisleman - oh gosh he is our former Prime Minister and about as well liked here as George Bush is there. Well in my thinking he should have gone elsewhere once he found out what had happened. He is a tosser and an embarassment. You notice how Bush is giving awards to his war buddies. Blair from the UK got one tool.

    @ Helen - another treble clef fan - whats it all mean?

    @ Henry - I love you stopping by. I was leaving you a comment at your blog when you wee leaving one for me!

  34. You could never be too verbose, Lilly. The first time I read your blog you lit a fire under me, Mike.

    We actually have something in common. There was a time I wanted to be a priest. And then there was a time when all my teachers (except one, a nun, a history teacher who actually tild me I could do better) thought I would be a priest too.

    Nice post.

  35. @ Grandpa - that is a lovely thing to say. You inspire a lot of us in the blogsphere!

  36. Ohh how alike we are at times. I loath public speaking, have had to do it many times, and was never more terrified in my life. That was one of the hurdles I had to overcome to be a DARE officer, going into elementary classrooms with 30 kids and a teacher to talk about the dangers of drugs and violence. At first it was pretty scary.

    Colors liven everything up, but I don't think I am very color coordinated. Probably just the opposite.

    I don't know about worldly. but I believe I'm pretty open minded. I suppose some would disagree with me but I do try.

    A Nun huh? There was a whole list of things I was going to be, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Teacher, and the list goes on and on, LOL.

    That is a pretty cool meme. Opens up the picture of you just a little more.

  37. wow, these werew seriously great!! I learned alot about you today and it was all really interesting!! great post... ♥ LA

  38. That was fun reading. Can you tell me a bit more about Aboriginal people. I watched Australia and was fascinated.

  39. ENTJ's of the world unite! Oh, that's right -- we lead rather than being led. Doesn't work so well for group hugs....

  40. OK, I have no idea what "shonky" means, but I'm totally using it. It will add to my natural mystery, yes?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I really appreciate that!

    Yours rocks!

    :^) Anna

  41. @ Eric - so you will be sharing with us some time soon?

    @ Jeanne - wow you are this too - I would not have guessed but I think my professional and person personalities are different. Does that make sense?

    @ Anna - it means, something is so bad or precarious that it is actually shocking. ...

  42. Fun to learn what you're all about.

    I agree with you on loving to read non-fiction. Love a true story of real life.

    I'm going to love following your blog.

  43. @ Thanks Brenda although I find it easier to identify the identity of the country I live in as opposed to my own. It's all over the place!! I liked the name of your blog so had to go check you out, anything with the word wrinkle in, is a must read for me these days!

  44. I totally need to learn some of this Australian slang. I'm always on the lookout for new, cool words to use since my husband steals all my good ones for himself.

  45. @ Tasha - you will have to click on the link and and just casually throw them into your conversation!They are absolutely absurd!!!

  46. I'm with you, Mike--I only go for the nonfiction, too. Real life is fascinating! Love the "Mike" story--see, you could never make that up.

  47. Loved your list.

    Funny, I tagged you with the same award back in December. I guess I'm not the only one who loves ya Lilly huh?

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is an introvert. Well,... and sometimes anti-social. Ha! for a introvert I sure opened up on the web though! Coinkidink?!?

  48. @ Linda - nah he was so cute too, thought it was a right joke talking all Australian, he he!!

    @ Bibi - oh my, you did? That is horrible I think I will go back and put a link on my blog to you as well. Apologies for not keeping up with it all!!! yes, the net allows us to say more than we might.....elsewhere.

  49. Well, Sr Angelica Therese Mary Francis Anastasia (that's a mouthful, even for a nun).

    Thanks for telling us more about you, and Aussies!

  50. I enjoyed learning all those things about you...and as for Australians..I love them...I like just about everything about them..and you..js

  51. @ Gran, well given I am a single woman Gran, its never too late to join the convernt. Maybe my dreams of becoming Sr Angelica Therese Mary Francis Anastasia could be realised. Do you reckon nuns are allowed to drink and wear makeup. I could so handle the no man thing. Ah well....dream on...

    @ Yellowdog granny - oh yes I am a woman of many contradictions which usually rights itself with a glass of red. EXCEPT it is on my list of things to give up for a while. For few months at least. It's the middle of Jan and so far so good!!!

  52. Awesome post, Lilly. It's great to learn things like that about people, and it seems you were very open and honest, if not hilariously funny, in your writing.

    I love the first story, I was trying to picture you sitting there (with who knows what going on around you;, I mean, a swingers' club? lol) and wishing you were anywhere but there.

    I totally agree with your assessment of cats, although I can tolerate them if they belong to someone else.

    And I would love to hear you speak some of that slang. I had never heard some of those words and expressions until now. Of course, I come from TEXAS, so.....

  53. I think you're awesome!!

    Thank you for sharing those tidbits with us!!!

  54. @ Matt, yes well there is only so much excitemet that a person can handle in their life and that is not one of them although whatever others need to do to get their kicks is fine by me as long as they are consentng adults. Hey wouldn't it be cool if eveyone was able to speak somehow on the internet. I think we all need to start doing video blogs maybe. Now that would be fun.

  55. @ Queenie Jeannie - He he, well thank you! I think you are pretty awesome yourself!! Thanks for dropping by.

  56. Over from SITS...love the blog :-) I can't get "Let's get Physical" out of my mind now though, hehe. Have a happy hump day!

  57. @ Jamie - thanks for dropping by, he he if you knew me you would know that Lets Get Physical could never now be my theme song!

  58. @ Susie - thanks, glad you stopped by.

  59. "The Tall Poppy Syndrome." I heard that all the time when I was Down Under. Now I really know what it means. Thanks!

  60. G'day Lily!
    I don´t usually read on with personal blogs, but I latched on to your musings for different reasons (partly because I lived in Australia). Don´t mean to plug it, but i do think you would like my blog. Cheers.

  61. I loved learning something new about you. And hey...I can relate to #2. I got voted "most likely to become a nun" my senior year of high school! hahaha. I've recenlty reconnected with about 20 of my friends on facebook and girl...were THEY surprised to find out I not only did NOT become a nun, but I'm beautiful, too!! hahahaha :P

    Have a happy day! **hugs**

  62. Funny girl! I gave you another award on my blog. Sorry. After spending the amount of time I did on it, I feel a little like I'm sending out a chain letter and I freakin' hate chain letters. So do with it what you will. I won't be sad. I just wanted you to know that you are one of my top ten favorite all time bloggers! =)

  63. Love these kinds of posts. It's so fun to get to know our bloggy friends better. Especially those who live in countries I'll probably never get to visit. I loved the story about the swingers party...I can just imagine the look on your face. Fun Stuff!

  64. how delightful!
    (not so much the cat thing, but i feel your pain) LOL

  65. Great list! The Aussies I know are all very straightforward, will tell me what they think but for some reason it doesn't seem as pushy or harsh as when I'm told off by others (Americans, for instance!). Anyway, your list reminds me I've got to get over and visit friends.

    I love your recollection about the Swinger's Party! Ha! How ever did you get out of there? And did you have to wait a long time? Too bad computers didn't exist then --at least you could've gotten busy paying bills or something. ;)

  66. Wow, My first time visiting your blog and I luck out and get all the details about you. I enjoyed reading it. I'm like you in that I prefer non-fiction.

    We have neighbors that just moved back to the States after living in Australia for 3 years. They have picked up a few phrases too.


  67. I know what you mean Lilly. People call me Mike all the time. Oh, hang on...

  68. Hey, I put the post up there if you want to take a look.

  69. Hello from SITS...I love love love Aussie!!!!

  70. Thanks for pokin' around today! As always, you made me laugh! I love that we are both sagitarians and doodle music notes and flowers...I always get off of the phone, look at my paper, and wonder what in the world made me draw that...and arrows leading to nowhere! Anyway, I digress!!


  71. I loved reading you list. I'm the same way with food! Glad to know I'm not the only one. Also, with creating.

    Do Aussies say "you what?" like Brits do when they didn't hear what you said? When I went to the UK and people started saying that to me I was like, "no, I didn't say you." So confusing, until I finally figured it out.

  72. @ Alex - gosh well they better be surprised given everything you have acomplished!

    @ Kanani - well I cried my way out like a big baby....sad but true. one of the guys dropped me back to where I was staying...never been to one of those parties since.

    @ Mike - your name is so Mate Smith if I ever. Go ask your parents!!

    @ Alyson - no we would just say Pardon me? Beg your pardon? or I didnt quite get that? or Can you repeat that? or What did you say? or if you are a teenager just totally ignore you....

  73. Jeez, we're writing a book here :)

    I guess Australia will move into Republicanism sooner or later. With India it wasn't as if they chose it: Britain dumped them royally. Divided the country in a way that deliberately created turmoil, helped that turmoil erupt, then got out. Their legacy was the bureacracy that cripples India today. Oh, and the train system, which is one of the best in the world but which unfortunately hasn't been upgraded since then, I don't think!

  74. Your swinger story is so funny! You certainly are a fascinating woman, Lilly.

  75. OK, It's not this exact meme, but a very interesting and fun one. I have it posted now, come and see my interview.

  76. Ohh, and by the way I nominated your site for 2009 Bloggers Choice Award for best blog of all time.

    Go to this link to claim your blog, and grab a badge to place on your site. Then everyone will know to go vote for you.


  77. Oh Eric, aren't you the sweetest seriously! Makes me cry! And I agreed to do an intervew with you too but only if you make me look young, beautiful and irrisistable -can an interview do that for someone....ok I know you are an honest man.....so..

  78. It is so funny because I love an Australian accent, but can't stand an English accent.

    I remember in the 80's when a hot young Aussie was working at a Amusement Park. He accidentally shut my fingers in the door of the ride, but it was okay cause I loved hearing him apologize. You can use what every words you want. I miss the days that I would call my friend Ned in Aussie land and let her husband talk Dirty to me. She deserved it, since she sent me Vegemite in the mail. There are not words to describe how nasty that stuff is.

  79. It's fair dinkum that your 10 honest things are truly interesting and I found I loved reading every word. I found Aussies to be very down to earth and friendly when we visited a couple years ago. I'll bet you're a lot warmer over there than here in Chicago. :-)

  80. Thanks for sharing things about you. It is always fun to hear what others lives/ thoughts/ feelings are like. It just makes you feel as if your not the only one that is diffrent. I dont know much about Australia, but when i get the chance to come in and read all that you write it is so much fun. I cant wait to know more.

  81. @ Wheres my angel - thre are so many accents in th UK though - tis incredible. Our accent is the roughly the same all over.

    @ Kay, yes its very hot!!

    @ Jordann - that is sweet, thank you. Come back anytime.

  82. Lilly,
    It's hard to believe you're an introvert! I'm terrified about public speaking, too. I may have to do this meme down the road. I'll try to remember this. Good to know more about you and about your country. I went to the Aussie slang link and had it linked to my novel blog. Who know, one of my stars someday will be an Aussie. LOL.

    G'day mate (mike),

  83. @ Tasha, yes its hard to believe but true! Yes, now that would be good to add an Ausie to your novel but you just have to remember to use a sprinkling of the words not too many!


Thanks for your comments.